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6/15/21 8:04 AM

It is good to see another chapter of this story come up. I am liking how Ray has turned out as the Commander, also like how Richard’s thirst for intellect has clouded his judgement and for me, he is doing what the Demon is demanding. It seems that the god man needs a change of heart and start to worship lust and the Demon, Looking forward to his conversation

May 13, 2021
6/15/21 7:39 AM

I realy enjoyed this series, i read it all, was jealous some times, but at the end, i feel like it was more like blessing then curse, I dont like that happy ending, its not earned in my thinking, but i still enjoyed it. Thanks for a ride :)

Jun 10, 2021
6/15/21 7:16 AM

Excellent story, been a while since I found one I enjoyed as much as this one. Thanks for the upload, Josh. X

6/11/21 3:53 AM

love the x-men, love spinel from steven universe, really hope yoi keep going with this!!!

6/15/21 4:39 AM

@Hypno_boy The X-Men are one of the biggest fandoms I’m in and yes Spinel from SU was a partial inspiration for the Spinel in my story. Prince Gumball being another. I’ve already started on Chapter 2. I hope you continue to enjoy it :-)

6/11/21 2:46 AM

Such a sweet romantic story! I hope that you’ll be inspired to write more chapters.

6/15/21 4:37 AM

@Hypnoguy67 I really appreciate that! Originally this was going to be a purely kink story, but i decided i wanted to build a world within a world with these characters and have an actual ongoing storyline hence the romance aspect. I am very glad you like it and hope you enjoy the chapters i will add in the future :-)

6/15/21 4:35 AM

Talon Dominus! got right to the hot sex and stayed there. Great story and great hot sex action! WIsh I was a member at that gym…no one would be safe! More chapters, please!

6/11/21 2:01 AM

really like this hope you can continue and do other things with the x-men especially what ice man or other mutants

6/15/21 4:35 AM

@RedEnd Hey there! Thanks and as a matter of fact i do have a story in mind for Iceman to have an encounter with Spinel. Chances are it’ll involve some tickling and edging. Hopefully, that will be of some interest :-)

6/11/21 12:05 AM

Nice story. Hope there is more to come.

6/15/21 4:22 AM

@Jonanator Thank you! and yes already started on the second part!

Apr 11, 2021
4/14/21 5:17 AM

awesome story!

Will we ever get to know what happened on the first two days of the infestation ? ;)

4/14/21 8:58 AM

@Ozark Maybe. I want to follow the Chuck strand of the story for now and do more of a “small-town takeover” story. But eventually I’d like to get back to Diego spreading the Infestation throughout the world, and there we might get some kind of flashback scene to “Day 1.”

4/19/21 10:24 PM

@Hypnothrill either way, i cant wait to see where you take it !

6/15/21 3:44 AM

dude when are you going to add more to this amazingly hot story…please ? @Hypnothrill

Jun 14, 2021
6/15/21 3:32 AM

Such an incredibly hot story! You are a gifted writer.

6/15/21 3:24 AM

hot stuff dude, the pix are a great addition…more corruption ( and take your time bro ) I.J.S.

Jun 13, 2021
6/15/21 3:07 AM

dude you are one of my favorite authors ( still anxiously awaiting the continuation of the airline pilots story ) this was a solid beginning, but corruption is my thing - don’t let me down bro I.J.S.

6/15/21 2:52 AM

better, but more detail would be great, you’ve obviously got an erotic imagination dude…use it ! I.J.S.

6/15/21 2:45 AM

great concept but a bit too perfunctory , matter of fact and quick ! The corruption and ‘taking and feeding’ should be much more detailed dude I.J.S.

1/11/19 10:29 PM

A very sweet start. It was bold of Daniel to go after Bill’s attackers being so frail. Obviously he’s oblivious to sexual predators. Look forward to reading more.

6/15/21 2:26 AM

litteraly like your simping for a 30 year old please back to reality@

Jun 12, 2021
6/15/21 1:47 AM

The transformative power of leather and grease. CLothes do make the man!

6/14/21 10:23 PM

Epic - loved this so much!

Jun 14, 2021
6/14/21 9:46 PM

This is perhaps the best fuck-scene I’ve ever read!

It’s incredibly hot how you describe Randy mentally melt into an eager fuck-toy, and the point where Dyl makes his virgin hole turn into a sloppy, receptive boi-cunt is incredible.

6/14/21 9:20 PM

o wow, this is awesome! i can see the potential for an amazing big sub small top story here. Degradation and humiliation of the hero by Kinston the slave will make my dick so hard for sure! but hey, any direction you’ll take the story, i’ll give it a read. thanks for the story!!

6/14/21 9:46 PM

yes thank you for your reply, i am working for my chapter 2 and 3 but just fall asleep earlier xD but i’m glad you are enjoy it, appreciate that @

Jun 14, 2021
6/14/21 9:20 PM

Need to write review before I fall asleep. This story took a lot out of me. Several times. I need to set it aside for a bit. Thank you.

6/14/21 7:28 PM

i still have faith the next chapter will be extra hot. Your take on humiliation is right up my ally.

6/14/21 7:33 PM

@Tough Guy Takedown Next chapter? But this was only a script; it was written in hopes it can be used by ManUp Films one day. idk what I would even do for a sequel 0-0;

Aug 2, 2020
6/14/21 6:13 PM

Hey do you know if you’ll ever continue this, or are you waiting for someone else to pick the series up again?

6/14/21 6:38 PM

@Kods Yes! I’ve been wiped out at work so I haven’t had a chance to come back to this recently, I’m sad to say. I’m going to write a chapter from the perspective of one of Ethan’s friends to show how a bigger hivemind can go off the rails, then I’m going to loop back to this little budding family to give them some hot time in the spotlight. I promise I haven’t forgotten about it!

6/14/21 5:56 PM

Hey y’all, hope you liked the story! I wanted to reach a firm conclusion, as I see too many stories on here whose overarching stories get snarled up in episodic formats until the author gets bored and never finishes. Hopefully this was a satisfying conclusion, I’m a sucker for a happy ending. :)

Jun 14, 2021
6/14/21 5:15 PM

Oh Fuck! This is the hottest piece I’ve ever read! Hoped it would never end! Love to hear more adventures of Dylan and Randall.

6/3/21 7:51 AM

I really enjoyed this story! Thank you for writing this! 🐻

6/14/21 5:10 PM

@Papa Werebear thank you for reading it :)

Jun 14, 2021
6/14/21 4:24 PM

AMAZING STORY! Very well written!

I’d like to see the story from the other side… maybe find out that Randall is also emitting a musk that makes Dylan more aggressively alpha. Interesting to see what would happen the longer they spend around each other. Would you be up to writing the other side?

6/14/21 4:49 PM

Thank you, @QuinnDnvr! That is actually the case. The mating bond between Alphas and omegas in the Hierarch Industries setting is reciprocal. The Alpha’s pheromones change the omega to better suit his Alpha’s ideal omega and at the same time, the omega emits pheromones of his own that change his Alpha to better suit his ideal Alpha.

I’m open to writing more about Randall and Dylan in the future but for now, my focus is firmly on other writing projects. I may come back around to them at some point, but I have no compelling reason to do so right now, unfortunately.

Jun 14, 2021
6/14/21 10:19 AM

How are you so good at writing dirty talk H O L Y S H I T

6/14/21 4:46 PM

Hehe. Thank you so much!

Jun 14, 2021
6/14/21 8:20 AM

Always love your stories! A good boy submitting to a musky alpha cock… 😚👌

6/14/21 4:46 PM

@GiveInToTheMusk Mmm. Yes. Indeed. Nothing quite like it, is there? :3

6/14/21 4:09 PM

Agreed! I totally get the writing pace, so no worries, take all the time you need. Thanks again!

6/14/21 7:24 AM

maaaan im so glad you’re back! this is a really good addition to the series. The visuals of reaching out to the symbiote are exquisite, though this left me wondering about the mysterious quality of the symbiote, very much a departure of how we usually perceive it to be. The impending doom setup is also exciting, i can already see it go so many ways. Fantastic writing as always!

6/14/21 2:35 PM

@symbiotesrpb Thank you for reading and commenting; I had written this chapter in free moments so it was pieced together over time. But work and an online conference had held me back from completing it in recent days. I definitely am changing the symbiote, but that is in part due to the conflict that is coming up and the implications it’ll have for characters. Also I thought it was about time to the symbiote to speak for itself and just be a passenger on people. If it is bonding with so many people it does make a bit of sense that it speaks to them in certains ways.