Time for Coffee

By College21Guy
published September 7, 2020
4325 words

Perks is the place to be…

Van Branson opened his eyes and languidly stretched his arms and legs. His mind took a moment to catch up to reality, leaving behind a hot dream about being fucked by his friend Matthew, who, at times, had morphed into Van’s roommate Carson. Remembering this, Van glanced across the room at his sleeping roommate. Carson was stretched out on his bed on his back, one bare leg hanging over the side. Van ran his eyes along that hairy leg, following it up to where it disappeared under the blanket. There was a sizable tent in the center of Carson’s covers that immediately made Van’s mouth begin to water.

Van turned over and stared at his roommate, who was snoring softly. After watching the rise and fall of his chest for a few minutes and feeling his own morning wood strengthen at the sight of Carson’s, Van reached down and hit a button on the side of his wrist watch. The sound of Carson’s snoring, of even his breathing, instantly ceased as time froze for everyone but Van.

Climbing out of bed, Van took off the t-shirt and shorts he’d been sleeping in and moved across to his roommate’s bed. Pulling back the covers, Van admired Carson’s lanky form. Van knew from past experience that Carson usually slept in pajama pants, and sometimes just in his underwear, but that neither could fully contain the monster Carson carried around between his legs, not when it was fully hard. This morning, he was in a pair of boxers and his cock had managed to escape through the open fly.

Van reached down and pulled them off, leaving his roommate fully exposed. Van’s eyes drank him in. No matter how often he got to experience this, Van could never quite believe his luck. Thanks to his watch, Van’s tongue had explored every inch of Carson, from his huge feet and hairy legs, to his furry, musky pits, his treasure trail, and his sweet ass. Not to mention, of course, the pole between his legs.

“Thank God for morning wood,” Van said out loud. Having said this, Van joined Carson in bed, lead on by the lingering horniness that his dream had left in its wake.

Van spent several minutes sucking and licking, deep throating and moaning, before straddling Carson and letting his big dick rest up against his ass. Van had often thought about riding his friend’s dick, but he always held back. For a time, after Carson had flashed his dick at Van and the two had begun joking about its size and Van’s lust for it, Van had believed they might be headed toward a scenario where Carson would end up experimenting, and that he might get to feel that cock inside him without needing the watch. With every day that passed, that seemed less and less likely.

He toyed with the idea of going for it now, loving the feel of the dick against his ass, but in the end he moved forward and rubbed his cock against Carson’s lips, parting them and sliding his six inches inside. He slapped Carson’s sexy face a few times with dick and then began to stroke in earnest.

“Fuck, Carson, I want you to shove that big ol’ dick inside me so bad,” Van groaned, as he shot his load all over Carson’s face. Panting, Van collapsed forward and lay on top of his roommate while he caught his breath.

Sitting up, he looked down at the mess he’d made, his cum all over Carson’s lips,and even in his eyebrows. Grabbing one of Carson’s socks from the floor, Van started to wipe up the mess and noticed that he’d shot a bit of cum inside of Carson’s mouth, which he’d left slightly open after slipping his dick inside. Not wanting to shove his roommates dirty sock in his mouth, Van leaned forward and used his tongue to explore Carson’s mouth, removing any trace of jizz.

Van tugged Carson’s boxers back up, making sure to leave the morning wood hanging out just like he’d found it. After covering Carson, Van started back toward his bed and then stopped as an idea occurred to him. Moving back to Carson’s bed, Van pulled the blanket completely off and dropped it on the floor, leaving his roommate fully exposed.

Getting back into his own bed, Van turned on his side and stared across at Carson as he reached down and started time again. Carson immediately began snoring lightly once again. Van watched for a few minutes, feeling his own spent cock coming back to life at the idea of Carson catching him looking at his cock. No, it would be more than looking, Van decided. If it went badly, he could always just turn back time.

Van tossed his own blanket aside and began stroking his cock as he stared at Carson’s sleeping form. After a few minutes, Carson snorted lightly and stopped snoring. Van’s heart began to pound as fast as his fist as Carson’s eyes fluttered open. He watched as his roommate stretched and then looked down at his exposed erection.

When Carson’s eyes darted toward Van to make sure he hadn’t seen anything, the sight that greeted him was of his roommate stroking his own cock, lust in his eyes.

“Fuck!” Carson rolled over and reached for the blanket on the floor next to his bed.

Van gasped, as if a spell had been broken, and quickly covered himself as well.


Carson made some adjustments under the blanket and then sat up, carefully keeping himself covered. “You were jerking off to my dick.” The words sounded tentative, like Carson couldn’t quite trust his own memory of the events that had just taken place.

“Yeah. I’m sorry, man. I’m only human. I opened my eyes and there it was, that big ol’ dick.”

Carson just stared at him for a minute and then suddenly laughed. “Yeah, fair enough. I guess if I woke up and looked across the room and there was a chick with some big, juicy tits hanging out on display, I’d do the same thing.”

Van grinned. “Yeah, you would. Thanks for not being all weird about it.”

“Whatever gay boy. I’m going to go take a shower.”

“Okay,” Van smiled. Carson got up and dropped his blanket on the bed. Van couldn’t help noticing that the boxers were still very much tented out as Carson moved over to his dresser and started gathering his shower stuff.

“Hey, don’t you have that date tonight with Jughead?” Carson called over his shoulder.

Ugh. Van had almost forgotten that was tonight. “His name is Archie, and yeah.”

Carson turned around and grinned at Van. “Maybe you’ll find out what Betty and Veronica see in him.” Van opened his mouth to respond, but then the words dried up as Carson casually reached down and pulled off his boxers, standing before Van completely nude and still fully erect.

Reaching down and giving his hard dick a few strokes, Carson grinned at Van. “Let’s hope he can live up to expectations,” Carson winked as he wrapped a towel around his waist and headed out of the room. The deliberate exhibitionism sent Van over the edge and he began stroking again, quickly shooting a load for the second time that morning.

Archie had been able to think about little except his coffee date with Van for the last few days, but once Friday itself finally arrived, Archie might as well have just stayed in his room obsessing over it all day. He’d been unable to concentrate in any of his classes, his mind racing back and forth between scenarios where he royally screwed up his first official date with a guy, and others where things ended really, really well, with hot sweaty sex followed by a lifetime of love.

He’d spent two hours getting ready, a bundle of nerves as he changed his clothes again and again, even showering twice. He’d caught his roommate looking at him oddly a few times during all of this, which was probably the most attention his gaming obsessed roommate had paid to him in the entire time they’d shared a dorm room. Archie had no idea how Isaac was going to pass any of his classes, since he always seemed to be planted in front of one game or another, talking non stop to his fellow gamers day and night.

“Date?” Isaac grunted in his direction.

“Yeah,” Archie said, staring at his reflection and wishing for the hundredth time that evening that he had any idea whatsoever about clothes and what looked good.

“I got an all nighter here,” Isaac nodded towards his game, “I can’t leave the room. Take her back to her room if you’re gonna fuck her. Or, I guess you can do it here and I’ll try not to look. Depends on how hot she is.”

Archie and his roommate had engaged in very few conversations with each other, so the gay thing had never come up. After looking in the mirror and deciding that he looked as good as he could, he glanced at his phone and saw it was time to go. Heading for the door, he said “We’ll see what happens. If we do come back here to fuck, you won’t be able to take your eyes off him. He’s adorable.”

Archie stole one glance at his roommate’s shocked face as he closed the door and couldn’t help smiling, briefly enjoying himself for the first time all day. As he left his dorm and started walking across campus, Archie thought about how unlucky he’d been in his randomly assigned roommate. He’d hoped for someone he could be friends with, possibly even more than friends if he was really lucky, but he and Issac had zero in common. It could have been worse, though, he could have got a religious nut.

Thinking about roommates, his mind went back to the afternoon in the Student Union when he’d asked Van out, before they were interrupted by Van’s roommate, Carson. Archie had felt a definite vibe between the two that had left him worried that Van was already taken, but from what they’d said, Carson was straight. Still, Archie couldn’t help but think that there’d been something almost possessive about the way Carson had put his arm around Van’s shoulder. Carson was a good looking guy, so if he was into Van…

“Stop!” Archie muttered out loud to himself. “It’s just coffee, don’t get your hopes up.”

When he reached the edge of campus and saw Perks waiting for him across the street, a big part of Archie wanted to turn around and go back in the opposite direction. What did he know about dating guys? He was hopeless, he’d never fit into the gay world. The best he could do was anonymous understall action. Friday and Saturday nights were usually completely dead in the sixth floor library men’s room, but if he waited long enough, someone would probably come along. Maybe he should just forget about Van and head there now.

Then Archie remembered the first time he ever saw Van, in that very men’s room. ‘Hey, at least we got something in common,’ Archie thought as he started across the street. Recalling the sweet smile he’d seen on Van’s face at the Student Union, Archie decided the risk of falling flat on his face could be worth it. What did he have to lose, really, but his fantasy of what could be with Van?

Archie walked through the door of Perks and glanced around. There was a group of seven or eight people talking loudly together in one corner of the room and a few of the other tables were occupied with couples or individuals with books or open laptops. Everyone looked to be college students, which wasn’t surprising given the location and its general status as the non alcoholic hangout for students. Archie had come to Perks a few times on his way to class, but he’d always just taken a drink to go.

Van wasn’t there yet, but a glance at his phone told Archie he was five minutes early. He stepped toward the counter to order a drink and then had second thoughts. Was he supposed to wait for Van to get here before he ordered? Was it rude not to? What were the dating rules between two guys, and was this even really a date?

A barista came out from the curtained off area behind the counter and walked over to the register.

“What can I get you?” Archie’s mouth dropped open as he stared at the dark haired beauty he’d seen once before, the day he first met Van. In fact, Archie had been very much enjoying the sight of this barista fucking the hell out of a blond dude in a bathroom stall when he’d spotted Van, somehow enjoying the same sight, but from within the stall.

“Uh…” Archie felt himself blushing, remembering the sight of that hot ass pounding back and forth and the sexy voice calling the guy he was fucking a slut, not to mention the impressive piece of meat between his legs.

Archie’s eyes drifted to the name tag on the barista’s apron: Nick. “Hi, can I-”

The bell tinkled behind him and Archie turned around, hoping it would be Van, but it was a blonde woman in a very tight t-shirt that left little to the imagination as her tits strained against the fabric. “Hi baby,” Archie heard Nick say behind him. He looked around and saw the barista only had eyes for the blonde. “Marcus, customer!” Nick yelled over his shoulder. “He’ll be right with you, man.”

Archie nodded as Nick came around the counter and pulled the blonde to an unoccupied table, where they almost immediately began to make out. His eyes were still on them when he heard a familiar voice at his shoulder. “I guess blonde is his type, no matter the gender.” Archie turned in surprise and found himself looking at Van.

“Where did ya’ll come from?” he asked.

“No magic trick, Red, I was just in the bathroom,” Van smiled. “Should we get some coffee?”

Van had wished all day that he had Archie’s phone number so that he could cancel their date. The redhead had a nice smile and a sexy Southern accent, and he was cute, especially when he blushed, but Van had a lot going on in his life at the moment. That morning’s encounter with his roommate was just the tip of the iceberg.

Earlier in the week, less than an hour after he’d agreed to meet Archie for this date, Van had used his watch to rescue Jake, the impossibly sexy frat boy, from a sticky situation that was mostly Van’s own fault. Afterward, Jake had agreed to let Van have his ass for a second time. Since their first encounter, the one and only time Van had topped so far in his life, was the hottest sexual experience he’d ever had, he’d thought of little else since.

Jake had asked him the all important questions- where and when- and Van had told him he’d get back to him very soon to let him know. A few days had passed since then, the anticipation building within Van as he planned out various scenarios. He still needed to make sure that Jake- who had threatened to kick his ass numerous times- didn’t see his face while they were together, which made things a bit more complicated. Still, nothing was really that tricky as long as he had his watch, which gave him the ability to both freeze and turn back time.

Since he’d agreed to meet Archie at Perks but not exchanged numbers with him, Van’s only option, if he didn’t want to be a total asshole, was to show up. He hadn’t seen Archie anywhere when he’d gone in, so Van slipped into the bathroom and found Archie standing near the counter when he came back out.

Once the two of them had drinks and were seated, a few minutes of awkward conversation ensued and then silence before Archie muttered “Sorry, I’m not much good at all this.”

Van remembered what Archie had said at the Student Union, that he didn’t know how to date guys, and reached across the table and touched him on the hand. “Red, it’s okay. Listen, you’re putting way too much pressure on yourself. You have this idea about what gay life is like and how you don’t fit in, but it’s not a secret club you haven’t been invited to join, I promise. Just be Archie, be who you’d be if you were hanging out with your friends, or your roommate.”

Archie made a snorting sound and then blushed. “Sorry, it’s just, I don’t hang out with my roommate. I’d need to have a game controller surgically attached to my hand first.”

“Oh, he’s one of those guys, huh?” Van smiled.

“Yeah, I don’t think he even showers most days, unfortunately, and I doubt he ever goes to class…” Archie began opening up and soon the two were having a normal, friendly conversation.

It wasn’t until forty five minutes later that Archie turned the conversation in the direction of the hot barista who’d finally taken a break from sticking his tongue in the blonde’s mouth and gone back to the counter. “It’s always so weird to see guys from the library around campus.”

Van knew that Red was specifically talking about the library men’s room. “Yeah? A lot of guys go there, I guess. We men are a horny lot, gay or straight.”

“Have you- uh- I mean, do you go there? I mean, I know you were watching them that time, but do you ever- Sorry, that’s personal…” Archie blushed.

Van laughed. “Yeah, I’ve gone there once or twice. Mostly, though, I like to see the guy I’m with.”

“Must be nice,” Archie said quietly.

Van stared at him. “Have you only ever… in the men’s room?”

Archie shook his head. "Once, with a friend in high school, we- but it wasn’t… " Archie trailed off. Then sighed. “But mostly, yeah, just there.”

“Archie, I like you. I’d like to be friends, maybe even friends with benefits. I just want to make sure you know I’m not looking for anything serious-” Van stopped speaking abruptly and Archie saw his eyes widen. Looking over his shoulder toward the door, Archie saw that an incredibly good looking guy had just walked in, fraternity letters emblazoned across his chest.

“Wow, they casting a movie or somethin’?” Archie joked. Van tore his eyes away from Jake and focused on Red.

“Hot, isn’t he? I have a class with him. He’s kind of an asshole, but…” Van shrugged his shoulders.

“But you wouldn’t mind a shot at his asshole?” Archie blurted out with a laugh and then blushed again.

Van smiled. “Something like that, but he’s way out of my league, and I think he’s straight.” Van and Archie both watched as Jake placed his order with Nick and then turned his attention to his phone while he waited. Neither missed the brief look of panic that flashed across his face when he glanced up at the sound of the door opening. Archie turned his attention to the blond guy with a crew cut who had walked in and who seemed to be someone Van’s classmate didn’t want to see.

“That one looks like he could be on one of those military porn sites,” Archie whispered to Van, and then blushed again. “Same frat letters as your movie star.” He nodded toward the tight t-shirt.

Van knew quite well that Jake and Beau were in the same frat. With a little help from Van and his watch, they’d had a very intimate encounter about a month earlier, and Van was very curious to see how they acted toward one another now.

Beau gave his frat brother a quick nod and then joined him at the counter, placing his order with Nick’s co-worker. Beau turned toward Jake just as Nick said “Here you go, man,” and handed across Jake’s drink. Jake grabbed it, muttered a quick “See you later,” to Beau, and practically ran for the door.

Beau watched him go, an indecipherable look on his face, and then glanced around. He caught Van and Archie staring at him and grinned slightly when Archie blushed and looked away. Van maintained eye contact and gave the frat boy a smile, knowing full well that in spite of looking like a Navy Seal, Beau liked to jerk off to Sean Cody porn videos and had very much enjoyed fucking Jake up the ass when the opportunity arose.

Archie saw Van glance at his watch. “Do you need to go?” Archie tried to hide his disappointment.

Van, who had been thinking about stopping time to remind himself what Beau looked like naked, shook his head. “No, I just-”

“Hey boys. Mind if I join you? Place is kinda crowded.”

Archie’s mouth fell open as Beau pulled out a chair, spun it around, and straddled it, setting his drink on their table. Van, who could see at a glance that there were three empty tables, smiled, his pulse quickening.

“Not at all. I’m Van.”

“Beau. And you?”


“Really?” Beau smirked. Archie nodded mutely, still stunned at the presence of this hunky Frat God at their table. “So, you boys on a date?”

Archie blushed deeply. Van glanced at him and smiled, then turned toward Beau. “Just getting to know each other a bit.”

“Cool, cool.” Beau glanced around Perks and then looked back at Van and Archie. “You want to come hang out with me for awhile? I’m up for getting to know each other a bit.”

“Ha-hang out? At your frat house?” Archie’s voice went a little high, which was sort of adorable, Van decided.

“There’s a big party tonight at one of the sororities. Everyone’s gonna be there. I don’t feel like it, myself, but I’d love to have a little company back at the frat house.”

“I think we could do that. What do you say, Red?” Van asked.

“O-okay,” Archie nodded.

“Cool, give me a second to use the bathroom, and we’ll head out,” Beau jumped up.

“You okay with that? I’m pretty sure we’re in for a threesome here,” Van whispered to Archie.

“How do you know he’s not setting us up? We get there and a group of frat boys jump our asses? And not in the good way,” Archie’s voice was mix of worry and hope.

“It’s okay. I can’t tell you how I know this, but let’s just say that Beau’s taste in porn runs to Sean Cody videos,” Van smiled. “If you’re up for it, I think you’re going to have your first college sex experience, outside of the men’s room.”

“With that guy, and you? I must be dreamin’. But don’t wake me up ’till it’s over, okay?” Archie grinned.

“Ready boys?” Beau rejoined them.

“Ready,” Van and Archie said in unison.

Jake’s panic had subsided after walking out of Perks in a hurry. It was stupid to avoid Beau, he couldn’t do it forever. However it had come about, they’d had some fun together. Why act like that was the end of the world? It only meant something if Jake let it mean something. Whipping around, Jake started back in the direction he came from. If Beau was still there, they’d talk. Put this behind them. Maybe even have some more fun. Would it really be that bad?

After all, he’d promised the mystery man, Harry Potter, than he could have his ass again after he’d saved him from Jared and his little gay friend. Part of him dreaded it, but a bigger part was excited, and even a little impatient for Harry Potter to call him back and set things in motion. What was taking so long?

The one person who knew about some of the weird circumstances of what had gone on was Beau, who’d somehow ended up in Jake’s room that night without even knowing how he’d got there. Jake decided that talking things over with Beau might be a good idea.

As he approached Perks, the door opened and Beau stepped outside. Jake opened his mouth to call out to him, but then two other guys walked out with him, a red head and a guy who looked vaguely familiar. Jake had a class with him, he thought. Something about the way they were walking together gave Jake pause and when he saw Beau’s hand slip down to very briefly squeeze the redhead’s ass, in a movement so quick that most would miss it if they weren’t watching closely, Jake’s suspicions were confirmed.

From a distance, he began to follow them.

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