Crazy Week: Friday

By Hypnothrill -
published May 26, 2017
924 words
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With these strange storms every night, it’s been a crazy week on campus. Good thing Bret’s still normal…


Bret’s eyes snapped open suddenly when he heard the-… beeping. The beeping? He looked at the alarm clock. It was blinking “8:30”. He stretched. Had he only slept for a half hour? He looked outside. The sun was shining. He had woken up to his morning alarm.

“Rise and shine, campers,” Marcus called out merrily. “Oh what a beautiful moooooarning,” he began. Bret chuckled and rolled out of bed, punching Marcus lightly on the shoulder. His roommate punched him back. “Don’t you look a million times better after a good night’s sleep, huh?”

“So, ya ready for morning exercises?” Marcus grinned.

“You know it, dude!” Bret shouted back, as he jumped up and headed for his dresser. “Hey… that’s weird, he grimaced as he sifted through a pile of cloth, “My dildos and lube aren’t there! It’s just this…junk!”

“Don’t worry about it, man,” Marcus told him as he opened his own drawer and pulled out two large dildos and a tube of lube, “You can borrow some of mine.”

“Thanks, dude! You’re…uhhh…” Bret grunted as he worked the thick dildo into his tight young hole, “…ahhh…real pal, you…uh…know that, Marcus”

But Marcus didn’t respond—he’d started reciting his lessons as he worked the dildo in and out, in and out, and stroked his big hard cock up and down, up and down. “Nothing to worry about…” he murmured, “…just need to have fun…fun being fucked…fun sucking cock…fun stroking cock…fun being being stroked…learn to have fun…a good night’s sleep helps you learn…”

And soon Bret stood beside him, working the dildo in and out, stroking his big hard cock up and down, up and down, in the same rhythm, repeating these words in unison: “…fun sucking cock…fun stroking cock…”

Later, in the showers, as Marcus knelt down to shave his balls, Bret remarked, “Y’know, I love morning exercises. They really…loosen a guy up, you know?”

Marcus nodded sagely, “Yeah, man, they get you ready for a new day. Let you know you’re gonna have fun.” Both men’s cocks twitched at this last word.

Josh stood beside the breakfast table and waved to him sunnily as he approached. He looked great, his hard dick waving in the air, its head slick with pre and glistening in the morning sunlight. “Morning, buddy.” Josh gave him a little hug, and grabbed his balls gently with one hand. Then with the other, he pulled his foreskin back and ran his fingers back and forth along his soft cock. “How’d you sleep?”

“Like a log!” Bret replied, smiling. “All night!”

“Me too!” Josh laughed. “I can’t believe how much better I feel! A good night’s sleep really does help you learn better!” He leaned forward to put his mouth around the bare head of Bret’s hardening penis, swirling his tongue around the tip and giving it a playful suck.

“You can say that again,” he agreed, feeling his cock stiffen in Josh’s mouth. “I can’t remember the last time I felt so good.”

Josh let out a hearty laugh and stood up, massaging Bret’s balls in his hand, then turned and leaned over the breakfast table. Bret could see his buddy’s tight young asshole winking back at him. He reached back and grabbed his fully erect cock, jacked it once, and guided it between the firm twin globes of Josh’s ass and into his hole. “I really appreciate your being there for me this week, you know,” Josh said as Bret slid his cock into his buddy’s tight hole. “I don’t know if I could have made it through all that craziness without another normal person being around. But now that everything’s back to normal, I’m so glad you were there to help me through. Everything feels so much better now. Everything feels so much better now. Everything feels so much better now.”

Bret nodded as he watched his large erection thrust in and out, in and out between his thighs. “Everything is better now. Everything is better now. Everything is better now.” He got a warm jolt of pleasure in his cock every time he said it.

Simon walked up beside them, smiling absently, his cock bouncing gently. “Oh, hey guys!”

Bret, still fucking Josh over the table, turned his head to look at him. “Hey Simon!”

“You look like you slept too!” Josh said as he bounced against Bret’s rigid cock.

Simon just smiled as he pulled a chair next to Bret and stood on the seat so his cock and balls were at Bret’s eye level. That’s thoughtful of him, Bret thought. Now I can reach him while my cock is still sliding in and out of Josh’s ass. He turned toward Simon and took his soft cock in his mouth, licking Simon’s balls with his tongue. Bret smiled as he felt the cock get bigger in his mouth while he sucked it. Josh had gone back to chanting, and squeezed Bret’s cock with his hot, tight ass each time. Bret just let his mind focus on his words and relaxed as the warm rods of pleasure from his cock shot through his whole body. It had been one crazy week, but now he just couldn’t be happier that everything was finally back to normal.

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