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Dylan has broken free from control, but it isn't clear why. However, it will soon become clear and the Master will have to deal with it quickly...and learn something about his friends...and himself.
3/13/21 8:02 PM
Matthew is conflicted. Is his Master right? Or is what they are doing wrong? Will be break free or submit fully to his beloved Master?
3/1/21 9:22 AM
A popular college student gets brought under mind control by a "friend" when his jealousy becomes too much to handle...however...there are others that have been controlled as well...will they obey? Will they break free? What will their new Master have them do?
2/23/21 8:36 AM
Mega-Man was made to save the world...but Dr. Wily has managed to change the blue bomber through a series of malware updates to his system. Now, Mega Man only wants to obey...and to destroy in the name of new Master.
2/21/21 3:54 PM
Break is here and the Master has sent his parents off on a vacation. However, his brother will be home soon from his own junior college and will be bringing his own friend back for the break. Will the Master let them go, or will he take them as well? Can the Master's control last on his subjects, or will they be able to break free of their control?
2/21/21 8:01 AM
A neighbor starts to see what is happening, but the Master has plans for him as well.
2/20/21 9:47 PM
2/20/21 11:04 AM
Zidane has become dangerously sick while caring for Blank. Now Blank must save him while trying to keep the boy calm. Will he bring him back under his control again? Will Blank take advantage of the situation?
2/19/21 11:49 AM
Sometimes you just want to control your best friend. This is the first of many new slaves for our protagonist.
2/18/21 11:40 PM
Blank and Zidane (From Final Fantasy IX) have been close for many years, but something caused Zidane to leave for several months. Upon returning Blank felt as if Zidane no longer liked him. Using stone that he found on a mission, Blank decides to control Zidane's mind and find the truth...when something else unexpected happens.
2/18/21 7:45 PM