Work Trickster Pt1

By Oddballs -
published March 8, 2021
3343 words

A guy at work puts up with a stuck-up boss, and then he remembers he has a couple of magical items in his desk that involves instant hypnosis and perception-free fondling, which he then tests on his coworkers.

"Alright. Now I want that report on my desk by Monday, you hear?” Says Mr Benson, my boss.

“Hhhhh… Yes Mr Benson.” I acknowledge with a nod.

“Good. Now no fooling around. That powerpoint had better be ready for the conference meeting on Monday, or you’re taking a pay-cut again.” With that, my boss walks off.

I scowl as I get back to my computer and type up the details of his ‘presentation’. Mr Benson has been our new manager for a month now. And while he puts in the bare minimum of the job, he’s not above condescension. He’s just so smug and a bit of a hypocrite; he gets on to ANYONE for checking their phone, yet half the time he’s texting on HIS phone. Not to mention that he usually pushes his own projects on other employees such as myself. Several of us have tried to write complaints about him, but since he’s the son of the CEO, his daddy just writes them off.

“Okay, so…” I take a look at my calendar and double check my days off, “… Oh! Monday’s a full moon. That means…” I smile as I turn and open up my drawer of personal items – a couple of mystic artifacts I’ve accumulated from this very mysterious and elusive bazaar…

It’s complicated. I’ve found out that there’s this other dimensional marketplace called the Bizarre Bazaar that sells all kinds of magic items! The down side is is that the collectables I’ve procured only work within the range of a full-moon.

First off is this short stick with a pearly marble on it. About 4 inches long, it appears to be a copper-welded stick with a couple of vine-like tendrils wrapped around a large pearl. This is what was called the Oculus Orb. You know how in some porn, hypnosis can be instantaneous? Well this trinket is exactly that; instant hypnosis. I can virtually reprogram anybody’s mind and give them new ideas as long as they see the Orb.

Just to be safe though, I better test it out to make sure that it is working; it’s Thursday now, and Monday is within the range of the full moon. I get up and stroll to the water cooler and meet Phil. “Hey, Phil.”

Phil looked and smiled at me, “Hey, Cole! How goes it?”

“Nothing much. Hey, would you look at this?” I asked as I held up the very short wand.

“Huh,” Phil moves his hand to pluck it up so he can examine it, but the marble is already glowing “Is that some sort of…” His face starts to rest and relax “Trink… Ket…” I move the artifact up and closer to his face, and his eyes glaze over completely “…”

Awesome. It’s working.

“Okay, Phil…” I say as the artifact shines in his face “When you snap out of it, you will be desperate to make out with me. When we get to somewhere private, you will get extremely horny and frott my dick with yours.” The gem on my short wand sends illuminating waves into Phil’s eyes, instilling my hypnotic commands. “And the more I kiss you, the more aroused you get. When you cum, you will get down on your knees and open your mouth. When I pinch your butt, you will forget what we did.”

With that being said, I move the marble away and put it in my pocket. As soon as the light from the talisman turns off in my pocket, Phil blinks awake and shake his head “So, what were you saying Phil?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh uh… Yeah, so… You…” Phil starts sweating, staring at my mouth and gulping. He’s even starting to shake “L-Look, can we talk later?? I uh…”

“What’s wrong?”

“I just uh… Look, can I please kiss you??” He asks with a desperate look in his eye “I swear, I’m not gay! I just, I don’t know what’s come over me, but-”

“Look look, calm down, you can go ahead and-”

“Thanks!” And just like that, Phil reached over and shoved my head onto his and glued his lips onto mine.

“Mmm, mmmllllmmm” I close my eyes as my lips lapped with his. Phil moans with relief as his tongue licks tenderly and cupped my cheek. My cock is already getting hard as he tilts his head and smooched me.

“Ugh” Says a passing coworker as Phil and I swapped spit “Get a room.”

I broke the kiss and smirked “Good idea.” I took Phil by the hand and gestured with a nod, “Let’s go.”

“M-Mhm” Phil pants and sweats as I lead him to the nearest closet. Cramped, hot, and bothered, I lock the door behind us and start to undo my belt and peck my mouth on the lips. “Ooh!” He jumps as my kiss gives his hormones a jumpstart.

“Like that?” I kiss him again and he gasps again. “You like kissing me?” I pecked his mouth again.

“Oh my God, I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny!” Phil whines as he pulls at his belt and pulls down his pants. I take out a sample packet of lube I keep in my pocket as he fishes out his chubby member. “K-Keep kissing me!”

“Gladly” I say as I lean in and lick his tongue. While he holds my head in place I pull down my zipper and pull out my throbbing pride and rip the top of the lube pouch on. Taking both our cocks into my hand, I squirt the lube small amount of lube on both of our dongs and start to grind them together.

“O-Ohh! Oh God” Phil moans out. Ever the gentleman, I move my smooching onto his neck and start to masturbate our two throbbing tools around “Ohhh, aahhh, ooohhhmmyyyyGaaawd. Oh Cole, oh my God.” As long as I keep kissing him, he’s going to keep getting hornier.

My hand juggles are lubbed members, twirling my 5-inch boner with his thicker 7-inch meat. My hand roams and rubs along the skins of the cocks as I proceeded gnaw on his neck like a vampire. Phil just moans as he lets me do all the work of massaging his dick with mine.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…” Phil moans as his hips twitch and jerk against me.

“Then c’mere.” I then yawn my mouth open and flood his mouth with my whole tongue.

“MMMHH! MMmmmm!” His body spazzes and as I feel his manhood convulse in my hand. His hot sperm pours onto my palm, my fingers, dribbling onto my exposed underpants.

Per command, Phil kneels down before me and opens his mouth “Haaahhlll” His tongue splays out as I start to jerk off.

“Good boy. You want my cum.” I grin as I wank to his face. He pants as my fist squelches around my dick as it oozes pre. I massage under my glands and stroke off until I bring myself to orgasm and unload all over his mouth. “UHHhh, oh yeah, mmhh. Fuck yeah.”

“Haawlllmm ahhh” Phil just sits there and lets me marinate his cheeks and forehead and lips with my white gravy. “Oh my God… Wow… Ahh…” He swallows what semen I squirted in his mouth and gets up “I never did that with a guy…”

“Yep. And no, you’re not bi-curious.” I chuckle as he tucks his penis back into his pants.

“How am I not?? We just…”

“Wait, don’t wipe off my cum” I stopped him “Let it dry, it’s good luck” I snicker.

“Oh right. I mean” He reels and huffs, “You and me, it was so hot!”

“Oh it was.” I smiled “Turn around for me?”

“Sure.” He turns his back to me “I mean, I just got laid last night and – ooh!” He chuckles as I dip my hands into his pants and rub his butt “Frisky, hah”

“Yep.” I say as I wipe his cum off my fingers and hands on the fabric of his undies while he fastens his belt back.

“So… Would you uh… Wanna grab drinks later and… Like… Make out?”

“Nah, I’m good. My spunk on your face, this little quicky. This is just me getting back at you for that huge whoopee cushion prank you pulled on me at the Valentine party last month.”

“Pffft, you’re still on about that?”

“Nope.” I pat his shoulder with a clean and press my thumb and index finger on one of his buns “Not anymore.”


“OW!” Phil jumps as I gave a very hard pinch on his ass. I pull my hand back and pulls away “Uhhh… Wait, what?” He turns around to look at me, “Cole? Wait, weren’t we just at the water cooler? And…” He looks down at my crotch “Why’s your dick out??”

“Oop, sorry, forgot haha” I chuckle as I tuck my member back in and zip up.

“Whatever, I gotta get back to work. Drinks after work?”

“No, Benson has me on his presentation.”

“Ah damn. Later then” He says before he leaves, entirely oblivious that his face is half soaked with my juices.

I then take out my second magical item – a bracelet in the form of white and grey hair braid. Called the Wraith Wrist. Basically it makes me undetectable to literally anyone – I can do or say anything to anyone, and they will not be able to notice me whatsoever. It’s a lot like the Perception Filter from Doctor Who.

I put it around my wrist and see an immediate glimmer among its threads. “Okay, let’s test this one out.”

I stroll to one of the interns – a cute nerdy guy with a lithe figure. I sneak up behind him… And put my hand into the front of his pants “Tickle tickle tickle~” I say casually as I start prodding and wiggling my fingertips into his thighs.

“GHHhehehehe!” The intern starts giggling and squirming in my grasp. I grope his bulge and rub his balls in circles. “O-Oh my gosh! Hahahah”

“Yeah, you like that?” I grin as I tickle him. He doesn’t even try to stop me. His hands just grab and grip at himself as I attack his weakspots. I even reach into underpants and start to diddle with his package.

“A-AHh! Oh my gosh!” He nearly squeals as I touch his… What, is he packing a thimble?

I pull open his trousers and undies and scoff as I see his very small penis “Wow. You’re really not hung, cutie.”

“Whoa, Felix. What’s all the commotion?” Chuckles one of the accountants; a nicely built Latino hunk. I let go of Felix and turn around and put two of my fingers into the accountant’s mouth instead “What’s gotten itooohhaall yoouaall?”

“Hahah, what?” Felix pants and smiles joyfully. I snicker as I pull on the accountant’s tongue.

“Ehhuuu wuull duuoolleeh kuuuwwhh” The accountant talks, not even acknowledging the fact that I’m screwing around with his mouth.

“Why are you doing that with your tongue?” Felix asks as the accountant attempts to communicate. The man is just widening his mouth, waggling his tongue around and talking in drooling gibberish to Felix.

“Huuwal? Buulluubrrlleellwwl” He continues, gesturing his his hands and explaining himself to Felix without much logic or coherency.

“Cool, looks like this one is working too.” I say as I take his pants, and YANK them down.

“W-Whaat??” The accountant gasps as he looks down and irks as he sees his pants has somehow been pooled around his ankles. And instead of underwear, he’s packing a neon orange speedo!

“Oh my God!” Felix smirks and giggles as he eyes him. Then – as far as everyone can see – the accountant’s cock pulls itself out of that swimsuit and starts to flop around like a wild fish! “Ahahahahaha!”

“F-Fuck!” The accountant scrambles as he frets from his penis having a party. I let go of his manhood and let him tuck his penis back into his speedo before he yanks his pants back up.

I go to the handsome older receptionist – he’s got such hot grizzled features. I snicker to myself as I pull out the Oculus Orb and point it into his face, allowing me to illuminate and hypnotize him instantly. “Uhhhh…”

“You love wedgies,” I say to him “You will always be sexually excited by them.” The sphere implemented the new fetish into his head before I pocketed it, seeing him cough and shake his head. I then reach down to his seat and dug into his pants.

“Hm?” He furrows his brow as he wiggles where he sits until I located his underwear. “Ooh, uh-oh, ah hah…” I start pulling them up and I immediately see him smile. “Ooh, oh crikey…” He says as he arches his back. I smirk as I give a hard YANK! “Nyyaahh!” He closes his eyes and snicker roughly “HRRRMMhrrhrhhhrrr… Just like the 5th grade all over again. MMFF!” He arches his back as his hands tuck into his lap and starts to hump into his palms. I force his underpants up more and more, glimpsing his manly butt as I rage his undies right up into his crack.

“Ghhhh! Yeah! NNHH! Get it up there…!” He growls and huffs as he masturbates ravenously. “Fuck, rip my ass a new one! Hoohhh!” His asscheeks clench as he grinds into the wedgie. He grins and jacks off rapidly through his slacks as I harshly pull 5 hard YANKS! “Hah! Ah! Oh! Ah! Hoh!” His hands grab harshly into his crotch – partly because his balls are squeezed, and partly because of his raging hard-on shooting in his pants as the grey DILF receptionist reels in the atomic wedgie. “AAwwwwwwwhhh” He moans long and leans forward as I can see a damp blotch developing under his hands. “Oh Jesus, yes, thank you…” I snap his undies back on and move on, glimpsing him moaning and giggling as he rubs his bottom.

Then I come across another intern – a lean and handsome black stud. This guy always been a cocky son of a bitch for the time he’s been here. Supposedly, this is his last day here, and Mr Benson seems to think this smug dumbass hasn’t kissed nearly enough ass to get anywhere.

Lets fix that.

I take out my magic token of the rod holding the orb and shine it into his face, making him almost instantly fall under my spell – his eyes fade with his mouth ajar. I hold the rod between by teeth as I reach down and unbuckle my pants, in front of at least 20 coworkers here around us, and pull down both my trousers AND my underpants! I hold up the little wand to his face and say “Kiss my ass. Now.”

I put the Oculus back into my jacket pocket as he snaps out of it. He smiles at me like I’m just a well-designed mannequin before he walks around me and gets down on his knees. I smirk as I lift up my upper jacket, bend over a bit, and present my rump.

“Mmmuah. Mmch. Muuh. Mmchwa” He kisses both cheeks alternatively, holding on my hips as he plants smooch after kiss on either side of my buttocks.

“Hahahaha, Quintin?” Says a passing coworker as he stops and looks at the young hunk nuzzling my crack and smooching my buns. “What’re you doing?”

Quintin looks up and dons that arrogant smile at him “I’m kissing his ass, man.”

“Yeah” I said to him, knowing he’s not even going to bother hearing me “He’s kissing my ass, Darrel.”

“I mean,” The coworker says, completely ignoring me “Shouldn’t you be filing those reports Debra gave you?”

“No, I gotta pucker up and kiss some sweet butt, sir.” He says as he keeps laying his lips right on my sphincter.

“Yeah, he can’t get enough of my crack.” I tell the coworker. “Gotta hold of this thing” I hold up the Oculus Orb and wiggle it between my fingers, “He’s making out with my pucker-hole, and I might just use this thing to make you…” I point it at him, and the marble starts to glow, already hypnotizing him, “Addicted to touching your nipples.” I put it away while Quintin is starting to French my pucker like a romance movie.

The coworker wakes, and his fingers already start to go up and circle the two dots on his chest “Look, Quintin.” He says. I smile as he is unable to register a word I’m saying besides the new thought I just put in his head. “You need to stop slacking off. Just because your dad’s an executive, doesn’t mean you get to ride on his coattails.”

At that moment, I point the Orb at Quintin again “Offer to kiss HIS butt.”

“How bout I kiss YOUR butt?” Quintin asked with a cocky grin.

“What??” The coworker looks shocked… But tempted? His fingers are now pinching at either nipple through his polyester shirt “I… You just… Really?”

“Oh yeah.” I say as the orb on my talisman glows “You love kissing butts.”

“Oh yeah.” Quintin responds “I love kissing butts.” The gem gives a small flash and finalizes the new quirk in him “Pull down your pants and lemme get funky all up your hole!”

“Oh um, aaahhh…” The coworker hesitates a bit as he continues to dry-milk his nipples in front of everyone, “I’m… Open right now, on my break… If you uh… Come to my office?”

“Go ahead and do him.” I tell Quintin.

“Sure!” Quintin gives my ass a few slaps before he gets up and follows the coworker.

I pull up my pants and tighten my belt and take off the Wraith Wrist bracelet. “Alright, looks the magic’s working great. Let’s get rolling before I overuse them.” I say as I stroll out and plan my own prank with my boss.

An hour later, I finally get my change to chat with Mr Benson; for a guy who likes to be the center of attention amongst his peers, he is surprisingly hard to track down, let alone get a word in edgewise. He’s alone in his office and I just come on in without knocking. “Cole? What’re you doing?” He asks as he looks up from his work, “Shouldn’t you be working?”

“I am. I need to go over something with you about the conference meeting.”

“Look, I told you. Just write it out, I know all about what we’ll be discussing. I just need YOU to write the powerpoint.”

I draw out my small marble wand and hold it up “No, but this part’s really important.”

“Cole, stop…” As soon as his eyes lock onto the glass orb, my artifact starts to shine. “Wasting my…” His mind goes blank in a matter of seconds as the magic illuminates his face with almost instantaneous hypnosis “Time…”

“Alright, good.” I set the wand up so the light is still shining on his face. “Okay, first off…” I move my fingers to his hair and pluck a couple of strands out and put them into a tiny plastic baggy “Gonna need that for later. Now, for Monday. Not only are you going to make the presentation yourself. But I have a few revisions that you will think are completely normal.” I say as I toss a couple of flashcards right in front of him. “Further more, this is how the presentation is going to happen…”

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