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Rhys and Jasper explore each other’s bodies and boundaries a little.
8/31/21, 3:32 PM
Autolycus’ friends look for him. Meanwhile, Autolycus finishes up a few tests and continues to acclimate to his new life as Jasper.
8/31/21, 3:32 PM
Rhys and the Doctor proceed with virtual reality calibration, which Jasper comes to enjoy more than he thought he would.
8/10/21, 4:58 AM
Rhys brings his new pet to a clinic for a checkup before he can be registered as a pet.
7/27/21, 5:08 AM
Adrien, alias Autolycus, endures the consequences of being caught. When he wakes up, he's made a fateful decision that he just can't remember.
7/20/21, 8:29 PM
The Coins control the world. They're engineered to be perfect. They own everything. Autolycus, a thief, catches the eye of Rhys, a Coin. Their lives become intertwined.
7/13/21, 7:59 PM
Eamon accepts a dare to enter the Morphée Hill Manor House and steal something, but the Manor's owner is at home for the first time in thirteen years.
6/22/21, 5:41 AM
Bored with his string of human lovers, Coiirei is an Incubus who finds himself intrigued by the one mortal who rejects his advances.
1/4/21, 11:24 PM
A nude artist's model wakes from dozing on the chair to find that he has begun to transform.
12/30/20, 5:44 PM
A Foreign Ambassador is stressed about making a faux-pas at an important diplomatic meeting, but perhaps not all is as it seems.
12/30/20, 5:43 PM