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Playing the Older Brother

By Programming Prince
published August 31, 2020
2362 words

The freshman batboy for the college baseball team is tired of being made fun of for looking young so when he goes to a resort with his closest friends on the team, he makes sure they have “special” accommodations.

Three college friends were just about to come up on the isolated little island that would serve as their own training camp. For the next couple of weeks, these baseball teammates would be here with just them, balls, and wilderness with only breaks to eat and sleep. They had less than stellar results from their most recent tournament so it was decided they needed to do something more drastic than their usual training to improve their skills.

“Ugh…I think I’m going to be sick, you guys…”

“Geez, Tommy, you really can’t handle boats!”

“Shut up, Kasey! I was the one who went ahead to scout the location and make sure it was stocked with what all we needed for the next couple of weeks! I had to be on quite a few boats. Urk…”

“I still say you’re a wimpy little kid! It isn’t our fault we needed to do some studying for our tests! You’ll understand when you’re our age, you shrimp!”

“Call me shrimp one more time, I dare you!”

“Now now, guys! We’ll need to get along if we’re going to survive this camp when it’s just us! Kasey, apologize to Tommy!”

“Sorry, kid. I am glad you arranged all this for us. You’re getting more grown up!”

“And Tommy, what do you say?”

“Th-thanks, Kasey. I’m glad you’re seeing how grown up I am. I hope you’ll see more of me like that at camp!”

“There! Now we’re all buds again!”

“Sure, Chris. Sure…”

“We’re here!”

The boat docked at the only place to do so on the small island. The boys all disembarked with their luggage and watched as the only way off the island sailed off, not to return for two weeks unless there was an emergency. That was by design so that they had only each other to talk to and deepen their bonds as a team. They didn’t even bring their cellphones. Absolutely no distractions were to be allowed.

“Well, time to head off the cabin and get settled in, guys!” Chris exclaimed.

“Race you there!” Kasey said, as he dashed off.

“Hey! Kasey! We’re holding bags! It’s dangerous!”

“Just try to keep up, Chris!” Tommy shouted as he tried to keep up with Kasey.

“Fine! I’ll get there first!” Chris joined in on the merriment.

“Ha! I managed to get here first after all!”

“Well yeah but that’s because you ran off first!”

“It’s also because I actually work out unlike you skinny guys! A little cardio does wonders for your stamina in card fights!”

“I’m sure we’ll hear all about it for the next two weeks, Kasey.” Chris said as he was catching his breath.

“That’s weird. I’m getting woozy. I ran farther than this yesterday and didn’t even break a sweat!”

“Me too and I’m not that out of shape, am I?”

“Hey, why is the shrimp fine? It’s weird…how he…isn’t…” Kasey collapses.

“Hey, Tommy! I don’t know what’s what going on, but…something here is affecting us and not you. Go…get the emergency…phone…” Chris now followed suit.

“And why would I go and ruin the ‘arrangements’ I made like that? I was always sick of you guys treating me like a kid just because I was just a little younger than you guys and I look like this so I did a little something so I could be the grown up one for once while we bond! Hahaha!” Tommy smirked.

This wasn’t an ordinary island camp and Tommy knew that. Here, there are transmitters sending brainwashing signals to all those who haven’t taken proper precautions. It’s for the sake of people getting unique experiences away from the prying eyes of society at large. Normally, everyone has to consent ahead of time, but as Tommy took care of everything, he made sure his teammates weren’t aware of what would happen.

Chris was the first to wake up. “Big Bro! I’m sorry I fell asleep! I was just so excited that I get to spend all this time with just you and Kase!”

“That’s okay, Christopher. I’m just happy you both like me so much! Kase is clearly excited, too! He’s more tired than even you were!”

“Hehe! Yeah! Hey, wake up, sleepyhead!”

“Mmmm…Chris? What time is it?”

“It’s still the morning of our trip, silly! You don’t want to spend this time sleeping when we could all be having fun! It isn’t every day we can be alone with Big Bro!”

“Oh right! Big Bro is here!” Kasey ran up and suddenly gave Tommy a hug.

“No fair! I want to hug Big Bro too!” Then Chris proceeded to run up and Tommy with even more force.

“Oof! I love you guys too, but you both can hug your big brother at any time! More importantly, what are you two wearing?”


“You both went into my closet and put on my clothes again!”

“We couldn’t help it! You just dress so cool and we wanted to look like big boys!”

“But you aren’t big boys, now are you?”


“Let’s open up your suitcases and see what other clothes you packed.”


“Hm? Why not? Is it because you guys both packed my clothes instead of your own?”

“N-no! That’s totally not it!”

“Then why can’t I look inside to see if you guys packed them properly?”


“Because why?”

“Just because!”

“That’s not a good reason or even a reason at all. You know better. Now step aside!” Tommy pushed Chris out of the way so he could continue this little show only he was in on. “Tsk! Really? My nice jackets and boots! And Kase! You went and packed my henley and capris! Shame on both of you boys!”

“Sorry, Big Bro…”

“Yeah, sorry Big Bro…”

Tommy pretended to sigh. “It’s fine. You guys are lucky you’re cute. You need to take advantage of that when you’re at this age. I kind of expected this, so I went and packed some of your clothes upstairs in the cabin. Go run up and get changed. The faster you guys do it is the faster we can go and play!”

With that, both of them shot up the stairs. Tommy chuckled, remarking how well it’s all working. He got the “big brother” package. In it, those affected would see any who aren’t affected as their older siblings and they would think of themselves as children, no matter how clear their ages were. Tommy decided to more than halve their mental ages and make them eight years old. That’s a good age for them to be at least somewhat smart while also still looking up to a eighteen year old like him.

“We’re back!” Chris exclaimed as he hopped down the stairs in just a plain shirt, baggy shorts, and colorful boots. “Let’s go play, Big Bro!”

“Hold up. I know how you are! Drop those shorts, young man! We need to make sure you still aren’t wearing any of my clothes!”

“Geez! You really don’t trust me!” Chris put his shorts around his ankles and showed that he had on white briefs, which he hadn’t worn since he switched to boxers years ago. But they would be appropriate for his current self. “Hmph! Satisfied?”

“Very much so! You’re such a good little boy listening to me like that!” Tommy stood on his tiptoes to ruffle Chris’s hair.

“Ehehehehe!” Chris giggled.

“…I’m here now” Kasey shyly said, wearing a plain long sleeved shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers.

“Okay, Kase! You know the drill! Time to inspect you just like I did Christopher! Drop those shorts!”

“I’m good! I’m wearing what I’m supposed to wear!”

“No fair, Kase! If I had to show off my tighty whities to Big Bro, so do you!”

“But! But!”

“No buts, mister! Christopher, pull them down!”

“Wait! Noooooooo!” Kasey wailed as Chris put his hands on his shorts and put them around his ankles, exposing that he still had on the boxers he had on before.

“It’s not good to disobey your big brother like that, Kase. You’ve been a naughty boy!”

“Yeah Kase! If I can’t wear his boxers then neither can you!”

“I’m sorry!” Kasey cried. “I-I just really like how much room they have! It feels funny when I put on my tighty whities!”

“That’s okay. You won’t be putting those on anymore, anyways. You need to be at an age where you listen to your big brothers more.”

“H-huh?” Kasey managed to barely get out before both he and Chris started to lightly spasm.

Tommy had secretly hoped one of them would disobey him. Part of the “big brother” package was automatic reprogramming in the event of disobedience. Tommy had selected that mental age would be halved if such a thing were to occur. Kasey would soon become four years old in his mind. Chris now no longer saw him as his twin, but as a little brother with himself as the middle child.

After he stopped his spasming, Kasey looked down and saw how exposed he was and in unfamiliar clothing, at that, then started wailing really loudly.

“Christopher! It looks like Kase got into our clothes again! That silly boy knows he shouldn’t but he can’t help but admire his big brothers. Can you take him upstairs and help him into his own clothes before we go deaf?”

“Sure thing, Big Bro!” Chris then pulled up Kasey’s shorts and took his hand. “C’mon Kase! Let’s go upstairs and get you changed! And then you can play with your big brothers all day! Isn’t that exciting?”

“Hic! I can? I can pway with Big Bwo and Kwis?” Kasey managed to sputter while he started sniffling.

“As much as you like, little buddy!”

“Yay! Kwis and Big Bwo are the bestest!” Kasey exclaimed as Chris led him up the stairs to get him changed into the emergency toddler clothes Tommy had arranged in case this happened.

Tommy at this moment has mixed feelings about all this. Not about making his friends think they’re small children, but about what would happen of either them stepped out of line again. He wasn’t sure he could handle two mostly grown young adults who thought they were toddlers. Chris was helping him now, but how long would that last? And what if Kasey misbehaved again? His mental age halved another time would make him essentially an infant and back in diapers!

He had some handy, but he had reservations about changing the diapers of a teenager that had bragged about his muscled body beating him in physical activities not that long ago. And what if he disobeyed yet again? Could he even walk after that point? It’s even possible that by the end of this, all either of his teammates could do by themselves is lay on their backs and crap their pants! Ah well, he figured. Cross that bridge when it comes to it.

“We’re back! And Kase was a good boy and was very helpful!” Chris ran back, holding Kasey’s hand. Kasey was wearing a plain blue shirt under overalls and a pair of slip-on shoes.

“Is that true? Were you a good little boy, Kase?”


“You can’t wait to play with your big brothers, can you?”


“Okay, just let me ask your big brother Christopher a few questions and we can be on our way!” Tommy happily told him.


“Okay, Christopher. Is he wearing everything he’s supposed to?”

“Yep, Big Bro! He’s got on his favorite pair of baby dragon undies! He practically demanded I put them on him!”

“Good! And you put back my clothes in my room?”

“Of course! I’m awful sorry for taking them and wearing them without you saying I could, Big Bro! You look really cool in them and I just thought…”

Tommy went on his tiptoes and ruffled Chris’s hair again. “It’s okay, Christopher! If you’re a good boy like Kase here is, I may even let you wear some of them while we’re here!”

“R-really?!? No fooling? That’s so nice of you, Big Bro!” Chris hugged Tommy.

“No fair! I wanna hug Big Bwo too!” Kasey hugged Tommy.

“And you know what? If you’re a good little boy like Christopher, you can wear my clothes too, Kase!”

“Weally?!? No foowing?” Kasey tried to copy Chris. “But I get to keep wearing my dwagon undies, wight?”

“Of course, Kase! I would hate to make you unhappy! Now let’s go out and play!”

“Yay!” They exclaimed as they ran outside.

Hey guys! Definitely haven’t been posting stories here like I should have but that’ll change starting now! I’ll be posting stories I already posted on my Patreon ( here for you all to enjoy! Most of what I write is too short for this site but I hope you check it out as I have loads of different stuff there focusing on guys being altered in mind and/or body! And as I recently hit a neat financial goal, next month (at time of posting) will be a special month where I post every day and it’ll all be focused on the manipulation of age of some kind! I do hope you all enjoy! (PS: that’s why I picked this story as it would fit that theme rather well)

(PPS: Feel free to add onto this! I left it up as a community series for a reason! I’d even love to see what you guys come up with!)

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