Series written by

Derek Williams

Author Title Published
Author Title Published
7818 words
When Jason returns home from college his Dad overhears that he's gay. Jason's Dad would do anything to make his son feel accepted.
5941 words
Jesse and Smith find a great deal on a new apartment. The only problem? The pink wall in Jesse's room leads to a magical fever dream, and neither man will come back the same.
3114 words
A twink who loves to bottom hooks up with a muscular stud, only to be transformed into a hot jock who loves to top.
5667 words
Parker is a contestant on a unique reality TV series. He's sure he can win – after all, he's the only straight guy on the program.
Mr. Monroe tries to transform Charles into a party stud, but the mental transformation doesn't take. Will Charles escape, and can he take his friends with him?
You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of lust. A journey into the wondrous land whose boundaries are that of sexuality. There’s a signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Rainbow Zone.
4064 words
In this unusual meta-narrative, Derek Williams plays with the idea of re-branding characters as queer after a story has already been released. It gets weird.
Marc is a college freshman with a low sex drive. He buys a magic ring that he hopes can change all that. When he puts it on, he finds out just how overpowering horniness can be.
5340 words
Mark receives a gift from Santa - two pieces of Himbo Gum. Anyone who chews it gets muscled up and dumbed down. Lucky for his roommate Ken, Mark is in the mood to share.