From the ol' Tumblr vault

Series Summary

Stories from my early days on Tumblr before their porn ban. Some if these are more abstract then pornographic.

Author Name Published
Guy discovering his own sexuality, transforms friend and friend's dad
9/29/19 3:17 PM
5672 words
Dude gets uncomfortably turned on, when his friend reveals his Dad's TF ability.
9/22/19 7:43 AM
6371 words
A young gay dude freaks out when he start hallucinating in a gay bar, but the subject of his visions seems to know the cure.
7/16/19 4:36 AM
3432 words
A very drunk young man has a magic emergency in a toilet cubicle.
7/15/19 4:53 AM
4457 words
A masseur loses his sense of professionalism with a client with a strange, magical condition.
7/12/19 11:35 AM