By AgainstMyWill
published April 19, 2010
8725 words

Jack finds a young man in his office one day who shows him what he’s been missing out on all along


Jack ran a small but very successful company. His team of 30 graphic designers, salespeople, artists, public relations specialists, and marketing talent comprised one of the top advertising and PR firms in the city of Houston. He ran a tight ship, and was respected by all of his employees. Together they stood up against even the larger national firms that outstripped them substantially in resources. As Jack pointed out regularly to his team, their agility and keen understanding of the market kept them ahead. No less significant, though, was the strength of the team. Any of Jack’s employees would have followed him off a cliff if he’d only asked. His charisma and sincerity made him an easy guy to look up to as a role model.

At home Jack was just as dedicated. He’d met his wife Diane in college and now twenty years later, they had two boys, Jack Jr. and Todd. Jack Jr. was a college freshman, and Todd was a high school senior, living with Jack and Diane in their beautiful home in one of the nicer neighborhoods. Jack worked long hours but still made time for his wife and kids. Diane was a research physicist at a nearby university, and between the two they juggled schedules to spend as much time together as a family as they could.

Jack showed up to work one day and walked into his office to find a young man sitting, waiting, in one of the guest chairs. He quickly examined the stranger as he walked towards his back and the young man started to turn towards him. A slight build, blonde stylishly-matted hair, maybe a bit of a fake tan. This guy didn’t seem at first glance like a candidate for any of the open positions on Jack’s team. He couldn’t imagine why his assistant Dave had sent the guy in.

“Hello,” Jack said, extending his hand as the young man stood and turned to make direct eye contact with him.

“Hi,” the young man said, not extending his hand back. Jack was unsettled. Such a lack of social graces couldn’t possibly befit a member of his team.

“Did Dave send you in? I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware you were going to be coming. I’m not even aware who you are, I’m embarrassed to say.”

“I’m here for you.”

“Excuse me? I don’t understand what you mean. Are you applying for a job?”

“No, I don’t need a job.”

“Oh. Then I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave. Who let you in, may I ask?”

The young man seemed unfazed by Jack’s questions, ignoring them and responding with unrelated questions of his own. But at this he paused, looked Jack directly in the eye—Jack averted his glance just a little, uncomfortable—and the boy asked him,

“Do you like pussy?”

“Excuse me? That’s not really appropriate. I’m going to have to ask you leave.”

“I want to know if you like pussy. Do you like it? Do you like fucking pussy?”

“Young man, I’m going to call the police.”

“Just tell me, it’s all I want to know. Tell me you like pussy.”

Jack was put off greatly but didn’t really know how to reply. He didn’t really have any security guards, but he could obviously overpower the kid. A bit concerned about getting sued for battery, he figured he was safe since the kid was breaking and entering, essentially. He walked over and grabbed the kid by his shoulders.

“Just tell me. Do you like pussy?”

Exasperated, Jack rolled his eyes. “Yes, OK? I love it. I love pussy. Now get the fuck out of my office.”

The boy smiled, just at the very corner of one side of his mouth. “Then you’re going to love my boypussy.”

Jack stood, confused, not even sure what to say. The young man just took Jack’s hands in his own, lifted them off of his shoulders so that he could turn around, and set them back down. Then he hooked his thumbs around the waist of his jeans and in one motion slid them down and arched his back so as Jack looked down he saw the boy wasn’t wearing any underwear. Jack was stunned, his thoughts still racing to catch up. Dumbly, he finally shook his head to clear his thoughts and just said,

“Your… your what?”

“Look at it.”

Jack was sure any moment he’d wake up, but what a peculiar dream. What was happening? His face wrinkled in perplexion, Jack shrugged and looked down, as the boy asked.

He couldn’t really see much more than the cleft of the boy’s ass. Briefly he considered why he even cared, why he was actually doing as the boy asked, but before he could follow that chain of logic very far, he knelt down to get a closer look.

As the boy arched his back, his cheeks parted and Jack, moving like a man underwater, slowly saw the smooth skin of the boy’s crack as the cheeks peeled apart. Just as he knelt fully into a squat, Jack saw, nestled deep between the boy’s pudgy ass-cheeks, his wrinkled, brown anus, pulsing as the boy clenched and unclenched his sphincter.

Jack furrowed his brow, as if intrigued, as if trying to get a better look. He was entranced. He’d never really seen another guy’s asshole, and for some reason he found it fascinating. Looking at the change in skin tone as it approached the boy’s hole, seeing how the pucker wrinkled up and squeezed together when the boy clenched, seeing the creamy smoothness of the kid’s ass-cheeks, Jack just knelt and stared dumbly like a man looking at one of the wonders of the world, head cocked to the side a bit, brow furrowed in concentration.

Finally, Jack’s concentration was broken as the boy twisted to turn and look down at Jack kneeling on the ground behind him, staring down over his shoulder. Jack turned his head up to meet the boy’s gaze.

“My boypussy needs to be fucked.”

Jack heard the words and immediately it dawned on him. Of course! That tight, wrinkled hole, that was what it was for, then. Fucking. Immediately Jack imagined bending the boy over his desk and shoving his cock into the boy’s inviting asshole.

But as soon as the image entered his head, Jack’s mind cleared just a little. What the fuck was going on? He was at work, trying to get work done, and this boy was in his office, wouldn’t say where he was from, and now Jack was on his knees behind the boy staring entranced at the kid’s asshole? This was fucked up. Something was wrong. Jack shook his head, trying to clear his mind from the strange, thick mental fog it seemed to be trapped in.

The boy saw Jack struggling, and the boy’s face clouded with concern and anger as he opened his mouth again and said,

“Fuck my boypussy, now”

Jack heard the words and then thought… wait, he’d lost his train of thought. What had he been thinking about? He blinked, confused, and then spotted the winking orifice right in front of his face. Of course! He’d been thinking about how much he wanted to fuck this kid’s boypussy. That was what that hole was there for.

The boy saw Jack regain his focus on his butthole, and the boy smiled a smile that didn’t look very nice. He kept talking, encouraging Jack.

“Come on, fuck it. I need my boypussy stuffed full of cock, I need it stuffed full of your cock. Stuff your big cock into my hungry boypussy.”

As the boy kept egging him on, Jack became more and more eager. Man, he couldn’t wait to fuck this kid’s hot boypussy. It was like just being near the boy made him hornier and hornier. Jack licked his lips. He was having a hard time thinking of anything but sex. He felt his cock swelling in his suit pants. What meetings did he have? That was much less fun to think about. He wanted to think about animal things, primal things, not boring work. Jack reached out and grabbed the boy by his hips, stood up, and pushed the boy over to his desk.

With one sweep of his arm Jack shoved his laptop and a bunch of work papers off his desk to make room for the nubile young boy. He shoved the kid face-down over the desk so his asshole was fully exposed. Then Jack unzipped his suit pants, reached in and fumbled with his briefs until he got his cock out. The hard organ flopped out, the head already dripping precum.

“Shove it in me, shove that cock in my hot, sticky boypussy. Fuck my hot boypussy, slam against my soft butt.”

Jack just nodded eagerly and started panting, blurting out whatever phrases entered his mind, now so consumed by lust all he could manage were grunts. “Oh yeah, fucking boypussy, so fucking hot,” he snorted, and with that he shoved his cock right into the boy’s hole.

The boy arched his back more and moaned as Jack’s precum-slick, rigid cock stabbed deep into his guts. Jack moaned aloud, his eyes wide open, the sensation unlike anything he’d ever felt.

“Oh, fuck, your fucking boypussy, that feels so fucking good!”

“Fuck me, pump my boypussy full, pump me full of your cum, fill my hungry boypussy with jizz, pump me so full it leaks out my hole!”

Jack’s face twisted into a look of hunger and aggression as he started violently pounding the boy’s ass with his cock. The boy started moaning as he slammed into the desk over and over, and finally Jack shouted aloud as he emptied the biggest load of cum of his life into the boy’s ass.

Jack collapsed down on top of the boy, his dick still shoved into his ass, and lay panting, his sweat-soaked button-down shirt against the boy’s t-shirt, his suit pants pressing against the boy’s soft, full ass. Jack caught his breath and then blinked a few times, the fog lifting slightly once again.

“Whoa,” Jack started, “What the fuck did I just do?”

He started looking around frantically to see if anyone had been watching, but the blinds were drawn and his door was still shut. He looked down at the boy and slowly, fearfully, drew his cock out of the boy’s asshole. It came out with a wet sucking noise and Jack noticed how hard he still was. The boy’s asshole was glistening, wet with globs of Jack’s semen. Jack stood, frozen with terror, unsure what had just happened and even more unsure what to do next.

The boy slowly stretched and then stood up, and turned to face Jack. This time when he made direct eye contact Jack didn’t avert his glance. Jack noticed, now actually looking directly at the boy he didn’t know at all but had just savagely fucked, the boy’s eyes didn’t quite seem to focus, like he was looking through Jack instead of at him, off in the distance somewhere. The kid’s eyes had a pleading, craving look to them, an intensity to them that spoke of a desperate hunger, but oddly, there wasn’t really much else there. Jack stared, fascinated. It was like staring at something inhuman, like making eye contact with an animal at the zoo.

Then the boy smiled the same smile, not very pleasant looking. It made Jack’s skin crawl, made his fear even stronger.

“Thanks for fucking my boypussy, mister,” the boy said, “I’ll see you soon. I can’t wait to meet the others. I’ll bring my friends.”

“What are you talking about? What just happened? I don’t understand what’s happening,” Jack began, stammering.

“Don’t worry,” the boy said, still vacantly staring, a trickle of drool now running out of the corner of his wicked smile, “It doesn’t take long.”

“What doesn’t take long?” Jack asked, but the boy just pulled up his pants and walked out.

Shaken, Jack finished out his work day, unable to really reconcile what had happened. He was nervous, skittish, but too afraid to ask if anyone else had seen the boy or knew what was happening. At some point he just decided to pretend it never happened. It didn’t seem like a great solution, but it was all he could come up with. He drove home, with a lingering sense of dread, but when he pulled into his driveway and went into his house everything was exactly as it always was.

“Hey, Todd,” Jack called out.

“Hey Dad!” Todd called down from somewhere upstairs, “Mom said to say she’s stuck at work and is probably going to be home late and not to wait up.”

“OK, sounds good!”

Jack went into the kitchen, opened a beer to steady his nerves a bit, and read the newspaper. A few minutes later he heard Todd stomping down the stairs and his son walked into the kitchen. Jack kept reading the newspaper, only looking up when he felt his son walk right by him and stand at the bar right next to where Jack was sitting.

Todd was wearing just a pair of gym shorts and no shirt, scarfing down a bowl of cereal. Jack noticed his son’s sculpted 18-year-old physique, his abs still visible even as his son stood hunched over the bar, visible muscle definition across his strong back. Then Jack leaned back and caught a glimpse of his son’s ass, framed by the thin, shiny gym short material draped over it, the two firm globes of Todd’s ass clearly defined against the shorts. Jack’s breath caught in his throat, and then he opened his mouth and quietly whispered to nobody in particular.


“What, Dad?” Todd turned, looking at his father, curious.

Jack felt his cock stir in his pants and to his utter horror it began to stiffen as he stared at his son’s ass. He couldn’t help himself as he started checking—no underwear outline visible, so probably Todd wasn’t wearing anything underneath the shorts. Probably, Jack thought, if he yanked the shorts down, he’d be able to catch a glimpse of his son’s boypussy. Even just thinking the word made Jack’s cock swell even faster. Boypussy. Boypussy. Jack was breathing hard, now, his eyes staring towards his son’s ass but now a bit defocused. In his head the word kept echoing. Boypussy. Boypussy. Boypussy. His son had a hot boypussy, and he needed it. Jack needed Todd’s boypussy.

All the ethical implications never really entered Jack’s mind. Any considerations he was aware of were logistical. Could he overpower his son? Probably, since Todd wouldn’t expect it. If he didn’t get his cock in Todd’s boypussy fast, though, Todd would probably be able to fight his way out. Jack would have to use the element of surprise to its fullest.

It didn’t really occur to Jack that there was anything wrong with the notion of raping his son’s ass over the kitchen breakfast bar. It wasn’t that he thought it was OK. He just didn’t consider the issue at all. Something in his head needed it, and the need, that driving need for boypussy preempted any thoughts but how to get it.

“Dad?” Todd broke Jack’s trance ever so slightly. His father’s eyes darted nervously up from—what was he doing? It looked like his dad was staring at his ass. That didn’t make any sense. Anyway, his dad was now looking at him. But something seemed wrong, slightly off. “Dad? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, son, I’m fine.” Todd relaxed a bit as his dad smiled. “Sorry, had a tiring day. I’m a little out of it.”

Todd nodded, “Yeah? What happened?”

As Todd was uttering those words, his dad leapt to sudden action. Todd didn’t have time to react as his dad grabbed his shorts and yanked them down. As Jack suspected, Todd was naked underneath. Jack smiled—it wasn’t a particularly pleasant-looking smile—as he saw Todd’s boypussy hole involuntarily clench as the air hit it.

“DAD! WHAT THE FUCK?” Todd swung around but only managed to knock his cereal bowl off the counter. Milk splashed everywhere and the bowl shattered on the ground, and as Todd looked down reflexively to try to catch it, Jack seized the opportunity and grabbed his son in a bear hug right around his waist and tackled him forward, onto the bar. Jack had already undone his fly, and he slipped his wet, hard cock out of the open zipper and slammed his pelvis forward, stabbing his rigid cock at his boy’s clenched hole.

“WHAT THE FUCK? RAPE!! DAD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? RAPE!!” Todd was screaming nearly randomly, in complete shock, as he felt his dad’s weight on top of him, preventing him from getting up, and felt something pressing, hard, against his asshole.

As Jack continued his assault on his son’s ass, attempting to force his cock into his son’s tight hole, he started talking to his incoherent, screaming son.

“This is your boypussy, son, your boypussy. I need it, I need your boypussy so bad, and don’t worry, you’re going to love it. Boypussy is the best, it’s the best, you’ll love having your boypussy stuffed full.”

Todd started shaking in confusion and terror at his dad’s words. “Dad, what the fuck are you talking about? Get off me! Boypussy? Are you some kind of fag, Dad? Get off me, you fucking faggot rapist! That’s disgusting!”

Just then, Jack made one final brutal thrust and his cock head managed to slip into his son’s fiercely clenched hole. Todd screamed in agony as it pushed past his sphincters.


“Relax and let me in, Todd, let me in your boypussy. This is what it’s for, your boypussy is here for me to fuck.”

As his cock bottomed out in his son’s unwilling ass, Jack kept speaking soothingly to his boy, who continued to struggle. But after a few strokes of his cock, Jack couldn’t help but notice the struggling was decidedly weaker.

Todd was focused entirely on the white-hot pain in his asshole as his dad brutally raped him, but also noticed that after his dad’s cock slid in and out a few times, something was changing. It didn’t hurt as much anymore. In fact, Todd noticed, confused, it kind of felt good. It actually started to feel really good. Really, really good. Something inside him felt his dad’s cock in his ass and felt fulfilled, felt whole. Todd’s screams turned to raspy, panting breaths as he started to move with his dad, started to grind his ass back against his dad’s pelvis in time with his father’s thrusts.

“What’d you call it, dad? My boypussy?”

Jack heard the word come out of his son’s mouth and he moaned aloud as his cock swelled even fuller in his boy’s hole. “Yeah, ooh, yeah, Todd, your boypussy. It’s so hot inside your boypussy, you’ve got such a nice one.”

As his father spoke the word over and over, Todd found his cock was growing rock hard against the cold marble of the kitchen bar, precum lubricating it so with every one of his dad’s thrusts into his ass, Todd’s cock slid forward and back on the bar, making it even harder.

“Ooh, yeah, dad, my boypussy. I don’t know why you’ve never fucked my boypussy before. Now I understand, it’s always been so empty. It feels so good filled up like this.” Todd was getting really into it and started getting dirtier. “Yeah, dad, breed my hole, fuck my boypussy-hole, fill it up with that baby batter. Pump me full of that juice you used to make me, dad, fill up my boypussy with your cream.”

Jack was moaning aloud at this point, rutting like an animal in heat as his boy lay naked beneath him, splayed over the kitchen counter, begging and encouraging him to do his worst, to rape him harder and harder. Finally after pounding him for a solid half hour, Jack moaned even louder, grabbed his son Todd by the hip bones and pulled him back, just like an object, a depository, a thing to fuck, and held him there while he unloaded a giant load of cum into his son’s boypussy.

Afterwards, Jack felt just an instant of remorse and doubt, but it was replaced by a stronger sense of fulfillment and the knowledge that he’d be hungry again before too long.

Todd rolled over on the counter, staring up at his dad, his eyes wide and his mouth open.

“Dad, what… what just happened?”

Jack hefted his son’s legs up over his own shoulders without pulling his still-hard cock out of his son’s ass. He looked at his son, but he wasn’t really looking at him, he realized. His mind was somewhere else. He stared into his son’s eyes but was absent all the while, feeling the hunger inside him growing stronger.

“I just fucked your hot little boypussy, Todd. And I’m going to keep doing it over and over and you’re going to let me.”

Todd’s doubt and fear faded, replaced by the sound of his dad’s words, especially that word—boypussy—ringing in his ears, and an awareness of his dad’s cock still stretching his hole—no, his boypussy—open. Todd felt the blood pulsing in his sphincters as they stretched open around his dad’s cock, and he felt his own cock stiffen, pointing straight into the air.

Jack leaned forward, smiling that wicked smile, and pressed his lips against his son’s still-open mouth. As he did, it was as if Todd snapped out of a trance. The two began furiously kissing, tonguing, groping one another, and soon Jack was thrusting into and out of his son’s ass again. Every time he pulled his cock out, it was coated in some cum from his last load, and it trickled down Todd’s crack and pooled at his lower back and dripped onto the bar and floor. Jack finished off by firing another large load into his son’s butthole, and he slipped his dick out of his son’s now wide-open, sloppy boypussy, and they finished making out.

Later that night after fucking several more times, the two heard the garage door open and looked at each other with fear.

“We can’t tell mom,” Todd said, “We can’t let her find out.” His eyes looked a bit glazed, defocused, vacant, and his mouth hung open, head tilted to the side ever so slightly. Jack thought it made him look kind of brainless, a bit like a dumb animal, and that made him hard all over again, but he knew Todd was right.

“We can pretend,” Jack said, “It’ll be hard but we can pretend until we figure out something better.”

“OK, get up at 1am to go to the bathroom, OK, Dad? I’ll meet you in the bathroom. My boypussy’s going to need it by then, bad.”

Jack smiled and gave his son’s cock a squeeze. “OK, Todd.” The two exchanged a long kiss as Jack fingered Todd’s hole a bit. As the side door opened and Diane called out her return, Todd hopped up, pulled up his now-soiled shorts, and Jack licked his fingers, and the two walked up out of the basement, smiling.

“Hey, guys,” Diane said, happily, “Did you eat?” She shook her head. “Leave you boys to your own devices, you’d starve to death.” She rolled her eyes and turned to the fridge. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix something up. How was your day, you two?”

Todd giggled. Jack smiled. “Great, honey. It was great.”

A couple weeks later, Jack Jr. was back visiting from college. Jack and Todd had kept their animal fucking a secret successfully from Diane, mostly because she was so disinclined to ever suspect that her husband and son would be having sex with each other. As it was, she just thought Jack maybe had a urinary tract infection or something. He sure seemed to go to the bathroom a lot at night.

Jack was really meeting Todd there five times a night where he’d strip, then yank off his son’s shorts, sit down on the toilet and Todd would ride him, facing him, Jack enjoying his son’s firm, muscular body as Todd bounced up and down on his dad’s lap, his dad’s cock spearing him right in his increasingly-elastic boypussy.

“Dad,” Todd whispered hoarsely in his father’s ear while riding his cock like a mechanical bull, “It’s like I need it. It’s like I feel empty when your cock isn’t in my boypussy. Every time you fuck me it feels so good, but then it’s even worse afterwards. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t think about anything else anymore. I just spend all day rubbing my butt and stroking my boypussy when nobody’s looking. Sometimes I go to the bathroom at school so I can finger my boypussy to make it feel better for a while.”

“That makes me even harder, son,” Jack said, “All I think about is your boypussy now, too. That’s why you have a boypussy. It’s the part of you put there for men to fuck. That’s why you feel so good when something’s in it, because that’s what your boypussy is for. Just like my cock feels good when it’s up there, because my cock is for fucking hot boypussies.”

“Oh God, Dad, I love it when you fill me up. Are we going to get Jack junior to do this too?”

Jack just grinned, menacingly. “You know how you resisted at first? And I had to make you understand the hunger?”

“Yeah, I remember that. I was so scared, I didn’t want you to rape me back then. Now I know that’s what my boypussy is for, getting raped hard by big hot cocks.”

“I think it’s time to wake your brother up with a little surprise.”

Jack and Todd crept into Jack Jr.’s room and carefully shut the door. The big 20-year-old college stud was sleeping on his back, snoring loudly, wearing just a pair of gym shorts and a tank top.

When they saw him, Jack and Todd’s eyes went a bit glassy and they started to drool from their mouths. They slowly crept over to him, breathing heavily, their faces masks of desperate hunger.

Todd laid his hand gently on top of Jack Jr.’s shorts and started rubbing his brother’s soft cock through the sheer material. Jack Jr. made soft whimpering noises but stayed deep asleep as his cock started stiffening and swelling inside his shorts. Todd smiled, a mean smile, and slowly climbed onto the bed on top of his brother, still only touching him with the one hand stroking his now-very-rigid cock.

Todd smiled as he daintily slipped his hands beneath his brother’s shorts waistband and slid them ever so slowly down his big, hairy legs. Jack grinned and helped Todd slide them down as far as they could, to just over his knees.

Then Todd and Jack exchanged glances and nodded. In unison, Todd straddled Jack Jr. as Jack gently slid his son’s torso down to the end of the bed so his ass was right on the edge. Jack Jr. started to stir as he felt himself slide down the bed, and he mumbled his confusion aloud.

“Wha—what? Whass goin on?”

At that, Todd and Jack moved quickly. Todd smiled wide and menacing as he held his brother’s hard cock on one hand and sat down on it. Jack Jr. let out a yelp as he felt his cock squeezed suddenly, and he tried to sit up in bed. But Todd pushed him down with his other hand on his brother’s chest and then leaned forward and pressed his lips against his brother’s mouth to stop him from yelling.

Jack Jr. managed a muffled scream before Todd got his tongue into his mouth, and at that moment Jack lifted his son’s legs up, his son’s sweaty gym shorts pressing against his face as he stepped in and drove his dripping, hard cock right into his 20-year-old son’s asshole.

Jack Jr. started screaming but Todd’s mouth managed to muffle most of it. And it didn’t last long, anyway.

Jack Jr. was still disoriented when he felt his cock squeezed hard, and knew something was wrong when he looked up and only saw his brother, naked on top of him, but he couldn’t really tell what was happening. But then he saw his dad standing behind his brother, and felt something tear his asshole wide open and was wide awake instantly.

His brother was humping his ass up and down his hard cock while his dad ass-raped him!! Jack Jr. was horrified. It must be a dream, he thought. This is a horrible nightmare. Then he felt Todd’s lips against his and tried to free himself, but was still groggy and couldn’t move with enough coordination to get away.

But then he felt the joint rhythm of his brother sliding his hole up and down his hard cock and his dad slamming his big dick into his hole. It was weird, they were moving in tandem, in perfect time. And Jack Jr. felt his whole crotch being enveloped by his brother and dad’s groins and realized how good it felt. How great it felt that his dad was raping his asshole, and in fact how much hotter it made it that it was his own dad. Jack Jr. started grinning and clenching his asshole in time with his dad’s thrusts. Then he realized how hot it felt sliding his dick into his younger brother’s hole, and he reached up and grabbed Todd by the hips so he could pound him harder. And then he realized how much hotter it was to be making out with his own brother while fucking him, so he pressed his mouth against Todd’s and started sucking and licking and shoving his tongue as far into his brother’s mouth as he could.

Todd and Jack knew when Jack Jr. had come over, so they both grinned and everyone really got into the threesome, Jack pounding his son’s hot boypussy hole, Jack Jr. taking it like a champ and sliding his big dick into and out of his younger brother’s slippery boypussy hole, and Todd riding Jack Jr. like a whore and sucking his brother’s face.

Finally Todd lifted his face up off Jack Jr.’s, and Jack Jr. gasped aloud for breath and then whispered, hoarsely,

“FUCK, this is so hot!! Why didn’t we ever do this before?”

“Because I didn’t know how hot your boypussy was, son,” Jack replied.

“And because I didn’t know how good your cock would feel up my boypussy!” chimed in Todd.

“Mmm,” Jack Jr. thought it over, “Boypussy, eh? Yeah, that’s fucking hot. Yeah, dad, fuck my boypussy while I fuck Todd’s boypussy. There’s enough for everyone. Yeah, Todd, ride me like a slut, I want to feel that boypussy milking my pole.”

The three of them ground against each other, fucking like wild animals for the next half hour.

Then, suddenly, the lights turned on. All three of them froze and turned to see Diane, standing in the doorway, eyes wide with shock, frozen in place.

“What… What is going on?” Diane asked, shaking her head in disbelief and total shock.

Jack scowled, but thought quickly. “Todd, show mom your boypussy.”

“What? Dad, her?”

“What did you just say, Jack? Show me what? What the fuck are you doing?”

“Just do it, Todd!”

Todd, eyes and face utterly vacant, lifted himself off his brother’s cock, cum dripping out of his asshole, and squatted, exposing his ass to his mother. Diane froze mid-sentence and started walking, very slowly, towards Todd.

“What in the-why is this so fascinating?” Diane wondered aloud.

“Dad, how did you know that would work?”

“I didn’t, but I figured it was worth a shot.”

“But dad, we don’t need her—she doesn’t have a cock to fuck my boypussy with, what good is she?”

“No, you’re right, she’s no good, we don’t need her. But we can’t let her stay around now that she knows. She might tell someone. She might try to stop it.”

Todd, Jack, and Jack Jr. exchanged knowing, if defocused and desperate, glances. Todd grinned. It was not a pleasant grin.

“Hey, mom, why don’t you get a nice close look at my boypussy?”

“Why can’t I move away? Why am I staring at your asshole?”

“My boypussy, mom, it’s my boypussy. See how it’s all stretched open? That was Jack Jr.’s cock. See how it’s dripping? That’s his cum, mom.”

“This is so awful, I want to look away, but I can’t. Why are you doing this? How are you doing this?”

“Why don’t you get even closer, mom? In fact, why don’t you lie down on the bed so I can show you up nice and close?”

Diane, as if sleepwalking, climbed slowly onto the bed and laid down next to Jack Jr. Todd moved so his dripping boypussy was hovering right over her face. A droplet of Jack Jr.’s jizz fell right onto her face, and still she laid still on the bed.

“Time to get to know my boypussy really well, mom.” Todd grinned wider and meaner as he dropped right down onto his mother’s face, his ass completely enveloping her mouth and nose.

At first Diane was still immobilized by the sight of her son’s ass, but soon she started running out of air and it broke her from her trance. Todd sat down hard on his mother’s face as she started struggling, then thrashing. Jack and Jack Jr. grinned along with Todd as they held her arms. Her muffled screams were barely audible in the same room, so none of them gave them any care. Jack even just laughed.

“Oh yeah, mom, it feels fucking hot having you rubbing against my boypussy like that. Too bad we can’t let you live.”

Todd’s face twisted into a maniacal grin as Diane’s movements slowed and finally stopped.

“Oh my God,” Jack said, “You just smothered mom to death with your hot fucking boypussy. That was so hot to watch, it makes me want to fuck that hot boypussy so hard.”

Todd grinned and hopped off his mother’s lifeless body. “Come on, dad, I want it harder than ever before.”

Jack Jr. stared, drooling, as his dad plowed his younger brother right in the asshole. Over and over he slammed him until he shot a load deep inside Todd’s guts.

Afterwards, they disposed of Diane’s body. None of them even discussed what had happened or had the slightest sense of remorse or regret for the death of the boys’ mother and Jack’s wife. All they could think about was boypussy. Boypussy. Boypussy. Todd wanted his plowed. Jack Jr. wanted his stuffed full and wanted to shove his cock in another. Jack just wanted to feel his cock enveloped in it, in the soft moist velvetine grip of a hot boy’s rectum.

The next day, Todd went to school, showed up at Exeter Boys’ Academy, and struggled to focus during his classes, or at least not to give in and start fingering his boypussy hole right in the middle of any class. He excused himself several times during the day to finger himself off in the bathroom, he was so horny. By the end of the day he was desperate for a real man to play with his boypussy. He showed up to swim team practice and was in the locker room surrounded by all the other hot boys and was boned up, hard, considering begging one of them to fuck him in his hot, hungry boypussy. But then he had a better idea.

He changed into his tight little Speedo and sauntered his way into the coach’s office.

“Hey, Todd, what’s up?” Coach asked, without even looking up.

“Um, Coach, I have a problem…” Todd started.

“Oh yeah? What’s wrong?”

“I was hoping you could look at this for me and tell me if it’s normal.” Todd tugged on his Speedo to wedge it into his crack as he spoke, and then turned around.

“What? Todd, are you joking? Pull that out of your crack.”

“Oh, I tried, but I can’t, Coach. It’s wedged in there good. Wedged in my boypussy.”

“Todd, what is this, some kind of joke? What did you just say?”

“I said it’s wedged in my boypussy, Coach. Do you like pussy, Coach?”

The Coach, at this point, was sitting still, staring, looking a bit spacey, at Todd’s ass.

“Uh, what?”

“Do you like pussy, Coach? Do you like fucking it? Do you like fucking pussy?”

“Uh, I like pussy, yeah, Todd. I like it, I really mostly like eating it.” As the words came out, Coach flinched with shock, unsure why he’d just spoke them.

“Oooh, Coach, I bet you’ll love eating my boypussy, then.”

Coach’s eyes widened as Todd spoke and his mouth dropped open. “Um, your boypussy? You want me to… you want me to eat your boypussy?”

“Yeah, Coach, here,” Todd said, and he hooked his thumbs around his Speedo and slid it down. Coach’s eyes went even wider as he saw between Todd’s ample butt-cheeks as he bent forward to slip his Speedo down, his cheeks spreading and his tight puckered hole visible.

“Oh, God, Todd, your boypussy, it’s so hot. I’ve never eaten a boypussy before, just normal pussy.”

“You’re really in for a treat, then, Coach. It’s much better to eat boypussy than normal pussy. Normal pussy is gross, but boypussy smells just like a boy’s pussy should, like a nice boy’s butt hole, and it tastes so good. You’re going to love tonguing and eating my boypussy hole. Try and see.”

Coach reached forward and grabbed Todd’s butt-cheeks in his hands and gently drew the boy back by his ass against Coach’s face. As his hole neared the Coach’s mouth, Todd smiled a mean smile and stretched his lower back even more, spreading his cheeks wide to give the Coach maximum access.

Coach’s face had taken on a new look, a kind of desperate zeal, and as the boy’s ass approached his face he grinned a wide grin and stuck his tongue all the way out. The tip of it made contact with Todd’s tight, puckered anus, and Coach moaned aloud as it did. He continued, sinking his tongue right into Todd’s willing, hot boypussy hole until his tongue was completely enveloped in the wrinkled rectum and Coach’s lips were pressed against his hole, as if French kissing Todd’s anus. Coach went wild, grunting and licking and slurping at the boy’s boypussy, and Todd was in Heaven, egging him on.

“Ooh, yeah, Coach, lick that boypussy, get it nice and clean. Lick it good, make it feel good inside. Get that tongue deep inside my hot boypussy. You need it, you love it. Eating boypussy is all you ever want to do.”

Eventually Coach had eaten his fill, Todd’s boypussy was sparkling clean inside and out and dripping with Coach’s saliva, and Coach’s face smelled like a high-school boy’s ass.

“Send the rest of them in, one by one,” Coach ordered, in a daze. Todd smiled, knowing soon he’d have plenty of playmates.

Todd went back to the locker room and told them each, one by one, that Coach had asked to see them. First he sent in Danny.

“Coach wants to see you, Danny.”

“What for?”

“Didn’t say.”

“Are you OK, Todd? You look kinda funny.”

“You should go in to see Coach, Danny.”

Danny was concerned. Something seemed wrong with Todd. He went into the Coach’s office and mentioned it.

“Coach, Todd said you wanted to see me, but he seems kind of… funny.”

“What’s funny about him, Danny?” Coach asked, staring at the boy with hungry eyes. It wasn’t lost on Danny. He shied away from the Coach who stood up from his chair and walked towards him, grinning.

“Uh, Coach… Uh, what’s with your…” Danny was staring at the Coach’s crotch, where his gym shorts were tented out with an obvious, massive erection.

“What? Danny, that’s nothing. Why don’t you come over here?”

“No, that’s OK, Coach, I think I have to go.”

Coach lunged for the door as Danny went to open it, slamming it shut and grabbing the boy by the wrist with his other hand.

“LET GO!! HELP!!!” Danny began to shout, terrified of his Coach, formerly a kind and thoughtful man but now seemingly a deranged maniac.

“Shut up, Danny!” Coach clamped his hand over the boy’s mouth. Danny tried to struggle but was helpless against the older, much stronger man. Behind Coach’s hand, Danny screamed, but it was so muffled there was no hope anyone would hear.

“Ooh, Danny, look at this hot body of yours. How did I work with this hot body for so many years without enjoying it? Look at that wet, hot bathing Speedo. Look how it cups your hot butt so well. Lemme feel it—ooh, yeah, feel that hot butt-flesh covered by the nice, smooth lycra.”

Danny was struggling, and began to cry as he felt the older man’s big, strong arms clutching him close, holding his mouth shut, and also groping his young body lewdly, feeling and squeezing his butt cheeks like Danny felt his girlfriend’s tits. Only this wasn’t his girlfriend, this was his Coach. And these weren’t tits. This was Danny’s ass.

“I’m gonna get me a taste of that boypussy, Danny. I want what’s nestled between these big hot butt-cheeks of yours.”

With that, Coach slid Danny’s Speedo down, pinning the boy’s legs together, and shoved him forward so he tripped and fell over the Coach’s desk. Danny cried out, first in surprise, but then in shock as he felt the Coach’s stubbled face pressing into his ass-crack.

But then Danny felt the Coach’s tongue swipe up over his asshole, and he thought, that really felt good. It felt hot, way hotter than squeezing his girlfriend’s tits. In fact, as the Coach licked his asshole, Danny had more and more trouble even remembering what his girlfriend looked like. Or imagining ever wanting to touch her tits again. And then the Coach started wiggling the tip of his tongue up against Danny’s shit-chute and as Danny felt Coach’s tongue pressing his wrinkled tight asshole open and beginning to fill him up inside, Danny realized how hard his own cock was, and how hot and nasty it was having Coach tonguing out his ass.

“What’d you say you were doing, Coach? You wanted to taste my… my boypussy?” Something about the word had an electric effect on Danny, even as he said it, his cock throbbed and leaked precum. “Ooooh, fuck, Coach, my boypussy, boypussy, boypussy,” Danny kept saying it, pumping his pelvis in time with the word, grinding it back against Coach’s scratchy face and sliding his slippery cock back and forth across the desk as he did, “Yeah, it feels so fucking good having you eating out my boypussy, Coach. Keep on eating, eat it out, yeah, fuck, fill my boypussy up with your hungry tongue!”

After his turn, Danny stumbled out with his Speedo up but visibly tented out by his hard, dripping cock, and he sent the next boy in, who was even more concerned than Danny had been. As the door shut, Danny immediately heard a yell and a series of loud thumps, and he just kept walking away from Coach’s office, his face widening into a mean grin, his eyes defocusing, his breathing ragged.

Each of the high school boys went, clad only in a Speedo, into the Coach’s office. Each came back fifteen minutes later. When each boy returned, his eyes were a bit glazed, staring off in the distance. His mouth hung open loosely. He looked vacant, a bit stupid. But he looked hungry, too. Todd, Danny, and the rest just smiled a mean smile.

When the last boy had gone and come back, the Coach came with him. “Team, I think you’ll agree with me,” he said, his face stinking like a used toilet, “That there’s too much hot, wet, Speedo-clad boypussy on this team to waste all this time with you guys just swimming in the water.”

The whole team began moaning and gyrating.

“I want to see each of you eating another boy’s pussy out, and good.”

They went to work, the whole swim team, like a horde of starving zombies hungry for other boy’s butts. Speedos immediately lay torn on the ground and the boys were all naked, bent over, wrapped around each other, faces in asses, licking and slurping and sucking at each other’s butts. Coach just watched and smiled.

“Yeah, I want to see you really eat each other out. Hot fucking boypussy, look at that. We’re never swimming again. You hot little fuckers are coming in here every day to put those hot boypussies to good use.”

The next day all the swimmer boys showed up, disheveled and looking quite tired, for class. It didn’t take long before each teacher got nice, close-up view of at least one of the swimmers’ tight boypussies, and it went straight from there to outright debauchery.

By the end of the day, every teacher had one of his boys bent over his desk, his uniform belt undone, uniform trousers slipped down far enough to expose his smooth, hot boypussy, his starched shirt and tie rumpled as the teacher, pants around ankles, fucked his brains out, moaning aloud, cum dripping everywhere. And through the rest of the classroom, the other boys who weren’t currently getting fucked by the teacher were groping each other, fingering each other’s holes, tonguing each other out. Some of the older, bigger boys were even taking turns bending some of the smaller, more effeminate ones over the school desks and fucking their boypussies, too.

There was a line of cute boys out the door of the principal’s office, and through the window of his office, he could be seen fucking one redhead’s boypussy with reckless abandon while another stood on his desk, bent over, the principal’s face buried between his spread cheeks.

It had only taken 2 days for the affliction to wash over Exeter Boys’ Academy, and now it was a lost cause. The whole building was overrun with horny boys begging to get their boypussies eaten and fucked, and the whole staff were hooked, overwhelmed, desperate to eat and fuck the students’ hot boypussies as they wished.

Some of the boys boarded at the school, but many of them, like Todd, lived at home. And at night, when they went home, they knew what they had to do.

One of the boys’ dads picked him up in his new Lexus SUV. Through the open window as the two drove off, a nearby boy smiled wickedly as he overheard:

“Hey, Dad, do you know what you’re eating for dinner?”

“I don’t know—I haven’t talked to Mom yet.”

“Mom’s got nothing to do with it. Here, look down here.”

Not 200 yards away the SUV screeched to a frantic halt against the side of the road.

None of the families of the Exeter boys would ever be the same.

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