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Donny has some anger issues and loves nothing more than to posture himself as a tough guy. Unfortunately for him this can get him into some trouble. He finds himself in a rehabilitative program that might finally break him down. It will be the most frustrating and aggravating challenge of his life. It involves chastity and some skillful edging handywork!
The remaining players compete in a tickling challenge. A surprise competitor shows up, One player enslaves his team, and a rift between one team may lead to a big loss and a cruel punishment. Ticking, hypno, chastity and more all in this episode!
13 new contestants arrive to compete in an intense BDSM themed reality competition. 1 by 1 they will be eliminated. Alliances will be formed, fights will be had, and cruel kinky punishments await those who lose. Welcome to a new season of Americas Next Top Kinkster.
Erotic Thriller- Alex wakes up bound in a room almost nude. His dick locked in a chastity. He doesn't know where he is or how he got there. Strangers outside follow him, laughing & filming. Why? All he knows is he is uncontrollably horny and desperate to figure out the truth. His day is about to get a lot more strange and he is going to find out just how cruel and unusual people can be.
8 men are given the chance to compete in a kinky BDSM based reality competition show. In the vain of Survivor or Big Brother; They will Scheme, Outplay, and Hook up. One by one they will be eliminated until 1 remains. Competitions & punishments based on a new fetish every week.
Jesse has a nightmare co-worker who makes him dread going into work. His friend has a creative way to make his workplace bully pay.
The Kink Factory is now a community series! For fans of "Charlie and The Kink Factory" & "America's Next Top Kinkster". Here people can tell their own adventure in the walls of the BDSM factory w/ new characters or old.The kink Factory is ready to hear from your wicked and creative minds!
The FINALE! The final 3 men compete in a Feet Fetish themed competition. The winner will reap the rewards while the loser will face the harshest punishment in the whole game. Who will win? Who will wind up the final statue? The great fetish based competition series comes to an end in this part.
The remaining 5 competitors are caught off guard by a fan vote to eliminate one of them. In this episode the men will face the challenges of Watersports and Fisting! 2 Men will go home in this special intense episode. Who will make it to the finale? Read and find out!
The remaining 6 players compete in a Edging & Milking themed round. Lots of loads are spilled and alliances and deals begin to blow up. One player makes a bold move and betrays their biggest friend in the house. Will it work out for him? The loser of the round faces a sensitive punishment...