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Tom Gungy

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Author Name Published
4937 words
Travis never had an idea of his own. In his ennui, he allowed his high school hero to sweep him up in politics until a single thought becomes responsible for changing the whole party. Who knew his first would be such a doozy?
3/14/21 3:55 PM
Dan took me out for a camping trip once, and after a hard first day, I asked if he knew any scary stories. Little did I know how prepared he'd been for the question. (Hypno Bear Week 2021)
3/5/21 11:33 PM
6264 words
Two assassins, seeking to dethrone a colonizing lord, hit a snag when they encounter his ingenious tinkerer equipped with mesmerizing contraptions.
12/1/20 8:56 AM
In a world where spells are a family affair, many queer sorcerers are never allowed to learn their heteronormative parents' magics. Nigel is a crafty fox and an adapt spellcaster, however, and isn't keen on allowing his father to deny him.
11/20/20 8:21 PM
4105 words
Aaron, an honors student jock, and Derrick, a classic nerd, have their unlikely friendship put to the test when a dissociative technology overachieves in its trial run.
11/13/20 2:55 PM
5642 words
A freelance knight who has been taking care of a rampant bandit population on the eastern border runs afoul with a bard that has him dancing for his dignity.
11/6/20 1:19 PM
When the world is taken over by an evil mastermind with a diaper fetish, only one man (might maybe) be able to stop him: Bryson Ryder, Rebellion Leader.
6/25/20 3:35 PM
2529 words
Angrath wanders the grand streets of Ravnica, searching for wonders to bring home to his family, when he runs afoul with an elephantine loxodon of the Selesnya Conclave. While he be able to escape safely to return to his own beloved plane, or while he become a brainwashed pawn of the loxodon's eerie machinations?
6/16/20 1:55 PM
6618 words
Leo has lived in the circus all of his life, training with his father to become a star acrobat, yet the status quo has been shifting since the new magician arrived...
5/25/20 7:51 PM
5946 words
A new sorcerer is introduced to the court of the beloved King Godrick. He finds love and acceptance in his court, but a plight begins to take hold as the king seems begins acting strangely. Will the sorcerer be able to save his king?
4/27/20 5:29 PM