Fetish Transformations Part 8 - Scotty Transforms

By PiercedDeviant
published January 21, 2021
2206 words

Brutus and Spider meet up with their friend Scotty and destroy / improve his life, depending on whose perspective it is.



The next morning, Scuzz had left early to start his apprenticeship a day later than planned. His Uncle Rick didn’t mind, after all, he had been part of the reason for the delay.

With Spider still asleep, Brutus took the opportunity to fuck him awake. They started their morning with a fag and decided to start making plans. They headed out on the apartment, when out of nowhere, Brutus was punched in the face, it was Scuzz’s dad, “What the hell have you done to my son” he screamed. Brutus was holding his nose which was bleeding heavily, whilst Spider held his attacker back.

“Look Mate, your son is happy and me and my mate Spider here, thinks his new look suits him”, Spider threw the bloke onto the floor and stamped on his face, leaving his boots marks ingrained in the face.

When they got outside, Spider inspected Brutus’ face, “Yeah mate, that nose is definitely broken, better get you to the hospital”. Brutus was raging.

Whilst at the hospital, Brutus noticed people who arrived after him, were being treated first. Spider also noticed this and complained, well basically threatened the Doctors to see Brutus next. This worked as the Doctor agreed to see them, it was confirmed that the damage to the nose was minimal and it wasn’t broken. As the bleeding had stopped, the Doctor cleaned up the nose and told our Skinhead pair to stop getting into fights and the Police would be called if they threatened Hospital staff again. Spider made sure he got the Doctors name, Dr Singh and they both left the hospital.

They were both raging, they were being treated like they were the lowest of the low. Rage turned into horniness and Brutus took the opportunity to fuck Spider bare, down a back alley behind the hospital, depositing a nice juicy load. After they had both calmed down, they realised it was time to meet their mate Scotty, back at the Fetish barbers.


There he was Scotty, just as they remembered him in the distance. Plain, boring, old Star Wars-loving, little orphan boy living with his Gran. What a fucking waste of space, they both decided to have some fun, “Hey Scotty how’s it going” Spider shouted. Scotty looked shocked recognising his two best friends, “Hi Joshua, Hi Leo, glad to see you’re both ok, you both look really different, why have you done that to yourselves”, Scotty asked, “You look scary”.

Brutus and Spiders mood soon changed, this was now the 3rd time, they were being disrespected. They were getting angry and took Scotty for a walk around the neighbourhood. So, Scotty, Butch asked “how’s your nan”, “Well she’s emigrated to New Zealand tomorrow, as I’m going to Uni next month, it was arranged that I would live in the house until it was sold. Then move into my own place, I thought perhaps the three of us could get a flat together, but I’m not so sure now”

“Why the fuck not,” asked Spider, “Well you guys look so different, I don’t think I fit in with you anymore. I don’t know what I’m going to do now, you don’t want a boring fucker like me around, do you”. Brutus grabbed hold of Scotty with Spider and they dragged him into an alley, Scotty was getting frightened now. “Look you boring little Cunt, we do want you around, but not the self-pitying little Ponce you are now, how’d you like to be like us”. “Perhaps but not so extreme” replied Scotty. “Right I forgot what a little prick you were,” shouted Brutus, “As he kicked Scotty to the floor and stomped on his face with his 20-hole rangers. Spider laughed “look you little Cunt, we don’t care what you want, you’ve just told us, you’ve got no family left in this country now, so you can stay with us, but you’re going to be like us and that’s settled”

Spider helped Scotty to his feet, whilst Brutus gave him a fag to smoke, Scotty smoked it, coughing a lot, to begin with, but it was soon finished and he was asking for another one. Brutus smiled these enhanced fags they never seem to fail.

Scotty was dragged into the Barbers and made to sit in the chair, “I don’t want my haircut”, “It’s not your fuckin decision, now spin this wheel”. Scotty did as he was told, it spun for what seemed like ages and the result was in. “Extreme Gay Skinhead, “Nearly the same as me Scotty”, Spider said.

Scotty tried to get out of the chair and make a run for it, “I’m not gay and I’m not going to be a Skinhead”, he shouted. Brutus and Spider pushed him back in, whilst Brutus punched him in the stomach winding him. “Right you little Shit, the Barber said, “You’re getting strapped in, Hey Spider can you close the blinds, this little Cunt is going to be taught a lesson”. A strap was placed across Scotty’s neck, arms and legs, while Brutus held Scottys head to keep it still.

Oscar then came in hearing the commotion, he acknowledged Brutus and walked over to Scotty, to everyone’s surprise, he slapped Scotty round the face twice, each side. “Shut the fuck up, you Cunt, you woke me up”.

Oscar saw Spider was there and asked how he was. “Well come to think of it Mate, I’ve got a huge boner, fancy lending me your hole, so I can get rid of it”. “Sure,” said Oscar, he pulled his trousers down, bent over, got his poppers out and started sniffing, his hole soon relaxed”. Spider rammed right In and started piston fucking him.

Scotty watching their reflection in the mirror screamed: “what the hell was going on”. The Barber got some masking tape and put it over his mouth, “thank fuck for that he went”, as the noise stopped.

The Barber got his balding clippers out and first took off the eyebrows, he could see the terror in his clients’ face. He then made short work of the hair leaving only stubble. “Hey wait a minute,” Spider said “I’m about to climax, he pulled out of Oscar and shot a massive load into his hand, he went over to Scotty and wiped his cum, into the remains of his hair, “This will work better than shaving foam,” he said. The barber then used a sharp razor, until Scotty had a shiny bald head.

Brutus said, “Fuck that was hard work, but good fun, hey Spider that footprint on Scotty’s face has given me an idea, for his new name Bootboy”. Spider said “that is fucking amazing, come on Bootboy we’re out of here”

Scotty looked at himself in the mirror, he looked awful. “Can you at least wash my face, Leos dried cum over it”, “Fuck no Mate, you’re staying like that for the foreseeable, here’s a fag smoke it, and calm yourself down” said Brutus.

The three Skinheads, Brutus, Spider and Bootboy made their way through Soho, each smoking a fag cupped in their hand. They got to Sloane’s shop, so they could start on the next phase of Bootboys transformation. Bootboy realised, where they were and panicked “I don’t want this, all I want is my friends back”

Brutus and Spider took Bootboy by the shoulders and pushed him down until he was eye level with their boots. They said in unison “Look at our boots boy, don’t you think they amazing, wouldn’t you like to wear boots just like this. All shiny, look at our bleachers look how tight they look and how smart they are, tucked into our boots. Wouldn’t you like to be like us to, forget about University, live with us, look like us, fuck like us”?

“Yes” I would, Bootboy responded.

“Sit down their Mate, we need to get started,” said Sloane.

“He got a needle ready with black ink” and gave it to Spider, “knock yourself out Mate, you can do the first one”

Spider smiled he lit a cigarette and placed it in his mouth, first cutting all of his mate’s clothes off, he won’t be wearing this shit again and started on his mates’ new tattoos. Bootboy was sat down in a daze oblivious to what was going on.

Using a transfer, Spider traced the outline of a cross on Bootboys forehead. He then went over it with the needle, wiping off the excess ink as he went. “Good job Spider,” Sloane said, “I think you’re going to a natural at this, what do you think Bootboy”, who suddenly woke up from his trance.

He looked at the mirror and screamed: “What have you done, I can’t go to University with that on my head, they’ll think I’m racist”. Spider and Brutus spoke to him again, “look at our boots, you will go into a trance and wake up when you hear the words ‘Transformation Complete, dream about these boots and how good you’ll look when you have your pair on”

Brutus told Spider that he needed to go, he had to get Bootboy some new gear and make some phone calls.

Brutus got back to the shop early evening, just while Sloane was inserting the last piercing, “Let’s have a look then, stand up Bootboy”. Brutus was taken about, “Spider I knew this was going to be extreme, but not this much. Even you and I didn’t go this far”. “I think it suits him, Sloane was showing me all the different types of Skinhead tattoos he could do and we just used Bootboy here as a blank canvas”, Spider smiled.

Bootboy now sported multiple ear piercings in each ear, a bar through the top of his nose, a septum bigger than the ones Brutus and Spider both had, piercings in both nipples and a PA in his cock. The tattoos were another story, including the cross on his forehead, which he already knew about, he now had a crucified Skin on his chest, S K I N H E A D on his knuckles, swallows on his neck, hands and chest, large Spider cobwebs on both elbows and a cobweb behind his ear, with a teardrop under his eye.

“We’ll get him dressed, then wake him up from his trance,” said Brutus.

After a bit of a struggle, getting his clothes on, Bootboy was wearing a tight jockstrap one size too small, bleached jeans, 20-hole black rangers with white laces, a Fred Perry black Polo with white piping, white braces and a black bomber jacket. “Did you see his hole Spider, we’ll make good use of that, when we get home tonight” remarked Brutus, putting a fag behind his ear for later.

Together, Brutus and Spider spoke to Bootboy, “When you wake up from your trance, you won’t think you look any different you will still think you look like the boring old Scotty, you will only see your new look when you shower tonight”. Scotty woke up “alright Buddies sorry I panicked about my haircut earlier, I over-reacted, it was such a big change”, “No worries Mate” they both said.

Just then Scotty’s phone started ringing, “Hey Nan, how are you”, “I’m Ok love, just to let you know that we had an offer on the house today, so the sale should be complete soon. I spoke to your nice friend Joshua earlier and he has very kindly collected your belongings and taken them back to his flat, he says you can stay with him as long as you need, see you soon, bye”

Brutus Nan says I can stay with you is that Ok asked Bootboy, “of course it is Mate, we need to go someone else first though”

The three Skinheads made their way to some abandoned waste ground, where bags of clothes, Star War toys, photos, books and paperwork was piled up, Bootboy recognised them as his belongings “I thought you’d taken all my stuff to the flat” he asked. “Nah don’t want all that shit in the flat now, anyway I’ll buy you anything you needed”, said Brutus as he covered the stuff in paraffin. “Mate there’s a fag behind your ear, smoke it, here’s a box of matches”, Bootboy lit his fag and without thinking threw the match on the floor, this started the bonfire. Bootboy collapsed in tears, “what have I done”.

“You’ve said goodbye to your old life, that’s what you’ve done, by throwing that match on the floor, you showed that subconsciously you were ready for your new calling”, Brutus told him.

The Three Skinheads returned back to the flat, Bootboy went upstairs to have a shower, all Brutus and Spider could hear was loads of screaming “What have they done to me”


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