Web of Trust

Series Summary

A hypnotist builds his personal harem, while his boyfriend remains comfortably oblivious.

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A hypnotist builds his personal harem, while his boyfriend believes they’re monogamous.
1/24/15, 1:30 AM
Dylan follows Peter's suggestion to come over, convinced that he's the one setting limits. A flashback to David's first induction is also included.
1/24/15, 3:09 PM
Adam gets converted from a regular client to a one-off "extracurricular" one.
1/24/15, 3:28 PM
Dylan's roommates get suspicious about his recent behaviour.
3/17/15, 4:13 PM
Timmy meets some creep (Peter) in a local park and follows him home
5/23/15, 4:35 PM
Timmy's dads meet with Peter to discuss their concerns about Timmy being hypnotized
7/5/15, 5:17 PM
Lucas helps his best friend Timmy move into his new place
7/9/16, 10:14 PM
Mitch introduces his little brother to Peter and they really hit it off
7/10/16, 10:07 PM
Peter invites Lucas to spend the night, and suggests that Nick should pop in and say hi too.
11/12/16, 5:57 AM
Cameron has a couple of personal problems, and is referred to Peter for help.
4/15/17, 5:52 AM