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Author Name Published
1/24/21 3:55 PM
Ian gets a modified iPad for Christmas that lets him mess with, control, and transform his roommate, Aaron. Will Aaron be able to get the iPad away from Ian and save his dignity? Or will he be Ian's new weirdo plaything for spontaneous transformations?
1/23/21 8:40 PM
1/23/21 8:40 PM
1/23/21 8:39 PM
Tyler works at an arcade with a secret pinball machine that unveils itself for customers when it wants to be played with.
1/23/21 8:56 AM
8550 words
John is working on reality bending science...but perhaps he should vet his employees a little more carefully.
1/22/21 6:18 AM
1/21/21 9:46 PM
1223 words
A mysterious new disease is sweeping the world, turning every man into a sex-crazed zombie.
1/21/21 7:55 AM
1/18/21 6:31 PM
A Man of the Woods finds a wolf trapped in a trapper's snare
1/16/21 4:42 PM