Medicated: School's Out

By SneakyT
published March 22, 2021
4144 words

Grant wakes up to his step-brother fucking around in his room. His day only get’s weirder from there. Hey, at least he learns something in Sex Ed.

DISCLAIMER: All characters depicted are above the age of consent and are legal adults! Always practice safe sex and consent. That said, let’s read some porn…

Sam woke up to the light streaming in through the window of his room. As he slowly drifted towards consciousness he became aware of a stretching sensation coming from between his legs.

“Huh?” He groaned sleepily. Wait a second, something was touching his asshole!

He suddenly jerked awake, turning over to take in his surroundings.

“Woah bro, calm down!” Came the familiar voice of his step-brother Jensen.

“Dude, what are you doing? I’m fucking naked and I wake up to you touching my asshole or something!” Sam cried in shock

“What? I wasn’t touching your asshole, I was just waking you up for school! Fucking hell bro, chill out” Jensen laughed

But Sam could have sworn that he’d felt something… but maybe he was just imagining it. Side-eyeing his step-brother, he slowly lied back down on the bed. “Maybe I imagined it. Anyway, get out dude, I gotta get dressed” He said, suspiciously

“What bro, afraid I’ll stick around and tickle your butt again?” Jensen joked, mockingly

“Fuck off!” Sam sat up and moved to hit Jensen, causing Jensen to run out of the room quickly to avoid Sam’s wrath.

After Jensen had left, Sam sat up and rubbed his eyes sleepily. He rolled out of bed, taking a second to adjust his package. He staggered over to his wardrobe and opened his underwear draw. Glancing in he noticed that it was nearly empty. He scoured it for something to wear. A pair of briefs 2 sizes too small, a pair of boxers with a giant hole in them or his old wrestling jockstrap. He opted for the jockstrap. At least it would fit him.

He finished dressing himself and stomped downstairs to grab some breakfast. As he entered the kitchen he saw his stepdad sitting down at the dining room table. His stepbrother was already gone. “Good morning” came the deep voice of his stepfather, in between bites of his breakfast cereal.

“Morning, Earl” grunted Sam, still half asleep. He grabbed a muesli bar and a carton of milk “Gotta run, see ya tonight”

And Sam was out the door before Earl could even respond.

As he trudged down the driveway he felt an odd warmth come over him. Looking around, the sun was hidden behind a thick layer of clouds. Most Autumn mornings were freezing cold, but Sam didn’t feel the slightest nip. He shook off the feeling that something was wrong and continued his stroll down the street.

As Sam walked past the white brick wall of his house towards school he sighed. Today had already gotten off to a rough start, but little did Sam know, his day was only going to get rougher.


RING* RING RING Sam jolted awake at his desk. Despite his odd start to the day, he’d still arrived half an hour before his first class started and taken his seat. He was the first one there and in his sleep-deprived state, he’d fallen asleep on his desk!

Pulling his head up from his desk he noticed a long string of drool leaking from his mouth. He quickly wiped it away

“You must have been having a good dream, mister Jones” Came the authoritative voice of his teacher, Mr Arkwright. Sam blushed “Just didn’t get much sleep is all sir”

His teacher seemed to accept that and went about teaching his class. Sam sat through the class like normal, joking around with his friends and even completing some of his work. Before he knew it the bell for recess rang.

Sam and his friends sat at the far end of one of the quieter buildings at the school. As he and his friends chatted and played some downball, he found himself taking off his jumper. “Fuck it’s hot” He grimaced. “Not really. It’s only 17 or something” said his friend, Grant. “Something got you hot and bothered” He smirked and grabbed his package, jiggling it around in his pants. “Dude, that’s gay as fuck” blushed Sam.

“Yep, you better believe it. No one is safe from the destroyer” joked Grant as he thrust his hips forward

Sam felt the heat that had previously been permeating around his body rush towards his lower body. He started chubbing up, but the sensation didn’t gather in his groin. It gathered somewhere else. Somewhere harder to pinpoint. Somewhere… inside him.

Sam had never noticed before, because he wasn’t gay, but Grant was kind of hot. Of course he knew this from what other people said, but it had never really registered with him. He was tall, had a chiselled jawline and a broad nose and had short, dark brown hair. He was pretty built too, because while Sam had quit the wrestling team last year, Grant had kept going. Sam’s eyes drifted down to Grant’s pelvis and widened, almost imperceptibly.

Apparently he was fucking hung too! Grant’s dickprint pressed into the front of his pants, revealing a piece that was at least 6 inches soft. Grant definitely had a couple of inches on Sam, at least.

Not that Sam was small, he was slightly above average with his 6 and a half inches, but he could only imagine how big Grant was hard.

He broke himself out of his mind and slugged Grant on the shoulder “I’m fucking safe from the destroyer” he laughed, trying to shake off the weird things he was feeling.

Grant winked at Sam “You sure about that?”

“Yes I’m sure, asshole. I’m straight” Sam said, a little too defensively

“Whatever you say dude, whateeeever you say” smiled Grant, condescendingly

“Even if I was gay, I wouldn’t fuck you” Sam said, lightly punching Grant on the shoulder again

“Who says you would be the one doing the fucking?” Grant smirked, slyly

Sam felt a slight jolt down below. What? He’d never even thought about being fucked before in his life and here he was thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Sam was rescued from the conversation when a ball flew towards him and Grant, interrupting them. “Yo losers, you’re up”

Grant stood up, followed by Sam. They both strolled towards the game. Sam didn’t notice that his eyes were drawn to the crotches of his friends as they played. Every once in a while the heat he felt would creep back into his awareness before receding back into the interference.


. Sam’s next class was Sex Ed, a class that he was usually indifferent to. Today he was a little bit worried. He’d been kind of sexually charged all day and he didn’t want to pop a boner during class.

He sat in his usual spot at the back of the class with Grant and a few of his other friends. Before long, the class began.

He stared at the front of the classroom as the teacher went over the male reproductive system. His teacher was Mr Dixon, a tall mountain of a man. Whenever he turned around Sam could see the exact shape of his muscled butt through his tight work slacks. Sam’s eyes drifted to his lips as he spoke.





Sam didn’t know why, but his ears perked up at the word prostate. He tore his eyes away from Mr Dixon’s mouth and looked at the board behind him.

A diagram of the male reproductive system was being projected onto the board. Sam’s eyes were drawn to the prostate.

“The prostate is an often overlooked part of the male reproductive system, as it makes up 30% of the seminal fluid…”

Sam’s mind drifted when suddenly a large dildo was slammed down on the desk in front of him. The heat surged through him again.

Sam’s eyes widened uncontrollably at the sudden penis that had appeared in front of him. He took in the thick base, the long shaft and the swollen head.

“Wake up Jones, don’t just sit there looking at it”

Sam looked up to see Mr Dixon holding out a condom while the class giggled. Sam quickly took it and looked away, embarrassed.

As he stared at the large phallus in front of him, his mouth watered uncontrollably. What was going on with him today? People around him started moving. Sam fumbled opening the condom, eyes still fixed on the dildo. He never got flustered but here he was, tripping over himself to put a condom on a rubber dick.

“Dude it’s really not that hard” Grant’s voice snapped him back to reality.

Suddenly Sam felt a strong hand guiding him. Grant moved Sam’s hands like a he was a puppet

“One on the base” Grant jerked Sam’s hand to the balls of the dildo

“And the other one” Grant moved the condom packet to his mouth and tore it open with his teeth. He placed it in Sam’s hands

“Roooolls it down” Grant forced Sam’s hand to glide slowly down the dildo, stretching the prophylactic over the head and down the shaft of the dildo.

The heat overwhelmed Sam in his seat. Grant’s strong arms retreating, Sam felt lightheaded. He got up from his desk, hunched over.

“I d-don’t… feel so well. Please excuse me!” Sam stuttered, as he bolted for the door and out of the classroom.


Sam slammed the bathroom cubicle door behind him as he entered, collapsing onto the toilet seat in front of him. The warmth completely enveloped every inch of his body. Sam took a couple of deep breaths, calming down. With a slightly clearer mind he could focus on the feelings. It wasn’t just warmth, it was… something else, inside him. He felt horny, yes, but it wasn’t like it normally was. It was different. Then it dawned on him.

He felt empty.

He stood up and slowly leaned against the wall. Looking over his shoulder he reached a hand down the back of his pants. It was almost poetic that he was wearing his jockstrap today, of all days.

His finger trailed down past the bottom of his back, between his perky cheeks. It grazed his hole. Sam let out a soft moan. His eyes widened. He didn’t even know he was capable of producing a sound like that. The next step was obvious. Biting his lip, Sam slowly slid the tip of his finger into his hole. “hmmmAH!” He squealed.

Something about this was wrong. These feelings were completely unnatural. Nothing had ever felt so good in all of Sam’s life, which normally wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but Sam was straight. He had never even THOUGHT of other men sexually before, but today he hadn’t been able to help himself.

His finger probed deeper and deeper, past the tight ring of muscle and into his guts. He pressed deeper until he found it. He almost creamed himself right there.

His prostate. He let out another slutty moan.

“Sam? Dude?”

Sam looked over his shoulder to see Grant. Grant? The door was open! When did the door open? Didn’t he lock it? How long had Grant been standing there?

Despite the sudden shock of his friend standing there before him, Sam couldn’t seem to remove his finger from his hole. He just let out an ashamed moan. “Dude, I don’t know what’s going on”

“What’s going in?” Grant said, “What’s going on is that it seems like you might be a faggot, dude” he said

“No, I’m not a faggot. Something’s happened to me, this isn’t normal, I swear!” Sam cried, however any attempt to plead his heterosexuality was undercut by the fact that he was still finger-fucking himself and biting his lip.

“Oh? So you’re not a faggot? Damn. Well since you missed class I figured I’d come give you a rundown”

Missed class? How long had he been in here! Wait, did he say rundo-

“Mr Dixon taught us a bunch today! I don’t know if you heard the start of the lesson, you seemed kinda distracted. But don’t worry bro, I’ll catch you up. This is a penis”

Before Sam could react, Grant had whipped out the most magnificent, plump, thick, long, glistening cock that Sam had ever seen in his life. Sam watched as a bead of precum formed on the head of Grant’s gigantic cock and slowly dripped down to the floor. It took all of Sam’s self control not to catch it on his tongue.

“Yeah bro, I know. Anyway there are lots of things you can do with a penis. You can stroke it” His hands slowly slid up his length and back down again. He was double fisting it. Sam stood transfixed, his mouth wide open. The feeling inside him was growing even stronger. The emptiness

“I’m sure you’ve done this before! But you mightn’t have done this other stuff I’m about to show you!” Grand said, in a mock-educational tone.

“Open up!”

Sam snapped out of it, “bro, wait-”

But before he could finish Grant thrust forwards, sliding past Sam’s plump lips.

“Basically, cocks are for fucking! Right now you might have noticed that I’m Fuck. Ing. Your. Face.” With each syllable he thrust roughly into the back of Sam’s throat. Sam gagged with each thrust.

“Face-fucking is great fun! Well, great fun for me, probably not as fun for you since you’re apparently not a faggot. Are you enjoying this Sam?”

“Nnnmh, NnNNh, NNHH” Sam grunted, as Grant continued to skull-fuck him

“What was that buddy? No? Damn. Well maybe I’m just not face-fucking you hard enough. What about now?” Grant started absolutely plowing Sam’s wet lips, causing spit to cascade out of Sam’s mouth and all over his face and clothes.

“Mmm! MMM! MMMMNH!” Sam moaned.

Not that he could speak, but even if he did he wouldn’t have told Grant how much he enjoyed it. It was uncomfortable but it was the only thing that had subdued the deep need within him.

“Mmmm!” Grant’s cock plopped out of Sam’s mouth with a wet pop as Sam gasped for air. “Did you like that buddy? Only a faggot would really enjoy that so you probably hated it”

“Dude- something is seriously fucked, listen to me!” Sam cried, desperately

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Fucking. The penis isn’t just for fucking wet lips” Grant slapped Sam on the cheek lightly. “It’s also for fucking pussy”

Grant roughly pulled Sam up from his kneeling position, spun him around and harshly pushed him over so that he was bent over the toilet seat.

“Now you might be saying, ‘Grant, but I don’t have a pussy’. Now for most guys that’s correct. But some faggots, the really slutty ones, actually have an asshole that’s closer to a pussy. Ya know, just a pure fuckhole for cock. Since you’re not a faggot you probably just have a normal asshole. Then again I’m not entirely convinced that you’re not a faggot, so let’s do an experiment. I have this neat three strike system. If you get three strikes you’re a faggot, so you have three chances to prove me wrong. Let’s check your pussy- sorry, asshole!” Grant suddenly pushed Sam’s pants down to his ankles. Sam blushed as he felt cool air flow against his bare ass.

“Yo, are you wearing a jockstrap? Strike one” Grant laughed, mockingly.

“But straight guys wear jockstraps all the time!” Sam sputtered

“Dude, shut the fuck up, I’m teaching you. Don’t make me shove my cock in your pretty little mouth again” Grant said, his voice radiating control

Sam blushed a bright red. Grant was totally dominating him

“Now, back to business.”

Sam felt two powerful hands pull his cheeks apart. He felt his asshole quiver in anticipation.

“Hmmm. It certainly looks like an asshole. Let’s see what it feels like”

Grant spat on his thick hand and reached forward with his index and middle finger extended. He slowly worked them up Sam’s ass.

“Huh the plot thickens. Looks like an asshole but FEELS like a pussy.” Sam felt as Grant kept forcing his fingers into him.

“Anyway, back to the lesson. Regardless of whether you’re a faggot or not, all men (And yes, boys like you too), have a prostate. I bet that if i just do this”

Grant’s fingers curled into Sam, rubbing against that spot he’d found earlier

“OooOH!” Sam let out a long, horny moan.

“Haha, strike TWO Sam, damn. Maybe you are a faggot after all? But that wouldn’t just make you a faggot, that would make you a liar too!”

“Dude, I’m not lying, I’m straight I swear!”

Grant tutted condescendingly,

“What did I tell you about interrupting?”

Sam let out a yelp as Grant slapped his left ass cheek, roughly.

“You’re being such a bad boy, Sam. Do you need to be punished?”

“Please no, Grant”

“I think you do.”

Another slap hit Sam’s other cheek. He felt so helpless and so… horny.

“Grant!” Sam panted. He tried to sound commanding, but instead he just sounded slutty.




Sam was actually starting to like the sensation. Each slap sent a jolt through him that met at his prostate where Grant was probing him. Eventually Sam stopped protesting and just started moaning and squealing. The slaps stopped and Sam felt Grant’s strong arms lifting him up from his bent over position. “Now, back to the lesson. Putting on a condom” Grant produced one of the condoms from class out of his pocket and handed it to Sam. His dick was still standing at attention directly in front of Sam’s nose.

“Let’s hope you’re better at this now than you were in class” He said, rolling his eyes.

Sam fumbled with the packaging again. He remembered how Grant had opened it with his teeth. Bringing it to his mouth he finally ripped open the packaging. He grabbed it in his hand and went to stretch it over Grant’s dick.

“Woah woah woah, we’ve already gone over that way in class. A faggot, I mean a man like you needs to learn how to put it on without his hands. Just in case.”

Sam raised an eyebrow. Without his hands? How the fuck…


Was he seriously about to do this?

Sam gripped the tip of the condom between his teeth. Moving his mouth to the tip of Grant’s penis he slowly started sliding the cock into his mouth again, stretching the condom around his girth. The cock pressed against the back of his throat.

“Here, let me help you,” Grant said, and suddenly the cock started forcing it’s way deeper and deeper down Sam’s throat.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmngggh!” Sam let out a long, constant groan as the cock slowly slid into the condom in his mouth. Finally the cock was all the way in the condom. Grant did a few little thrusts, causing Sam to gag yet again before rapidly pulling out.”

“Good job, buddy. You still have a gag reflex, but I’m sure we can take care of that later on.” He said, matter of factly.

Grant spun Sam around yet again, but this time he pulled Sam close to his body, resting his thick cock between Sam’s slick cheeks and slowly grinding against him

“Now the final test.” Grant whispered into Sam’s ear.

Sam suddenly felt something thick stretching his hole open.

“Whaaaaaa~?” Sam trailed off as Grant’s cock slid into him, opening him wider and wider with each inch that invaded his sacred passage. With every passing second Sam thought that Grant had to be close to fully sheathing his cock in him, all the way down to the hilt. But each second brought another. And another. And another. Eventually Sam felt the tangle of Grant’s pubes brushing against his asshole. He’d just taken all of Grant’s gigantic cock. Grant’s penis was inside him! Sam’s legs started shaking

“Aw buddy, you’re shaking” Grant chuckled quietly from behind. Sam let out a whimper as he felt arms wrap around him from behind.

“Grant, I’m, ah, I’m… AaaaAAAAH~” Sam let out a loud, wanton moan as he jizzed in his jockstrap. Grant hadn’t even started fucking him yet!

Sam felt a hand reach under him, travel between his spread legs and rub against the wet patch at the front of his jockstrap before the cum-covered fingers reached up and moved towards his face. Sam instinctively opened his mouth to let them in.

“Oh no, Sam. You’re a squirter! Strike three. You know what that means?” Grant learned right up next to Sam’s ear

“You’re a faggot, Sam”

“Nooooooo” Sam moaned, delirious.

“Yeeees” Grant moaned back, mocking Sam’s desperate, slutty tone

Before Sam could properly speak again, Grant’s gigantic cock was was pistoning in and out of Sam’s pussy. His pussy? No! His asshole! Though Sam wondered if this was how women felt when they had a cock in their pussies.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! You’re, fuck, ing, me!”

“Haha, that’s right faggot, I’m fucking your slutty little boy pussy!”

Boy pussy? Grant had said that boys could have pussies but Sam hadn’t really realised that that would make it a boy pussy. Maybe… Maybe he did have a pussy. A boy pussy! Maybe Sam was a faggot.


A faggot.

“What am I fucking faggot?”

“My… My… Boy pussy! You’re fucking my boy pussy, Grant!”

Suddenly Sam felt the overwhelming emptiness again as Grant pulled out.

Sam glanced over his shoulder to see Grant pull the condom off his engorged cock

Sam felt Grant’s breath on his ear “That’s right faggot. I’m gonna pump a load deeeeep into your fucking pussy faggot. So deep that you’ll have cum breath for days. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow knowing that my cum will be all over you fucking guts faggot”

“Aaaah Grant, fuck me Grant! Cum in my pussy!”

“I can’t wait to do this every fucking day Sam. You’re gonna be my personal little cumdump. I’m gonna bend you over fucking eeeverywhere bro. Whenever I feel like it. Hey next time we have sex ed we can give a live demonstration! If only I’d know you were such a bottom earlier. Think of all the fucking I could’ve been giving you. That’s okay though. We’ll make up for it.”

Sam felt Grant’s cock expand inside him as it pumped cum into his guts. His eyes crossed lewdly as he let out a loud, wanton, drawn out moan and started squirting load after load into his already-soaked jockstrap, his tongue swirling around Grant’s cum soaked fingers.

Something clicked inside of him. This was what he’d been craving all day.

Grant and Sam were still for a second when suddenly Grant started withdrawing his cock from Sam’s hole. Sam squirted a few more times as the cock drew against his prostate. With a loud pop, and a quiet squeal from Sam, It was finally free.

“Lesson over, Sam. Hope you learnt something” Grant slapped his saliva-cum covered fingers against Sam’s cheek. See you tomorrow!”

And just like that, Sam was alone in the bathroom, covered in his own cum and full of Grant’s.

What the fuck was that?

Something seriously fucked was going on, and Sam had an idea of what had caused it. He cleaned himself up to the best of his ability (though it was hard to hide the gigantic wet patch that seeped through the crotch of his pants and formed at the back as Grant’s baby batter periodically dripped out) and started his stealthy walk home. This whole thing, the warm emptiness, the hornyness, had all started this morning when his brother had been in his room. Sam knew exactly where he would start.

He walked home, fixated on a new purpose.

He was going to confront Jensen.

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