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A mysterious app appears on guys phone as they try to go about their lives. Once opened it offers a single wish. Some want to be a thugs, other want to be looked after, one just doesn't want to drive to work. But can they manage they're wishes without loosing control? —(Tumblur Tales with link to picture version)
12/29/20 8:42 AM
A mysterious app appears on a Dans phone on his way home. Once opened a Scally Lad appears, claiming to be a Genie and offering Dan wishes to make his life the way he always wanted. But can he manage it without loosing control?
12/20/20 7:44 PM
Fresh out of Uni and Jack Mason thinks his life is pretty boring. He wishes he could be like the big Chavs and Scally lads he saw online. When a new pop-up appears on his phone screen however, he quickly realises he might get more than he bargained for...
6/20/19 3:34 PM