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Rubber Romeo

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2481 words
Kevin starts writing to pass the time and finds that his fantasies are becoming real
2/17/20, 2:17 PM
1104 words
A brief summary of me and my first bondage encounter
2/15/20, 11:52 AM
11/24/19, 4:48 PM
11/22/19, 10:43 AM
Jake receives a reward for good behaviour and takes his final steps into submission.
11/20/19, 11:37 AM
Jake's Master arrives and prepares him for his night's work
11/18/19, 3:44 PM
More tricks and treats for Jake, and more orders from Master.
11/17/19, 12:31 PM
Hooded and kneeling, Jake waits to pay off his debt
11/16/19, 12:16 PM
Jake is summoned to meet the man he stole from and face his punishment.
11/15/19, 11:57 AM
The mysterious package lands Jake in a spot of bother.
11/13/19, 1:09 PM