BuILDING A FAMILY -- Chapter 5

By Anonymous
published September 19, 2009
4038 words

Continuing towards his goal; Jason teaches Ricky a couple of things he needs to know.

Normal warning. This story includes episodes of sexual activity and other intimate acts between and among adult males. If you are not of legal age, do not read it.

Ricky finished feeding from the five manimals n the barn, getting the man-cream he knew he needed to grow up to be big and strong like his friend Jason. Jason took Ricky by the hand so Ricky would not run off to play (the reader knows how nine year olds are!) and back into the house. He told Ricky to strip completely naked because he was in the house and could not hurt himself. He told Ricky he was only to wear clothes if he had work to do and might get hurt.

Jason looked at his best friend. A strong, virile, 20 year old body. His shoulders were wide, well rounded and formed with the muscles that come with regular workouts. His pecs were also well rounded, the nipples peaking out from the small ringlets of hair around each one. That hair would go soon enough. A 9 year old is too young to have adult hair. His biceps were not large enough to have triceps, but they grew into well-formed balls and then receded as he moved his arms. His legs too were well-formed, strong, masculine, male. Wide and muscled thighs, thinner and well-shaped calves.

“Come over here, boy. Stand in front of me. Let me see what a big boy you are turning into.”

Jason stroked Ricky’s hair and then rubbed the head like he would do with a child. Ricky smiled. With his fingers, Jason surveyed Ricky’s face. It was a beautiful face; always had been. Jason ran his finger over the eyebrows. As Ricky instinctively closed his eyes, Jason felt his eye lids, then ran his finger down the bridge of his nose to his lips. He stroked the lips and noticed Ricky’s cock responded nicely to the tenderness.

Jason extended his finger on his left hand. “Suck this, boy.” Ricky did as he was told. As Ricky sucked the finger, Jason used his right hand to continue his excursion down Ricky’s body. He cupped the pecs in his palm, and tickled and tweaked Ricky’s nipples. Ricky giggled a little and Jason saw the cock begin to grow and harden.

Jason opened his hand wide and ran them over Ricky’s abs – side to side, up and down. With one finger, he probed Ricky’s belly button – and Ricky again giggled with the finger still in his mouth.

As his hand reached Ricky’s groin, Jason said, almost to himself, “Too much hair for a little boy.” He noticed a slight hesitation in Ricky’s sucking, but continued on to feel the smoothness of the cock, the roundness of the head and, as he grasped it with his hand, he felt it harden and grow. “So nice – and all mine,” Jason thought.

Ricky, though, while still sucking, had obviously become pre-occupied. Jason pushed his finger into Ricky’s mouth a little further, but Ricky did not respond as enthusiastically as he had been sucking just a few minutes before. Jason assumed it was because Ricky’s mind was on what was happening to his cock. Jason’s attention was now on Ricky’s balls. He rolled them in his hand, first one then the other and then both. He felt their heft, but also noticed Ricky’s cock begin to go down.

He then heard what sounded like a sob come out of Ricky’s mouth.

“What’s wrong Ricky?”

That was all it took and Ricky broke into tears. He started slowly, trying to hold it back, but then the dam broke and he fell to the floor, sobbing as if his life were ending. He curled into a fetal position and his thumb went into his mouth. He sobbed and sobbed, almost unable to catch his breath.

Jason was shocked! What had brought this on? He knelt down next to Ricky.

“What’s wrong, boy? Did you hurt yourself?”

“You…” – sob—

“You…” – sob –

“You…” –sob.

Jason took Ricky into his arms. “Calm down, boy. Take a deep breath. Tell me what is wrong.”

Ricky took a deep breath, exhaling in almost staccato fashion as his breathing mixed with his crying.

“You don’t like my…my….my…”

“What don’t I like, boy?”

“My…my…my…big boy hair around my penis,” Ricky blurted out.

Like all 9 yo’s, Ricky wanted to please an adult so much – and especially Jason – that the mere absent-minded mention by Jason that Ricky had too much hair was enough to devastate Ricky. And he was definitely devastated. He thought Jason was disappointed and he wanted Jason to be so proud. He thought Jason was upset with him for having hair and all he wanted to do was to make Jason happy. He wanted to obey Jason, but what could he do? He didn’t make the hair grow – did he? Maybe he did. Maybe he could stop it from growing!

Jason pulled Ricky closer, into his lap. He turned Ricky’s head towards him and settled Ricky’s mouth over his nipple as he cradled Ricky’s head in his arm.

“Dry your tears, little one. Suck on my tit and listen to me.”

Ricky began to relax and calm down. He started to suck on Jason’s nipple and that helped settle him some more.

Jason decided truth was the only way to go.

“You’re, right, little one. I do not like the hair on you. Little boys should not have hair like that.”

Ricky began to sob again, even as he sucked.

“Calm down. That does not mean I am upset with you! If I were upset, I’d spank you like you know you should be spanked. But I am not upset with you. You may have too much hair, but that is just because I have not taught you how to take it all off yet, have I?”

Ricky’s crying slowed.

“Have I?”

Sob – “No” – sob.

“Shall I go show you now?”

A tentative “Yeah”

“C’mon, let’s go show you how to get rid of all that hair I don’t like. Stop your crying. Let’s get up and make you look like I want you to look. C’mon!”

With that, Jason got up, helped Ricky up – who had stopped crying and was now smiling – a little – because he knew Jason was not angry with him. They walked into the bathroom.

“Now, first I am going to trim your hair real short. You won’t have to do that because you’ll never have hair this long again. Then I’ll show you what you need to do every day if you want to make me happy. You do want to make me happy, don’t you boy?”

“Yes!” Ricky almost yelled it. “I don’t ever want you to be mad at me. I just want to obey you and make you happy.”

“Of course you do, boy. That’s what good boys do and you are a very good boy.”

Ricky smiled.

“First thing is to lift your arms way over your head. Stretch ‘em way up!”

The man-child raised his arms as high as he could – giggling and smiling. Of course, from Jason’s vantage point, this just accentuated the almost perfect V of Ricky’s torso. He ran his hands down Ricky’s two sides, enjoying the feel of the smooth, dark skin. Ricky was having fun. Jason was getting hard – again!

Jason took the scissors and began to snip away at the hairs beneath Ricky’s arms. Feeling almost high as he smelled the man musk from Ricky’s pits, Jason cut it as close to the skin as he could – first the right and then the left. When he was done with each, Jason licked them and cleaned them of all sweat with his tongue.

Jason worked his way down each of Ricky’s arms. Not a lot of hair there. Most men of African extraction do not grow large amounts of body hair, something Jason annoyed about the black body. As Jason cut trimmed the hair around each of Ricky’s nipples, he licked them, tweaked them, sucked them. Ricky giggled again, but as this feeling in his nipples ran down his nerves to his cock, which was reacting appropriately, Ricky’s giggling settled down and his breathing began to get heavier –matching Jason’s.

Jason knelt down in front of Ricky and began to trim the offending groin hair.

“Get rid of it all! I don’t want it!” Ricky exclaimed, in an increasingly husky voice.

“Don’t worry, Ricky. I’ll take care of you down here. Believe me, I’ll always s take care of you down here,” Jason responded. Although talking was getting harder.

Jason clipped the hair running from Ricky’s belly-button to his cock. He then trimmed the hair on the cock itself and then moved to the balls. As he did this, he would stop after a few cuts with the scissors and lick or suck on Ricky’s cock or balls, whichever he wanted. Ricky had grown very quiet and, as the reader might imagine, very hard as well. He began to leak from the tip of his cock. Jason quickly cleaned it off with his tongue.

Jason was breathing deeper and deeper. Ricky was breathing deeper and deeper. Jason was as hard as he could get, also dripping from his cock.

"IN a deep, slow and very husky, even musky, voice Jason said “Turn around boy. Bend over and grab your ankles.”

Ricky did as he was told, of course. And staring Jason in the face was Ricky’s beautiful ass with what looked like the most delicious asshole puckered right in the center of the cleavage. Jason clipped the hairs from between Ricky’s legs and then the little bit of hair that was in the crack. But he could not take his mind off that gorgeous ass and that delicious hole!

“It’s mine now,” Jason thought. “Why hold back? No need to any more!” As he reminded himself of his total control over all of Ricky’s body – and overcame the habit of so many years of not being able to do what he wanted to – what he had a right to! – Jason began to lick Ricky’s cheeks from bottom to top. Started on the left, he took strong, erotic, swaths up the left cheek, from hip to crack. Then he started on the right hip and again, starting at the bottom and licking up – then moving a little to the left and doing it again and again and again – Jason made his way to Ricky’s crack.

Ricky’s breathing became heavier and heavier. If Jason had been able to focus on anything but Ricky’s ass, he would have seen Ricky’s chest and abs heaving in and out. Slight, low, guttural moans began to come from deep in Ricky’s throat. His cock hardened more and dripped more – then dripped more – and then dripped more on top of that!

And Jason then reached the crack, the cleavage. First one side and then the other, Jason licked form bottom to top. And when he reached the middle, where the two sides of Ricky’s ass came together, Jason focused on the one thing that really matters – Ricky’s puckered, but soon to be opened, hole.

Holding the cheeks apart with his two hands, he stretched out a finger from each and began to stroke the hole, around the hole, on the hole, back around it, then a small push in. Over and over, he played with it with his fingers, slowly pushing in a little harder and a little further as he went.

He then leaned forward and allowed his tongue to lick it, kiss it, taste it. So fucking nice! So fucking good! He ran his tongue around it, then on it, then around it again – the tensed his tongue, put the pint directly on the hole, and pushed in…of fucking damn!

Deeper and deeper he pushed his tongue. Taking it out, then right back in. Ricky’s moans had become deeper, more animal, louder. “That feels so good!” Ricky said in between breaths and moans! “So good!”

Jason pushed his tongue as deep as it would go then flicked it, circling the inside of Ricky’s hole, wetting it with his spit, lubricating it with the juices his mouth produced. Jason’s dripping became more intense as he licked his finger and slowly, tenderly, pushed it inside of Ricky.

“Oh, oh, oh! Ohmygod!” is all Ricky could say as he felt his hole penetrated for the first time in his life. His legs were getting weaker. His breathing deeper, but faster. He had never felt like this before but he wanted to feel like this forever more. “Ohmygod!”

Jason began to slowly fuck Ricky’s ass with his finger. In. Out, In. Out. In deeper, out. In even deeper. Out. Then a second finger. In deep, then out. Deeper, then out. Deeper and wider, then out. And then the third finger.

Finally, Ricky’s legs could not hold him any longer and he sank to his hands and knees. With Ricky now like a dog in front of him, Jason reached for his own cock and directed it to Ricky’s hole. Pressing slowly, but firmly in, Jason’s cock head moved its way into Ricky. Ricky tensed.

“Close your eyes, boy. Let’s go down the stairs.”

Ricky did as he was told – of course – and Jason, cock part way into Ricky’s ass, directed Ricky down each step, with Ricky becoming calmer, more relaxed, more obedient. And as he descended each step, Jason pushed himself in a little further.

“One – breathe deep and slow.” Jason pushed in a little…

“Two – good boy. Just relax.” Push in more.

“Three – that’s it. Getting calmer, more relaxed.” Push further.

“Four – good boy. Such a good, obedient, little boy.” Deeper.

“Five – breathing deeper. More relaxed. More calm. More obedient.” Another push, deeper in.

“Six – Even deeper. You want to pleas me. You want to do whatever I say.” Deeper still.

“Seven – your ass feels so good. You want you r ass to welcome me, to feel me, to need me.” Jason’s dick was almost all the way there.

“Eight – yes boy. You make me so proud.” Ricky smiled. Jason inched in further.

“Nine – almost there. Where you want to be. Where you need to be. And my cock where you want and need it to be.” And Jason was almost there.

‘Ten!" And Jason made one final thrust. Ricky’s body relaxed totally but even as it did so, he let out a slow, guttural moan, starting deep in his gut and rising to his throat and then out his mouth! Was it a howl? A groan? A scream? The reader has, no doubt, heard this sound before – maybe made this sound himself before – and knows that it was none of these and all of these. Ricky had reached the point he was just a hole for Jason to sum in. His body had no purpose at that moment other than to get Jason off.

“Jack me off with your whole body, boy!”

And Ricky began to buck back and forth; pulling his hole off Jason’s pole and pushing it back on. Forward then back. Back, then forward. Pushing back to let Jason go as deep as he could. Pulling out and using his inside ass muscles to massage Jason as if he had grabbed his cock staff with his hand.

Back and forth. Back and forth. Ricky’s breathing got deeper. His moans louder. His body moving faster and faster.

Jason held on to both sides of Ricky’s ass and Ricky used his hole to jack Jason off. Jason’s head was thrown back, his eyes and rolled into his head. He too was moaning, howling, almost screaming. The noise coming from the two rutting animals – for there was hardly anything human about how either of them was acting – grew louder, higher in pitch and harmonized as only two people in the act of sexual gratification can harmonize.

Ricky bucked. Jason began to buck as well, moving in tandem with Ricky’s ass – forward then back. Back, then forward.

And then, without warning but after feeling it build so fucking high – Jason thrust one might thrust deep into Ricky and came with a vengeance and a scream. As Jason shoved in so deeply, Ricky too screamed a loud scream and his cock spewed forth its precious cream, all over the floor. One thrust. Two, Three. Five. Then seven, eight, nine. Jason pushed deep, deep, deep as he felt himself release the lust that had built so high.

And then, they each began to settle. Jason lowered himself on to Ricky’s back. Ricky felt the full weight of Jason’s body as it lay on him and he felt content – knowing he had pleased Jason. As their breathing slowed and their bodies relaxed, Jason reached up and stroked Ricky’s hair.

“Good boy. Very good boy. I am so proud of you!”

Ricky smiled as he heard this. Jason was proud of him! He had obeyed and made Jason happy! He smiled, knowing he had done the right thing.

Eventually, Jason rose up. “Lick up what you spilled on the floor boy.”

Ricky did, of course.

“Good boy. Now clean off my cock.”

Ricky crawled around, took Jason’s cock in his mouth and, with his tongue swirling around it, licked Jason clean.

They both sat back for a few minutes, catching their breaths. Getting their minds back into the reality.

“Let’s finish, boy.”

Jason took out the razor and the shaving cream. While Rick had used a razor and cream many times before, Ricky, now nine years old in his own mind, had no idea how to use them. Jason patiently showed Ricky how to apply the cream and then how to use the razor to shave himself clean. He instructed him on how to be careful not to kick himself and what to do when he did. Now that their list was satiated, it did not take long for Jason to remove all of the hair from Ricky’s body.

“There you go, boy. Now you don’t have any of that ugly hair you are not supposed to have and you know how to get rid of it every day so I don’t ever have to see it again.”

Ricky was so proud of himself. He could tell that Jason was happy and Ricky only wanted Jason to be happy. He felt so good.

“Now, one last thing. Little boys have nice smooth skin.” Jason reached into the cabinet and took out a bottle of body lotion. “After you get rid of your ugly hair each day, you rub this all over your body. Every place. Don’t miss anywhere or anything. This will make sure you become and then stay nice and smooth, with nice soft skin, like a boy needs to have.”

Ricky took the bottle and Jason showed him how to put a little on his hand and then rub it in and then take a little more. With Jason standing back and watching, his cock amazingly again beginning to rise and Jason started to leisurely stroke it, Ricky rubbed the lotion over his entire body. When he was done, Jason felt Ricky’s body all over. It felt good. It felt strong. It felt like a man’s body, but with the soft skin of a boy.

“Life is going to be good. Very good,” Jason thought.

After this, Ricky made and served breakfast to Jason. Ricky didn’t know how to make much, so he just poured some cereal in a bowl and made some toast. Jason had to show him how to butter the toast without ripping it apart. That was OK; little boys – even little boys with men’s bodies – need to learn.

When breakfast was done and Jason had finished showing Ricky how to wash the dishes, it was time for Ricky to go. Jason had much to do that day. He had Ricky get dressed and then sit in front of him.

“Close your eyes, boy, put your head in my lap and listen closely to me.”

Ricky did as he was told and Jason stroked his hair.

"When you walk out of this house, you will get into your car. As soon as you are in your car, you will become Rick again and will act as Rick. But you will know you are really Ricky and will always be Ricky for the rest of your life. But you will act like Rick, think like Rick, do what Rick would do.

"You will do whatever Rick has to do today. But you will be back at your house no later than 4:45. At 4:55, you will strip and you will join your father and your two brothers waiting for me. When you strip, you will be Ricky again, exactly like you are now.

“None of you will think anything is amiss or abnormal as you stand, naked, waiting for me. And when I arrive at 5:00, I will take over.”

“Do you understand, Ricky?”

Ricky had settled in to Jason’s lap but, as he was told to, he listened carefully and took it all in. He answered ‘Yes" when asked if he understood and he repeated Jason’s words almost exactly when told to do so.

Reluctantly, because he wanted more of Ricky’s body, Jason sent Ricky on his way. There was much to be done between now and 5:00.

At 5:00 PM, he would arrive at Rick’s house. He would enter and standing in front of him would be four beautiful, well developed, black bucks, each programmed to serve, obey him – each to become what Jason was to make of him. One would become the family’s slave bitch. One would become the family’s pet dog. Ricky would be his man-boy lover who, along with him would be doted on by the rest of the family. And one would become, quite simply, a human sex toy with every fiber of his being, every piece of his body and mind, totally sexualized.

“Life is going to be good. Very good,” Jason said out loud to himself. He took a deep breath. "Now there is much work to be done.

To be continued….

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