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Author Name Published
3/21/21 10:02 AM
Owen finds a strange meteorite in the woods. Little does he know it will revolutionize the world of plastics...
1/4/21 6:38 AM
12/7/20 10:42 PM
11/14/20 6:54 PM
8/31/20 5:15 AM
7/18/20 8:52 AM
Something supernatural has awoken on Billy’s campus, and it’s turning guys into wet-dreams and fantasies. But as Billy watches his friends struggle under the weight of new desires, and new powers, he resolves to solve the mystery of what’s going on and stop it… before he gets hit with the same thing.
5/29/20 7:17 PM
5/15/20 9:34 PM
A nerd gains superpowers and decides to test them out against his tormentors...
5/6/20 7:36 AM
6267 words
A high school bully finds himself unable to control his own body.
5/4/20 5:16 AM