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Derek Williams

Author Title Published
Author Title Published
You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of lust. A journey into the wondrous land whose boundaries are that of sexuality. There’s a signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Rainbow Zone.
5/13/21 9:51 PM
Marc is a college freshman with a low sex drive. He buys a magic ring that he hopes can change all that. When he puts it on, he finds out just how overpowering horniness can be.
3/18/21 7:43 AM
5340 words
Mark receives a gift from Santa - two pieces of Himbo Gum. Anyone who chews it gets muscled up and dumbed down. Lucky for his roommate Ken, Mark is in the mood to share.
12/31/20 8:57 AM
Brady is a hung twunk bottom. Jonas needs a top to fuck him. Lucky for Brady, Jonas has been learning about mind control.
12/19/20 8:36 AM
A gay man who’s uncomfortable with his sexuality gets a visit from God.
12/13/20 9:13 AM
Every man in the world is turning into a gay bodybuilder, and they're doing it alphabetically.
11/19/20 8:03 AM
Taylor is frustrated at how high maintenance some gay guys can be. His roommate Ethan helps him out.
11/11/20 11:13 AM
Sawyer and Josh are just two average fratbros until Sawyer is abducted by a mind controller.
11/3/20 6:52 AM
Kyle and I made a bet - we each picked an elective for the other, and whoever gets the higher mark wins.
10/19/20 6:03 AM
When a man discovers his condition, he resists going through The Process.
10/4/20 8:34 AM