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S. Q. Neemie

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Author Title Published
Cary Carrington, Himbotown private eye, accepts the case of an unusual client. By the time the case is over he'll experience corrupt jockstrap producers, slimy politicians and their offspring, tag-teaming bouncers, and the horror that is...the CUMSLAYER!
A drug called ballerbug heightens your testosterone, but overdosing turns you into a sex-crazed laboratory for the drug's hormones. Dr. Chan has been working nonstop during the outbreak, but with any luck hospital volunteer Isaac will learn the strange treatment protocol for ballerbug patients fast enough to provide Chan with some much-needed rest.
A tale is told in a small town in Greece of Etakaros the Scribe, who hated all forms of mirth and merry-making, and his three sons, who sought to be matched with powerful men in the city of Thebes. This is that tale.
A glitching billboard on a busy city street changes the desires of everyone who looks at it.
Eighteen-year-olds Kevin and Cody think they’ve found the perfect prank--a remote control that activates the ass muscles of any man it’s pointed at. But when they point it at their remedial science teacher Mr. Prentiss, they attract the attention of Principal Coldwater, who confiscates the device. What will happen to Kevin and Cody when their own prank is played on them?
Summary: Ulric the king’s family has been cursed to never bear sons, making his line of succession uncertain. He proclaims he will grant riches and treasure to any who can undo the curse. A doctor from distant lands prescribes an unusual treatment.
Levi and Jake are abducted by aliens. What will happen to them? And what is the purpose of the device the aliens implanted in their necks? A holiday gift for Noam de Pluma (check out his great work here: