Photo Strip

By A Voyeur Fan
published January 24, 2020
5653 words

A mysterious camera turns Paul’s photo shoot with his hunky friend Joe into something much steamier than either of them intended

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Click. Click. Click.

As Joe went through a series of poses, Paul snapped away at his speedo-clad body.

Joe was in the navy ROTC, and the rigorous training had given the black young man an enviably toned and smooth muscular body that he wasn’t shy about showing off. His friend Paul was a tall and skinny young photo buff. Paul was good-looking as well, but he wasn’t nearly as cavalier with showing off his body as Joe was.

Joe put his hands at the sides of his American flag speedo and flexed his meaty pecs and rippling abs for the next shot.

A campus organization had put out a request for university hunks to send in beefcake shots and get the chance to be a part of a charity calendar. With Joe’s hot body and skimpy patriotic swimwear, he was sure to be a shoo-in for the month of July.

“What do you think of this, Paul?” Joe said as he slipped his thumbs under the waistband of his speedo and pulled in down to the root of his cock, showing his thick bush of pubes in the process.

“I dunno. I think that shot’s a little more risque than they’re looking for.”

“Yeah, but take a shot anyway. I’m looking to put together a modeling portfolio.”

“What, if joining the navy doesn’t pan out?”

Joe smiled and wiggled his ass seductively.

Paul, for his part, was trying his best to conceal the boner trapped in his pants at the sight of his sexy friend’s alluring display. Paul covertly rooted around in his pocket and tucked his growing uncut cock up under his belt where it would be discrete.

Joe had no idea that Paul was into guys, nor did he have any clue how much Paul secretly fancied him. So long as Paul didn’t drool at the sight, he was free to snap as many pictures of the half-naked muscle hunk as he wanted.

“Well, what about this?” Joe said, turning around and lowering the waistband of his speedos over his deliciously round, smooth buns.

“I told you, Joe. It’s a charity calendar to raise money for sick children. Try and keep it work-safe.”

“Oh, was the speedo a mistake, then?”

Joe cocked an eyebrow and put his hand around the waistband, implying that if Paul said yes he’d whip the swimsuit off completely.

Paul smirked.

“Just stick with the standard beefcake shots, Joe.”

“Sure, sure,” Joe said as he wiggled his hips. “I hope these shots turn out okay. Didn’t you say this was your first time using that old camera?”

“Oh, don’t worry. This model’s famous for being the pro’s choice.”

“But you got it at that garage sale, right? How do you know they didn’t just want to get rid of a busted model?”

Paul rolled his eyes.

“Listen, Joe. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to tell. I’ve worked with tons of cameras and this one’s in perfect working order. Look!”

Paul snapped a shot of Joe’s relaxed pose and turned the viewport around to show him his own speedo-clad body.

“Anything look wrong to you?”

“Let me see… Nope, just as handsome as ever!” Joe said with a wink. “Say, what’s that switch right there?”

Joe pointed at a spot on the camera where Paul hadn’t looked before.

“What, this?” Paul said, inspecting where Joe had pointed. “I dunno, Almost looks like a…”

Paul suddenly spotted the label on the switch. It looked like a tiny drawing of a cock and balls. That was strange. Paul had worked with cameras of this model before, and none of them had any kind of switch in that spot.

“Let me see if it does anything.” said Paul, flipping the switch. The camera began to buzz softly.

“Anything look different?” Joe asked.

“I dunno,” said Paul, pointing the camera back up towards Joe. “I think it’s just…”

Paul froze. He looked at the digital display of the camera, then back up at Joe, then back at the camera, then back at Joe, then looked through the viewport, then back at Joe again.

“You think it’s just what?”

Paul tried to keep his cool.

“I think it’s just some extra digital processing.”

It wasn’t just that. Somehow, when Paul looked at Joe through his own eyes he saw his hunky friend dressed in an American flag speedo, but when he looked at him through the camera Paul saw Joe totally naked!

Paul couldn’t believe his eyes! The camera’s digital screen and viewport showed Joe with his long, juicy cock and balls dangling out there in the open!

The sight made Paul’s boner twitch and pulse. Paul was glad that he’d tucked his cock under his waistband earlier, but now he feared that if his dick started dripping with precum the wet spot on his shirt would give him away!

“Cool. Why don’t we use that for the rest of these shots?”

Paul couldn’t believe this stroke of fortune. Here he was, photographing his amazingly sexy friend, and he had in his possession a camera that showed whoever it was pointed at stripped to their bare ass! It was like a pair of those X-ray specs that promised you the ability to see through clothing, but this was for real!

Paul wondered if the pictures this camera took would show Joe bare-ass naked too. He couldn’t wait to find out! Paul got Joe nice and centered, full-frontal in frame from head to toe, and pressed down on the shutter release!


Joe’s expression changed as soon as he saw the flash go off. The confident smirk faded from his face and was replaced by a look of confusion. He stumbled slightly out of his macho pose.

“What’s wrong?” asked Paul, concerned.

“Oh, nothing, nothing. Just kinda got caught by surprise is all.”

Joe tried to resume his earlier pose. Paul ogled his hot cock covertly through the camera.

“Ready?” asked Paul.

“Yeah, man.” said Joe.

The flash of the camera made Joe flinch again.

Paul could tell something strange was happening. Joe never had this reaction to having his picture taken before Paul flipped that switch. It was subtle, but something was happening. There was a fine sheen of sweat visible on Joe’s skin.

Paul snapped another picture, and Joe stifled a moan.

Then Paul saw what was happening as he looked through the camera. Joe’s cock was slowly twitching and stirring inside his speedo to the beat of his pulse. Joe was boning up! This camera was making him aroused! Joe’s tight speedo made boning up completely a challenge, but his hardening cock was already starting to tent the fabric with it’s alluring outline!

Paul’s mind spun as he thought of how he could turn the situation to his advantage. Already he had full frontal nude shots of his friend and secret crush. If Joe still didn’t know about the camera and its effects, how much farther could Paul manipulate him?

“Hey Joe, you mind turning around? I think a shot from the rear would go well in the calendar.”

“Oh, you know it!” Joe chuckled, visibly relieved that his growing stiffy wouldn’t be in front of the camera for the next shot.

As Joe turned around, Paul knelt down and got him in frame. Through the camera, Paul could see the amazingly hot globes of Joe’s perfect ass uncovered for him to admire!

“Spread your legs just a bit… Shoulder width… Yeah, that’s good!”

Paul smiled and his hard cock lurched as Joe spread his legs, bringing his low-hanging balls into view between them. Joe’s cheeks parted ever so slightly, letting Paul get a glimpse of his sexy hole.

Click. Click. Click.

Joe was clearly affected, but trying hard not to show it. Every time Paul snapped another shot, he could see Joe’s exposed hole twitch and pulse with his heartbeat.

But that wasn’t all! After enough shots, Paul could tell that Joe’s amazingly sexy ass was slowly and slowly getting bigger and juicier! Paul could even tell without looking through the camera! With every click of the shutter, the flag-patterned fabric of the speedo strained tighter and tighter across Joe’s round ass cheeks.

Of course, Paul could also tell that Joe was trying not to turn around and reveal the obvious boner tenting his swimsuit. That meant they were both hiding their boners from each other now. Paul had no idea how this camera could work these miracles, but he was loving every second of it!

Then, in a moment that shattered any remaining illusion of normalcy, there was a loud snap. Paul and Joe both gasped when they realized what had happened: Joe’s expanding ass had split the waistband and shredded the material of his patriotic speedo! The ruined materials fell to Joe’s feet and left him just as naked and exposed as he appeared through the camera!

Joe desperately clutched at the remnants of his only piece of clothing, but it was no use. The shredded speedo wouldn’t stay up around his bigger, meatier ass. Joe’s twists and turns brought his throbbing black boner into view of his friend, and when Joe realized how exposed he was he blushed and clutched the shreds of fabric over his crotch to hide his rock-hard cock!

Joe met Paul’s gaze and gave him a look of confusion and fear.

“Paul… what’s happening? Something… something strange is going on…”

Paul felt a wave of guilt wash over him. He’d been having this naughty fun at his buddy’s expense! Sure, Paul’s cock was fully boned up and dripping precum onto his flat stomach, but it had all been from putting this mysterious camera to such filthy use! Joe may have been Paul’s secret crush, but he was also his friend! And there were things that friends shouldn’t do behind each other’s backs.

“What’s going on, Paul?”

“I think it’s the camera. That weird switch you noticed, as soon as I turned it on the camera started acting like any clothes you were wearing had turned invisible. See?”

Paul turned the camera around and offered it in Joe’s direction. Joe’s jaw dropped as he looked at the camera’s digital display. Paul made sure to leave his own boner out of frame, but lining up the camera with his head and shoulders exposed his hairy chest to his friend on camera.

“You mean this thing like, sees through people’s clothes?” Joe said.

“Yeah, and I think it does other stuff, too. Like I think all those rear shots might have made your ass bigger, Joe.”

Joe felt at his ass with both hands, leaving his hard cock exposed to his friend. It was subtle, but Joe’s exquisitely toned, round, and smooth ass globes had indeed gotten even bigger and more eye-catching with every single shot.

“God, you’re right!” Joe exclaimed. “But why didn’t you tell me?”

Paul blushed crimson.

“Because I thought you’d freak out. And… I wanted to see what would happen.”

He still couldn’t bring himself to tell Joe how much he fancied him.

“You wanted to see what would happen?”

“Yeah, I wanted to see if its power was real or just some kind of trick. How did it feel to have your picture taken by the camera?”

Now it was Joe’s turn to blush.

“It felt weird, but not like, bad weird. It was… erotic. Those first couple shots felt like someone was stroking and teasing my cock, and that was actually pretty nice until it made me bone up in front of you. Then when I turned around and you took those rear shots it felt like someone was feeling up my nuts and stroking around my hole. It was really weird, man!”

Paul dropped the camera and let it hang by the strap around his neck.

“Listen,” he said. “I’m sorry I didn’t come clean with you earlier. I’m gonna go put this away and get you something to wear. We shouldn’t be using this camera until we understand it.”

Paul turned for the door, but Joe’s hand caught his wrist and pulled him back.

“Wait, Paul! I… we don’t have to stop right away, do we?”

Paul’s head spun as he stared into his naked friend’s eyes.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, now that I think about it, it didn’t really feel bad when you took pictures of me with that thing. It felt weird, but kind of nice. Do you think you could…”

Joe pulled Paul in closer.

“Do you think you could do it some more?”

Paul’s breath caught in his throat. His hard dick started to stain the hem of his shirt with precum.

“What are you… Joe, what are you saying? We don’t know what could happen!”

“I know, and that’s kind of…”

Joe palmed at his erection.

“I think it’s kind of hot.”

Paul could have passed out from the arousal that swept through him at this salacious display from his secret crush. Here was Joe Halden, the buff ROTC hunk, asking for a slim geek like Paul to stimulate his naked body. Had Paul died and gone to heaven?

“I promise, Paul, I can handle it.” said Joe, squeezing Paul’s wrist with his outstretched hand. “Come on, please? I really want you to do this. I mean it, man! I’ll do anything!”

The word “anything” made Paul weak in the knees.

“O-okay…” Paul stammered. “But I’m gonna hold you to that, Joe.”

“I promise, man.” said Joe. “Anything you want.”

What kind of device was this mysterious camera? Had it altered Joe’s mind along with his body? Now he was offering to pose for Paul completely naked, without shame! Paul couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

In case it turned out to be all just a dream, Paul decided not to pinch himself. If it was a dream, it was the kind Paul didn’t want to wake up from!

“You ready?” said Joe.

He stepped back and posed in full-frontal nudity, his feet shoulder width apart. Joe’s heavy boner stood there erect and unconcealed.

“Alright…” said Paul, staring down the camera’s viewport.

Click. Click. Click.

Joe moaned and his hard dick lurched with every close of the camera shutter. His big broad hands roamed all over his naked body. Goosebumps rose and fell on his bare skin.

“How does it feel?” asked Paul.

“It feels amazing.” said Joe.

Joe’s boner was starting to dribble precum down the hard black shaft.

Something new was happening as Paul took photo after photo. Joe’s dick was getting bigger. It was already rock hard to start with, and nothing to sneeze at at a full eight inches of big black cock, but with every click of the shutter Joe’s dick got longer, thicker, meatier! Paul didn’t want to say anything at first, or risk breaking Joe’s trancelike state of pleasure, but soon it was too blatant to ignore.

“Joe, look at your cock!” Paul exclaimed in excitement.

Joe looked down and gasped in pleasure when he saw the changes the camera had brought.

“Well, I’ll be. Now I know we made the right decision…” Joe said as he rubbed at his enlarged cock. Now his long, thick, swinger of a dick clocked in at ten inches, at least!

But Paul was unprepared for what came next. Joe spun around, faced away from the camera, and bent over.

“Do my ass next!” Joe shouted happily.

Paul struggled to keep his composure when presented with Joe’s amazing ass mooning him like that. If this kept up too much longer Paul was going to cum without a finger laid on his cock.

“But we already made your ass bigger. You really want to go even further?”

“Paul, you didn’t feel what it was like. Those rear shots felt unbelievable — they were intense in a whole different way than the frontal ones. It’s weird, but I actually liked that feeling most of all. I just… I want more of it.”

Joe gave one of his ass cheeks a playful slap.

“And there’s nothing wrong with having a little something-something downstairs! I’m ready! Take all the shots you want, Paul!”

Paul loved the way this evening was going.

Click. Click. Click.

“Oh god… fuck…”

Joe’s body bucked in pleasure with every shot. His ass grew fuller, rounder, juicier! It wasn’t fat or flabby, it was completely packed with firm, supple muscle. Joe was packing the kind of butt that turned heads and drew wolf whistles. It was astonishing!

Joe grabbed his buns and pulled them apart to let Paul take shot after shot of his exposed hole. And with every shot Joe’s asshole pulsed and twitched. Paul was consumed with lust and desire as he watched his secret crush willingly present his hole to him!

“Oh, god, Paul… it feels so good, but…”

Joe rubbed an index finger around his entrance and pushed in, moaning in pleasure as he fingered himself.

“My ass, Paul… my ass feels so intense, but it’s so empty… I want… I want something, or someone, to fill me up… I want someone to fill me up inside, Paul…”

Joe slid his finger in and out of his puckered entrance as he moaned. Paul rubbed at his aching boner, still trapped beneath his waistband as he took shot after shot.



“I’ve got an idea.”


“How would you like it if I fucked you right here and now, Joe?”

Joe moaned and his tight ass twitched at his friend’s words.

“…What do you mean, Paul? Are you serious…?”

“Completely,” said Paul, rubbing his crotch and taking another shot of Joe’s amazing ass. “You want someone to fill your hungry ass. I’ll fill it up with my hard cock if you want me to.”

Paul snapped shot after shot as he talked to send Joe even more wild with sensual desire.

“Oh, god…” Joe moaned.

“What, you don’t like that?” Paul asked with concern.

“No, it’s not that… It’s just… of everything and everyone that could fill me up inside… I’m so glad it could be you, Paul…”

Paul’s heart leapt in his chest and his cock spurted out a huge dollop of precum at Joe’s words. Paul undid his belt and dropped his pants and underwear to set his hard, uncut cock free in the open air. Joe looked over his shoulder and moaned as he saw it.

Paul stepped forward and laid his hands on Joe’s exquisite ass. He groped and rubbed each firm, supple cheek as he lay his cock in the growing valley between them. Paul rubbed his hard cock up and down Joe’s asscrack, teasing his needy hole with every pass.

“Paul… oh, god… oh, Paul… there’s something I… there’s something you should know, Paul…” said Joe, struggling to get the words out in between his pleasured moans.

“Oh yeah?” said Paul, caught up in the sensual heat of the moment. “What’s that?”

“That camera… it’s not just my body… I think that camera’s altering my mind, too…”

“Huh?” Paul slowed his pace and took his hands off Joe’s ass. What do you mean?”

“Before today… before right now, I would never have even thought about letting another man fuck my ass, not even you. But with every photo that camera snapped of me, I could feel my mind changing. I got filled with whole new desires. The thought of something, of somebody fucking my ass… it turned me on. That’s never happened before, Paul.”

“What? So you think this camera… turned you gay, Joe?”

“I don’t know what it did. But I can feel it, Paul. It’s changed me inside and out.”

Paul removed his hard cock from between Joe’s cheeks. Going on like this felt manipulative and wrong.

“But isn’t that terrifying, Joe? Aren’t you scared of being changed like that?”

Joe’d hand reached back and roughly grasped Paul’s uncut cock, eliciting a gasp of unexpected pleasure.

“Sure, it’s terrifying… And it’s exciting… and it feels so, so good…”

Joe manipulated his friend’s cock in long rough strokes.

“That’s why I want you to fuck me, Paul… I don’t care how I felt an hour ago, or even how I might feel an hour after this. Right now I feel empty inside, Paul. I want your cock to fill me up.”

“Oh man…” Paul moaned in pleasure. “Alright Joe, I’ll… I’ll do it. I’ll fuck your ass.”

Joe sighed in contentment and stuck his big ass up for Paul’s easy access. Trembling and sweaty, Paul lined the head of his uncut cock up at his friend’s needy hole.

Then, in one fluid and sensual motion, Paul’s hard, dripping cock eased its way inside his friend’s virgin hole. Both men moaned in undisguised pleasure as their lust was finally consummated. It felt so good to Joe, being fucked in the ass. And Paul, Paul was over the moon to finally be able to give that to him, to bend his sexy friend over and fuck him hard and deep.

With a thrust of his hips Paul sunk another two inches of his hard cock inside Joe’s no-longer-virgin hole. Joe cried out in undisguised pleasure at the intrusion.

It was strange. Despite not using lube, Joe’s ass felt as smooth, supple, and perfectly fuckable on the inside as it looked on the outside. Paul knew it didn’t normally work that way.

“Joe?” Paul asked, his hard cock half-buried in his friend’s ass.

“Oh… Paul…” Joe moaned.

“Does it hurt at all?”

“No… It’s good… It’s really, really good…”

Was this the work of the camera still? Joe’s ass seemed perfectly fuckable even without lube. And it was like he wasn’t sensitive to pain, only pleasure. Paul decided to test his new theory out.

“Oh, yeah?” he said. “How do you like this?”

With another thrust of his hips, Paul sunk inch after inch inside his best buddy’s ass, until his cock was buried inside Joe balls deep!

“Oh, that’s it!” Joe cried out. “Yes! Fuck me, Paul! Fuck me harder!”

That was all the encouragement Paul needed. He gave in to the lust coarsing through him and flung right into giving Joe’s ass one hell of a pounding.

Paul fucked hard, pulling his hard cock nearly all the way out of his friend’s tight ass, then thrusting all the way back inside him. Paul’s fuzzy nuts touched Joe’s pair of sexy low hangers every time Paul bottomed out inside him. Joe was driven just as wild with sensual pleasure, and he moved his ass back and forth in time with the motion of Paul’s hard cock to intensify each powerful thrust.

The two hot men worked up a sweat as they fucked like animals in heat. Aside from their lusty breathing and the punctuated slap of Paul pounding Joe’s ass, the only noises were Joe’s impassioned cries of “Harder!” and “Faster!”

“Oh, god! Joe, I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it! I want your cum inside me! Oh, do it Paul!”

Paul lost control, he buried his cock all the way inside his friend’s amazing ass and shot hot torrents of cum deep inside him!

“Oh god, Paul… that felt so good…”

Paul sagged in a sweaty heap on top of his friend, his cock softening inside Joe.

“Oh, Paul…”

“What is it?”

“There’s just one thing…”

Joe reached back, took Paul’s hand, and brought it forward to grope at his crotch. Paul gasped as he felt along Joe’s ten-inch cock, still hard as steel and on the cusp of release.

“Oh, god. You still haven’t cum?”

Joe gave a quiet shake of his head.

“And here’s me all shagged out. Fuck.” Paul said in exasperation.

He rubbed Joe’s broad muscular back.

“Do you want to fuck me for a change?” Paul asked his friend.

“Not right now, Paul. I want cum from being fucked hard. By you, if possible.”

“Crap, then what do we do?”

Paul bit his knuckles in frustration. Then he saw the camera lying discarded on the floor, and a lightbulb went off in his head.

“Wait, Joe!”


“Do you think that camera would affect me too?”

“But I thought it was already affecting you, Paul?”

“What do you mean?”

“Wasn’t it the camera that made you want to fuck my ass?”

Paul laughed a chuckle of relief.

“No, Joe, that was all me. I always thought you were hot. I always dreamed of getting the chance to fuck you. That camera just made it possible. And if I’m right, it’ll make me ready for a second round!”

Paul pulled his softening cock out of Joe’s cum-filled, deflowered ass. He pulled off his shirt, picked up the camera, and aimed it down at his own semi-hard dick.

Click. Click. Click.

Joe turned around and looked on in wonder as Paul snapped shot after shot of his own cock. With every dick pic, Paul felt a new wave of lust and arousal surging through him. Every click of the camera’s shutter set his uncut cock swelling to full hardness. And that wasn’t all.

Paul’s cock had always been photogenic, in a cute sort of way. But it had always clocked in at an average six inches since Paul had finished going through puberty. But that was slowly changing. Just like the camera had done to Joe’s cock and ass, it was making Paul’s hard cock even thicker, longer, and more amazingly hot with every single shot!

Seven inches… eight… nine…

Joe stared in rapt attention as his friend’s cock expanded. He envisioned that massive cock spearing his eager hole, and he couldn’t keep his hands off of himself in the excitement. Joe’s ten-inch cock was hard as steel as he fingered his deflowered hole.

Now Paul’s cock was ten inches… eleven inches… twelve…!

“Oh, god, Paul!” Joe said, sweating with anticipation. “Fuck me now! I can’t wait!”

The truth was, Joe was afraid that if Paul’s dick got any bigger it’d split him in half. The massive uncut fuck-pole protruding from his friend’s crotch was just about the upper limit of what Joe’s hungry ass could take!

Paul set the camera down and stared at the magnificent changes it had wrought. Now his cock was over a foot long, and as thick as his wrist! His massive, meaty member felt so sensitive: there was so much more surface area to stimulate and rub! Paul’s balls had also gone through expansion of their own: formerly the size of seeded grapes, Paul’s fuzzy nuts had grown to the size of softballs! Paul’s cock was huge! And he was so boned up, so aroused, and so full of lust that he couldn’t wait to plunge it right up Joe’s hungry ass!

Joe stuck his sexy butt back in the air as Paul moved in for round two. Paul roughly grabbed Joe’s cheeks and pried them apart to expose his puckered hole. It was possible that the camera had changed Paul on the inside as well: he felt more dominant, more masculine, more in charge than he ever had before.

“Oh, do it Paul. Fuck me…” Joe moaned.

Paul got into position and pushed against Joe’s tight ring. Both men let out ragged cries of undisguised pleasure as Paul entered Joe a second time. This time it was even more intense than the first! Joe’s sexy ass hugged every square inch of Paul’s expanded cock, and Paul’s thick dick filled Joe’s eager butt to capacity!

Paul grunted and moaned as he pushed every last inch of his cock inside Joe. There was more resistance this time, but with Paul’s newly enlarged cock that was to be expected. If Joe was in any pain, he certainly didn’t show it. The model-worthy black hunk kept letting out sighs of heavenly bliss as he was filled and fucked hard and deep.

“Does it hurt?” Paul asked.

“No, it’s all good.” Joe replied. “Oh, god! Paul, I think I’m gonna…”

Paul’s massive meaty member had just hit Joe’s pleasure center, and now it was clear that Joe was going over the edge. Paul hugged his friend’s hot body tight and fed him more and more of his cock as Joe’s cock lurched with the feeling of an impending orgasm.

“Oh, Paul! Paul, Paul, Paaaauuulll!!!” Joe cried out as his big black cock spewed thick shots of cum all over the floor.

As he felt his friend’s body jerk in the throes of an intense orgasm, Paul decided it was time for him to get his own rocks off a second time. Paul felt his own warm cum still churning in his friend’s tight ass, lubing him up, making it easier for Joe to take Paul’s enormous cock. Paul slowly, steadily forced inch after inch of his hard dick inside Joe. Then with one last shove, Paul looked down to see that Joe’s expanded ass had taken his own expanded cock all the way down to the root!

Paul fucked Joe tenderly, rocking his friend’s muscled body back and forth as Joe let wad after hot wad of cum fly from his straining black cock. Paul grabbed Joe’s shoulders and worked his giant dick in and out of him, rubbing Joe’s sensitive prostate with every thrust in and out.

But Paul had his limits. His newly enlarged cock felt extra sensitive, and Joe’s ass hugged and massaged it so sensually. Not to mention that Joe’s intense orgasm was making his ass pulse and contract around Paul’s heavy shaft, stimulating and rubbing him even more intensely! Paul could feel hot cum brewing in his balls, ready to be let loose!

“Oh, god… Joe, I’m close!” Paul moaned.

“Oh, Paul, Paul, Paaaauulll!” Joe cried, so entranced by pleasure that he could only moan his friend’s name.

It was those impassioned cries of pleasure that sent Paul spilling into a second orgasm, even more intense than the first!

“Joe!” Paul yelled as the first shots of thick, creamy cum began to spurt from his enlarged cockhead. Paul’s second load quickly began to mix with the first inside Joe’s ass. But Paul’s enlarged balls had a new capacity to unleash tons of warm fresh spunk. Paul’s cum soon filled Joe so full that the excess began to spurt out of Joe’s hole, around the base of Paul’s cock. And he was still just getting started.

Paul pulled his hard cock roughly out of his friend’s well-fucked ass and let a new series of cumshots fly all over Joe’s muscular back. Caught up in his own amazing afterglow, Joe spun around to face Paul when his friend’s amazingly massive cock withdrew from his upturned ass. Joe took hold of Paul’s cock roughly and aimed the continuing torrents of cum all over his face, neck, shoulders and chest. When Paul’s ejaculation had finally reached its last few watery dribbles, Joe stuck his outstretched tongue below the straining head to catch the last few drops of creamy cum in his mouth. When Paul’s reserves of semen had finally run dry, Joe swallowed the final drops and licked his lips.

“Yum.” he said with a smile.

And then the two men collapsed in a sweaty naked heap, exhausted from their wild evening of passion. At some point they’d have to move, but until then they were content to lie there cradled in each other’s arms.


“Yeah, Paul?”

“You want to be more than friends from now on?”

“Absolutely, Paul. Absolutely.”

When Joe and Paul finally regained the strength to stand up, their eyes were drawn to the mysterious camera, to that wondrous object that made all of this possible, and which still contained the lasting evidence of their whole sexy adventure.

“Hey, Paul?”


“You want to look back on all the pictures we took today?”

“Absolutely, Joe. Absolutely.”

As the two sexy naked men went over to the camera and started to review their whole unbelievable story from start to finish, they felt their enlarged cocks start to get hard yet again.

Maybe, just maybe, they would have time for round three.

Click. Click. Click.

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