Welcome to the Labyrinth

By Orclover23
published February 26, 2020
5025 words

You should always be careful of the places you enter, for there are many monsters waiting in the dark to make you theirs in mind, body and soul.

First story published over here. This is something that came to me after seeing a few too many hot minotaur pics out there. I’ll admit it’s quite a bit kinky, but I’m glad how it turned out. Comments and critiques are always appreciated. That said, there will be quite a few elements that may not be to your liking or that goes against your legislation, if that’s the case, please check the tags before reading. all the characters in this story are way over the 21 earth’s years old. Without further ado, have fun

The rumble of thunder coursed the skies once more, dark gray clouds hung threatening in the sky, almost completely obscuring it, a bad omen for my future. I cursed my luck under my breath, for it to rain before I had a chance to prepare my camp, surely it had to be a joke from some deity. I shook my head, setting aside any unnecessary thoughts before my eyes scanned the mountain top in look of cover. However, there was only plain barren stone wherever I looked. I shouted at the sky, desperate, frustrated and defeated. There was no answer to my cry. No birds rose up, no trees swayed in the brace, it was as if the world itself had turned its back on me. Resigned, I grabbed my bag from its spot on the ground, its heavy weight provoking a groan of complain from my muscles, still tired after the hard climb. A flurry of lighting painted the skies white, the roar of thunder following a few moments later. Any thoughts of complain were put to rest after that and after adjusting my bag, I started my descent.

The narrow road hadn’t been easy when I climbed the mountain, it had been highly irregular and steep, with patched of dangerously smooth rocks. But now, with the stormy winds hitting my body and the threat of rain hanging over my head, it was much more difficult, a fact that my mind couldn’t seem to let go. Fear had seeped into my every muscle; my hands refused to let go of the stony walls for more than a few seconds while my legs seemed almost rooted in place. Still, I willed my body to move forward, the distant rumble of thunder urging me along the way.

Minutes passed as I slowly made my way down the road; each flash of lighting bringing the thunder closer and closer, driving the howling winds into a frenzy; the furious winds hit my body over and over again, their cold touch felt almost like whips on my skin and stole the energy from my tired muscles. Before I had gone much further, droplets of water joined the wind, their frigid touch sending shivers down my spine; I was running out of time. With renewed vigor, I forced my body to move faster, slipping a few times as I went. The rain started falling harder, the flurry of water hitting my body like tiny pebbles, forcing groans out of my mouth. Already I could feel my strength waning, my body reaching its utmost limits.

It was then, when I could feel despair crushing my heart, that I saw it. A small cave that dug deep into the mountain side, its dark depths looked almost divine compared to the hellish storm. And yet, there was something odd about it, I couldn’t recall seeing it on my way up, or the small plateau for that matter. A part of me wanted to push forward, to avoid the uneasy feeling the cave brought up. But in the end, my exhaustion made the decision for me and I dove into the safety of the cave. I crawled in, the ceiling to low for me to walk inside. The air was humid and had a tinge of a weird smell, but it was dry and most of all, it was much safer than the outside

My body protested every move I took, but I knew it was better to get away from the freezing winds less I succumb to their deadly embrace. On and on I crawled, until I could no longer hear the howling of the winds or the battering of the rain on the stone. There was only a bit of light so deep into the cave, casting everything into a dim light. I looked back to the entrance, lighting dancing on the sky every other moment, the rumble of thunder echoing into the cave, distant but powerful. A tired smile made its way into my face; I had endured and would live for another day. With that thought, I succumbed to sleep.

I woke up much later, a cold breeze pulling me away from my sleep. My tired eyes opened with reluctance and took in the sights around me: the light had grown dimmer, casting most of the cave in deep shadows and making the stone walls seem taller and more sinister. A heavy silence hung on the cave, broken only by my own heavy breaths. My muscles screamed in protest as I tried to get up, stiff after my forced nap and the hellish climb. My whole body felt heavier while my clothes clung to my body like a second skin. Another shiver ran through my body, the cold seeping into my body and my wet clothes weren’t helping me any. I shucked them off, the garments falling heavy on the ground, thoroughly drenched and leaving me naked in the cave’s interior. With a need for dry clothes I turned around to look for some in my backpack, only to find an oval shaped stone in its place.

I looked around the cave, hoping that I had just moved during my sleep, but no matter where I looked or how much I fumbled in the dark, I couldn’t find a clue of where my backpack had gone off. Panic invaded my heart once more. I had lost my backpack, my only lifeline in this mountain, in this cave. Supplies, maps, clothes, equipment, all of it lost. My breaths grew shorter and shorter, bringing more and more of that weird smelling air into my lungs. My thoughts grew hazy, slower and less focused, but at the same time, it calmed me down, enough to bring me out of my fear induced stupor. I couldn’t stay put, that would only seal my fate. I needed to find help.

I grabbed my clothes and rinsed then as well as I could; the humid clothes weren’t in the best condition but they would have to do. Once dressed, I took one last look around the place and started crawling back the way I came. Minutes passed as I moved along, only rocks serving to mark my pace until they all looked the same as the last; it didn’t help that the light grew dimmer and dimmer as I went, soon plunging me into darkness. Fear gripped my heart as I fumbled in the dark, crawling in what I hoped was a straight line, no sound but that of my own breaths. Trapped in the inky black prison, I stumbled along, rocks digging into my hands and knees, my mind struggling to keep focus.

After a long time I crashed against a wall, the impact bringing out a scream from my mouth that echoed for a few short moments. My hands were trembling as I felt the wall, unwilling to believe I had failed. The rock was smooth and cold, much smoother than the floor but it was also harder, more solid. my fingers traced its length to both side, an anguished cry leaving my mouth when I found the rounded corner that joined it to the walls at either side. I put my whole weight against the wall, pushing with all the strength my legs and torso could give me, yet nothing happened. My fist clashed against the rock, the impacts leaving me only with scratches and dull pain. I shouted, the sound broken and desperate, before I started to sob. I lay there in the ground for some time, minutes and hours having lost their meaning in the darkness.

There was nothing here for me, no exit, no supplies, no backpack. There was nothing but that smell, that insidious smell that I couldn’t grasp; it seeped into me with every breath, every pant, taunting me. Slowly, a soft buzz filled my mind, pushing away any thoughts of defeat, banishing my feelings of despair and helplessness, there was only one thought that was important, one thing that I had to remember: I had to follow the smell. My muscles burned in protest as I moved to get up, however this pain was nothing like the one I had felt only moments ago, it was softer, dimmer and, in a strange way, pleasurable. Guided only by my sense of smell, I crawled forward, the all consuming darkness and the lack of sound no longer frightening or maddening, instead it was helpful, forcing my body to focus on the blessed scent that came from deep into the cave.

I kept going for who knows how long before light started to trickle into the distance, its radiance forcing me to close my eyes and let my nose guide forwards. Little by little I could see the light become stronger behind my eyelids. In turn the scent became muskier, more potent. It called to me with more force and my body was willing to oblige. A few more minutes passed before I dare to open my eyes again, just in time to see the despicable oval stone that had sent me in my foolish search. A part of me wanted to take my anger out on the stone, deface it somehow. My body paid it no mind though and keep crawling with a monotonous pace.

I crawled and crawled for what seemed like eternity, my mind focusing more on the smell than in the monotone rocky passage that surrounded me, until the strength of the scent was my only way to track my progress. Somewhere along the way my mind blanked out. The next thing I knew, I was in a long rectangular passage almost twice my height, yellow bricks covering the floor and ceiling in tight formations. A soft light came from the bricks, a welcome change from the cave. The hallway itself extended forward a few meters before it reached a split into two paths to each side. A quick glance behind me showed a dark cave with rows of teeth made of rock. My whole body trembled at the memories of the cave while my mind told me to run away, but the moment I tried to get up my legs collapsed under me, what little energy I had left spent after I had found my sanctuary.

I laid there for a while, my muscles finally relaxing after the long trek. It was then that I heard it, a soft rhythmic sound that came from beyond the hallway; dry and heavy, it drew closer each time. A tinge of worry crossed my mind, maybe it was a wild animal looking for food or a sign of the impeding collapse of the tunnel. This and more thoughts crossed my mind, yet none seemed to take hold. It was almost like my thoughts were too heavy, too abstract and they sank into the depths of my mind after only a few seconds. Closer and closer the sound drew and as I struggled to get on my knees, a thick pungent smell seeped into my nose; it was powerful, quickly overriding my other senses as it demanded my attention. However, there was something familiar to the musky smell, it was almost like a half forgotten dream. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was the same scent that had guided me in the dark and brought me here. My body sang with joy as it relaxed fully on the floor, soothed by the scent while my mind succumbed to the hallowed bliss that it brought.

My sight focused on the end of the hallway, excitement bubbling in my chest and a slight tingle coursing my body. The sound growing stronger until I saw a beast step into the hallway, covered in coal colored fur and with gray hooves for feet. My eyes followed his powerful legs upwards, casting a quick glance at the veritable bulge hidden behind a white loincloth, before proceeding towards the wide chest and trunk like arms, to rest on his bull like face, complete with a pair of cream horns that pointed at the ceiling. There was no doubt in my mind that this beast was male nor that I was completely at his mercy, a thought that should have brought fear to my heart, yet I could only feel relief. A pair of blood red orbs settled on me, their gaze intelligent and calculating. For a moment, I could swear his eyes shone like wild fire, but any thoughts on the matter where set aside as a new wave of that divine scent assaulted my senses. My thoughts became hazy once more, my muscles grew weaker and a soothing fire was born in my gut.

The bull man closed the distance with a few large steps, the ground shaking under his weight. He muttered a few things under his breath before I felt a pair of furred arms sneak under my arms and lift me up as I were a doll, bringing me face to muzzle with the bull. It took all of my focus to hold the bull’s gaze, the rest of my body hanging limp in his grasp, my feet far from the earth. A snort left the beast, shaking the silver ring that pierced his nose. Without uttering a single word, he brought his muzzle closer to my neck, his eyes never leaving mine. I felt a quick suction on my neck, followed by burst of hot air. My face twisted in pleasure, a muffled moan leaving my mouth. The red orbs watched my reactions carefully, before the glow returned to them. This time it was more intense, almost laser like and it drew me into, setting me lose in the pools of red while a rough and wet appendage licked my neck, stealing moans out of me. The bull man stared at me for a few more seconds, his intense gaze trained on my eyes, almost as if he was judging my very soul. Hot air came from his nose in a huff, his brow furrowing in concentration; then he shifted his hold on me, his strong arms cradling me close to his chest before he walked away from the cave.

I lay there on his arms, my body rejoicing in the warmth that came from his body while my mind couldn’t let go of the memory of his ruby eyes, their beauty forever etched in my heart. The bull man carried me with ease through the many corridors, navigating the maze with confidence and purpose, the clop clop of his hooves only being interrupted by the sounds coming from his muzzle, rhythmic and solemn, almost like a chant from a priest. On and on it went, without pause or break, his deep baritone echoing in the walls, until slowly the sounds started to break through the haze of his eye and became words, they became a heartfelt prayer.

I laid in silence only for a few more minutes before the minotaur took one last turn and carried me into a large circular chamber; a gasp escaped my mouth as I took in the place: a pile of furs laid on the center, making a bed large enough for even the minotaur to sleep comfortably. Yellow and orange tinted the whole room, a consequence of the flames going in the fireplace opposite to the entrance. Along the walls, were several tables and drawers, some of dark wood and others of white marble, nut they all carried bronze jugs on their surface. Long tapestries hung from the wall, easily twice as tall as my companion; their browns, blacks and reds mixing to depict men and minotaurs, some danced together with innocent glee while others sent blood surging through my member. A deep laugh came from the bull man, the vibrations cursing through my body and feeling oddly familiar. Deep red eyes met mine, amusement dancing in them, making me feel both embarrassed and happy.

A smile made its way to his beastly face, rough yet charming. He closed the distance to the bed with a dozen of steps from his powerful legs, gentle arms laying me on the furs with care, before he knelt beside me. A calloused hand made its way to my face, caressing my skin with tender motions, his other hand exploring my chest with lazy motions. I melt into his touch, my skin yearning to feel more of his warmth, yet he seemed content to deny me. A whine left my throat, my hands rising up to hold the one traveling my chest. Surprise colored his face, another whine bringing a mischievous glint to his eyes. His hand cradled my neck, lifting me up just enough to expose my neck for him, a huff of hot air hit my skin, sending shivers down my spine; a rough lick followed, covering the distance from the base of my neck to my jaw. A moan left me then, clear and needy; calloused hands tightened their hold on me, moments before the minotaur went to town on my neck. Soft kisses were alternated with quick nibbles, his other hand leaving my chest; it made its way to my leg, caressing the insides with expert hands, but never touching my hardened member. He played me like a fiddle, bringing moans out of me at his leisure, his musk thickening with each passing second.

I could feel my insides that familiar weight settling in my stomach, the sign that precluded my release, his ministrations about to bring me past the point of no return. I only needed a little more, just one nibble with a bit more force, one caress that touched my sack. But they never came, instead the large bull man let me lay there, his muzzle pressed to my neck, his hands held deathly still as my body came back from the edge.

“My sweet Theseus,” he said, the rumble of his voice traveling through my body, “you’re finally back. The Gods have brought you here again.”

Even throughout the haze of lust, I wanted to say something, to tell him he was wrong. Yet only moans came from me, my body baring itself to his touch, all sense of shame thrown out the window, leaving only a deep seated need.

“We will be together forever, as you promised. Forever.”

The big beast brought his mouth close to mine and planted a big kiss on my lips, the contact sending sparks flying through my body. At first it was a simple kiss, but soon his tongue started to clash against my lips, until at last a moan parted them and his tongue dove into my mouth; my tongue soon became twisted with his, his taste driving me crazy, it was bitter and powerful, but deeply masculine, almost like his musk; our kiss become more passionate as he claimed my mouth, muffled moans escaping me by the dozens. His hands lost no time, laying me fully on the ground just in time for him to straddled me. A tearing sound filled the room followed by cold wind caressing my chest for a moment, before a pair of furry hands explored my chest with abandon, dexterous fingers massaging the tired muscles in just the right way to make me tremble under them.

Moments later our kiss was broken, pants and huffs leaving our mouths, yet his hands never ceased their exploring, molding my flesh for his pleasures. I could feel my dick standing hard against my boxers, bathed in my own pre-cum, aching for a touch that was denied. A soft rumble left the minotaur chest as his fingers found my nipples, the tips standing proud over my chest. A hint of white teeth appeared on his muzzle, cold sweat ran down my back. His fingers didn’t give me a chance to prepare, pulling and twisting at my nipples just enough to make it pleasurable. My body writhed under his weight, dancing to his tune; my hands clenching on the furs while new moans were forced out of my body. The beast kept pulling on my nipples, his red eyes glinting with pleasure, I was his to play with and he knew it. He leaned in for one more kiss, this time wilder and more desperate, moans of his own coming in waves.

“It’s been so long, so very long.” he said after he broke the kiss, his calloused fingers tenderly tracing my jaw, his eyes shone with a light of their own, almost like twin stars. They were deep, ancient, dominant. But above all, they were full of love.

The bull pressed a soft kiss on my lips, then started laying quick kisses all the way down to my crotch. The minotaur’s hands lost no time and in one swift move, ripped apart the rest of my clothes, baring me for him to see. Hot breath watched over my package, the feeling alone almost sending me over the edge, but something kept me from it, it was like a barrier, a compulsion that blocked me from my sweet release. I could do nothing but whine and beg for his touch. I didn’t have to wait long, one giant hand lifted my hips, baring my ass to him while another surrounded my dick in a warm embrace. The touch of his rough skin on my prick was divine, sending shivers all throughout my body and making me leak pre like a faucet. I had barely gotten over the shock of his hand jerking me off, when I felt his raspy tongue attacking my anus with ardent intent. He licked and prodded, sucked and nibbled, making me scream in pleasure. His hand and his tongue worked in tandem, breaking any resistance my body may had had with masterful strokes. Every time he licked, he would rub my cock; when he clenched his hand and brought a gasp out of me, he would nibble my buttocks; each prod on my anus would be accompanied by a caress on my tip.

Soon I was lost in the never ending pleasure, my body no longer obeying me but him. It was his to enjoy, his to play with and a part of me couldn’t help but want more. My moans became my only language, urging him to do more, to claim, to use me. Crimson eyes were settled on mine, lustful and confident, telling me to give in, to become his. And I almost did the moment his tongue sunk into me, my hole succumbing to his attacks. My back arched with pleasure as he ravaged me, the caresses on my dick paling to the feeling he brought on my ass, his tongue stretching my walls with painful pleasure until I could no longer put up any resistance. I moaned and screamed, whined and gasped, my fingers digging into the furs with as much forced as they could, anything to get any sort of release from the unending pleasure he was giving me, until at last I could endure it no more.

“Please, please, let me come.” I begged between pants, my voice broken and my dick throbbing painfully against my stomach; a river of clear liquid covering my skin. “I’ll do anything, just, please…”

The titanic bull stopped his ministrations, his tongue leaving my hole with a loud pop.

“Will you be mine my Theseus?” he said with a firm tone to his voice. “Will you forsake you destiny for me? Forevermore?”

Silence reigned for a few seconds, neither moving as the weight of the words settled on my mind. A part of me wanted to consider them, to ask what he meant by that. However, that part was small and could not stand against the fire this beast had set in me, this burning need that consumed anything else. I gulped once, taking the time to recover my voice

“Yes! Yes, I will! I’ll do anything!”

“Then shout my name, let the world know you belong to Asterion of Crete!”

“I’m yours Asterion! I’ll be yours forevermore! Shit, I’ll become anything for you, just, just let me come.”

“As you wish my love.” the minotaur said with a tender tone.

His hands grabbed my hips once more and with quick motions he manhandled me into his desire position. I was left laying on my chest, my hips raised high in the air, my hole open and needy. I heard a grunt come from him, before I felt a heavy weight land on my ass, a thwack coursing the room. Dread filled my heart as I realized what it was, the warmth betraying its nature. A protest was making its way out of my mouth when a piece of clothing was pressed to my nose, the fabric was soft but worn, a thick scent hanging on it, so strong it made my mind blank out for a second, before I recognized it as his, the smell of a true stud. The titanic bull pressed his tool against my entrance with a low growl and with a grunt he pushed the head in. A loud moan left my mouth at the intrusion, my walls clenching against the warmth. Asterion stayed in place, his hand sneaking to stroke my cock.

“Breathe.” he commanded and my body obliged, inhaling more of his potent musk; my body succumbed to his soothing scent, opening up for him. “That’s it my love, relax.”

He pushed a few centimeters into me, making my body shiver in pleasure, my mind blanking again as I breathed in more of his scent. Once more he gave me a few more seconds to adjust to his length, my walls futilely trying to resist his advance by clenching around him, but only feeding the lust in both of us. He pulled back a little, forcing a hiss out of me before he pushed more into me, hitting a special spot inside me that painted my whole world wide. He did this over and over again, slowly but inexorably stuffing his member into me, moos leaving his muzzle as he plunged deeper into me; the pressure grew with every push, threatening to break me in half, yet my body only knew pleasure. Thick pre covering my insides, the strong pushes that opening my walls, the thick musk wafting from his loincloth; it all joined together to send my body into overdrive, pleasure coursing like lighting all over my body. On and on his hips would rock my body, until after an eternity of pleasure I felt his hips hit mine, his impressive balls resting between my legs.

I could no longer form words by then, my mind lost in the haze of his scent, his call, while my body was wracked by the pleasure only he could bring. His hands explored my trembling body as he waited for me to adjust, each touch both electric and maddening. My walls clenched desperately around his huge member, forcing growls and moos out of him, while a puddle of pre already laid below me, my dick throbbing with anticipation. Finally, his hands came to rest on my hips, giving them a soft pat before he grabbed them in a steel hold. I knew what would come next and without meaning to, my legs spread more for him, to give him better access.

The pounding started then, gone was all pretense of care or calm, his hips hit mine with bestial strength and passion, his big tool wrecking havoc on my insides while sending mind numbing pleasure through my body with every impact of our hips. Grunts, moans and moos filled the room, our bodies interpreting the primal dance that our souls demanded. His hips were demanding, my body accommodating, his hands lay claim to what was theirs, while mine just clenched in abject pleasure. Soon it all bleed together in my mind, only the throbbing of my cock and the pounding of my prostate existed as I hung in the edge of release, my voice screaming my desire and pleasure. Suddenly, Asterion’s arms surrounded my chest and pressed my back to his, setting me upright over his dick and using his inhuman strength to lift me up and down his length, our bodies writhing in pleasure until with a loud moo and a roar we came at the same time, my cock spurting its meager load on the furs, while Asterion’s painted my insides with a flood of his seed, marking me forever as his. The flood continued for a long time, forcing a couple more loads out of me before it came to an end. My body, exhausted, laid against the minotaur’s chest, his hands hugging me to him with an almost desperate hold, whispering sweet nothings in my ears; his seed warming my insides and running down my legs.

Ever so slowly Asterion laid on his back, bringing me along with him, his hardened member still buried in me. His arms loosened his hold on me, letting me lie comfortably on his chest; meanwhile his hands started to explore my body, massaging the tired muscles of my chest and legs with gentle pressure, the rumble that came from his chest soothing my body. His thick scent hanging thick on me, reassuring me, making me feel safe, until exhaustion finally won and sleep took a hold of me.

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