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Author Name Published
When Dan explores hypnosis for the first time he's willing to play along with the idea of fake memories, but he doesn't realise just how much his new son wants him to change...
12/7/20 10:42 PM
11/17/19 8:07 PM
William discovers that Nick, his young next door neighbor, has a plan to turn William into his perfect daddy.
8/21/19 5:35 PM
ollie & others
6/10/18 4:37 PM
2324 words
Connor sees Jones and his son Mike at the gym often, but today, something about them is off.
4/25/18 11:14 PM
2667 words
A business titan relaxes at home after a long day at work as he always does...
3/19/18 3:15 PM
2/2/18 7:34 PM
I want to increase my relationship with my bully. But first I need to increase my relationship with his father.
12/17/17 1:01 AM
4/4/17 10:52 AM
4602 words
A father learns about his son's sexuality . . . and learns a valuable life lesson as well.
6/19/16 7:39 PM