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Author Name Published
4/2/21 8:45 PM
Wolftamer88 & others
3/23/21 9:49 PM
Jimmy's Dad had lost his job, but thankfully he had a friend named Bear to held him find a new direction in life.
3/7/21 10:33 AM
Dan took me out for a camping trip once, and after a hard first day, I asked if he knew any scary stories. Little did I know how prepared he'd been for the question. (Hypno Bear Week 2021)
3/5/21 11:33 PM
When an opportunity arises for a man to express his desires for a beloved hero, he finds resisting the impulse to be rather difficult.
3/4/21 7:54 PM
I wonder why my husband wants me to come hereā€¦ so far from home. Soon, I learn that he has a surprise for me that will change my life FOREVER!
2/19/21 11:42 AM
11/14/20 6:54 PM
7/18/20 8:52 AM
5/15/20 9:34 PM
I wasn't going to use it, I'd decided. Probably.
4/1/20 3:24 PM