The Domination of Silver Age Superboy

Clark Kent is the all american boy next door, and as Superboy he is the best...but Superboy stumbles across a new kryptonite that seems to be the source of all his problems...but things are rarely what they seem. This is a slow descent of Silver age Superboy becoming a cock is basically porn with some story, if this ain't your thing..walk on by.
Author Title Published
Clark finally submits...and finds out there is always a bigger fish...
Done with Clark, Zac looks to his next conquest...
A new intern joins the Daily Planet and has his eyes on Clark Kent...
Red Hood tries to recover from his encounter with Zac...but can anyone ever be the same after him?
Red Hood gets a tip on a job...not knowing there is fine print... Huge shout out to Kyle Cicero for this story as inspiration!!
Clark tries to deal with the aftereffects of his Black Mercy vision and wonders...what is real and what isn't? This is a commission loosely based on Hotcha's The Alley series...which is just insanely hot.
Years later an adult Superman stumbles across repressed memories and wonders...what exactly happened back in Smallville?
Clark has a choice to make about his new life and about Bash...his choice will change everything about the Man of Steel.
Now that Clark knows what he really far will he go to get it?
Clark needs answers...what he finds might change everything...