Fetish Transformations Part 1 - Joshuas Skinhead Journey Begins

By PiercedDeviant
published January 11, 2021
1924 words

Imagine, if your adult life was planned out, at the time you were born. Despite making your own decisions, having your own goals, when you turn 21, these life decisions are no longer yours to make. What if your one of a select group of males, whose adult lives are predetermined by the spin of the fetish wheel and you will ultimately, live you life in debauchery.


Joshua had always been a good student and had never been in trouble and was expected to have a successful career in finance. He was the youngest of 6 brothers and lived with his family, in North London. His father was a civil servant and mother an accountant and local Councillor.

He was 6ft and exercised regularly at the gym, taking great pride in his physique. He had long blond hair and liked the surfer look. He worked part-time, as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool, with his best buddies Leo and Scotty. He also helped out at a local food bank and was praised for his devotion to doing the right thing. You could say he was 100% pure and had no evil in him whatsoever.

The day of his 21st birthday arrived, he enjoyed spending the day with his family. At 5 pm Leo, drove up in his car, to give Joshua a lift into town. Joshua wore his new chinos and shirt from the Gap and tied his long blond hair into a ponytail. As they drove into town, Leo and Joshua were talking, when out of nowhere, a pedestrian appeared in front of them, Leo knocked the pedestrian 6 foot into the air and crashed the car into a lamppost. The road was deserted and there were no witnesses, apart from one.

A Stranger, about 40 approached the car, he saw that the boy in the passenger seat was unconscious and the pedestrian had died. Leo was coming around and started to plead for help. The Stranger said he would. Leo meant for him to call an ambulance, but the Stranger had other ideas.

“Leo there’s no need to call 999, I will help, trust me. Why don’t you let me help you out the car’?”

Leo instinctively did, as he was told. When the Stranger then said, "It’s a shame your young life, will be ruined because of this, why not let me help you, may I suggest we put your friend in the driving seat and make it look like he was responsible for the accident. It looks like he hasn’t got much life left anyway”

The Stranger knew that Joshua was not seriously hurt and despite Leos concerns that this wasn’t the right thing to do. He eventually agreed, after all the Stranger was very convincing. Joshua was moved with difficulty into the driver’s seat, Leo called the Police, whilst he had his back turned to the Stranger, who was performing an incantation on the car. They arrived, just as Joshua was coming around. Leo looked around for the Stranger but he was nowhere to be seen, he didn’t even get his name.

As Joshua and Leo weren’t seriously hurt, they were taken directly to the Police station, both were interviewed. Joshua insisted that the accident was Leos fault and he was in the passenger seat, whilst Leo now on a dark path, confirmed that Joshua had been driving recklessly, he pleaded with him to drive more carefully, but was ignored.

Forensics came back and showed that Joshua’s fingerprints were on the wheel, as there was enough evidence to charge him and no CCTV footage to confirm his story, Joshua was charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

He stayed overnight in the Police Station and was allowed home on bail on the provision that he didn’t leave the house. Joshua was devastated he knew the accident wasn’t his fault and pleaded with his parents, to believe him. They couldn’t bring themselves to talk to him, as they had known the pedestrian, an old school friend of his mothers. Joshua saw how disappointed his parents were and stayed in his room.

For the next few weeks, Joshua stayed in his room, hardly coming out. The bad news continued, he had been disinherited by his Grandparents and his job offer with a major bank had been withdrawn, whilst his mother had lost her seat in the Council. His frustration grew, as he knew he hadn’t done anything wrong. Eventually, he exploded in front of his parents and for them, this was the last straw.

“Joshua,” his father said. “You have disgraced this family, your mother has lost her place on the Council because of you, we are fed up your lies, unless you take responsibility for your actions that night, you will no longer be welcome here”

For the first time in his life, Joshua exploded, punching a hole in the wall and ran away from the house.


He found a park bench and sat down and panicked about what to do next. The Stranger from the night of the accident, approached and sat next to him.

“Are you ok Lad”

“No” Joshua replied and stupidly told the Stranger everything that had happened to him. The stranger decided to show some kindness and offered to help, he even had some contacts that could help get Joshua out of the country. But Joshua would need to go with him that instance, Joshua agreed out of desperation.

Joshua was driven into a seemingly abandoned building in Soho, his companion stated:

“This is the best place to keep you safe Joshua, I’m afraid I won’t be here to keep an eye on you all the time, but the Caretaker will take good care of you. I’ve told him to give you some work to do, so you can earn some cash-in-hand. Make sure you do everything he tells you and I will be back to collect you when it’s safe. Remember Joshua this is all to help you”

Joshua was led into the building and downstairs into the basement. First impressions were that the building contained numerous corridors and it seemed like a real maze. He could hear loud music playing, they eventually reached an office and the companion knocked on the door. It was answered by a rather brutish looking man, he looked late 30s, but could have been older, shaved head, wearing a black sleeveless T-shirt and ripped jeans, with heavy black boots. Lots of tattoos and piercings all over his body. He spoke:

“Alright haven’t seen you for a while, Mate, is this the lad you were talking about”

“Yes,” the Stranger confirmed. “Poor lad has been through it, don’t you know framed for a crime he didn’t commit, now he’s been ostracised by his parents and has no-where to go. I said we’d look after him until the Pigs stop looking for him”

The Stranger spoke directly to Joshua, “I’ve got to go now lad, but Skinner here will look after you now, remember do everything he says and you’ll be okay”

With that he left, Skinner took Joshua by both shoulders, sizing him up. “What’s your name kid”

“Ah Joshua, Mr Skinner Sir” he replied starting to feel rather panicked about the predicament he was in.

“Bit of a poncy name that Boi, I ain’t fucking calling you that. I reckon we should give you a new name how about Butch, with your physique it suits you”

“Well I like my name” replied Joshua

“Look Boi, I and our mutual friend are doing everything we can to help you right, trying to stop you getting a stretch inside. We’re the only Mates you’ve got and what I say goes. By the way, we need to make some changes to your fucking appearance so you’re not recognised. Take that poncy shirt and chinos off and follow me”

Butch sheepishly did as he was told and followed Butch. “This is my room and where you’ll be sleeping boi” pointing to a stained mattress on the floor, “I’ll get you some sheets and you can make your bed”

“Thanks, Skinner” replied Butch, who suddenly felt a punch in the stomach.

“Show some fuckin respect Boi, only real mates call me Skinner, you can call me Sir until I decide otherwise. Now put these on, were going out”

Skinner passed some clothes to Butch, reluctantly he put the sleeveless black top on and the ripped jeans. He was allowed to keep his trainers. “Here wear this, it will suit what your wearing”, Skinner passed an old biker jacket for Butch to wear. Here’s a plastic bag put your old clothes in there, we’ll put them in the bin when we go out”, Butch didn’t argue, he just did what he was told.

Skinner then took Butch into a barbershop across the road, introducing him to the Barber.

“Are you a gambling man Butch?” Skinner asked.

“Not really” Butch replied

“Well you are now, our friend the Barber here has a fetish. All customers that come here, choose their haircut, by spinning a roulette wheel, that will decide the haircut you have today. You’ll keep that haircut the entire time you’re with me, got it. Here it is, now spin it”

Butch thought it was a bit of a strange request, but did as he was told, he was dismayed at the outcome, Skinhead.

“Skinhead it is then,” said the Barber.

"Fucking hell I bet you weren’t expecting that Butch,” said Skinner.

“Can I change my mind, Sir, it won’t suit me and it took me over a year to grow my hair out this long”, Butch pleaded.

“No fucking way deals a deal you spun the wheel, I reckon it will suit you. Now sit, barber, continue”

Butch looked dejected as he saw his long blond locks fall onto the floor. He was further dismayed when the barber accidentally dropped the electric razor and took off half his eyebrow. Skinner laughed and decided he might as well shave off both eyebrows, after all, they might grow back!

The Barber finished the job by putting shaving foam on Butch’s hair and shaving the rest of with a cut-throat razor. It was time for Butch to see his reflection in the mirror, completely bald he looked a right freak. He started having a panic attack, Skinner took the opportunity to get Butch out of the shop, paying the Barber as he left.

"Mate calm down, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, what’s the problem”

“The problem is I look a complete fucking freak, that’s what the fucking problem is, why is this happening to me, I ain’t done nothing wrong.”

“Look boi the problem is, the Police are looking for a lad called Joshua with long blond hair, not a fresh new skinhead. Hey smoke one of these, it will help calm you down”

“I don’t smoke Sir” replied Butch.

“One won’t hurt, go on I’ll light it for you, here you go”

Butch reluctantly smoked the cigarette and found that it wasn’t too bad, eventually asking Skinner for another one.

Skinner pleased that Butch seemed to have taken to smoking, said “no problem, but if you’re going to be a smoker, you’re paying for them out of your wages alright”

Butch agreed and asked how he would be earning his money, “oh you’ll find out tonight”, noticing Butch blushing when a twink walking by winked at him. Good Skinner thought if he fancies blokes the next stage will be easier than I thought.


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