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6/18/21 5:19 PM

So hot. Man, I love your stories. But what happened with your cowboy story? I’m dying to read the next chapter, among all of your stories that had to be my absolute favourite. By the way, do you plan another chapter for “Boss likes Hypno”? I would love to read more about that lovable jungle brute.

6/18/21 5:31 PM

@Plymouth58 I typically try to update at most once a week with either one story or another. The next chapter to both Cowboy and Weregorilla are ready, so sometime next week I will submit the next installment of Cowboy. As for ‘Boss Likes Hypnosis’, I wasn’t planning on making anymore chapters on it, but maybe next time I need another Tarzan fix, I can maybe draw something up, but it is unlikely at this time.

6/18/21 6:21 PM

@Oddballs Thanks a lot for the reply! I’ll be waiting, I love your work!

Mar 30, 2020
7/14/20 9:01 PM

You aren’t the LLoyd311 who wrote Eric’s Summer years and years ago are you?

6/18/21 3:38 PM

@Scott - I sure am. That was my age regression epic. So long ago…

6/18/21 5:22 PM

@Lloyd311 That’s great. I remember we chatted on Yahoo a few times about the potential of a story about Jimmy Olsen stealing Superman’s powers. Do you have a patreon or something? I’d love to have a way to find the full collection of your writing.

6/18/21 6:19 PM

@Scott - let’s connect. Email me at or find me on the discord. I’m lloyd311 there too…

Jun 18, 2021
6/18/21 6:10 PM

Brilliant! I love the angle - the curse, Adrian having to do whatever he’s paid for - but I pretty much love the whole thing. Great storytelling, well written, and super hot. What else could I ask for? Thanks for this… LLOYD

6/18/21 5:57 PM

Hot! The spirals are great, but I think the second gif has been removed.

6/18/21 2:19 PM

I liked it. Kinda sad that there’s written in no potential for the boyfriend to experience his own were change in the next part. But, still enjoyable.

6/18/21 5:24 PM

@JWS Lol I knew someone would call for that. I know a lot of folks would like to see the transformation spread like that, but I was going for the dynamic where a regular guy makes it work with a lycanthrope, and it’d take away from that ideal if BOTH boyfriends transform. I still appreciate your appreciation though~!

Jun 18, 2021
6/18/21 5:01 PM

A nice original concept and a great read, thanks, HUK

Jun 11, 2021
6/18/21 4:47 PM

I love your stories. Can’t wait for the next part!

Jun 17, 2021
6/18/21 4:24 PM

Thank you for all the kind feedback, everyone! It was a lot of fun writing this and even more fun sharing it. If there’s anything you particularly enjoyed, or if you’d like to see this world explored more in a sequel, I’d be happy to take into account for my next tale.

Jun 17, 2021
6/18/21 3:14 PM

What a fantastic story! Very well written, nicely paced, great conclusion. And this is your first story? WOW! You are a natural storyteller!

May 23, 2017
6/18/21 3:01 PM

i love your story 😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤

May 23, 2017
6/18/21 3:01 PM

I can’t read the fourth part please could you send me to my email or be able to unblock it I want to wear that sweatshirt🤤very good story I want the end please🙏😭

6/18/21 2:22 PM

Wow. cant believe I missed this. would love to hear more about the football players at the end of part 2 but i know thats a long shot (wink wink). I love the stories of inadvertent transformations. they don’t understand quite what’s happening to them, its unexpected, the rationalizations for the gay sex.

I’m dying to hear more of Big and Little Bud too from the Littleman’s story. If you published that original story in book form on Amazon id buy it in a heartbeat. Maybe we’d get an extra coda to it. Thanks again!

Jun 17, 2021
6/18/21 12:49 PM

Wow, your first story? You do a wonderful job creating images with words, and have a lovely sense of rhythm & tone.

6/18/21 11:24 AM

very good more please Daddy

6/18/21 8:55 AM

One last suggestion for you: keep in mind that the transformation methods in ForbiddenArcanum’s story don’t make a whole lot of sense. If the mind controller in that story can magically transform people into big-lipped blond clones simply by watching the videos, then why does he need the facemasks and gummies and everything else? Because of the way that story is told–with a steady escalation and fast pace–most readers won’t stop to think about those kinds of realistic logical questions; they’ll just get immersed in the dreamlike fantasy of it all.

But if you want to tell your story in a different way–complete with a scene of Sir directly explaining his plan–then you need to decide: is this going to be a story where the mind control/transformation is caused by technology (the gummies and face-masks) or by magic? I’d suggest the latter, because some of the hottest details in your story (like the cop’s response or the videos full of quiffed blond boys responding to Jake and Harry’s livestream) could only be explained by magic. So just resist the compulsion to have the “talking villain” scene where the villain over-explains precisely how his evil mind control scheme works. It will only raise more questions than it answers.

6/18/21 9:54 AM


Thank you so much for all these suggestions, I’ve already been thinking about how to tackle some of these parts, gives me a nice chance to look into this “Sir” sir a bit ;) But again: thanks. This is really appreciated

6/18/21 3:20 AM

Another extremely satisfying chapter. I love the way their lives and sexualities are reshaped with the memory adustments. I’m really enjoying this story, and all the boxes it checks for me. Thanks for writing!

6/18/21 9:13 AM

Glad you enjoyed, and more on the way 😄@Uncle Arctos

6/18/21 8:53 AM

this was so great, I love your transformation stories; especially those that involve someone being transformed into an inanimate object and used for sex! hope to see more fics like this from you soon!

6/18/21 8:23 AM

When will the next chapter come out?

6/18/21 7:36 AM

Amazing~~ Seems like most of people are interesting in the story of AN-14-0213979, Which is more like traditional drone type (mindless and robotic, only proceed their programs). Me too >///< Will he be the next main role after Noel ?

6/17/21 9:36 PM

Great ideas in this story, but I feel like it’s too fast-paced and needs more description of the characters. Harry and Jake’s transformations would have a lot more impact if we knew what they looked like before. Also, some of the stuff about the methods of transformation (e.g. face-masks, gummies) didn’t really make sense to me until I read that “Viral Sensation” story you linked to.

I also had a hard time understanding why Trevor decided not to check in on his best friends for an entire week after he saw that video. You started with a perfect set-up: Trevor and Noah are out of town and doing a digital detox for a month. Why couldn’t Harry and Jake’s entire transformation take place over that month? And then when he got home, Trevor would stay up watching a series of videos on their OnlyFans that documented their transformation, then decide he needed to try and rescue them.

All these critiques aside, I did really get turned on by elements of this story, and I’m excited to read the conclusion!

6/18/21 5:25 AM


Thanks for your comment! Glad to hear some of it turned you on :)

Initially the reason Trevor did not do anything during the week was a death in his family. But I did not want to dive into that too much and in that way it felt a bit like an “emotional whiplash” as a friend of mine put it. So, since I did want to experiment with jumps in time, I did it like this.

My initial plan was to indeed have the transformations of both boyfriends take place over that month, but in the end I wanted to introduce “Sir” and Austin first. When I decided to make this a multi-part story I opted for giving a little glimpse of a transformation in here, a more detailed description will follow in the second chapter (which will probably be fully focused on a transformation, a bit like ForbiddenArcanum’s version). My hope is that this second chapter will also allow this chapter to breathe a bit more and stand a little stronger than it does now :)

6/18/21 6:52 AM

@Transformheaven You’re totally right that the “death in the family” line would have felt like emotional whiplash, but Trevor’s sudden apathy towards his supposed best friends also induces a feeling of emotional whiplash. If you wanted to, you could make a small edit to this part of the story and make Trevor’s reaction part of the effect of Sir’s magic (just like the policeman’s reaction to Austin seems to be).

For instance, you could have a bit of dialogue like this: “Are you still upset about that video?” Noah asked.

“What video?” Trevor sounded clueless.

“You know! The one we just watched with…” Noah’s voice trailed off as he tried to recall the details of the video. It all seemed increasingly blurry. He stared off into space for a moment, then said, “What were we talking about?”

“Beats me. Maybe we should get some sleep.”

Then you could pick up with a line like: “The next weekend, Trevor was doing some cleaning when he came across an old photo of Harry and Jake. ‘Harry and Jake! I haven’t thought of them in ages! I wonder how they’re doing. Maybe I can check if they’re still livestreaming,’ Trevor thought.”

Dec 28, 2020
6/18/21 5:01 AM

I look forward to seeing Chris’s further transformation into a werewolf and his interaction with the other guys at camp. Will Jason be able to keep the other guys away until Chris has fully transformed or will something happen to their mating bond?

6/18/21 3:37 AM

Listen to Hypnothrill. He knows what he’s talking about.

6/18/21 3:27 AM

En encantó

6/18/21 2:58 AM

I gotta disagree with @fattenupmen (not to yuck his yum though, bc everyone is into different stuff and that’s fantastic!) this story doesn’t need weight gain or mpreg. Selfishly I’m not into either of those things, but more than that I think the existing chapters don’t set up a foundation for it. It’s hypno and brainwashing over the course of only a few days and I think introducing those elements in chapter 12 of a series would feel like it came out of nowhere.

6/18/21 2:40 AM


Jun 17, 2021
6/18/21 2:35 AM

really really good. excellent writing. thanks!

Jun 18, 2021
6/18/21 2:19 AM

Great concept, well delivered.

Jun 16, 2021
6/18/21 2:03 AM

The plot of your next story could be that a good father were transformed into serving drone by his son. It will be hot.

6/18/21 1:46 AM

Excellent story. Great concept and interpretation of the prompt.

I really love how Zak compels himself to take care of Tom. That’s a really powerful choice on top of the hotness of the rest of the story.

6/18/21 1:27 AM

This story, and others of yours, are responsible for a large number of my orgasms. lol Just saying.