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Asher is going to enact some revenge against a biker gang that's been beating up local gay men. But he knows there's more to it than that, and he intends to follow whatever clues he can find to figure out who, exactly, was letting the gang get away with it in the first place.
Sid never expected to go to space - and in a world where people didn't screw around with women's rights, he would have never been on a ship with a hundred other men, cruising towards the outer solar system. But it was a chance to make history, and he couldn't pass that down.
Caleb and Brett have been best friends for years, but nobody else knows just how close they really are. When Caleb pulls a muscle on the field, they get a change to steal some time for themselves.
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Hunter is very, very picky. He's rarely been on dates, his friends say his standards are too high, and he just thinks people don't measure up. He doesn't really know why he stopped in a sex shop, of all places, but the attendant is quite certain he'll find something he likes in their special collection ...
After a long time in the shadows, Sgt. Yates is one of the first humans to get to know werewolves, as he's put in charge of the War Dogs. Turns out they have some things in common.
Dixon has to attend this dumb seminar about "Young Men Against Deviance," but the attendees are in for a surprise as they finds themselves obedient to the strange man who gave them a stamp on the wrist at the entrance.
Robert's nervous about attending his first orgy, at the invitation of his friend Gavin. But a man's got to try something new sometime, right?
Emperor Joseph I lives a busy life - but the place he can really unwind is when he retreats to the Imperial Harem, his personal quarters where his friends, lovers, and consorts live, work, and love.
Jake and Dean have been friends forever, and now that they're out of school there's nothing to do but hang around the trailer park. Dean doesn't know Jake caught him watching gay porn, and now there's a surprise for him after they're a few beers in ...