Three Weeks Later in Vanilla, CA

By Derek Williams -
published August 20, 2020
6364 words

Snippets from life in Vanilla. Josh and Rusty present the evening news, Marco convinces Trey to play around, Xander and Hudson meet on the beach, Eddie arranges to shoot some porn at Tony’s bar, Chef Pablo serves a special dessert to a married couple, and Taylor convinces Gary that they could be big on Instagram.

“Welcome to another perfect day in Vanilla, California,” the newscaster said cheerfully on TV. Josh Broughton was the perfect anchorman: a friendly face on top of a beefcake body, with no hint of deeper thoughts running behind his dreamy green eyes.

“Our first story tonight,” Josh read from the teleprompter, “is a rally held in the town square. Opposing sides are gathered there: pro- and anti-kink protesters. The crowd is chanting ‘Hate speech doesn’t belong here!’ and ‘We don’t want your filthy perversion! We’re not like you!’”

Josh paused for effect. “Luckily, a local business leader stepped in to help negotiate a settlement between the groups. A compromise that will allow both sides to leave satisfied has been reached. The owner of our very own Fetish Shop is being hailed as a hero for making peace in this difficult time.”

Over his shoulder, video footage showed the mysterious stranger chatting with a small group of zoned out protestors holding signs. They were nodding slowly, clearly starting to understand the point of view that their neighbours were bringing to the conversation.

“But there’s something you don’t know,” Josh said, going off script. He stood and flexed his massive arms until the sleeves of his dress shirt started to pop open. Then he moved into a most muscular pose, ripping the back of the shirt a little in the process. The camera zoomed in, focussing on the bloated muscle peeking through the torn fabric. Finally, Josh finished his report with a side tricep pose, and slumped at his desk exhausted.

“Also today,” Josh read, the camera still playing over his impressive physique, “there’s a meeting of the local sewing circle. All are welcome at their weekly gathering to share their love of fabric and cloth. The event is open to all, even those who don’t sew. This month the sewing circle with be focussing on teaching how to alter your own clothes to fit your own personal style. If you’d like to join, meet at the cafe on Main Street at 6 PM on Tuesdays.”

Some footage of a group of men busily sewing bright pieces of fabric into revealing designs took up the screen for a few seconds, then the scene changed again, back to the news desk, with Josh’s face finally in frame again.

"Those are our top stories. Now, Greg, what can you tell us about the weather?” Josh said with a shudder of pleasure.

“Thank you, Josh,” Greg, the weatherman, said. A graphic behind him showed a big smiley face with a sunny-day-cloud for a head and a red lightning bolt for a smile. “Today we’re looking at sunny skies with a chance of light precipitation in the form of rain this evening. The high for today will be in the high 80’s, so make sure you break out those short shorts and tank tops for this weather, just like the rest of this month. Back to you Josh,” he said.

The camera cut back to Josh who was sweating and looking a little embarrassed and proud. “Thank you Greg,” he said with a breathy moan. ”We’ll be right back after these messages.”

In the studio, Josh was pulling a fresh shirt out of his desk drawer.

“Hey man, you wanna fool around?” Rusty called from behind the camera, the short bodybuilder giving a wide grin with his tongue licking his upper lip.

“We’re back in three,” Josh answered. “Even for you, that’s not enough time to get me off.”

“So maybe I stay under the desk, really make you earn your money next segment,” Rusty laughed. “Or maybe we come back from commercial and everyone sees me on your dick. Would that be the worst thing in the world?” he said, thinking about how he could be position his camera to catch the end of a quickie blowjob.

He’d definitely want to make sure Josh showed some dick on air.

“Back in two,” Josh said with a smirk. “You better get started.”

Marco ran his fingers along Trey’s heavy cock cage. “Seriously?” he asked. “You stay locked in this all the time?”

“I mean, yeah, except my roommate is allowed to release me so he can suck my dick. But man… if I ever get too excited and try to grab it while it’s out… he’s just gonna lock me up again and throw away the fuckin’ key.”

“Yeah, well you’re not going to be able to do that,” Marco said. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Your roommates not home, right?”

“Nah. he’s off getting coffee. Again. Dude never even drank coffee til last month, now he’s hanging down at the cafe non-stop. He says the guy behind the counter has a thing for him, but I think it’s the other way around.”

“So what are we doing tonight? You want to go back to your room or something?”

Trey shrugged. “I dunno man, I’m so fuckin’ horny all the time that anything sounds like a good idea,” he licked his lips, staring at the athletic young hispanic man. “You don’t have to get back to the restaurant anytime soon… right?”

“Nah man, it’s my day off,” Marco said with a wide grin.

“Good.” Trey leaned forward and kissed Marco full on the lips. “You wanna watch the news for a minute?”

“Totally,” Marco said, rubbing his urgent erection. Trey was exactly the kind of bro he loved, all tank tops and thick muscles. In the last month, Marco had achieved that look himself, and from the way Trey’s eye kept flitting back to his striped pastel tank, it was a look he was pulling off.

Trey grabbed the remote and flipped on the TV. The news was on a commercial break. Too bad – their anchorman was so hunky that Trey dreamed about him at least once a week. Breaking open his lock. Fucking the muscled reporter until he cried for mercy, and then fucking him just a little bit more. Trey licked him lips, wondering how Josh Broughton would look in a mesh tanktop.

“So… um, Marco. You like gettin’ your dick sucked?” He asked, trying to make conversation as he blankly stared at an ad for household cleaners.

Marco’s eyebrow raised a little. “Fuckin’ love it, man. You… uh, you asking?”

“Yeah, I mean, I mostly just suck Nick off so he’ll suck me off, I don’t got too much experience,” he admitted, looking down. It was harder to say than he thought it would be.

Marco looked at him. “Hey man, just cause you’re locked up doesn’t mean you gotta stick to one man. One of the guys at the gym is locked, and he’s a total slut for anyone who’ll get in his ass.”


“Hell yeah. Dude’s mouth is like a tornado though – you just gotta dodge the teeth, and it’s all good.” Marco laughed.

The news came back on, the flashy logo dissolving into a shot of the news desk with Josh Broughton bent over the desk. Behind him, a short bodybuilder was pounding away at his ass like there were five minutes until the apocalypse and he had a line waiting.

“Oh my god,” Josh moaned, trying to focus on the teleprompter. “State legislators passed a new bill today to restrict the sale of… oh fuck man…” he cried out in pleasure.

“Oh, you like that, huh?” The bodybuilder grunted, slapping his muscular stomach with each thrust. His arms were covered in tattoos, and he had a barbell piercing in his tongue.

“Bro, I wish I could be that slutty,” Trey said, shifting uncomfortably on the couch.

“Seriously?” Marco laughed. “Hell, I could be that way if I wanted to. I just don’t see the point of doing it in public.”

“Bull-fucking-SHIT,” Trey laughed. “I’ll bet you a hundred bucks you wouldn’t fuck my ass on our balcony. Especially with all those fuckin’ protestors in the square,” he said, unconsciously licking his lips at the prospect.

Marco’s eyes went wide. “You serious, dude? A hundred bucks?”

“Yeah, I’ll go out there and bend over if you’re man enough to do it,” Trey said with a grin.

“Fine, you’re on!” Marco laughed, standing and pulling his jeans off. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his nearly erect ten-inch monster thudded against his belly. Marco had been sneaking a couple of Chef Pablo’s special chocolates here and there, and his body was now a shredded mass of muscle that existed only to support his raging cock.

“Leave your tank on,” Trey moaned at the sight of Marco’s thick dick.

“You’re gonna eat that up, faggot,” Marco teased, slapping his belly with his meat.

Trey gulped, staring at it. He loved sucking dicks. At least he loved sucking Nick’s.

Marco stroked his rock hard abs with his right hand, slowly jerking his prick with his left.

“Outside,” Trey moaned, his mouth salivating at the sight. “On the balcony where everyone can see us.”

“Oh, this is gonna be good,” Marco groaned, ripping Trey’s gym shorts off and dropping them off the balcony and onto the sidewalk below.

“Shit!” Trey hissed, his knees trembling at the sudden cool air on his exposed hole.

Marco towered over him, his legs like tree trunks. He ran one finger along Trey’s crack, causing him to shudder like he had been plunged into an icy lake.

“P-please,” Trey whimpered.

Marco placed the head of his prick against his hole, rubbing it around as Trey moaned.

“P-please,” he begged again.

With that, Marco slammed his hips forward, the sudden penetration causing Trey to scream in ecstasy as ten thick inches of meat skewered his insides. His shout echoed down the street, drawing the attention of several passer-bys. Some of them looked on in disgust, while a select few stopped and enjoyed the show, clearly wishing that they could be a part of it.

“Oh… oh… oh God!” He panted, the tip of Marco’s prick grinding against his prostrate. "Give it to me! Give it to me!”

“Yeah, give it to him!” a man called from the street. He was clad only in a purple thong which wasn’t doing much to cover his erection.

Marco grabbed Trey by the hips, pulling out until only his purple helmet remained inside, and then thrust into him again.

“Unngh! Yeah!” he grunted, thrusting faster.

Trey screamed as Marco rammed into him again and again. The sheer force of his slamming was enough to knock the wind out of him. His heavy ball sack swung forward and slapped against Trey’s ass.

Trey didn’t care. All he could feel was the young stud sodomizing him, spreading him wider than he had ever been spread before.

“Oh… I’m gonna… gonna…” Marco grunted as his thrusting became shallower.

“Come inside me! Fill me up!” Trey screamed loud enough for the town square to hear.

Without another word, Marco let out a roar and released his seed inside of him. His thick creamy load filled him up, leaking out between their bodies as he thrust one last time. Marco let go of Trey’s legs, allowing them to slide down his sweaty, heaving chest as his prick popped out of him. A torrent of his seed poured out of Trey’s gaping hole and ran down his thigh.

"Ohhhh… ohhhh, yeah!”

Trey was spent. He could barely stand, but he didn’t have time to think.

He needed to find more dick. He was done waiting for Nick to come home.

It was sunset at the beach when Hudson saw his buddy Xander walking up the sand with his board. The man had a thick chest, tight abs, and a mop of blond hair that was starting to grow shaggy. He wore a pair of black and blue jammers, the long spandex swimwear serving to highlight his bulge and the curve of his ass.

“Hey bruh!” Hudson called out and waved. They were alone on the beach, despite the golden hour. He’d only been surfing with Xander a few weeks. Before that, Hudson had known him as Alexander Scott, the president of the local chamber of commerce.

Since that night at El Diablo though, Hudson had helped him take up surfing and even helped him change up his style a little. Calling him ‘Xander’ had been his suggestion - who ever heard of a surf bum named Alexander?

Truth me told, Hudson was pretty sure that Xander had taken up surfing just to have an excuse to walk around town in his dripping jammers.

Hudson looked over at Xander and gave him a smile. “I was just gonna paddle out, you wanna come?” he asked.

Xander didn’t hesitate, he grabbed his board and walked towards the water’s edge. “Yeah! Let’s go!” he yelled.

The two men paddled out into the clear waters. It wasn’t until they were about halfway across that Xander stopped. “What are we doing?” he asked.

“Just trying to get some waves,” Hudson said, confused.

“No bruh, I mean… we’ve been surfing together for like a month. You wear that little speedo everyday with your junk practically busting out. What’s it gonna take for you to take it off?”

Hudson laughed. “Is that the real reason you took up surfing?”


“Well if it’s any consolation, I’ve been thinking about taking it off for you. Letting you ride the monster wave, you know?”


“Oh, come on! You know you want to. I saw how you were looking at me before. We’re not exactly strangers anymore, and it’s not like either of us has a boyfriend. Just wives here man, and that doesn’t mean much anymore in Vanilla,” Hudson said, glancing at the man on the next board over.

“You’re crazy,” Xander said with a laugh.

“Hey, you’re the one who brought it up,” Hudson said. “I’m a fuckin’ cum fountain bruh, you wanna ride this, it’s okay by me.”

“Sick,” Xander said with a hungry grin. “You want to do it right now?”

“Race you back to shore?” Hudson suggested.

Hudson laughed as he saw the hunger in his buddy’s eyes and stood up on his board. He carved out a path through the water, letting the waves carry him quickly towards the shoreline. Behind him, he could hear the slushing of the water as Xander paddled after him.

The board hit sand. Hudson had it safely stowed and was digging in his dry bag for lube before Xander even made it to the sand.

“You’re a sick man, Hudson,” Xander said, panting as he carried his board up the sand.

“That’s not what you’ll be saying when I’m done with you,” Hudson pulled down his speedos, leaving them discarded on the beach.

“You gonna talk, or you gonna fuck me with that thing,” Xander said, pointing at Hudson’s rapidly hardening cock.

Hudson didn’t reply, instead spreading lube liberally on his fingers. He walked over to Xander, pulled his jammers down around his knees, and pressed two lubed up fingers against the tight opening of his friend.



Hudson slid his fingers forward, gently pushing past the tight ring of muscle. He wriggled them around as he felt the hole open for him, then slid a third finger in, preparing his friend.

“You want it?” he asked, pulling his fingers back.

“Give it to me,” Xander panted.

Hudson stepped forward, his hard member finding it’s way to Xander’s loosened hole. Gently, he pushed forward, as inch by inch his thick rod slid inside. He felt the man beneath him contract around his girth and smiled. He pulled back, until just the head remained inside, before sliding forward once more.

He began to pick up speed, his thrusts becoming harder and faster, each time going deeper. He could feel his thighs slap against the man’s cheeks with each thrust, Xander’s moans of pleasure getting louder.

“Fuck me, bruh! Fuck me so hard!” Xander yelled, loud enough that it echoed off the rocks and out to sea.

Hudson grabbed hold of his friend’s hips and used them as leverage to slam in and out of him as hard as he could. He could feel himself getting closer and closer to the edge, but he wanted to give his friend a real ride. He bit down on his lower lip and continued.

“Oh God!” Xander yelled. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

“Do it,” Hudson grunted. “Let it go.”

A moment later, he felt his friend’s insides begin to tighten and quiver around his member. With one last thrust, he felt himself slide all the way inside, as Xander’s tight hole clamped down hard around his throbbing member. Hudson felt his friend’s insides pulsate around his own girth as he shot his load into the sand.

“Oh my God,” Xander gasped as he lay on the ground. “That was intense.”

“I’m not done yet,” Hudson said smirking. “You ready to take my load?” he asked.

“Hell yeah, give it to me,” he said. “Cum up my ass bruh.”

Hudson didn’t need to be asked twice. He jammed his throbbing member back inside, as deep as he could go, and released his seed. It flooded Xander’s hole, leaking steadily out and down Xander’s legs. Hudson reached down, pulling up Xander’s jammers and trapping the cum inside them.

“You walk back to town like that,” Hudson commanded. "Anyone asks why you’re walkin’ funny, you tell ’em, okay?”

They grabbed their gear and walked towards town, their path lit dimly by a half dozen bolts of red lighting that had appeared in the last month, each of them hanging in the sky like they were taunting gravity.

The sun was going down outside, but it was still early in Tony’s bar. Eddie wandered in from the street. The place was empty except for a few people flirting in the booths along the back wall. He took in the sight of Tony and Kane behind the bar, Tony in a pair of leather jeans and a skintight neon orange tanktop, Kane in nothing but an electric blue mesh jockstrap.

“Hey,” Eddie said sidling up to the bar. The short man had to boost himself slightly to make it onto a barstool, but he was built like a bull, so that really wasn’t a problem. All his work down at the mechanics shop had made him strong and tough.

These days, he wasn’t so much working at the mechanics shop. He left that up to Brad, the owner, and his dedicated sub. Instead, Eddie had started up an online porn business, filming the hottest scenes in Vanilla. It was doing well.

“Gimme a double of the lag 16,” he said, pointing at a bottle above the bar.

“Eddie,” Tony said with a grin. “How you doing man, haven’t seen you in here all week!” Tony poured the smokey liquid into a tumbler and handed it over.

“I’m good,” Eddie replied. “Things have been busy with the site, you know?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard.” Tony smiled. “So whatcha doin’ tonight?”

“Oh… well, I got an ulterior motive,” Tony grinned. “Mind if I cut right to it?”

“Shoot,” Tony said, polishing an already polished glass.

“I want to shoot a porno or ten in your bar,” Eddie said, taking a taste of his whisky.

“Is that right?”

“Yeah,” he said, setting the glass down.

“Oh my god,” Kane said, talking with his hands. “Can I be in it?”

“Sure, kid,” Eddie said, patting Kane on the shoulder. He glanced at Kane’s ass as he happily pranced away. Yeah, he could have Brad take the twink for a ride and get a couple million views.

“Why here?” Tony asked.

“Dude, have you looked around this place,” Eddie gave a wave at the scenery. “You’ve done a seriously cool job improving the space.”

“Thanks man,” Tony grinned. He looked around at his bar – the old sticky room had been cleaned up, the dance floor now lit by dozens of sweeping lights and a couple old school disco balls, the booths now plush and relaxed instead of the cracked vinyl they’d been a few weeks ago, even the newly installed stripper pole on stage was gleaming.

“And the drinks are amazing,” he added with a cheeky grin.

Eddie took another taste of his drink, then slid it towards the middle of the bar top.

“So, you interested? How’s five grand a shoot sound? I can do it in the daytime, you keep your bar open every night.”

“Wow, yeah, that’s great,” he replies. “Yeah, I’m interested. But five grands not enough. I’m gonna need something more.”

“Dude, five is generous. I mean, it’s still just a bar.”

“It’s a bar with it’s own dungeon and playrooms downstairs,” Tony said passionately. “It’s a bar with three sex slings. And it’s the bar that everyone wants to be at,” he said. “But relax man, I got one condition and you’re gonna either love it or hate it.”

“Shoot,” Eddie said.

“You come upstairs with me, right now, and I shave all that hair off,” he said pointing to Eddie’s chest hair that was peeking out from under his oil stained t-shirt. “And I mean all of it. Head to toe man, even your hair.”

“Three grand a shoot, and you get to shave me clean every single shoot,” Eddie bargained. “I’m not going bald,” he said defiantly.

“Kane,” Tony said with a lustful gaze. “Watch the bar. I’ll be gone a little while.”

Half an hour later, Eddie came down with a shiny pool ball of a head and a plan to shoot on Saturday.

Chef Pablo stopped by table four, one of only a half-dozen tables still full at his restaurant. Most of his patrons had finished dessert and then found an urge to go out and have some fun for the night. But table four was taking its time.

“Good evening,” he said, showing up with his floppy white chefs hat and his skintight black t-shirt. “My name is Chef Pablo, and this is my restaurant.”

“Oh, hello,” said the middle-aged man at the table. “I’m Michael, and this is my wife Stacey,” he said gesturing at a well dressed woman across from him.

“It’s an honour to meet you,” Pablo said to the man. “And miss, the pleasure is all mine,” he said, taking her hand and kissing it delicately.

“Thank you,” she said with a blush and a giggle. “I have to say, this was exactly what we needed. It’s been so stressful in town lately. All the moral deviants out there, doing God knows what. This is the most relaxed we’ve felt in ages.”

“We strive to provide a relaxed atmosphere,” Chef Pablo said. “And you sir, have you found your evening relaxing?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “We were driving here tonight, and we saw a man wearing a purple thong, just walking down the street. Can you believe that?”

Pablo smiled. “I know that here in America we respect each others freedoms,” he said.

“Well yes,” Stacey piped up, “but this was indecent. I swear. someone should call the sheriff on him.”

“Yes, the police aren’t doing a damned thing,” Michael fumed.

“Well, I am happy you were able to come to my restaurant,” Chef Pablo said, clasping his hands. “I have a very special treat I’d like to offer you. To help relieve your stress.”

“I don’t know,” Michael said. “We were just going to skip dessert. Too much fatty food, you know?”

“Ah sir, but this is my families own recipe. And it is on the house,” Pablo practically begged. “You must take it sir, to make your meal complete.”

“Well, I don’t know that we can refuse,” Michael said graciously. “Alright Pablo, bring it on!”

Pablo hurried into the kitchen. Carlos was there, finishing up desserts for the other two tables that were lingering. His oversized frame and fat belly made his clothes look tiny.

Where stealing the occasional chocolate had turned Marco from a skinny twig into an athletic stud, Carlos has ballooned in weight, unable to stop himself from constantly jiggling his belly while he grazed on the trimmings off of Chef Pablo’s dishes. He loved the idea that the patrons of the restaurant were growing fatter and happier with every bite, even if the chocolates often stole it all from them.

Chef Pablo was hard at work preparing a treat for table four. He took six of his special chocolate balls from their storage and carefully positioned them on two porcelain dishes. Then he grabbed a container of raspberry sauce and carefully dribbled it along, ensuring that the presentation looked perfect. To finish off, he dusted them with cocoa powder and carried them out to the couple.

“This is for you,” he said, giving Michael a kind smile as he placed the plate in front of him. “And this is for the beautiful lady,” he said, putting her plate down gently.

“Now, I suggest you eat them slowly. Take your time. We have no rush tonight, you understand?”

“Thank you Pablo,” Michael said. “You’ve made this truly wonderful.”

From a distance, Pablo watched as they each bit into the first chocolate. They exploded with creme, a special recipe from the mysterious stranger himself.

“Oh that’s good,” Michael moaned. He felt a tremor pass through his body. Across the table, his wife was practically convulsing.

“Stacey, are you okay?” he said. Reality seemed to bend and shift as he looked at her. He could have sworn she wore her brown hair long before. Now it was short and cropped in a roman cut. Her face was thinner. Harsher. Like she was…"

“Dude, I feel weird,” she said in a deep bass.

“Stacey?” Michael asked. “Are you okay… you look like…”

“Bro, my name’s Stu,” his wife said.

“You look like a…”

“What’s wrong,” she said. “I’m a man bro, I can take it.”

“You look like a man,” Michael stuttered.

“I am a man,” Stu said. He scratched his left pec, clearly visible through the deep v-cut of the dress he was wearing.

“Bro, why am I wearing a fuckin’ dress? How drunk did you get me?” he rumbled.

“You look so different,” Michael said.

“You should talk,” Stu said, pointing at their reflection in the restaurants window. Two young looking guys were sitting there, somewhere in their mid-twenties. One wearing a suit that fit him poorly, like he was wearing his Dad’s clothes. The other wearing a patterned dress, his fit body looking ridiculous in the feminine clothing.

“Hey, I think we should go home,” Michael said. “There’s something wrong here…”

Stu smiled and nodded. He reached over and squeezed his hand.

“You’re always so nervous bro. Just relax. It’s a fuckin’ prank, okay? We’re just doin’ this for tiktok,” he laughed. “Now, the dude gave us free chocolates. You gonna waste ’em?”

Stu scarfed down his second chocolate.Michael nodded, taking another bite of his dessert too. Again, they felt a shudder run through them both. Reality seemed to bend around them, darkening the room and making the lights flicker as their lives reformed.

“Oh my god, what’s happening,” Michael’s boyfriend asked. “Why do I feel so weird? Michael?”

“I feel sick,” he groaned. “Stu, you look so different.”

Stu glanced in the window. Instead of his fit frame being swallowed up in the dress, he was now bulging with muscle. Stu would have weighed in at 200 pounds, maybe more, and it all looked great on his six foot frame. What he’d lost in definition, he’d gained in pure power.

“You’re so cute, l’il guy,” Stu said, taking Mikey’s hand. Mikey had gained weight too, but not nearly as much as Stu. He sat around 170, feeling small next to his bulky lover.

“What’s happening,” Mikey yelled. “It’s all so weird.”

Stu squeezed his boyfriend’s hand. He didn’t know why, but he felt less scared with every moment that passed.

“Dude… I think these chocolates are like… cursed or something,” he said. “You think if I eat my last one I get even bigger?”

Stu felt nervous, a feeling he rarely felt at his size.

“I have no idea,” Mikey said. He felt confused and uncertain. Why was Stu asking him all these questions? Nothing made sense to him.

“You’re so pretty,” Stu said, going in for a kiss.

Mikey pushed him away, as Stu frowned.

“Babe? What’s wrong?” he asked. “You shy kissin’ a girl,” he laughed, gesturing at the dress he was bursting out of.

“I… I feel weird… I don’t…” Mikey said, shaking his head. Stu noticed tears were forming in his eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s just the chocolate, messing with us,” Stu said. “We’ll be okay. I promise.”

Mikey reached up and wiped his eyes, nodding to Stu.

“Okay,” he said.

“I’m gonna eat the last one,” Stu said, eagerly grabbing the last chocolate off his plate.

“Should I eat mine?” Mikey asked. His voice was cautious and uncertain. His brain was so foggy. He trusted Stu…

“Yeah babe, go ahead and eat yours,” Stu said, scarfing his down.

The final shudder rocked through them, as reality seemed to fold in on itself.

“Oh my god, what the…” Stu said, looking down at his body. Mikey did likewise, staring in confusion. Stu was still at six foot, but his body had gone from bulky to ripped. His chest was wide and defined, his arms covered in tattoos, and his belly slim. He was wearing a leather jacket, a short sleeved shirt that hugged his arms tightly and some jeans that looked painted onto his ass. His face had grown a short beard, and his wavy brown hair was now long and tied back in a ponytail.

Mikey, on the other hand, had barely changed at all. His clothes were different now though, a ribbed red tank top stretching to cover his chest, while a pair of black athletic shorts showed off his legs. He had lost his shoes, his feet were clad in just a pair of flip flops. And underneath his shorts, he could feel the tight squeeze of a fashion jock over his nine inch cock and his but balls.

His nine inch cock, he suddenly recalled, and his bull balls. No wonder his head was so fuzzy. He could barely think when he was this close to Stu, the way that his masculine scent worked its way into his brain and sabotaged his intelligence.

“Bro,” Mikey said slowly. “I think you better pay the guy. We need to get home like… now.”

Stu snorted, walking over to the register and pulling out his wallet. He took out a few notes and handed them to that Pablo guy behind the counter, not breaking eye contact with Mikey.

“Keep the change.”

When Taylor met Gary, he knew it was love at first sight. Taylor was obsessed with his social media, gaining more and more followers every day as he posted pictures of himself around town, usually wearing as little as possible to show off his twunk physique. He was a total thirst trap, and he knew it, and he loved every like and DM he got.

Gary used to be Gerald, an unremarkable nerd at the local library until the mysterious stranger got to him. Now he was an idiot jock who just couldn’t stop showing off his hot body around town. Taylor saw him from across a park, doing pull-ups wearing only a pair of hot pink boxer briefs.

It wasn’t long until he’d slowly walked Gary through setting up a social media presence. The two of them made their relationship official, posting a sickly sweet pic of them lying shirtless in the grass on a summer day, tagging each other in all their posts, and cementing their status as an influencer couple. #gaylife #boyfriends #vanillaCA.

Taylor’s life had never been better. His Instagram account was full of photos of him and Gary together, sometimes even posing in compromising positions for the camera. TikTok too, but those were mostly just pranks he played on Gary, getting a laugh out of how stupid his boyfriend was.

It was late at night when him and Gary started fooling around for the camera, live-streaming their sex for the first time. Taylor had setup white lights on one side of the bedroom, then carefully positioned both his phones to catch the action. Gary hadn’t been hard to convince.

Gary was never hard to convince.

“So, like, Tay and I are gonna make out for you guys,” Gary rumbled in his deep voice. Taylor thought it sounded low enough that it might be an affectation, but Gary never broke the character.

“Hope you all enjoy,” Taylor said, making eye contact with his iPhone, then leaning in to kiss Gary.

It felt strange kissing in front of the cameras, unnatural. The lights were bright enough that Gary couldn’t even forget about them. His mind raced as fast as it could – a slow idle for most people – wondering how many people were watching. Were they jerking off? The thought drove Gary wild. They were jerking off to him, to his body. He knew he was beautiful, and this was the proof.

He pushed his tongue into Tay’s mouth and felt his boyfriend’s tongue slip into his own mouth. Every kiss, every touch was recorded and broadcast out to their followers. Todays show was free, but Tay said he was going to start an OnlyFans and this recording would be the lure.

The two men kissed for almost an hour before Gary started to run his hands all over Tay’s body. He’d slowly unbutton his boyfriend’s shirt, leaning in to kiss his neck every so often. He’d trace the outline of his abs, then go back to kissing him.

Gary picked Tay up and tossed him onto the bed gently. He unbuckled his belt and pulled it off, tossing it aside. With a deep breath, he slowly pulled his shirt off, imagining the gasps of admiration coming from the people who were posting comments. He was torn between the need to perform for the camera and the desperate want to check in on his notifications. He settled for taking a glance every now and then, trying to ignore the fact that Tay was sliding his hand into Gary’s pants.

“You better stop that, Tay,” he said innocently. “People are watching.”

“I don’t care, babe,” Taylor said, kissing him. “I need you.”

“Let’s just focus on each other then,” Gary said, getting back to work.

He finished taking his pants off, then slowly slid down Tay’s underwear. He angled himself over his boyfriend and they started to kiss again. He felt his boyfriend’s hips thrusting gently and he matched his rhythm. He felt a tingling start at the base of his spine and he started to go faster, pushing himself deeper into his boyfriend.

He had imagined this moment many times. How he would feel on top of Tay, looking down at him, seeing the way he bit his lip when he was having a good time. How he would feel knowing that all the internet people were getting off to their desperate need.

The sex became faster. More frenzied. Animal. Gary began to lose track of the cameras, his entire capacity focussed on making sure that Taylor was having the ride of his life.

“Oh, Gary,” Tay called out for the cameras. “It’s so good, baby.”

The force of the thrusts pushed the bedsprings into squeaks. If there was any doubt that they were fucking like animals, the bedsprings eliminated all such thoughts.

And then, suddenly, it was over. Gary bit his lip to hold in a scream. He felt his lower body spasm, and he looked down at his boyfriend as he came as well.

“Ohhhh,” he groaned.

Tay reached up and kissed him, his tongue snaking into Gary’s mouth. He felt his boyfriend’s hand gently rubbing his lower back, trying to soothe him.

He didn’t know how long they laid there, trying to catch their breath. Not long. Tay couldn’t resist getting up and smiling for the cameras.

“Hey everyone, this is Taylor Crenshaw alongside Gary ‘Big’ Johnson, signing off for now. Follow us on our OnlyFans for even more of this hot boy-on-boy action.”

Soon they stood under the hot shower, washing off the sweat and the smell of their lovemaking.

“That was awesome, Gary,” Tay said with a chuckle. “You were really going for it.”

“I was, huh?” Gary asked. “Well, I’ve been holding that in for a while now. You’re a real inspiration, Tay.”

“Come on, guy,” Tay said. "We’ve got an audience that’s been waiting for this.”

They walked out of the bathroom, towels wrapped around their waists. They both instinctively grabbed their phones to take a selfie.

“Say cheese,” Gary said.

“You’re such a dork,” Taylor laughed, punching Gary gently in the arm.

“Yeah, whatever. Love you bro,” Gary said.

"Love you stud.”

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