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Author Title Published
An engineering professor grows obsessed with his latino neighbour and experiments on him
5/21/21 8:30 PM
6/25/20 10:57 AM
2/28/20 6:03 AM
Sebastian's powers begin to emerge on a weekend at a haunted lakeside summerhouse.
10/7/19 4:46 AM
Sebastian learns to use his powers while at a strict Christian boarding school.
10/5/19 7:43 AM
Two college students try to convince their teacher that publicity cannot influence them
8/11/19 6:21 PM
8/11/19 1:29 PM
Berries discovered during a college field trip make the students very obedient
8/11/19 1:29 PM
Magical belts worn at a karate dojo establish a hierarchy of control.
8/9/19 4:53 AM
8/7/19 9:55 PM