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Author Title Published
A story of undeserving victim of a cruel hypnotist that leaves much to the reader's own imagination.
1/15/21 6:03 AM
3/29/16 3:07 PM
A cautionary tale, be careful where you click
3/28/16 12:23 AM
3617 words
Ice cream trucks, they're creepy right?
11/1/15 6:17 AM
4623 words
A superfast hero learns to slow down
4/10/15 9:29 PM
3/18/15 6:24 PM
7/26/13 8:00 PM
A student on spring break becomes the play thing of a Voodoo Master
7/26/13 8:00 PM
Following his abduction from the Vomit Comet, Nick falls further under the power of Old Bill
6/25/12 8:00 PM
11/8/11 7:00 PM