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Nicky Noxville

Author Name Published
Author Name Published
Ewan has addicted himself to black cock with popper training videos and his older stepbrother catches him, setting in motion Ewan's descent into true depravity.
3/21/19 8:13 PM
Mr. Burke's class of senior bad boys continue to strip him of any of the remaining illusions of dignity, authority, or control to which he so desperately clung.
2/13/19 5:36 PM
He may not realize it, but Callum crossed Alistair, and the sorcerer has a delightfully demonic revenge in mind.
1/5/19 6:44 PM
Roger Stevens had always been scrawny. That is, until he joined an experimental program through the USC Navy. Now Roger is a new man with all the power he needs to bring Nazis, or whoever, to their knees.
11/17/18 6:02 PM
Jonathan Monroe has a run in with a wolf while jogging through the woods, and now he thinks he might be a werewolf. He turns to his younger brother, Alex, for help.
10/24/18 12:25 AM
Having successfully taught Joseph the Virtue of Chastity, Marie begins teaching him the Virtue of Humility.
9/10/18 9:55 PM
8/7/18 5:52 PM
Trevor reminisces about how he and his dad got to this point, and gets into his on the job training.
8/1/18 5:40 PM
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Kyle is jumped in the locker room and given the education he never knew he needed by a group of anonymous men.
7/6/18 10:10 PM
Mr Burke tries to discipline the wrong student, and finds himself trappted in a truy fowl situation.
5/27/18 8:01 PM