A Stranger Comes to Town

When a mysterious stranger moves to a small town, he starts to remake its citizens into his version of fun.
Author Title Published
Hudson and Xander surf a lava wave. Chef Pablo serves up a menu full of transformations. The stranger departs.
When some porn company executives come to town, the mysterious stranger makes them a deal.
When some firefighters drop by to pick up a gag gift, the stranger learns more about the idol's power.
Snippets from life in Vanilla. Josh and Rusty present the evening news, Marco convinces Trey to play around, Xander and Hudson meet on the beach, Eddie arranges to shoot some porn at Tony's bar, Chef Pablo serves a special dessert to a married couple, and Taylor convinces Gary that they could be big on Instagram.
It's an average day in the town of Vanilla until a bolt of red lightning appears in the sky.
Mayor Hudson helps the mysterious stranger by arranging a private supper with the most powerful people in Vanilla.
When a local reporter starts asking questions, the mysterious stranger takes care of the problem.
Sheriff Smokey takes Brett into his custody. The mechanics film a cheesy porn video at the service station. A TV news reporter starts asking the mayor some questions.
Brad the mechanic and his assistant Eddie show up at the mysterious strangers new fetish shop. They only came to look, but the stranger has a rule: nobody leaves unsatisfied.