By BikeSubIrl
published March 6, 2020
3440 words

Matt gets far more than he reckoned after attending a hypnosis show

This is my first story so please be gentle with the comments - Hopefully I’ll improve as I post more of them. I’ll leave it up to your imagination to work out what happens after the story ends.

Hypnosis was one of my favourite topics and I would watch any programme about it. Of all of the shows I watched though, Michael Adams was definitely my favourite hypnotist. For one thing he seemed to really enjoy the power his skills gave him over other people. But another thing was that in a lot of his shows he wore a long black leather coat and a pair of black gloves. It seemed clear to me that he was aware of the power that radiated from both items of clothing and relished it, and let’s be honest I relished it as well.

So when the opportunity to go and see one of his outdoor shows came along I jumped at the chance. It was being filmed for television and being late in the year I was in no doubt that Adams would be wearing his trademark coat and gloves. I had ensured I had an excellent ticket near the front of the stage and I wasn’t disappointed with the event. He was in great form and it seemed so obvious to me how he reveled in his control over his subjects. In one trick he placed a gloved hand over one man’s mouth and through the power of suggestion prevented the man from saying anything until he gave a specific command. I watched this trick closely and knew it would form part of my fantasies for a while to come.

I was one of the last to leave when the show ended mainly because I just wanted to sit and remember it thoroughly. But just as I got to the entrance I noticed that I had dropped one of my own gloves. By the time I got back to where I had been seated the place was empty apart from a few people clearing the stage. It was almost completely dark and I had some trouble locating my glove.

I was just about to give up when somebody walked over to me and said: “Are you looking for something?” I turned around to explain and suddenly realised I was face to face with Michael Adams himself. “Oh wow!” I said before I could help myself. Adams smiled. Clearly he liked the reaction he saw in my face. I realised I hadn’t answered the question. “I dropped one of my gloves when I was leaving. I was sitting here so I thought it might be somewhere around here.” Adams nodded slightly and I suddenly observed that he was still wearing the long leather coat and gloves. “That’s a pain,” he said, holding his tight gloved hands in front of him and flexing them. “I’d hate to lose one of my gloves.”

I sensed an opening in the remark. For a second I was unsure what to do but then I decided to follow it. “Yeah,” I said. “It’s my favourite pair as well. They are made from really good quality leather. I paid quite a lot for them. That’s why I do want to find it.” Adams smiled again and said. “Well we will just have to make sure we find it for you.”

He called over an attendant and asked him to get a torch for the search. The man disappeared. By now there was nobody else around. Adams sat down in one of the chairs and put his left foot over his right knee relaxing. Having nothing else to do I sat down beside him a few seats away trying not to be completely overawed and also telling myself not to make a complete idiot of myself. This was potentially a once in a lifetime chance to talk to him and for so many reasons I wanted to make a good impression.

I suddenly noticed that he was also wearing a very stylish pair of side zip boots and I decided to fill the silence. “I like your boots,” I said. He glanced at me and smiled. “Thanks,” he replied. “I like them as well”. He seemed to be waiting for me to say something else so I kept on going. “I know it sounds kind of sycophantic but I really enjoyed the show. You have an amazing gift”.

Adams turned to face me staring intently. I was slightly taken aback by it. Then he smiled and I found myself smiling back. “Thanks,” he said. “What was your favourite part?” I hesitated for a second but then decided to go with my gut. This chance was unlikely to happen again so why not say what had really turned me on, although clearly not in those terms. “I really liked the part where you stopped the guy from being able to talk just by putting your hand over his mouth. That was really cool.” Once more Adams stared at me intently and was just about to say something when the attendant arrived back with a torch.

Adams took it from him and the man disappeared leaving us alone. “Well let’s see if we can find your missing glove.” We searched around the area for a few minutes but couldn’t find it. “I think it must have dropped out of my pocket on the way out,” I said, disappointed. “It could be anywhere.” He turned off the torch. By now it was completely dark apart from a couple of lights in the park. “I’m afraid it’s lost all right. But I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you follow me down to my dressing room and I’ll give you an autograph as well. Hey you know what, I’ll even give you a pair of my gloves to make up for it. You can’t resist that offer.”

I was stunned and by this stage completely turned on. “Wow! Thanks, that’s not really necessary you know. I mean about the gloves but the autograph would be great,” I said, aware that I was slightly babbling. The offer had thrown me completely off balance. “Just follow me,” he said as he moved off quickly and I was forced to move fast to catch up. I walked behind him as we went around the back of the stage. He said nothing to me but I could hear him murmuring something and I strained to hear but couldn’t make out anything legible. It seemed a bit weird whatever it was but I was eager to go with him so I just let it go.

Adams’ dressing room was actually a large trailer behind the stage. I was struck by the lack of people around given that this had been a huge production but I guess they were going about their own business. We went inside and he closed the door. The trailer was comfortably laid out with some couches, tables and a changing area.

Adams went to the table where there were photographs of him staring out, looking extremely intense and sexy. “What’s your name?” he asked. “Matt,” I replied. He wrote on the picture and then handed it to me. I read the text. To Matt, a shared deep love of gloves and hypnosis is a powerful combination. We’d make a great team. Here’s to being entranced! Michael. I was so turned on at this point I needed to adjust myself slightly to stop it from being obvious.

While I was reading this and taking it in he went to the back and opened up a drawer. He took out a pair of gloves and came back to me. “Here you go, Matt. Try them on for size.” My hands trembled slightly as I took the gloves and slipped them onto my hands. I hoped he didn’t notice how much this was affecting me.

They fitted perfectly which for a second I though was odd as I would have thought his hands were bigger than mind but they felt so good that once more I just let it go. I couldn’t help holding them up, flexing them, reveling the feeling of the tight leather and just admiring them in general. I’ve always been turned on by gloves. “I can see you like your gloves, or should I say my gloves.” said Adams. I looked into his eyes and suddenly realised that I couldn’t look away. Adams smiled and this time there was something a little evil about it. A shiver ran through my entire body.

“Why don’t you sit down and relax,” he said, emphasising the last few words. It wasn’t really a suggestion, more of a command and I couldn’t stop myself from complying. All the time I was unable to break eye contact. Adams sat down beside me and took my gloved hands into his own gloved hands. “Let’s try something,” he said and before I could say anything he intertwined my gloved fingers with each other. “Now I want you to know that you won’t be able to move your hands from this position.”

I tried and with a sudden sense of panic realised that I couldn’t get my gloved hands apart. I was about to say something when instantly I found Adams’ gloved hand over my mouth. The feeling was intense. “You liked this part of the show but I think you liked it even more because I was wearing these gloves. Wasn’t it?” I couldn’t prevent myself from nodding. What the hell was happening to me? “Well then,” he continued, “now you should know what it feels like. Feel the glove on your mouth. Feel it locking your voice. Feel its control. You won’t be able to talk until I let you and that won’t be for a while yet. In fact it might be for a quite a long while I think, apart from one or two words. Do you understand? You know you can’t resist me”.

I found myself nodding again to his question. I tried to shout but it was as if my voice was locked as he had said. Adams’ gloved hand stayed over my mouth for a minute or so all the time maintaining eye contact. He knew I wasn’t going to talk if he removed his gloved hand from my mouth but he was clearly enjoying the feeling of having it there. Then he removed it and sat back looking at me with a hungry smile.

“Good,” he said. “Now focus back on your gloves and keep listening to my voice.” I stared at my gloved hands locked together, still unable to speak. It didn’t even occur to me to try and stand up and escape. Adams continued. “These gloves are yours now and always will be but they are mine as well and always will be. They are our link. And my control rests in these gloves and as you are wearing them my control now rests in you. You know that hypnosis only works when you want it to, don’t you.”

Mute and helpless all I could do was nod my head yet again. “So clearly you want to be controlled by me and my gloves, don’t you.” Again another nod. He gave a gentle but ominous laugh which conveyed so much about where this scene was going. “Well then that’s what’s going to happen. I think I’m going to enjoy the next while and you know I think you will too, or at least part of you will. But I think we need to get you somewhere a little better for all of this to take place.”

He took my chin into one of his gloved hands, sitting as close as possible to me and made eye contact another time. The sight of his eyes so close completely overwhelmed my senses. I felt utterly lost in them. He simply stared intently at me for what seemed like hours, saying nothing and even without knowing how I could feel his control reinforcing itself over and over my weakened mind. Then he put his other gloved hand on my gloved hands.

He was so close he only had to whisper and the effect was electric. “Feel the gloves on your hands. Your gloves but also my gloves. Feel our connection. You can’t resist me now. Your will is absolutely under my control. You can do nothing unless I want you to. Do you understand?” Helplessly I nodded again feeling the tight leather gloves on my hands, feeling his glove on top of then, feeling his total control. “Good. Now I want you to sit still, close your eyes and not move.”

I closed my eyes instantly, sitting rigidly on the couch. My mind swirled and raced. Patterns formed, broke apart and re-coalesced and fell apart again. There was a part I somehow knew was telling me to get up, leave, run as quickly as possible out of this place, never come back and hide away, but it was like that part was speaking through thick frosted glass and the words were muffled and unclear and so it had no impact or effect. Instead a different darker part of my mind seemed to be also awake and speaking far more clearly, with far more authority, repeating words. You want this. You want to be controlled. Controlled by the gloves. Controlled by Michael Adams. Controlled completely. Do not resist. Give in. They seemed to be my own thoughts but it also seemed to be Adams’ voice saying the words.

I could hear him moving about, dragging something heavy. Finally he came back to me. “Open your eyes, stand up and put your hands down by your side” he said and I complied finally able to release my hands but only to allow them to drop to my sides. I could see a big box behind him and on top of it there was a rubber sack of some kind. At the sight of them some fleeting thoughts entered my mind wondering whether he always had such equipment in his trailer; did this happen every time he did a show; was I just another in a long line of conquests; if so where were the others; where would this end. But almost as soon as the thoughts appeared they evaporated. My mind was now incapable of holding on to any thought for more than an instant.

“Now I want you to take off all of your clothes apart from the gloves,” he said. Without the slightest hesitation I began to remove everything, my coat, the jumper and t-shirt underneath, then my boots and socks and finally my jeans and underwear. Within two minutes I was standing naked in front of him apart from the gloves. And now my arousal was completely obvious. His smiled widened as he registered my erect penis. “Yes, I thought this was the case. This will make it all so much easier.”

He moved one of his gloved fingers close and brushed the leather very lightly against the tip of my dick. It pulsed in ecstasy and my mind went into a spiral of arousal. Then he gripped it firmly with his gloved hand and gently and slowly stroked it back and forward a few times. It was all I could do not to cum immediately with the intensity of the feeling. He seemed to recognise this and raised his other gloved hand. “Oh no! You won’t cum unless I tell you to. You can edge but you cannot cum. Do you understand?” All I could do was nod repeatedly silently gasping as the passion rose with his stroking but unable to release. Then he removed his hand and I almost staggered with the relief as the passion ebbed.

“It’s time get you prepared.” He picked up the rubber sack. “Arms wide open and step into this”. I complied. The sack had two arms which could be buckled around the front like a strait jacket. It zipped up at the back and slowly Adams zipped me into it up to my thighs. “Drop now,” he said as he touched my penis. Instantly it went limp although the level of arousal did not decrease in any manner. With that done he then zipped me up to my waist. “Arms into the sleeves please.” Almost eagerly I put my arms and gloved hands into the sleeves. He finished zipping up the bag to my neck and then pulled my arms around the front and buckled them tightly around my body. Even if I hadn’t been under his hypnotic control I would now have been completely helpless.

Adams applied a few more straps to the lower half of the sack and then stood back admiring his work. “You look fantastic,” he said and I blushed as I felt a wave of happiness rush through me. He noticed this instantly. “Yes, you like being complimented don’t you,” he said smiling. Once more I could only nod but loving the fact that he was smiling. He came close again and held my face tightly on both sides in his gloved hands and stared fully into my eyes. “From now on you will only refer to me as Master. Do you understand? Say ‘Yes Master’ if you do”.

Suddenly my voice was back but I had no ability, or desire, to speak any other words. “Yes Master.” I said. “Good,” he said. He held up the picture with his autograph in front of me and tore it, deliberately making sure that the tear went right through where he had written my name. “You see. Matt is no longer here. From now on you are only known as Slave. Do you understand?” “Yes Master” I repeated and as I said it I could feel Matt going away into a deep place inside where he could no longer speak or act and there was only Slave left behind. “What are you known as?” Master asked. “I am known as Slave, Master”. A gloved hand tossed my hair lightly as he smiled. “Good slave,” he said and once more I felt a rush of pleasure knowing I had pleased him by saying the right response.

He opened the box and I could see that it had padding in it. “Slave will now get into the box, being careful not to hurt himself,” said Master. I worked my way to the edge of the box and with his help I lay down into it looking up at him, dominating my view, so utterly in his control. “Good slave.” said Master and again a wave of pleasure washed through me. "Now we need to finish your preparation and then we can go somewhere to complete your training. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” I nodded fiercely and he reached down and tossed my hair lightly sending waves of delight through me. “Good slave.”

Then he reached down into the box and took out a flexible rubber hood. He placed it over my face and head and suddenly I was in complete darkness, the rubber clinging to my skin. There were tiny holes in the hood which allowed me to breathe comfortably. Master knelt down the box. “Slave will sleep now until Master brings him back. But I know Slave will not want to be alone so Master’s voice will be here all the time. And Slave is wearing his gloves, Master’s gloves so Master presence will be here with Slave in the darkness, so close to him, holding him so tightly. Rest now Slave.” A pair of headphones was placed over my ears. And then I could hear Master’s voice through the rubber hood, clear enough to hear the commands. Good slave, Good slave. Sleep now slave, sleep. Master is pleased with Slave. Listen to Master. Slave wants to obey Master completely. Slave has no will of its own. Slave belongs to Master now…

Master’s voice continued soothing, conditioning and controlling and Slave could feel his gloves, Master’s controlling leather gloves on his hands and Master’s presence wrapped around him, holding him so tightly in the constricting rubber darkness, a blissful arousal all over his body as he finally dropped into a deep, deep sleep.

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