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Cock TF Boi

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The transformations and the horniness are hitting harder and faster as the game continues. The end of the deck is in sight though, and soon there won't be any more cards to play. The husbands and the other men pulled into the game have to finish it and see if everything returns to normal afterwards.
The husbands continue their game, starting to catch onto the fact that each card they play is changing themselves and the others around them. While they hope that finishing the game will return them to normal, they are enjoying their changes.
Kevin brings home a strange card game to play with his husbands. As the three of them begin playing some of their neighbors start changing to fit the cards being played and the throuple become hornier and hornier the longer they play.
Andy tries out his new form and powers thanks to his boyfriends and Rain, then they head out to meet with their friends that are supposed to be arriving. As they do, they are being stalked by an unseen enemy that is moving closer to striking them.
While the throuple are enjoying life in the Grove, Andy is a little jealous of the magic that Kurt and Oliver have found. He decides to dig deeper and inadvertently catches the attention of another person in the Vale.
Kurt, Andy, and Oliver are in search of the Grove which will hopefully have more answers for them and a few less locked doors. After traveling across the Vale, following Andy's unusual sense of direction they find the Grove. Within they find more magic and are changed further by it.
Andy and Oliver search for Kurt and try to figure out what is going in the Vale. Kurt has found some answers, but these answers just bring more questions. As the Vale's influence creeps further into the friends' minds they find it harder to resist giving into the magic.
When Kurt inherits a remote mansion from his uncle he decides to spend the summer there with his friends. Andy and Oliver join him at the start of the summer to explore the house, but the house is surrounded by a huge valley located deep in the wilderness far from civilization. As strange events begin to unfold, the trio must figure out what is happening to them.
Blake is finally free of his prison and brimming with power as his spell alters the world. He promised to help Zack, Nick, and the others; but the way he is helping them is different from what they expected. Blake's power begins to overwhelm the trio and they must fight to break free of his control, and restore some order to their own lives.
Trey, Zack, and Nick have learned the truth about the book, and are resolved to help free Blake from his self-imposed prison. Trapped with a half-finished world altering spell, the three of them need to find a way to change the spell to mitigate the worst of its effects.