Stories written by

Fallon Ives

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Yusef’s cousin Hadi introduces him to a new game with a surprisingly detailed character creator. Might as well go wild with it, right? When Hadi hacks the game, however, changes made to their characters start to have strange effects on the real world.
Danny, now nearly a giant, returns to his apartment to find a half-shrunken Jacob and Arjay. When Danny sees the opportunity take even more size from the two, there’s no way he can resist the urge.
A shrunken Jacob struggles to survive in the giant world of Danny’s apartment. But when an unexpected visitor arrives, Jacob might just have a chance to claim some size back.
Jacob struggles on the wrestling mat before discovering the very disturbing reason why: he's shrinking—and fast! He attempts to flee the locker room before anyone can notice, only for his grappling partner Danny to come to the "rescue."
Jacob wakes the morning after his strange late-night encounter to discover some unexpected changes.
Jacob gets more (and less) than he bargained for when a late-night hookup with a guy from out of town takes a turn for the strange. No part of him will ever be the same.