By Hypnothrill -
published April 14, 2017
9448 words

An all-male crew brings something back from a strange planet…

This is an adaptation of a great F/F story from Transformed One, which you can find here: click here

VIRUS Some said the earth was dying. It was the worst conditions in which man had ever had to live. Simply stated, the planet was dying. Yet, it was not natural causes by which the earth was dying. It wasn’t simply wearing away. It was infected with a disease, a disease called humanity. The human population was now at 250 billion and had exploited everything the earth had to offer. Like a virus, people were living off the earth until it could no longer support them. The host could provide no more. Man had used up almost every resource the earth had to offer.

Food was scarce. There just wasn’t enough to feed the infinitely growing population of human beings. Cattle and other animals used for meat were extinct. Nutritious plant life was just a memory. The lush rain forests were gone. Of course there were still fields of grass and the hills and mountains were still covered in trees, but fewer than ever before. And the deer that once lived in those forests were almost extinct. Only 50 or so were still alive. Scientist believed that man only had one year before he had completely run out of food. Some people had gone as far as to eat the grass out of their very own front yard, but that was even scarce. One would think by the year 2114 someone would have invented a Star Trek like device that could create food out of thin air, but alas it just couldn’t be done.

However, it wasn’t man’s darkest hour. Humans hadn’t wasted the past 100 years waiting for the end to arrive. Incredible technological advances had been made. There were several accomplishments made in the realm of space travel. A colony had been created on Mars, but of course it was scarcely populated due to a lack of food. Man had also begun space exploration beyond the solar system they had been bound to for so long. Finally after decades of dreaming, the invention of the Kylithion engine enabled man to travel as fast as the speed of light. A fleet of 20 ships had been built for the sole purpose of exploring the galaxy. They were in search of a planet that could provide people with food and other resources that the earth once provided.

Among this fleet of 20 was one ship that would change the lives of every human as they knew it. Of course Captain Steven J. Hawkins had no idea that he would be the lucky ship that would find the planet that could save his species, but he was an optimist. He had a feeling deep inside that he would be commanding the crew that would find the resources the human race needed. Captain Hawkins made his way through the dark hallway to the bridge of his tiny ship. The clang of his feet against the metal grated floor echoed. He was anxious and curious to know why his science officer had interrupted his sleep to call him to bridge. Had they finally found the planet he had been looking for? Someplace were they could create a new colony? A planet abundant with life, food, and water? Regardless, he was certain that his all male crew already obtained and analyzed incredible amounts of data. He was so proud of all of his officers. His crew of 20 was all male as a result of the “reproduction act of 2098” which forbid any human couple to reproduce without expressed written consent of the World Government. The reproduction act, also more commonly known as “the Lack of Reproduction Act,” forced all 20 explorer ships to have same sex crews. It was thought that a mix of males and females on one ship would be all too tempting and a baby may result. A baby who they just couldn’t afford to feed. Steven didn’t mind working with an all male crew. In fact, he preferred it. He didn’t want any sexually possessive ass hole to fuck things up.

Steven entered the bridge of his ship and found his Medical Science officer Martin Scott sitting in his captain’s chair. The handsome redhead immediately stood up and greeted the captain. He always became flustered when the captain entered. He couldn’t help the feeling of butterflies in his stomach. He found Steven to be so attractive. His beautiful short brown hair always shimmered regardless of the poor lighting in the ship. Martin often found himself staring at Steven’s ample package which was well accentuated by his tight black spandex like uniform. Of course there was a tunic the captain was supposed to wear, but the ship was just too damn hot. Martin imagined that beautiful cock was as tan as the rest of Steven, but he doubted that he would ever find out.

Steven knew that Martin was gay and he also knew that Martin was attracted to him. Unfortunately, the feeling was not mutual. Sure Steven thought the handsome redhead with his curly red hair and incredibly fair skin was quite a stud, but he just couldn’t bring himself to have any sexual desire for another male.

2 other crewmembers looked to the captain with attention awaiting orders. The youngest crewmember, Kevin Stockhard, was only 18. In fact, he had just celebrated his 18th birthday a week earlier on the ship with his crew. He only had preliminary training in space travel including a series of courses on piloting, but he wasn’t hired for his skills. He was chosen to offer some insight from a youth’s perspective. After all, they were the future generation that might have to live on a new planet. 2nd Science Officer Luis Gonzalez held some newly analyzed data in his hand ready to give it to Steven. Science officer Martin also had his eyes on this beautiful 23 year old latino hunk. Unfortunately for Martin, Luis was also straight and not interested. Finally, at the helm was the fair skinned blond from Breezewood, PA. Finally, a mate for Martin. Ryan Paxton was an experienced helmsman and practically wrote the book on flying the exploration D-class ship. He was also a very open homosexual and had already made quite a connection with Martin. In fact, they both couldn’t wait to get off duty and enjoy each other’s intimate company in his quarters. As for now, there was work to be done. “What do we have here?” Steven asked as he sat down on his chair in the center of the bridge and looked up at the screen. He was in awe at the sight of the beautiful ball of rock and water in front of him. “Martin, what do you know so far?”

Martin’s voice shook as he responded to his studly captain. “Preliminary data shows that this planet has an atmosphere that is almost an exact replica of Earth’s. It seems to host an abundance of plant life, but the plants are tightly clustered together surrounded by large amounts of a hard rocky surface. There is water, but it appears to all be in one large body of water about the size of half of the Atlantic ocean. Unfortunately, there does not seems to be any sign of animal life. I’m viewing picture images at this moment.”

“Is the atmosphere livable? Can we explore it without use of life support suits?” Steven asked.

“It appears so. We will be able to breath in this atmosphere. However, there are traces of an unidentified group of particles. The temperature is 76 degrees Fahrenheit, but wait…”


“These picture images taken by the telescopic camera don’t look too promising.”

“On screen”

Steven saw a close up view of the planet’s surface. This particular area was bare and rocky with a few trees spread scarcely throughout the viewing area. The lack of abundant plant life was not concern. More disturbing to him were what appeared to be dead animal carcasses. Martin tried to analyze the sight, “It appears that there are several dead animals all over the planet surface.”

Steven saw another view, a close up shot of one of these creatures. Its body appeared to be covered in a mix of brown fur and smooth green skin, like some sort of mutant reptile dog. It’s face also seemed distorted, one eye was large and black, the other was small and hollow. Another picture show another larger animal with white fur and the same patches of green shiny skin. “What happened to them,” Steven asked with curiosity and shock.

Martin tried desperately to come up with an explanation to please his captain. “I’m not sure yet. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they mutated. However, there isn’t any data that suggest there is any radiation on the planet surface.”

“Martin, Ryan, and Luis, come with me and suit up. We’re going down there. Kevin, take the helm and get some experience. Just to be safe, wear your life support suits and monitor all radiation levels.”

They replied in unison, “Yes, Captain.”

Kevin smiled with excitement. Somehow the captain knew that he would jump at the chance to drive this ship. He had some simulator experience and training while in school, but this was he first time he’d drive this big hunk of metal while on a mission.

First Contact The tiny shuttlecraft shook as it landed on the large open rocky surface of the newly discovered planet. A loud hissing was heard as Martin opened the back hatch and slowly walked out onto the ground. “One small step for man…” he chuckled. Steven, Luis, and Ryan followed him onto the planet surface.

“That is so cliché,” Steven said jokingly. Then he barked out orders to his away team, “Ryan, explore that cave over there and call us if you find anything interesting. Martin, get some plant, rock, and water samples. Then meet up with Ryan. Luis, come with me and we’re going to check out these dead mutated animal-things.”

Ryan hesitantly made his way to the cave only a few steps away from their shuttle craft. He cautiously entered the cave, barely squeezing in through the 4 ft tall opening in the rock surface. He staggered as he walked passed the opening down the slope of the rocky floor. Water trickled down the surface making it slippery and difficult for him to keep himself on his feet. After only walking a short distance through the rocky shaft he came to a massive cavern. It was well lit as there appeared to be a natural sky light of some sort on the cavern ceiling 15 ft above here. The hole, about 5 ft in diameter, filtered a pale green light in the room. He looked around and saw that the walls were covered in strange slimy green vines. As he placed his hand on one he was overcome with a strange soothing sensation. The vine was warm. It was almost as if it was alive. It was very smooth and glistened with slime. The floor of the room was a smooth gray rock with long unnatural looking cracks. The cracks were very straight and smooth as if a machine cut them. The floor reminded Ryan of a giant puzzle. In the center of the cavern, a large round rock rose above the surface. “Looks like some sort of altar,” he whispered to himself. A stream flowed through the center of the room directly under the altar, cutting the room in half. Ryan continued his journey and cautiously approached the altar. It was round, about 5 ft in diameter. It wasn’t much higher than his waist. As he approached the rock he saw a tiny orb set in the center of it. He couldn’t help but notice that the orb appeared to glow as he got closer. A pale green light began to emanate from the orb in the center, growing brighter and brighter with each step he took.

As he stood before it he was mesmerized by the beautiful green light. He also noticed what appeared to be 6 handprints etched in the rock surrounding the orb. He stared at the bright light and began to feel light headed, almost entranced by the light. It was so soothing. He looked over to the tiny stream flowing through the room. It was as if something or someone reminded him, that it was there and told him to look at it. He began to feel thirsty. It had been so long since he had had a drink of water. “One little drink couldn’t hurt, could it?” he asked himself. Using his nifty thrifty GRX3 Scanner he quickly scanned the stream for composition and other data. It was H2O just like earth water. There was no sign of bacteria or radiation. It was harmless. He already knew the air was safe to breathe. “Why not? It’s perfectly safe and damn I’m thirsty,” he reassured himself. A gentle hiss sounded as he twisted the 3 tiny locks around the neck of his helmet and steadily removed it from his head. He took a deep breath. The air was so fresh and so clean. It reminded him of springtime just after a rain had fallen. He knelt down and dipped his hands into the water. It was ice cold. He cupped his hands brought them to his mouth, and drank the water. It tasted so good. “So refreshing,” he whispered. Then he stood up and put his helmet back on. His attention returned to the orb. Suddenly he became startled and took a step back. The light was all too soothing. He didn’t like the trance-like state he was just in. Suddenly, he snapped out of it. As he backed away the light faded. “Martin…Martin, It’s Ryan. Meet in the cave,” he called out to his partner, " I think I found something. I’m only a few feet into the cave in a large cavern."

“I’m on my way,” replied the science officer. Ryan kept his distance from the orb and waited for Martin to enter. Ryan stood and anxiously awaited the arrival of the all-knowing science officer.

“What is it, what did you find?” Martin asked as he entered the large cavern and approached Ryan.

“I don’t know exactly, but that thing glowed and it almost felt like it was trying to hypnotize me.” Ryan pointed to the orb in the center of the altar.

“Interesting,” Martin walked closer to the altar and the orb began to glow. Martin found a strange sense of peace begin to take over as he stared into the light.

“Don’t stare at it,” Ryan said as he pulled on the shoulder of his shipmate. The startled Martin took a step back.

“It’s almost hypnotic.”

“I know, it did the same thing to me. I’m lucky I was able to collect myself or I’d still be staring at it.”

“Interesting handprints. Well, I assume they’re handprints. It looks like a hand with three long fingers. And I see we have water,” Martin said excitedly as he knelt down on the edge of the stream. He reached to his side and pulled out a plastic cup. He dipped it in to collect a sample and then sealed the cup.

“Look,” Ryan called for Martin’s attention. He looked over and saw Ryan pointing to the altar. The orb seemed to be excreting a strange slimy green substance just like what covered the vines, only it was much more abundant on the orb. Martin got another cup and carefully dipped it in the slime trying not to get any on his suit. “I think it’s time to blow this joint. I have enough to study right now and it’s getting dark out there. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to make several more visits to this place before we have to go.” Martin began to walk back toward the entrance of the cave. His loyal crewmate followed him. They approached the shuttle craft and saw the captain and Luis already packing up their equipment. “Did you find anything out about those dead creatures?”

Steven replied with disappointment, "I’m afraid we still have no idea what they are or what killed them. From what I can tell, they definitely mutated or had begun to mutate and didn’t survive the process. I still don’t know why or how. We got some skin samples along with what one of them digested. Further tests should give us some more clues. Did you guys find anything interesting?”

“There’s a large room not too deep into the cave. It wasn’t that unusual other than a round glowing orb in the center and stream that divides the room. I got some water samples that I want to study on the ship.”

“A round glowing orb?” Steven was curious.

“Yes, I believe it was the way the sun hit it as it filtered into the cave. Nothing worthy of further investigation at this time.” Martin didn’t bother to tell Steven about the hand prints or the slime because he knew that captain would want to see it himself and try to do all of the work without Martin. Martin wanted to find everything out for himself before his captain butted in and took all of the credit. Besides, he was anxious to study the skin samples the captain had obtained.

“Very well. Prepare to return to the ship.”

Virus On Board Captain Steven J. Hawkins returned to the bridge to oversee Kevin at the helm. He decided to give Ryan some rest after their trip to the planet surface. Now he could use this opportunity to observe Kevin and offer some assistance if needed. Martin went straight to his lab after returning to the ship and began analyzing the water and slime samples. Ryan swung by the lab on his way to his quarters. He peeked in through the cold metal doorway and smiled at Martin. Martin smiled and winked, “I’ll be waiting for you as soon as I finish here. Give me an hour or two.”

Ryan winked back and headed to his quarters. They were small and not the most comfortable living space, but it would do. It reminded him of a small hotel room, only the walls where a dark gray and made of metal. He lay down on his not so comfy bed and tried to fall asleep. He couldn’t help but worry about the water he had drunk. Was it really safe? Why did he drink it in the first place? Did that orb tell him to do it? He just wouldn’t help but wonder what terrible things might happen to him. Almost an hour and a half went by and his eyes didn’t close once. He just couldn’t sleep. He decided he couldn’t wait for a visit from his beautiful lover Martin anymore. He got up, left his quarters, and went straight to the lab. The lab was empty. No signs of life other than a few caged animals from earth and various blinking lights and beeping whatzits. On a long white counter Ryan saw the two plastic cups that once contained the slime and water. They were empty now. There were no test tubes or microscope slides to indicate that Martin had done anything with the samples. He was curious, but he couldn’t worry about the biology samples right now. There was sex to be had. Perhaps Martin was done and went to wash up. Ryan crept down the all towards Martin’s quarters. The door was closed. As he moved his hand to knock, he heard something coming from the room. Instead of knocking, he moved his ear up to the door. He heard Martin inside, moaning and screaming. Not in pain, but in pleasure. It didn’t take Ryan long to realize that Martin was masturbating. He must have been touching himself just the right way because he was pretty damn loud. Ryan decided to try to sneak in, but Martin activated the secure lock so that no one could get in. Ryan knocked. There was no response. He knocked harder. Still no response. He knocked again, “Martin, it’s Ryan.” Martin kept on moaning.

Ryan turned around and returned to his quarters. He couldn’t figure out why Martin would masturbate when he was supposed to be meeting him in his own quarters for a sexual escapade involving the two of them. Oh well, he had 3 more hours before he had to return to duty, so he decided to wait patiently and perhaps even give sleeping another shot. Only a few minutes passed after lying down on his bed and he was asleep. It wasn’t before too long that he began to dream. He was back in the cavern. Only this time he was naked. The rest of the crew was with him, wearing nothing at all. The cold gray stone floor was covered in slime. Martin was in the middle of the floor lying on his back and arching it so his hard cock rose toward the ceiling. He was covered in slime and he rubbed more of it on his body. The other crewmembers just stood there watching. They didn’t have any slime on their body other than what their feet were touching on the floor. Martin called seductively, “Ryan. Ryan come. JOIN ME!” Ryan began to walk over toward him. Martin reached out his hand. Ryan reached for it. Their fingers touched. It sent a tingling feeling through his body.

Suddenly, a knock at the door. Ryan awoke, panting. He tried to catch his breath. “Ryan. It’s me.” It was Martin. Ryan sat up. He saw his underwear was a little bit damp, but it wasn’t that bad. He walked over to the door in his black bikini briefs which complimented his fair skin. He opened the door ready for the handsome Martin to come inside. Martin looked over Ryan through the doorway. He smiled and then pushed his way in. Ryan closed the door and watched as Martin kept his back to Ryan and began to take off his red satin robe. As it dropped it exposed Martin’s naked white back. His skin seemed so flawless, even smoother than Ryan’s. The robe dropped to the floor exposing Martin’s perfect bubble butt. Martin turned around to show the front of his naked body to his lover. Ryan gasped in amazement as he looked at Martin’s beautiful hard dick. What a perfectly shaped prong of pink flesh, jutting from his bush of red pubes, pulsing in time with Martin’s heartbeat.

Ryan already felt his own cock throbbing in response. Without a word he pushed his briefs down his muscular thighs, revealing his own dick, an inch or so shorter than Martin’s, but still a sizable pole of meat. When he stood, Martin stared in awe at the young man’s beautiful, trim naked body, lightly dusted in blond fur. “I’ve been waiting for you,” Ryan said seductively, “What took you so long?”

“I finished in the lab early, but I knew you needed your rest. So I went to my room and played around a bit,” Martin replied and winked.

Ryan couldn’t resist any longer. He ran to his lover and embraced his naked body. They held each other tightly and caressed. Martin kissed Ryan with passion. Their tongues meeting and tickling one another. Then Martin kissed Ryan’s neck, then his arms. He kissed every freckle on his arms. Then when he was done he moved his lips to his legs, kissing every freckle, every inch of skin. Ryan instinctively sat on the edge of his bed as Martin’s mouth made his way to his hairy thighs and then to his tight ass. Martin thrust his tongue into Ryan’s hole and pleasure spread instantly through him like a wild fire. Ryan moaned as his lover licked his hole. Martin didn’t hold anything back. His tongue moved faster as he caressed Ryan’s swollen balls. Then he stroked his hard shaft. Ryan sat up and ran his fingers across his lover’s smooth back. He moaned and squeezed Martin’s head between his sweaty thighs. Ryan’s cockhead throbbed as he neared orgasm. Tingles of pleasure erupted from his groin and he began to cum. His whole body shook and convulsed. He screamed “Yes! Mmmmm!”

Martin slowly removed his tongue from the young man’s hole. He stood up and held out his hand. Ryan took hold of Martin’s hand and allowed him to pull him up. Martin then sat on the bed and spread his legs wide open. His beautiful cock, nestled in wiry red pubic hair, called to Ryan. Ryan followed the lead of his lover and began to suck his tight ballbag. Then moving upwards, he took Martin’s hard, salty dick into his mouth, moving his tongue over the shaft and head, trying to please Martin as well as Martin pleased him. Ryan began to move his tongue faster as Martin moaned louder. It was only a matter of seconds before Martin finally orgasmed. His juices spewed out of his cock like a raging river, forcing their way into Ryan’s mouth. Ryan was overwhelmed with the amount of Martin’s cum and had no choice but to swallow. It seemed as though Martin’s juices would never stop flowing. His orgasm was very long and intense. Finally, after 4 gulps, Ryan was able to pull his mouth away and look up at his satisfied lover. Martin stood up and Ryan followed. They embraced each other once again. Martin then let go and walked over to his robe. He picked it up on the floor and began to put it on.

“What? No more? You don’t even want to cuddle?” Ryan asked, hoping to share in more pleasure with the doctor.

“My work here is done,” Martin said with a chuckle and winked. “I’m afraid I have to get back to the lab. There is more testing to be done. The captain wasn’t expecting me to be resting for too long. Besides, you have 1 more hour. You should get some sleep.” Martin walked out of the room before Ryan had a chance to say another word. Ryan laid down on his bed, still naked. It didn’t take long for him to go back to sleep after such intense sex. It wasn’t long before his alarm had woken him up. It was time to return to duty.

Ryan was slow to wake up. He was so comfortable lay on his bed, naked. He felt completely relaxed and certainly not motivated to return to the helm. He slowly sat up on his bed. He immediately began to feel light headed. “I feel….strange,” he thought to himself. He slowly stood up on his feet. The dizzy feeling seemed to increase. It was soon followed by nausea. He walked over to the dull metal wall and pulled out the built in drawer where his many uniforms were kept. He had to use the wall as a support. “Was the sex that great? Why do I feel this way?” He managed to put on a uniform. He had a hard time fitting the tight spandex material over his body. His vision seemed to go in and out of focus, but he managed to find the zipper.

He walked from his quarters to the medical lab, stumbling along the way. He entered the lab and was greeted by Martin and Captain Hawkins. “I’m not feeling well,” he told them.

“What’s wrong?” they asked, almost in unison.

“I just feel…strange…kind of light headed…nauseas…strange”

“Hmmm…” Martin glanced him over. “You better sit down, you look pale.” He pulled out some sort of device that looked like a scanner of some kind. He held the device just above his head and looked at a tiny screen on the instrument. “Hmmm…your neurons are rapidly firing in abnormal patterns.” Martin set down the instrument and looked closely at Ryan’s face. “Ryan!?” he said with surprise, “what happened to your freckles.”

“I…I don’t know. What do you mean?”

Martin held a mirror so Ryan could see. His skin was completely white, even whiter than ever before. All of his freckles and blemishes were gone. “Is the rest of your body like this?” Martin asked. “Let’s go the examination room.” Just then, Ryan heard a voice. “dgis jgobyis ptyected.” It sounded like a voice. He couldn’t make out who it was or what it said. It sounded like mumbling. “What was that?” he asked in a fearful tone.

"What? I didn’t hear anything.

Ryan heard it again. “dgis jgobyis ptyected.”

“I think I’m hearing voices. It’s mumbling. You don’t hear it?”


Martin held out his hand for Ryan to hold onto. He led him into a small room surrounded by glass walls with a table in the middle. “Let’s look at the rest of your body and see if all of your skin pigment has changed. Hopefully the change in pigmentation is localized to your face.” Martin unzipped the zipper down the side of his uniform. He easily slid it off and Martin could see his beautiful naked body again. However, this time it was different. The abundance of freckles on his arms and legs were gone. His skin was white as the sheets on the examination table. Not a single freckle, pimple, or any other kind of blemish. “Interesting…” Martin said. He was baffled, but he tried to hide how clueless he really was about the situation. Ryan heard the voice again only this time he was able to make out a few words. “dgis body is ptyected.”

“I keep hearing this voice.” Ryan said in hopes that Martin heard it too, he didn’t want to be the only one going crazy.

“Did you come into contact with anything foreign on the ship or on the planet? Did you eat or drink anything recently? Did you happen to breath the alien air?” Steven asked as he pulled out a syringe to take some blood.

Ryan flashed back to the cavern. He remembered taking the drink of water. He was hesitant to tell the doctor how stupid he had been, but if it meant finding out what was happening to him, then he had to tell him. “I drank the water.”

“What?” Steven asked.

“I was so thirsty. The stream in the cavern on the planet surface. I couldn’t help it. I took of my helmet and drank it.”

“Well, I’m going to do some test on the blood I just drew from you.” Ryan looked down at his arm. Funny, he didn’t even feel the prick of the needle.

“I want you to stay here under quarantine,” the captain order. “I’m sure whatever is causing these voices and other symptoms came from the water, but just to play it safe, you’re to remain in here. If you have come into contact with a disease or virus, it could become airborne and I’m not willing to take that risk.” The captain and Martin left the room and the glass door sealed behind him. Ryan stood there naked. Oddly enough. he didn’t have the urge to put his clothing back on. He felt comfortable being naked. It felt natural to him.

Martin put a drop of blood on a microscope. Captain Hawkins watched with incredible curiosity hoping that Martin could determine what was causing Ryan’s skin to turn so pale as well as the strange voices in his head. More importantly, could it be stopped and reversed. “I’m going to stay here awhile. I want to be the first to know what’s going on,” Steven informed Martin.

“Very well,” Martin replied as he peaked into the high-powered microscope. “Interesting. I think I see something that doesn’t belong here. Yes, a virus. I’ve never seen anything like it.” He stepped back and motioned to the captain to take a peek. Meanwhile, in the exam room, Ryan sat down on the table. He felt weak and dizzy. The voice continued to echo through his head. Every time he heard it, it began to make more and more sense. “this body is infected.” It repeated, “this body is infected.” Ryan was startled, but too weak and disoriented to even speak or acknowledge the overwhelming fear inside of him. “This body is ours.” The voice was louder. It was monotone and the sound was alien to him. “What are you? What do you mean?” he thought to himself speaking to the voice in his head.

It replied, “You are now infected. Re-programming has begun. The virus will transform you as it sees fit.”

"WHAT? What virus. Transform me? Never. Fuck you. Tears began to flow from his eyes. He became weaker and laid on the table. Steven and Martin both looked over. Steven spoke through the intercom. “What’s wrong? Are you ok. Speak to me, Ryan.” Ryan responded with the little energy his body had left, “The voice…scared. It’s says I’m being transformed. What’s…happening?”

Suddenly a pleasurable feeling erupted through Ryan’s body. The weakness went away. “You must submit. When your mind is transformed, your body will follow. You are alien now. Allow your humanity to be erased. You cannot resist. Allow your brain to be re-programmed.”

Ryan shivered with the sexual pleasure that took over him, but his fear and resistance was strong. “Never,” he shouted. The captain and Martin watched in horror and curiosity. Helpless. “Martin, continue to study this…virus. I’ll…observe. We can’t do anything about it right now. I’m sorry, Ryan.” Martin returned to his microscope. Ryan’s cock began to throb, “Submission is pleasurable,” the voice said. Then a sharp pain shot through his cock and balls, causing tears of pain to drip from his eyes. “Resistance is pain.” After a short pause the pleasure returned, and juices began to drip from his cockhead. “Submission.” Then the pain returned and he moaned in agony. “Resistance.” He yelled out, “Please stop!”

“You must submit your mind and body. To submit is pleasurable.” His dick began to throb as Ryan began to toy with the idea of submission. “Yes. Allow yourself to indulge. You will be transformed. You do not wish to be the pathetic human you are any longer.”

“Mmmmm…yes. I…I…must submit,” he whispered. The captain watched with a mixture of fear and curiosity. “What did he just say,” he asked Martin. Martin turned away from his microscope and watch the naked Ryan begin to slide his hand back and forth between his legs.

“Yes, you will be transformed. Submit to the pleasure. Submit your mind and body!”

“Yes…I will…submit,” he said a little bit louder this time.

The captain spoke into the intercom hoping Ryan would respond, “Ryan! Ryan, are you all right. Submit to what? Who are you talking to?” Ryan continued to pleasure himself. He lay on the table with his back arched. He didn’t even acknowledge Steven’ words. He began to moan louder. “Become. It is your destiny,” the voice instructed him. “Yes, I will become what you want me to be. I submit!” Just as he yelled out these words, his body spasmed and he reached an incredible orgasm. He screamed with pleasure and his jism flowed from his dick onto the white bed on which he lay. As more and more liquid poured from his cock, it began to change from the normal clear milky fluid, to a greenish color. Then it stopped. His arms fell to his side and his legs closed and fell flat onto the table. His eyes closed and he appeared to be sleeping. “His vitals are all over the place,” Martin informed the captain. “His heart is beating incredibly fast. His breathing is not regular. I’ll scan brain activity.” A small screen lowered from the ceiling. It showed a computerized image of Ryan’s brain, similar to a cat scan. “That’s odd. His brain seems to be…changing shape. The occipital lobe seems to be shifting. I don’t know what to make of this. Sections of the brain seem to be transforming before our eyes.”

“How?” Steven asked.

“I just don’t know. That virus…it seems to be altering his body.” Martin had an idea. He took a sterile needle and vigorously drew a sample of his own blood. He mixed it with the blood already on the slide and watched through the lens. The captain continued to watch the sleeping Ryan. “So helpless,” he whispered to himself. Martin watched intensely as the virus infected one of his own blood cells to replicate itself. It did just that, using it’s own dna it reconstructed the blood cell’s dna, but the cell remained alive and became something different. A completely new cell. The virus left the cell having transformed it into an alien cell. The virus then moved onto the next one and then another, transforming each. Ryan’s blood sample had been completely transformed into a new alien type of blood. “Captain, this virus isn’t like any I’ve ever seen before. A normal virus uses a human cell to replicate itself and then destroy the cell. This virus actually alters the cell’s dna in the nucleus transforming it, and then it exits to find a new cell to transform. I will try to analyze the dna of the new cells. It’s transforming Ryan into something new.”

“Incredible! What will happen to him? Can it be stopped? Can we reverse it? Is it airborne?”

“I have no idea. I’ll have to do some more analyzing of the virus structure.”

“Damn it! We need to know. I’ll get you some help,” Steven had fear and anger in his voice. He couldn’t afford to let this thing take over one of his crew, let alone the entire ship. What would become of the young man who lay asleep in the lab? He called over the intercom, “Luis to the medical lab immediately.” Steven turned and looked at the helpless Ryan surrounded by the 4 glass walls. Just then, Ryan opened his eyes. He smiled and then slowly sat up, his legs hanging over the side of the table. He then stood up and walked over to the glass wall, facing the captain and Martin. “Hello Captain.”

Steven, glad to see that Ryan was still alive, walked a few steps closer to the glass and spoke to his shipmate, “Ryan, are you ok. What happened to you? Are you still…you?” Ryan just smiled. He lifted up his hand in front of his face and looked it over. “Yes, I’m still me…for now,” he chuckled as if he just made an inside joke that only he understood. "Allow me to satisfy some of your curiosity, captain, " he said almost seductively. “You’re right, Martin. I have been infected with a virus and it is transforming. Oh captain, it’s such a wonderful feeling. I can feel it inside of me. Changing me. It began by infecting my skin cells. It used them to hibernate and reproduce. Then it moved to my nervous system and brain. My mind is now…alien. My thoughts are no longer human. I had no choice to submit. Mmmmm…it’s so pleasurable to submit. And now that my mind is transformed my body will follow. ‘Mind over matter’ isn’t that what you humans say?”

“You humans?” the captain was confused by this statement. “Are you saying you’re not human? You look human to me?”

“Don’t be foolish Steven Hawkins. Looks can be deceiving. I can assure you that I am becoming more alien by the second. With each passing minute a new cluster of cells is being altered. Soon I will be a completely new creature. Oh, it will be wonderful to be part of an alien species.” Just then he slid his hand over his dick and quivered a bit. “You see captain, it is only a matter of time now.” Steven looked closely at Ryan’s penis. His cockhead had taken on a green tint, and the shaft seemed to grow larger before his eyes. “You will all join me soon. The virus was meant for all of us.”

“What do you mean,” the captain asked, “the virus was meant for us?”

“You see, the animals on the native planet did not react well to the transformation. Their bodies were too primitive, but the human body, yes…” he smiled deviously, “the human body is an excellent host.”

Steven turned to Martin who had a look of shock on his face. “Is this all true?”

“I just don’t know. It would seem based on what I know so far and what he’s telling us, this virus is compatible with our bodies and when it comes in contact will transform us all.”

“Where did it come from?” Steven asked Ryan.

“Evolution. I will be the first of an extinct species to be reborn. WE will be the first alien colony on this planet in over 500 years. As they died, they created a virus that would hold their dna hoping one day it would infect a similar species and they would be reborn. They were similar to humans in many ways. That is why the virus can transform us so easily. It is as if it were meant for us. For you!”

“How did it infect you? Is it in the water?”

Ryan smiled again and hesitated for a moment, “You’ll find out, but by then it’ll be too late to stop it.”

“Martin. Find out all you can about this virus. It’s make up. How it works. Everything. Find a vaccine. We have to find a way to stop it. No one goes into that room until we have a vaccine. I don’t want anyone else to be infected.” Steven then called to the bridge, “Luis, please report to the medical lab.”

“Captain, there appears to be some instability in engine 2. The ship is becoming hard for Kevin to manage. The computer is trying to engage in self-repair. It would be best for me to take the helm. Can Kevin help you in there instead of me?” Steven pondered his request. It would be best for a more experienced pilot to guide the ship while they were having engine trouble. “Damn,” he said to himself. “I need his scientific expertise. Oh well. Kevin will be useful. Send him to the lab, Luis”

Kevin entered the room only a few minutes after the captain’s call. Kevin saw the very pale Ryan standing naked in the glass room. “What’s going on?”

“Ah, Kevin. You will join me soon,” Ryan was heard over the intercom. “What?” asked the very confused Kevin.

“I’ll explain it all,” Martin pulled Kevin aside out of Ryan’s view and began to explain the situation. The captain exited to the bridge to check on Luis and the status of the engine. He decided not to tell the crew until he had a better handle on the situation. No reason to cause any panic. As he entered the bridge a strange feeling overcame him. He wasn’t used to the bridge being so empty. He was used to being greeted by Martin and seeing Ryan at the helm. “Poor Ryan,” he whispered to himself.

“What’s that captain,” Luis asked.

“Nothing,” Steven replied. “How is the ship handling?”

“It’s fine now, sir. There was some excess Kilithion gas causing a rough ride. You can bring Kevin back if you’d like.” Steven thought for a moment. Perhaps this would be a good experience for Kevin. Besides, he didn’t want Luis to see Ryan in the state he was in. They had served together before and were somewhat close.

“I’m going to rest for a while in my ready room. Maintain orbit and notify me of anything…unusual.” Steven walked through a set of door and disappeared into his “office.” He laid down on a skinny blue bed and closed his eyes.

Hope Steven must have been asleep for almost an hour when he was suddenly awoke by Martin’s call over the intercom. “Captain, are you there? Captain I might have a vaccine. I need you in the lab. Captain?”

Steven took a moment to gather himself. He fumbled around to find the reply button. “Yes. Yes, I’ll be there.” He was overcome with excitement. A vaccine! That was the good news he was looking for. At least he could protect the rest of the crew. He almost ran to the lab. Still waking up from his nap he almost fell a couple times and collided with the wall. He quickly walked into the view of Ryan. Steven was shocked to see the state of his shipmate. Ryan stood before Steven in his glass cage. His skin was now a smooth shiny emerald green. Steven looked at him from head to toe. He no longer had hair. It had been replaced by three thick tentacles that grew from the top of his head and followed his head closely around to the back of his neck. His face was almost unrecognizable, but some of his facial features remained. His eyes were wider and a deep black color. His pupils were now a bright yellow color. His lips full and pinkish green. His balls had grown larger. They looked as though they would barely fit into a pair of briefs. His dick was much longer and much wider, almost 12 inches in length and 4 in diameter. Steven watched as Ryan placed his alien three fingered hand on one of his newly swollen balls.

“Hello captain,” Ryan said in a strange alien voice. Steven had never heard anything like it before. “Do you like my new body? I have been transformed. The virus has completed its purpose. I am the first of my species to be reborn.” Steven was in shock. He had lost Ryan. He turned to Martin.

“I’m sorry, Steven. I don’t know how to reverse it yet. However, I do now how to prevent it,” Martin assured the captain as he picked up a syringe full of a milky green liquid.

“This is a vaccine that will prevent the virus from infecting others. I still don’t know how Ryan contracted the virus, but I know how to keep others from getting it.”

“And your sure this works?”

“Yes, I know it does. Kevin and I have both observed it protect human cells from transformation.”

“Very well. Lets try it on one of us fir…”

“I’ll do it,” Kevin spoke up before the captain could finish his sentence. He was anxious to impress his crewmates.

“Very well.”

Kevin sat down, rolled up his sleeve, and stuck his arm out in front of Martin. Using a cotton swab Martin disinfected the area and then pricked Kevin with the vaccine. “And now we must make sure it works in the human body.” Martin waited 10 minutes and then picked up a syringe with some strands of the alien virus. “If you show no signs of infection after 15 minutes, we know it works.” Martin followed the same procedure as with the vaccine and infected Kevin with the virus. They all stood there and watched Kevin. It was the longest 15 minutes of Kevin’s life. Then the moment came. Nothing happened. No change in his mental state. No changes in skin pigmentation. All freckles were where they were supposed to be. “Excellent! It works!” Martin said with joy.

“Allright it’s time to vaccinate the crew. I want everyone vaccinated as soon as possible. I’ll be the last. I want everyone safe before me.” Steven called all crewmembers to the lab. All 20 of them crammed themselves into the lab and looked and saw the alien that Ryan had become. The captain explained most of what had happened and informed everyone that they need to be vaccinated. He then made his way to the bridge to inform Luis about the situation. Luis was perfectly comfortable at the helm and didn’t mind waiting to be the last to be vaccinated. Steven then returned to his ready room. He sat down to record his log and rested his head on his desk.

Suddenly he was startled by a call from Martin, “Captain. The vaccination is complete. Please come to the lab. Captain are you there?”

“What, I must have fallen asleep.” The startled captain realized he had blacked out for 30 minutes. “I’ll be right there.”

He quickly made his way back to the lab. His crew must have returned to their post or quarters. The hall was eerily empty. He walked through the lab door and looked toward the glass room to see how Ryan was doing. He was surprised to see the room was empty. “Looking for something,” Steven heard the strange alien voice from behind. He turned around and saw Kevin standing a few feet in front of him. Kevin was completely naked and hard, his flawless pale body was being caressed by the beautiful green alien that had once been Ryan. “This body will be transformed,” Kevin struggled to say as he moaned with pleasure.

“Kevin. What the hell? How did you get out Ryan? Where’s Martin?”

“Right here.” Steven turned around and saw Martin before him. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to prevent Kevin from being infected.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You see captain, I know how Ryan was infected by the virus.”

“You do?” Steven said with reluctance and fear.

“Yes. Perhaps when you chose someone to save the ship and vaccinate everyone, you should make sure they aren’t infected themselves. I was the first to contract the virus. I infected him.”


“Yes, captain.” Martin slowly unzipped the side of his uniform and slid it off revealing his beautiful pale body. His skin was very white without a sign of a blemish or freckle. His cockhead, green with only a trace of pink. Martin walked over towards the captain and placed each hand on his shoulders. The captain, outnumbered and confused, did nothing to retaliate.

“You see, when I sampled some slime from the cave, I failed to realize how powerful it was. I was careless and opened the container in the open lab. I exposed myself to a very powerful aphrodisiac which contained the concentrated virus. Before I knew it, it was controlling me. I ingested it with the water sample. I was the first to be infected. I spread it to Ryan during our little rendezvous in his quarters. I had already taken the precaution of suppressing the physical effects of the virus on my body. I had the camouflage of my human form. Meanwhile you were distracted by Ryan’s transformation. I’m afraid that vaccine I gave to all of the crew, was not a vaccine at all, but a heavy strand of the virus.” Just then two male crewmembers entered the lab. They were both naked, hard and very pale. They each held a stun gun pointed at Steven. “Now Captain, you will join us. You time has come to be a part of the new species.”

Kevin was released from the grasp of Ryan. He stumbled but quickly regained his balance. He slowly walked toward Steven with a flat look on his face. He picked up a syringe sitting on a table next to him. It was filled with the same milky green liquid that had been injected into him and the others. Martin, holding Steven tightly, unzipped Steven’s uniform and slid it off of him. His skin was flawlessly tan. Martin admired his body, but longed for it to be transformed. He saw his tan skin as being imperfect. A body that was not infected simply would not please him. He pulled Steven’s arm towards him and held it tightly. Steven struggled, but the crewmen overpowered him. They were incredibly strong. He felt hopeless.

“You traitor!” he shouted. “Please don’t do this. You’re still human inside. It hasn’t taken you completely. Fight it.”

Kevin didn’t even acknowledge the captain’s words. He stuck the needle deep into Steven’s vein and injected the virus into him. “Wonderful. Now you will become one of us. Such a heavy dose of the virus should begin to transform your mind within 10 minutes. Soon the species will be reborn. We are the beginning of a new step in our evolution. Say goodbye to your humanity. You have little time to cherish your humanity. I will give you time alone in your quarters. Don’t worry captain, all of your fears will be replaced with pleasure once your mind begins to feel the effects.”

Steven struggled to be released. Kevin and Martin let him go. They both smiled. Steven began to feel weak and dizzy. He barely had the energy to stand. Kevin stepped to his left side and Martin moved to his right. They held his arms and walked him out of the lab to his quarters. As they made their way down the steel hallway, they heard the hiss of a door opening. A crewmember, Adam, walked out of his quarters just ahead of them. He was a beautiful tall blond. He was naked and hard. His skin was as pale as snow. Two other crewmen did the same, walking out of their quarters. Their pale bodies almost glowing in the light. “The ‘vaccination’ was successful captain,” Martin smiled and chuckled. “We are all infected now. Every man on this ship now has a newly formed brain with alien thoughts, instincts, desires… You will be the last.” They arrived at the captain’s quarters. His tan was already fading. He began to feel confused and could barely hold himself upright. Kevin and Martin laid him on his bed, covered only in a white fitted sheet. They walked out and the door closed behind them. Steven looked up at the ceiling. Then it faded to black.

Darkness Suddenly there was a hissing sound. The door to Steven’s quarters opens. Martin walks into the room. His beautiful white skin was now a pale green. His eyes are rounder, larger, and black. He sees Steven is standing with a blank look on his face. Steven met Martin’s eyes. Steven smiled. “This body has been infected. I submit to the virus. My body will be transformed. I will now become part of your species.” He then looked over Martin’s rapidly changing body. He slid his hand over his hard penis. “You are beautiful. With each passing moment my desire for you becomes stronger. I wish to see you transform before me as I transform before you.”

“Come,” Martin commanded. “You must join the others. It is only a matter of time before our transformation is complete. We will return to the planet surface and gather the resources and data we need. Then we will return to earth. Finally, the species will return and all humans will join us in the process of evolution.” Martin reached our for Steven’s hand. His once human fingers had merged into three fingers. There were only a few traces left of bone from his five fingered hand. The three skinny green fingers looked very inviting to Steven. He grabbed his hand and they exited the room together, ready to join the other new members of their species.

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