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Kyle Chu

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Author Name Published
Spiral Fan & others
3/27/21 5:52 PM
4918 words
A seemingly innocent and regular comic book geek wants to do more than just collecting action figures of superheroes
4/13/20 2:32 PM
Elan Musk & others
Derek, a college RA, tests a new fragrance he made on one of his freshman, Brayden. A straight, beefy rugby stud who has been resistant to the upperclassman's advances. He finds masculine scent so powerful, so addicting, so arousing. Just as Derek had hoped.
3/31/20 5:44 AM
Kyle Chu & others
Mike has had it with his vain, self-absorbed and physically attractive jock neighbors next door and he decides to enact his own brand of justice towards them.
10/22/19 8:10 AM