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Straight to gay on undeserving men

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last change on March 3, 2024

Random guys who are chosen to become gay through magic or hypnosis, and their lives transformed forever
Jesse is just doing his job
Jesse attempts to conduct business with an eccentric woman who seems to surround herself exclusively with muscular men.
Love how his stupid competative nature ends up causing him to turn gay
Malcolm visits a counselor's office to discuss his pending application to emigrate to the planet Andros, home of the sensuallist culture, and exactly why Malcolm wants to become a dumb himbo.
Love the way his stupid competative nature leads him to playing with the app which turns him gay
Love the subliminal app changing these guys
It was supposed to be just a regular, innocent carpool ride, but thanks to Max's new Friendly app, the lives of his uptight co-passenger and the easygoing driver are changed forever, turning each other into new—or long-lost—friends. Maybe even more.
A Dad and a son chosen by a creepy neighbor
Edgar and Becky Berger are hosting Thanksgiving for their beloved family. With their twins arriving home from college and Edgar's widower father, brother, and nephew on the way, the pair are excited to spend time with loved ones. And that's when their creepy neighbor Yusuf rang their doorbell...
Turning his straight jock friend gay because he desires him
Random use of a reality altering device. Will anyone remain straight?
Doc had done it again. He had invented something truly world breaking and ingenious. With the help of his friend, the two of them take his new toy out for a test drive to see what changes they can make to the world around them... in the most selfish ways possible.