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The Evangelical Convention is free for Dixon to attend, as long as he takes this dumb seminar on Young Men Against Deviance. But with a little stamp of obedience on his wrist, he finds himself sliding into deviance himself - and enjoying the experience.
3/5/21 6:31 AM
Codec isn't much of a superhero. His powers allow him to manipulate and read information. But he's always concealed the extent of those powers because he never really wanted the cape life in the first place. A chance encounter in the gym showers is gonna change all that.
3/4/21 7:13 AM
1882 words
Peter's serving tables at the Appolonian club - but it looks like it's Date Night! Which version of Red and Black will go the distance tonight?
12/31/20 3:54 PM
2801 words
Tom's not one for holiday cheer, but a chance encounter with Noel is going to change his mind.
12/31/20 9:00 AM
3080 words
Francis' life was shattered in a cycling accident. Now he's trying to find a new road through life.
12/31/20 8:58 AM
Kyle's travelling all the way to the Adriatic for a summer gig at this reclusive resort. A hodge-podge of other men from all over Europe are there too, but new employee orientation takes a really unexpected turn.
12/27/20 7:48 PM
3433 words
Paul gets a mysterious knock on the door on Christmas eve, just as he's getting comfortable. He hasn't spoken to Bradley in years, but the second he opens the door the hunky rugby jock from college can't stop kissing him. What the hell?
12/24/20 9:48 PM
Antony doesn't know why this little drama on the dance floor leaves him so entranced. But he's drawn to it, and that doesn't happen to an ancient Roman God every day.
9/24/20 7:07 AM
The world's been ravaged by a virus that makes the infected obedient to the one that infected them. For those who've survived, it's no longer a big deal, but to those important enough to be spared before the Plague, getting infected is a perilous affair. Taylor and Chris are out scavenging when a fortunate turn of events brings them in contact with someone they don't expect.
9/22/20 9:01 AM
5330 words
Zach's buddy swears up and down that a shot and a day's quarantine is more than worth it to spend a vacation on this little island nobody else has heard of - but what will they do for a whole day together in the hotel before they can get out and have fun?
9/16/20 6:19 AM