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6/22/21 9:50 AM

Oh my god this story was amazing! Sheer perfection!

6/22/21 8:08 AM

Really enjoyed this chapter, one it involved rubber and more importantly it turn a hero into a corrupted villain, i look forward to new chapters

6/22/21 6:29 AM

once again, I agree with Hypnothrill…more struggle causing stronger corruption vibes, but still hot dude I.J.S.

Chase R
6/22/21 6:16 AM

Please do the really fucked up ending. I’d love to see him irreversibly screwed up, maybe with more drugs, or even more fucked up sexual desires. Maybe make him a criminal or turn him into a double agent for his new crimina masters. Please give us the fucked up ending!

Mar 23, 2021
6/22/21 6:09 AM

dude, haters gonna hate…I thought the piss raping was imaginative and hot. Please don’t allow subjective judgements to diminish your art I.J.S.

6/22/21 6:07 AM


Mar 20, 2021
6/22/21 5:57 AM

dude, getting hotter…corruption is my thing. Are they gonna open the B&B to some unsuspecting guests ? I.J.S.

Mar 16, 2021
6/22/21 5:43 AM

dude you are such a good story teller ( still waiting for another chapter of the airline pilots story…please ? ) I love the corruption factor , it’s hot I.J.S.

6/22/21 5:29 AM

ok dude, where are we going ? I.J.S.

6/22/21 5:22 AM

more corruption please dude I.J.S.

Nov 15, 2018
6/22/21 5:22 AM

This is very hot but the chapters are incredibly short.

Jul 14, 2020
6/22/21 4:20 AM

Delightful. Best slut-centered piece of fiction I think I’ve ever read.

Jun 21, 2021
6/22/21 3:20 AM

great work


The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
6/22/21 3:26 AM

Thank you, glad you enjoyed 😄

6/22/21 3:23 AM

I’ve never commented before, but GOD this story is so hot! It really combines so many great elements… brain drain, huge transformation, and lots of affection, which I’m a sucker for. I can’t wait for the next entry!

Jun 21, 2021
6/22/21 2:37 AM

yes please. would like to see more

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
6/22/21 3:19 AM

Well glad you enjoyed. I definitely think there will be more to this story 😄@Somnius

6/22/21 2:15 AM

this story is very hot and well written of this/of this style and caliber

Mar 25, 2018
6/22/21 1:29 AM

Nicely done!

6/22/21 1:06 AM

Hot story. Billy is much more susceptible than he thought. Goody for us!

Jun 16, 2021
6/22/21 12:15 AM

it’s great that more Lexes are coming ; )

can’t wait to see how the two see lexeed danny!!

Jun 18, 2021
6/22/21 12:04 AM

I liked the excellent simultaneous body mind transformation. Hot story.

Jan 3, 2018
6/21/21 9:50 PM

This is STILL one of the hottest stories (all 3 chapters) on this website. The combination of your excellent and vivid writing and the premise is just so fucking amazing. I’m still waiting for a continuation!

Jun 21, 2021
6/21/21 7:45 PM

I hope to see more, I like this one

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
6/21/21 7:51 PM

Well I did leave it open intentionally to be able to continue this story. Thank you for the feedback. 😊@darkblade2814

6/21/21 7:56 PM

@The Author (name hidden due to challenge) I have two suggestions, if you want, make the orc fall in love with a hobgoblin or a bugbear (as their species are mortal enemies) and make one of the other two end up with a dragonborn, so what do you think?

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
6/21/21 8:06 PM

Well I do know Zeek (the tefling) is going to end up with Leif. As for the other two I thought about having them sleep together as they were a couple beforehand….though who knows their new memories and lives may lead down separate paths. Thank you for the suggestions, and also I did need another race or two for the kingdom of Pryde. 😊 @darkblade2814

6/21/21 8:07 PM

@The Author (name hidden due to challenge) polygamy is an option

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
6/21/21 8:11 PM

Very true. I have definitely worked with poly relationships in the past (Stories and in my personal life). 😆😊@darkblade2814

6/21/21 8:17 PM

@The Author (name hidden due to challenge) in the NSFW sotry I’m planing, ther will be mentions of polagamy, but it won’t be shown in detail, I’m still not confortable with it yet, also the NSFW will by my first attempt ant gay love (I’m bisexual, is I think I should know how to do both)

6/21/21 8:18 PM


  • it is why

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
6/21/21 8:35 PM

Haha well poly in stories is probably easier, it is a challenge, just as any relationship, a lot of communication and honesty in expressing wants and emotions. But it can be very rewarding, and poly dosen’t mean “open”, for me and my BF we only do committed triads. In some of my works the poly characters even form their own family units with sometimes up to five individuals (real life three is what the BF and I are comfortable with). But honestly for me it’s kind of like my characters and relationships unfold as I am writing (like my characters are telling me their story?). @darkblade2814

6/21/21 8:42 PM

@The Author (name hidden due to challenge), yes, that is a way of writing, I’m writing some SFW stories before doing the 3 NSFW stories

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
6/21/21 9:06 PM

Well when I first thought of writing stories I never foresaw writing adult literature of any sort, but I am actually becoming confident in my stories, even though it’s a limited audience. And if you publish here I’d be happy to give them a read 😄@darkblade2814

6/21/21 9:13 PM

@The Author (name hidden due to challenge) I’m planing on doing that, but I will do the SFW ones first, as they were concived first

Jun 21, 2021
6/21/21 7:41 PM

Feel like this would’ve worked much better as the start of a series than it does as a challenge one-shot. We spend a lot of time being introduced to all of the characters, but by the time we reach the climax three of them have essentially been sidelined

Also, we keep flipping between “Shiro” and “Shrio” throughout the story. Would be great if you could go back and fix whichever is wrong as it starts to get quite distracting

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
6/21/21 7:49 PM

I did leave it open to possibly being series depending on how it was received. I didn’t want to get too carried away as the story was already quite lengthy from the build up, and it’s suggested to keep under 10,000 words. Also why I was a bit quick on the progression from Shrio to Selvin.

Thank you for the feedback, and if I do proceed with the series I will try to flesh out the remaining three characters progression to make it a bit easier to follow. 😄

6/21/21 7:07 PM


6/21/21 6:22 PM

hot as fuck

6/21/21 3:10 PM

This was great for a first effort. Sorry I didn’t read it before. Wow, 10 years ago!

Apr 14, 2021
6/21/21 12:35 PM

hope you will continue… I love this story 💙💙💙

May 21, 2021
5/22/21 8:14 AM

hot. love it when a hot older stud gets taken down and turned into a slutty pussy bitch in heat begging for it. i’d be hot if you take your stories further than just the cash fagging. maybe have the hot guys taken down go out and buy sex toys, panties/lingerie, cock-cages. would have been hot if you do a part 2 where The Jock in this story is so fucked up he’s forced to go out and buy slutty lace panties, a cock-cage, dildo’s etc. then on cam he’s made to rub and tease his pussy while he strokes. he’s told that he doesn’t get to cum unless he fucks himself on cam with the dildo.

The jock keeps getting busted and sinks lower and lower and it turns him on more and more. at the end he’s on cam being a pussy bitch in panties with a vibrator stuffed in his pussy. he’s rock hard and begging for permission to cum. he’s sending cash and so turned on. it’s gotten to the point where he needs permission to cum. his final fuck over is that he has to agree to lock his dick up in a cock-cage if he gets to cum. after he cums he realizes what’s happened and tries to go back to being a master. but he pretend to be a master anymore, and since he didn’t lock up his cock like he promised, his master won’t answer any more of his emails or cam with him until he locks up his dick and sends the key. he finally caves and sends the key. then he ends up on cam for all the fags he’s fucked over and the other masters. he’s in panties with a cock-cage, and a vibrating pussy plug keeping him horny. he can’t cum but he’s leaking like crazy being fucked over with everyone watching. he’s set up so 1 hot younger guy after another shows up at his place, and he has to beg on cam to suck them off while everyone watches. finally his master comes and he has to suck his dick, get his virgin pussy fucked on cam and ends up a punked pussy bitch to his younger master who then sells his mouth and pussy to all the fags he’s cash fuck’d.

5/22/21 11:38 AM

I’m glad you like the story. You make interesting suggestions but, that’s not really the story I’m relating. I think you should write the story that you suggested. Judging by the details that you go into while describing it, it is clear that you’re in the best position to write it.

5/27/21 6:10 AM


Wow. thnx for the response. No one has ever responded to my ramblings. Sorry if I got carried away. I love your stories and always get off on them. I guess I got greedy and was hoping you’d take the story a little further than just breaking a hot cocky stud online.

If I could write, i’d totally write my own story. But sadly, not all of us are as gifted as you. thnx again for responding. you’re awesome.

5/27/21 10:44 AM

no thanks necessary. I think if people take the time to write something then, it’s only courteous to reply.@

6/21/21 8:23 AM

damn. I re-read this one again, and it’s still hot as fuck. I think this one is my fav story you’ve written. it doesn’t feel rushed, and you take your time describing each step of breaking The Jock down. love how he leaves him hanging and waiting at the end, so that The Jock is begging him for an email reply. my only complaint is that it ended to early. would love to see The Jock’s continued downfall and decent after he’s been fucked over. @Cracker

6/21/21 11:15 AM

Sorry, it’s a “done and dusted” story which means it ended where I wanted to end it. :)

6/21/21 10:19 AM

This very well written, I loved u used a frog and a goldfish for the animal bit, so I’m a fan of the classic dog and chicken, but it was really neat to see something outside the cliche! (And even when u used the classic dog one u kept it short)

The hypnosis part of the story is on point, and the background for our characters was well delivered.

The only thing that doesn’t make much sense to me is the thing about sticking with Todd even when he is an amazing subject, we saw Mark being quite successful with other subjects even if they are not somnambulists; so now it seems to me like Mike has no real reason to be that interested in Todd, still I hope he gets to play more with him :P and let Tyler call the shots, I feel like Tyler is filled with quite good ideas

Jun 20, 2021
6/21/21 10:10 AM

Great story. Love when a straight guy is turned into a gay slut.