The Curse of 100 Bottoms

Series Summary

Willem’s just your average stoner surfer dude. But when he messes with the gays, he learns that hell hath no fury like a drag queen scorned.

Author Title Published
Willem finds life after the curse isn't what he thought it would be. But is he willing to give up everything to be with the boy he loves?
5/13/21 6:56 AM
5/6/21 5:03 AM
5/1/21 8:24 AM
Two bottoms and no top? That's no fun at any party. Meanwhile, the curse is starting to change Willem in more ways than one, and a surprise encounter leads to confrontation between Jake and Willem.
4/23/21 5:26 AM
The curse hits a little too close to home when Willem’s uncle comes to town. He visits the witch for help, but even the best of intentions can have disastrous consequences.
4/21/21 7:05 PM
4/16/21 5:51 AM
4/12/21 6:02 AM
4/10/21 10:06 PM
4/9/21 6:29 AM
4/8/21 9:58 PM