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Haven Tesla

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Neither Colt nor Jet are thrilled to discover they need to compete to establish their credentials playing a prison bitch, but that's only the start of their troubles when some unexpected visitors from their hometown show up
5/7/20, 5:28 PM
How far will daytime TV star Colton Dory go to win an Emmy? Two months after losing, he's more determined than ever that this year will be his year - and his kindly boss Hank is ever ready to 'help' him - as long as he remains committed to being a method actor, of course!
9/30/17, 6:42 PM
Four hypnotized homophobes attend a party where they're the entertainment - and it doesn't stop there
6/4/14, 12:10 PM
In the final installment, Colt discovers fresh humiliations that test his mettle as an actor but his impending triumph at awards night will make it all worth it.
5/24/14, 1:18 PM
Cocky young actor returns to his former high school for a demonstration of "method acting" and winds up teaching far more than he bargained for.
5/12/14, 12:46 PM
Clueless young actor continues to be sexploited by his persuasive producer
4/27/14, 12:40 PM
A homophobic young actor can't seem to stop himself from being thoroughly exploited on and off set.
4/6/14, 10:42 AM
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A homophobe looking to cause trouble on NYE finds himself the victim
10/18/13, 8:00 PM
Double Jeopardy ... a hypnotised homophobe learns to take two dicks up his arse.
6/1/13, 8:00 PM
A hypnotist takes over the set of a soap opera and bends the stories to his liking.
4/26/13, 8:00 PM