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Author Name Published
During the 1919 pandemic, a returning soldier seeks a distraction to take his mind off his dead friend.
10/10/20 8:11 PM
2011 words
In the shower, Leo recalls how he and his husband met their new houseguest. Inspired by Swizzington's "Master of the House."
8/19/20 4:24 PM
Paul might be the last man in his town who hasn't been taken over by the mind-controlling alien jockey briefs. But how long can he last?
8/8/20 4:25 PM
Three friends on a roadtrip spend the night in the small Southern town of Dicksburg. Will they ever want to leave?
8/1/20 10:48 AM
When they try on their new "Blue Strong" bracelets, the officers on the Pineview police force join a whole new brotherhood...
6/30/20 10:31 AM
2984 words
College soccer players Alex and Brody get invited to a pool party that will change their lives. Inspired by Willie Cici's "The Himbo Maker's New Recruits"
5/29/20 6:08 AM
3166 words
Adam's work meetings suddenly get a lot more interesting...
5/17/20 9:55 AM
It’s David’s first time having sex with a man…isn’t it?
4/21/20 9:51 AM
It's the hottest programme on British breakfast telly. Now that the men of the UK have changed a bit...
1/14/20 6:19 PM
Stephen begins to notice some unusual behavior from his fraternity brothers...
1/8/20 4:30 PM