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Author Name Published
1/23/21 8:39 PM
12/23/20 9:58 PM
When Dan explores hypnosis for the first time he's willing to play along with the idea of fake memories, but he doesn't realise just how much his new son wants him to change...
12/7/20 10:42 PM
3696 words
12/4/20 5:43 AM
3987 words
Some stoner smut for those who asked for it. In this story, a young man receives the wrong order in the mail and ends up joining a like-minded online community of hedonists.
11/29/20 3:12 PM
Andrew has been unemployed for a long time, until he sees a new job add, with the country in civil unrest, he needed the job
11/12/20 7:33 AM
Taylor is frustrated at how high maintenance some gay guys can be. His roommate Ethan helps him out.
11/11/20 11:13 AM
Looks, youth, innate hypnotic abilities (of which he is completely oblivious) - Ethan Masterson has it all. Except intelligence, that is. What trouble will he find himself in, and more importantly, how will he fuck his way out of it? Read on to find out in every chapter of the Adventures of Ethan Masterson!
11/10/20 4:39 PM
1407 words
Beau Mirchoff's wallet is starting to look a little empty, so he decides to search for some gigs.
11/9/20 4:02 PM
A mid-20s guy opens up to a stranger online about his fetishes
11/3/20 2:07 PM