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A Foreign Ambassador is stressed about making a faux-pas at an important diplomatic meeting, but perhaps not all is as it seems.
12/30/20 5:43 PM
A nude artist's model wakes from dozing on the chair to find that he has begun to transform.
12/30/20 5:44 PM
Your Dom has agreed to place you in an experimental machine to break down the last vestiges of resistance that remain inside your mind.
5/18/20 5:26 AM
Gil, a scholarship student with a talent for technology, decides to reform his former best friend, Hart, a rich privileged white kid who spends most of his time slacking off, using a podcast with subliminal messages inserted into it.
10/1/20 6:59 PM
Gil's experimental podcast has some unintentional results. Julien wants to create some experiments of his own.
10/1/20 7:00 PM
Turnabout is fair play, but all's well that ends well. Gil and Julien both give each other a taste of their own medicine.
10/1/20 7:02 PM
Bored with his string of human lovers, Coiirei is an Incubus who finds himself intrigued by the one mortal who rejects his advances.
1/4/21 11:24 PM
Milo saves a pet project from destruction at a university science lab, with unintended, sexy consequences for all humanity.
10/7/20 5:00 PM
The Machine teaches your very muscles and orgasm to be subservient to your Master.
6/6/20 5:26 AM
At the end of a session, your Master brings you home and you act on your training, reliving your time in the Machine.
5/23/20 7:31 AM