Chuck's Cluck N' Fuck

By Tkhon
published February 6, 2020
1685 words

A man wakes up and knows he’s a chicken. He doesn’t LOOK like a chicken, but he must be one.

Chuck woke blearily blinking the sleep from his eyes. Still half asleep he walked by his closet wondering for a second if he was forgetting something. He stood in his living room for a moment, flapping his wings thoughtfully. His featherless wings. Was there something weird about that? Probably not, he reasoned. He’d also neglected to put on any clothes before leaving the room, though that thought was quickly pushed out by the realization that his dick was on full display through the large window of his living room, which faced a somewhat busy street. But was that something to worry about? If it was Chuck couldn’t think of why.

He strutted around the room a bit more, trying to think. Today felt a little weird, but only a little. Maybe he was just hungry, he realized. He headed towards the kitchen but was sidetracked when he noticed a bowl full of corn. He cheerily pecked at it and tried to put his misgivings aside, to just let himself be a happy chicken. It was kinda weird, he didn’t LOOK like a chicken, but he knew he was one. He even had memories of hanging out with humans last night, even acting like one. Chuck furrowed his brow in concentration. That was definitely weird, maybe if he remembered something more it would make sense of that weird feeling?

He remembered going somewhere with… friends? He remembered a friend talking to a hypnotist, it was some sort of entertainment at a bar or something… He said he wanted to see the “classic chicken routine” something about Chuck clucking like a chicken. Chuck thought further. One of his friends had said something about seeing if they could use this on women, too. They all liked that idea. But the first friend was insistent that hypnotising Chuck would be hilarious.

Realization dawned on Chuck and his eyes widened slightly before he smiled. So that’s what was weird, what’s what was the point of hypnotising a chicken to do something like that? Dumbass probably didn’t even know if it worked. What a weirdo.

With that mystery solved Chuck relaxed a little and found himself content to wander his place aimlessly, his cock bouncing carefree as he bent his legs gradually into a more comfortable position and waddled around his home. A few people walking or driving by stared at him but he didn’t mind and continued to smile benignly. When he got hungry he simply took a few pecks at his corn bowl.

Things continued without event for who knows how many hours. Chuck found himself distracted by every little noise and couldn’t focus on things like that. Until he felt a slight anxiety creeping into him. It grew and with it he grew frustrated, pacing quickly, flapping his wings impatiently.


He needed to lay eggs.

He scratched the ground with his talons and squatted. He waited. Nothing. He walked around restless, and tried again. Nothing. He tried Again. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. He tried different positions he tried eating a little, everything his chicken brain could think of but he couldn’t accomplish this basic goal. This basic need. All wanted was to do what he was supposed to, as a chicken, and he couldn’t. Was something wrong with him? Was he just that much of a failure? He started clucking in panic, flapping his wings recklessly. He was freaking out. He was getting tunnel vision, he-

He heard a knock at the door.

Things moved in slow motion yet somehow too fast at the same time. The room filled with… well they looked like his friends, but they were roosters. Big, buff, sexy roosters with mouth-watering bulges. They were being led into the room by… oh! The hypnotist he vaguely remembered from last night! What a weird coincidence. But Chuck didn’t spend another thought on that man, in the presence of roosters his cock was swelling between his squatting thighs. His panic completely transformed into understanding.

If he was going to lay eggs like a good chicken he’d need to be bred. A lot. These roosters would take him and shove their cocks up his… his… Chuck’s brow furrowed again. There was some hole down there, near his cock. The details didn’t matter, he realized, it just needed to be stuffed. He clucked happily as he dove into a new role as a cock sleeve for these manly roosters, each taking their turn to blast a load into him. He was so happy he was almost in hysterics, flapping and clucking wildly as his hole was stretched open by cock after thick cock. He could remember the noises each of them made, crowing loudly as came. Nobody in the room but perhaps the hypnotist had the presence of mind to know that this entire fuck show had occurred right in front of that large glass window. Though it was getting late so it was unlikely many people had seen them. None of them had any concept of private sex at the moment anyways.

Eventually each rooster had their go and Chuck lay on the floor, leaking and still clucking softly to himself. The hypnotist smiled and stopped forward. He said that when he snapped his fingers everyone in the room would return to normal.


Chuck looked around at all the naked guys around him, big but spent cocks dangling is varying levels of flaccidness. He decided he’d be the one to break the silence.


He continued to make chicken sounds of gratitude to his friends. The hypnotist had said they would all return to normal, and of course Chuck had always been a chicken, but now the veil was lifted and he knew none of these men were roosters here to breed him, they were his friends. He would have been angry at losing his chance to be fertilized if the hypnotist hadn’t reminded him of their arrangement. They were a group of polyamorous gay men who Chuck had befriended. They were all very open about sex and it wasn’t long before Chuck was propositioned. Of course they wouldn’t be able to help him get fertilized properly, he needed a big strong rooster to blow their load in him for that, but having a stretched and full hole would make him better at taking cocks in general, which could only help his odds. And beyond that, the hypnotist reminded the chicken that he simply loved having things stuff in his hole. As if to punctuate the point he presented a large dildo to Chuck, which he fixed to the floor, with a reminder to use it regularly to be loose and ready to take any buff roosters that came his way.

Chuck moaned lightly at that, eager to try. It might take a long time before he could do what he was made for and get bred and lay an egg, he might have to take a million cocks up the ass. But that was fine by him. The hypnotist assured him he’d send roosters his way, the biggest and manliest he could find, and as long as his friends kept visiting and he squatted on that dildo regularly, he’d be able to take them all no problem.

What more could a chicken want?

Over a year had passed but Chuck didn’t keep track of time. He squeezed his hole around the rubber egg buried within. He didn’t remember it well but this was the first egg he’d ever laid, he remembered when the hypnotist had shown it to him. He’d been incubating it for a long time now. That’s what chickens like him did. Laid eggs and them kept them in their holes to keep them safe. Each egg was adorned with some tail feathers which completed his “look” according to the hypnotist, though Chuck wasn’t sure what that meant.

These days there were a few more chickens in Chuck’s coop, walking around with their dicks flopping around just like Chuck. Chuck was glad to have them around, in addition to fooling around a lot, they helped incubate his increasing collection of eggs. Luckily man’s ass worked fine as a substitute for Chuck’s chicken hole, though once that ass was stuffed they often found themselves more inclined to life as a chicken. That’s how one of Chuck’s friends ended up joining the coop, though most of them were hung out at their new house which they’d chosen to convert into a sort of brothel after they all realized they liked bottoming for strangers even more than they liked fucking each other. They still visited and fucked the chickens, they honoured their agreement, but these days they liked to use a dildo, or even bring one of their anonymous “friends” along.

Chuck was shaken out of his reverie as he saw the hypnotist leading in a new rooster. One with gigantic pecs and a light dusting of salt and pepper hair all over his body, connecting to a semi-trimmed beard. He looked at the chickens with barely controlled lust. Some days the hypnotist brought in as many as twenty roosters, but today it looked like it was this man’s job to satisfy all of the chickens. And he looked more than up to the task.

As the chicken who had been around the longest Chuck usually let the other have first pick, but just recently the hypnotist had been commenting how horny Chuck was, almost like he was in heat, and well.

The hypnotist was always right.

Chuck felt the clucking building up in him, he felt frantic and blustered, his well used hole twitched in anticipation. He couldn’t resist this man… no wait, rooster. He had to that the cock all the way inside him.

Again, what more could a chicken want?

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