Medicated: A Father's Love

By SneakyT
published March 25, 2021
3538 words

Sam’s second dose begins to take effect as Jensen’s hold on his life tightens. All he has to do is make it out of the house…

DISCLAIMER: All characters depicted are above the age of consent and are legal adults! Always practice safe sex and consent. That said, let’s read some porn…

Sam woke up in his bed, still covered in cum and sweat from the previous day. He hadn’t had the energy after last night to shower and get cleaned up, so he had just collapsed into his bed and fallen straight to sleep. All night his dreams were filled with images of him being fucked and humiliated. In one of them, His friends had all been laughing at him and tormenting him while he was bent over Grant’s lap, being spanked. In another his beefy sex ed teacher Mr Dixon brought him to the front of class and fucked load after load out of him while talking about the prostate. In one he was on his knees, slobbering all over his step-dad’s dick.

Sam moaned in frustration. Was he really so depraved that he was literally dreaming about his step-dad fucking him? He dragged himself out of bed, ignoring his rock hard erection and the faint itch coming from his asshole. Before he did anything else he needed to have a shower.

He got out of bed and stumbled to his door, opening it and stepping out into the corridor. He paused for a second and rubbed his eyes. As he opened them again he found himself face to face with his stepdad’s gruff, bearded face. He looked down at himself to see his naked cock. He was naked! In his horned up state he’d totally forgotten to dress himself!

His hands moved to cover his erection, “Oh, my god, Earl! I’m so sorry!”

Earl just stood in pensive silence.

“I’m- I’m going to the shower!” Sam sputtered as he ran rapidly across the corridor to the bathroom. A little drop of cum escaped his ass in his panic and slid slowly down his thigh. As he turned around to close the door he got another look out into the corridor. Earl’s eyes were still trained squarely on him, a blank expression on his face. Sam closed the door, collapsing into it and taking a deep breath.

Fuck. His stepdad had just seen him, fully naked, covered in cum, run across the hall with a load dribbling out of his asshole. That was literally a worst case scenario. He let out a groan of frustration and horniness. The warmth in him was totally out of control. His asshole quivered delicately as his mouth watered uncontrollably. He slipped two fingers into his mouth and sucked them like he’d sucked Grant’s cock, swirling his tongue around them. He couldn’t believe that Earl had seen him like that! He closed his eyes and pictured himself back in his dream, slobbering all over his stepdad’s cock.

He snapped himself out of it. This was wrong! This was exactly what Jensen had fucking wanted! Now that Sam knew what Jensen had done to him, he had more options. Drugs are not permanent. If he could just wait it out, he could get control of himself, install a lock on his door and move out as soon as possible. His breathing slowed as he calmed himself down. Finally, he stood up and stepped into the shower. He turned it on cold and let the water wash over him, waking him up.

He emerged fresh and clean. Drying himself off, he took a look in the mirror. Already his appearance looked so different. Gone was his usual cocky, confident facial expression and in its place was a soft, uncertain boy. He slapped himself in the face. “You got this, Sam. You know who you are!” He looked back in the mirror. The boy staring back at him looked a little more normal.

Taking a deep breath, he snuck out of the bathroom and into his room, quietly.

Looking in his chest of drawers he started picking things to wear. He opened his underwear draw and remembered it was nearly empty, but what he saw shocked him. Right in the center of it was a plastic packet with a note attached to it.

Hey Sammy, Thought I’d help update your wardrobe for the new you! Try not to cream yourself when you see them, faggot

Sam gulped. The old sam would have taken the package and thrown it in the trash. But as much as Sam wanted to be the old Sam, he wasn’t. This was the new Sam. And the new Sam wanted to see what was inside.

He tentatively opened the plastic and peered inside to see an assortment of underwear. If you could call it underwear. It was more like fetish-wear.

The first piece Sam pulled from the packet was a flimsy looking jockstrap with bold letters on the waistband. Buttslut, it read over the place where Sam’s ass would peek out through the fabric. Curiosity got the best of Sam and he stepped into the jock. He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror, blushing a bright red. The jock framed his ass and lifted it up, making it look sinfully fuckable. The front just had a big red “X” on it. He wondered what that could mean before quickly pulling it off while he could still control himself.

The second piece he found was a tiny pair of bright red briefs. He pulled these on too, struggling to squeeze them up his thick thighs. Again he turned to the mirror. These didn’t even cover the bottom of Sam’s perky butt! But at least they would cover some of it, unlike the jockstrap. He stripped them off again.

Sam did a double-take at the final piece. Jensen didn’t seriously think he could wear this, did he? He slowly pulled a tiny, pathetic piece of fabric out of the packaging, revealing a scandalous black thong. Biting his lip, he slowly pulled it up his legs, stretching it over his hips. The thin fabric burrowed between his cheeks, grazing against his asshole. He let out a soft moan.

“Enjoying yourself there, faggot?”

Sam jumped as he heard Jensen’s voice. He was standing at the entrance to Sam’s room, the door wide open for all to see.

“Fuck! Dude, what are you doing?” Sam said, turning an even brighter shade of red. He swiveled around to try and hide his erection but that just made things worse as his practically-bare, juicy ass was now facing his brother.

“Just wanted to see if you’d found my present! And I also just wanted to drop off one more thing” He smirked, slyly. “Close your eyes, Sammy” Jensen said

Sam hesitated for a second before complying.

He felt something brush against his dick before settling around his balls. Then he felt something encase his cock! He opened his eyes right as he heard the clicking sound of a lock closing. Looking down he saw his cock had been encased in a black chastity cage!

“Dude, what is this?” Sam gasped, shocked.

“It’s your last present buddy, you could have poked an eye out with that thing! Plus, it’s not like you’ll be using it, with this tight little thing between your legs.” Jensen pulled the fabric of the thong taught before letting it go, causing it to snap against Sam’s hole, eliciting a soft yelp.

“Can’t wait to see you tonight bro, but for now I gotta get to school! Later, faggot. Have fun” He gave a knowing wink before leaving Sam alone with his caged cock and tiny thong. Sam looked down at his locked cock, a complex mixture of emotions pulsing through him. Was this Jensen’s way of forcing Sam to focus entirely on his holes? Or was it just a reminder of how much of a bottom Sam was now? Regardless, Jensen had taken the key, so there was no way for Sam to free himself. He rationalised that he would just have to live with it for now as his horniness grew inside him. His hand slowly drifted to his hole as he slipped a finger in. “Mmmm” He softly moaned.

He stood, transfixed pleasuring himself in the only way he could; by fingering his boy-pussy.

When he finally snapped out of it, he hastily pulled on the rest of his clothes, a pair of loose gym shorts to try and hide his plastic package and a thin shirt that wouldn’t rub against his nipples too hard. He still wasn’t sure what to do, but he knew he probably shouldn’t go to school today to avoid him getting bent over by most of his classmates and, let’s be honest, most of the faculty too. He would have to find a way to get out of it. He knew that he couldn’t tell his parents he was sick, they always forced him to go anyway. Instead, he would have to pretend he was going to school only to go somewhere else. Maybe he could go to a quiet park or hide out somewhere.

He slowly walked downstairs with his backpack. He sensed his step dad’s presence in the dining room but ignored him, making for the door instead.

“Hey. Where do you think you’re going?” Came a deep, rumbling voice.

Sam paused and slowly turned around. Just act natural… he thought to himself.

“School?” He said, hopefully.

“Without eating breakfast? Come on, come over here and get some sustenance!” Earl replied, his broad chest expanding and contracting as he breathed.

“Oh no, it’s okay Earl, I’m not really hungry,” Sam lied. His eyes drifted to Earl’s crotch absent-mindedly.

“No no, a boy like you’s gotta eat up! I insist.” Earl said, sternly

Sam, despite the voice inside him screaming to just leave and apologise later on when all this had blown over, instead slowly moved over to the table. He went to sit opposite Earl.

“Come on boy, sit next to me! I didn’t get to speak to you last night. Let’s catch up!” He boomed, jovially.

Sam hesitated for a second. He had a sinking feeling he knew where this was going…

“Come on, best seat in the house!”

Sam flashed back to the night before, sliding down his brother’s cock and sitting on his lap

“Best seat in the house, I swear!” Jensen’s voice echoed in his mind. But despite his better judgement, he followed his stepdad’s orders, slowly sitting down in the seat next to him. He suddenly noticed his cock straining against the hard resin of his cage.

He felt a broad arm stretch around his shoulders.

He felt small.

“What was on with you last night? You didn’t even come to dinner.” Earl said, a concerned tone in his voice. Every point of Sam’s skin that touched Earl was on fire.

“I was just- ah, totally exhausted Earl. Collapsed in a heap and fell asleep instantly!” Sam said. At least it wasn’t a total lie. As long as he didn’t tell Earl why he’d been so exhausted.

“Yeah, you probably were. After all that cock you took yesterday?” Earl’s strong arm tightened around Sam’s shoulders.

What the fuck?

“I saw something dribbling out from between your legs this morning buddy. Looked an awful lot like cum. You haven’t been taking cock, have you Sam?” He asked, an intense tone entering his voice.

Sam shook in his arms

“N-no Earl, wh- what are you talking about?” He stammered out. The warmth was growing, more than ever.

“Please boy, call me dad.” Earl commanded

“O-okay daddy,” Sam said. Blood rushed to his face. Daddy!? Earl had said Dad, not Daddy! What was wrong with him?

“That’s better, boy.” Earls grip relaxed. Sam’s eyes glanced down at his stepfather’s package, seeing it protrude obscenely from his hips. A string of saliva escaped Sam’s open mouth. Earl’s fingers wiped it away. “You must be starving, boy, you’re practically drooling!” Earl said. “Here, why don’t you put this in your mouth.” Earl’s hand moved Sam’s hand down the front of Earl’s pants. Sam’s fingers wrapped around Earl’s gigantic, meaty cock. Sam could see where Jensen got his thick meat from, Earl was absolutely fucking hung! Earl pulled his cock out of his waistband, freeing it into the air. The warmth within Sam surged up him, but this time it didn’t collect in his ass. Well, not just his ass. There was a deep need, an emptiness coming from his mouth.

Sam recalled how Jensen had forced him to swallow the pill last night. “Ohhh nooooo” He moaned as saliva dripped from his mouth.

“Oh yes, boy.” Earl said as his hand gripped Sam’s neck and roughly forced him down towards his lap. Sam tried to fight it, but he was no match for Earl’s strength. His lips finally met the large head of Earls dick. With his lips touching the dick, Sam fought Earl with all of his strength, holding his head just above the sizable cock. His spit was dripping out of his mouth like crazy, cascading over Earl’s cock.

Suddenly Sam could fight back no more,

“Eat up, bitch” snarled Earl, shoving his step-son down on his cock. Sam’s mouth instinctively opened into a wide ‘O’ shape as inch after inch of Earl’s meat pressed against his mouth and stretched it open. His cock travelled deeper and deeper into the back of Sam’s throat, with each inch making Sam think he was about to gag. But the cock kept coming and Sam kept taking it. Once he was all the way in, Sam’s eyes started watering, not because of the discomfort of having a cock so deep down his throat, but because of how fucking right it felt. Was this it? Was this who he was now? Someone who got his holes fucked by his own fucking stepdaddy? This was the cock that had made his stepbrother. The stepbrother who had turned him into this. The stepbrother who had fucked his hole and creamed inside him. The stepbrother who had totally fucking dominated and controlled his life.

The stepbrother who literally had the keys to Sam’s cock

Sam started squirting through his chastity cage and into his thong.

Earl tutted, condescendingly “You’re not getting off that easily”

Suddenly the cock that Sam thought couldn’t be any deeper in his throat thrust even further into him. Earl started face-fucking Sam’s throat. Hard. Every thrust would cause even more saliva to drip out of Sam’s mouth and down onto his step-father’s pants.

“Eat your meat, boy” Earl grunted as he thrust in and out of his step-son’s throat.

With each little thrust Earl performed, Sam would let out a guttural moan into his cock.

Sam was in pure bliss when he heard high-heeled footsteps coming down the stairs. “Oh fuck boy, here comes your mother.” Sam tried to pull off the cock, but Earl forced his head back down.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, what was he going to do! He couldn’t let his mother see him like this, but he also couldn’t free himself from Earl’s cock! Suddenly he thought of a solution. He slid off his seat at the table as quickly as he could, falling to the floor beneath the table. He rotated, his mouth still glued to his stepdaddy’s cock, assuming the position beneath the table, planting his hands and knees firmly on the ground. Just as he was out of sight, he saw his mothers legs appear at the bottom of the stairs.

“Morning, honey.” He heard her say, joyfully.

“Morning” Earl responded as he started thrusting his cock into Sam’s throat again.

“Have you seen Sam this morning?” she asked, concern creeping into her voice.

“Yeah, you just missed him.” Earl responded, slowly sliding all the way into Sam’s mouth underneath the table.

“Aw, that’s too bad. Did he at least eat something? That boy would starve without us feeding him!” She said, disapprovingly.

“Yeah, I’m sure he’ll eat well this morning. He said he’s having a big breakfast” Sam let out a slight moan under the table as Earl gripped his ears and started fucking him harder.

“Did you hear something?” Sam’s mom asked from the kitchen.

“Just the floorboards, honey.” Earl grunted. Sam’s eyes were watering like crazy as his stepdad silently skull-fucked him under the table while roughly holding his ears. Sam’s hole quivered as Earl pressed deeper and deeper inside of him.

Sam’s mother turned back to the coffee machine “Did you want a coffee, hon?” She asked.

“Yes please. No milk, thanks!” Earl beamed at her. “Just leave it on the counter” he said, warmly as his cock bored into Sam’s throat.

This was the cock that fucked his mother’s pussy. Did he fuck her like this? Sam had the feeling that he didn’t. Sam had the feeling that this kind of fucking was reserved for him. Earl slid in and out of his throat over and over again.

It was too much for Sam, and he convulsed silently as he released yet another load into his black thong. He could feel his sports shorts clinging to the damp fabric of his thong. He hadn’t even made it outside the house without soiling himself today! That thought made him feel so hopelessly, helplessly, pathetically horny. And whoreish. He felt whore-ny, his cock-drunk brain concluded as he smiled dopily around his stepdad’s cock

“Bon-appetit, bitch” Earl muttered under his breath. Suddenly Earl grabbed the hair on the back of Sam’s head and pressed him all the way down on his cock. Sam’s dopey smile was wiped off his face and his eyes bulged as he felt wet streams of cum paint the back of his throat.

Sam swallowed Earl’s load. He tasted the salty sweetness of cum on his tongue and squirted again, eyes open wide in shock. Earl didn’t so much as flinch as he pulled Sam off his cock and blasted wads of cum all over his face, causing Sam to let out a wet, muffled yelp.

“What was that honey?” Sam’s mom asked.

“Oh nothing, just reading the paper” Earl smiled broadly at her.

“Oh well, I’ve gotta run. I’ll see you tonight!”

“Bye honey!” Earl said, blowing her a kiss.

Sam heard the front door close when Earl finally let go of his hair.

Sam dove hungrilly back down into Earl’s musky crotch, licking any drops of cum that might have escaped his mouth. Finally, he removed himself, still panting with a string of cum joining his mouth and his stepdaddy’s cock as he licked his lips. If Sam were a betting man, he would bet that he looked utterly pathetic right now. But Sam wasn’t a betting man.

He wasn’t much of a man at all anymore.

“Hope you ate well,” Earl said as he slapped Sam’s cheeks from under the table before standing up and walking over to the counter. “You heard your mother, you’d starve if we didn’t feed you. But you can’t go to school without drinking something too.” He slowly paced back to Sam, his cock still hanging out the front of his pants. He took a deep sip from the cup, half-emptying it.

Sam slowly crawled out from under the table, eyes red, and moved to stand up, but Earl forced him back down onto his knees. Earl wiped his thick cock all over Sam’s cum-covered face, coating it in his seed before plopping it down into the luke-warm coffee and stirring it around. He pulled his cock out of the cup and brought the cup to Sam’s lips.

“With ‘daddy’s’ special cream. Drink up”

Sam swallowed his pride, the coffee, and his stepdad’s cum for the third time that morning as he slowly drained the cup, tasting the familiar flavours that washed over his tongue. When the cup was empty, Earl shoved his cock back into Sam’s mouth. Sam sucked it clean with a wet slurp and a moan.

“Now get yourself cleaned up boy” Earl laughed before pushing Sam off him, “you’ve gotta go to school!”

Sam, now empty, paused for a second before turning around and standing up, his legs weak. As he started to walk away, he felt a rough slap on his ass, causing him to jump. He ran to the staircase and bolted upstairs, face red with shame, to take his second shower of the day.

And it was only 8AM…

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