The Medal and Rings

By MindManiac -
published April 4, 2017
3089 words

Sam has a friend that found a medallion that doesn’t know what’s it for. But when Sam unlocked its power he soon uses it to his friend.

Hey there! Sorry I haven’t been writing lately because of some shit happening but I’m back. Think of this story as like me going back to my form hahahahaha. Anyway as always comment what you like and or hate about the story. There might be grammar and spelling errors since English isn’t my native language. ENJOY!!

It’s a great sunny day and I chose to waste it inside a library. Hi my name is Samson, but my friends just call me Sam. I’m a 28 year old librarian who works at the local library. I’m 6 foot tall, with medium length brown hair, hazel eyes, and a “pretty face” as others would say to me. As a child I was very interested in studying a lot about history. I don’t care if its about an ancient civilization or current events as long as its on paper I will surely read it. You may not believe it but this is already my dream job.

So as I was saying, it was a great sunny day and I was just sitting at the front desk reading a book on ancient civilizations. It was reading peacefully when a guy went to the front desk. The guy was really handsome. He has dark hair and green eyes that matches his pretty face. He was wearing a tight red shirt, that didn’t hide his incredibly body very well, and a pair of jeans that didn’t hide his bubble but. What can I say? I have what I would call “gay vision”. But when I looked at him long enough, I think I recognise him.

“Hey Sam!” the guy said with a very familiar voice. The it hit me who exactly this person was.

“Nathan? Is that you?”

“Yeah! Sure am!” he answered

Nathan was one of my best friends who I worked with on a lot of things. You see Nathan is a renowned explorer. He travels around the world looking and collecting a bunch of ancient relics. And that’s where I come in, since I was very good at doing researches he would always consult me for information on the relics that he collects.

“It’s good to see you again man!” I said as I went to hug him

“It’s great to see you too”

I offered him to sit with me behind the desk to catch up

“So how has it been?”

“Oh same old, same old. Still wandering looking for a bunch of junk” he said while chuckling lightly

“Well good for you! Oh by the way, how are things for you and Melissa?” Melissa is his wife which is a pity because I kinda have a crush him.

He suddenly looked a little bit upset. He then said “Well, things weren’t going so well. We got into a bunch of fights with each other. And next thing I knew we got a divorce”

“Oh that’s a shame, sorry for asking” Inside I was a little bit happy since Melissa was always acting like a bitch. But then again I couldn’t make a move on him since he just might hate me for it.

“Nah it’s okay. Anyway that’s not what I came for?” he said suddenly looking serious

“Well what can I do for you?” I asked

“As you know I’ve been wandering to a lot of different places and collecting a bunch of relics. You see I’ve got this interesting find while I was on China exploring some tombs. I was wondering if you might help me figure out what exactly it is?”

“Umm sure I guess. What does it look like?”

“It’s like this pendant with a green orb in the middle. I didn’t bring it here since I might loose it like my marriage” he said while smiling. My god he has a perfect smile.

“Well I can’t help you until I see the actual object” I said while smiling at him

“How about you come over to my place tonight to look at it. You still know where my house is at right?”

“Yeah I still remember. Take a left from this place, turn right on the first intersection and drive ahead until I see a 7/11, a drive ahead and I should see your house at the end. That was right, right?” I asked

“Yep you still remember it! Well I’ll be going now, still need to get some groceries to feed you tonight. Anyway see you later” he said before heading off.

While he was walking out the door I admired his beautifully shaped ass. Its like a god sculpted his incredibly good body.

My shift at the library ended at six and I prepared myself in going to Nathan’s house. Before I went to his house, I first went back to mine in order to get some reference books about whatever relic he needs to ask. I got my books and got them into my backpack and I went off

So after a few minutes of travelling I got to his house which looked exactly the same for the past few years. I rang the doorbell and waited for him to open it. Few seconds later Nathan opened the door and welcomed me inside.

“Oh hey dude! Thanks for being here!” he said. I almost didn’t answer him because I was so distracted about what he was wearing. He was wearing a black tank top which showed his big muscles, and a pair of short shorts that was almost ripped because of his ass.

I immediately got myself out of the trance I was in and answered him. “ Well, I was extremely curious about the relic. And I don’t work for free you know!” I said

“ Let’s talk about that later. Anyway let me show you the relic I was talking about”.

We entered his house and I followed him to a room full of relics from a lot of different places. In the middle of the room there was a desk with this funny looking medal and five different coloured rings.

“So you live here alone again?” I asked

“Well yeah. When Melissa and I got married we moved to a house in the next city, but I didn’t sell this house. Which was a good thing since I have my own place now that we’re through” We went silent for a while until he spoke up again.

“Well here they are. I got these while I was exploring some hidden passages in the Forbidden Palace” he said pointing to the objects

“Isn’t that stealing?” I asked

“It isn’t stealing when nobody knew it was there in the first place” he said before laughing. My god he looks so cute!

“Well anyway I know how you want to work on these things alone so I’ll be in the kitchen making dinner if you need me” he said

“Oh okay then”

“Thanks for doing this again Sam” he said before going out of the room

I began going through the books that I got. After a few boring hours of reading I couldn’t figure them out. Nate would check on me once in a while to see how I was doing but I still hadn’t made any progress yet. I already finished about seven books already and I still have no answers

Just when I was about to give up when I realized that I still haven’t read one book. The book was titled “Ancient Riches and Fabled Treasures: Relics of China”. I was going through the pages when I found what the rings were. Apparently they where some of the jewelleries of an old forgotten empress.

After reading some more I finally found information about the Medallion. It was called the “Emperors Medallion of Confusion”. It was said that the emperors would use them in order to make anyone loyal to them. Somewhat making them his slaves. It was also said that it was lost when the Mongols arrived and the emperor failed to use it against the invaders.

I picked up the Medallion and observed it. It was a gold plate atleast three inches long with one side having an emerald in the middle. It has a golden chain so that a person can wear it. I was so loss in my own thoughts that I didn’t hear Nathan enter the room

“Hey Sam how’s the research? Found anything about them yet?”

I didn’t answer immediately. I was so tempted to see how the Medallion worked in controlling someone that I thought I should try it on Nate, just for fun.

“Still nothing. But I mean this looks kinda cool right” I said while showing him the side with the emerald

“Umm.. yeah. It kinda doe—“ he stipped in mid sentence. He just froze when he saw his own reflection on the emerald

“Umm Nate? Can you hear me?” I asked

“Yes” he said calmly still not moving

“How do you feel?”

“Good, and submissive” he answered

“Well, ummm… take of your shirt” I said to hin nervously

“Sure” he said. And he did take off his tank top showing his well built chest and an eight pack abs. I was already drooling at the sight

“It’s okay for me to touch your body right?” I asked still a little bit nervous.

“No, I won’t mind”

So I put the Medallion down went to him and started to caress his body. I started with his chest and pinched his nipples. I went down to his hard abs and played with them. My hands then went to his ass. My left hand stayed at his butt and kept on playing with it while the other went to his crotch. Though he was still soft, I can already tell that his dick will be long when it gets hard. When I was done, he was still standing straight with a blank expression on his face.

“Nathan everytime I will show you the medallion you will fall back into this state of suggestibility. When you wake up you won’t remember any of this except the orders that I will give you now. When you are awake you would still follow everything I say as if it is very natural for you to do. Everything that I say will be entirely true to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand” he said

My mind was so exited about this. I can finally make the person I want love me. I was still thinking of what else to do with him. Then I remembered about the rings on the table. I went there and got the red one.

“Now Nathan every time you would wear this red ring, you would instantly fall in love with me. You would act incredibly sexy and do anything to seduce me. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do”

“Great now I’m going to count up to five and when I reach five you will wake up from this state and become extremely relaxed and remember all my orders. Now 1, 2, 3, getting close, 4, and finally five”

After that he woke up

“Oh hey dude how’s the research?”

“Not good, I still haven’t found out about any of those stuff” I said. I had to lie because he might grow suspicious if he finds out about what those objects really are.

“Oh that’s too bad. Anyway—wait a sec. Did I really went in here shirtless?” he asked

“Well umm. Yes you did. I mean, it is natural for you to do that when you’re in your house?” “Oh yeah I forgot. Well dinners ready. You should eat before you continue any of that”

After that we went to the kitchen to eat the dinner Nathan prepared. While eating we talked about a bunch of random things. But then I remembered about the red ring on the pocket. All of this and he was still shirtless. Then I decided to try and confess my feelings to him just to see how he would react.

“Hey Nate?” I said


“I want to ask you something. What do you think about me? Please answer honestly.” I asked nervously

“Umm… Well I think you’re an incredibly good friend. I know that I can trust you with certain things and I owe literally my whole knowledge on the shit that I look for.” He said while still eating and looking directly to me. I realized that he only thinks of me as friend and there’s nothing I could do about that. I guess its time to give him the ring

“Can you wear this?” I said while giving him the ring.

“What’s this for?” he questioned while looking at the ring

“Just wear it” I said.

Once he did he went still for atleast five seconds before talking again

“ Did I ever tell you that you look extremely handsome” he said in a very seductive tone. His facial expression looked like he was ready to have sex already.

“What?” I asked, acting confused

“Yeah, and that body of your looks very sexy to me” he said while reaching out to me on the table.

“Umm- I need to continue the research on the objects” I said before standing up and walking back to the room.

Then suddenly Nate grabbed me and pinned me against the wall. He then kissed me passionately with his hands roaming my body. The kiss was so intense that I was beginning to moan.

He then dragged me to his room and pushed me on the bed. We continued making out while he began to undress me. He took off my shirt and I sat up to pull his shorts and underwear down. I saw his 9” dick pop up and I began to stroke it. He was already moaning softly

“Hmmmm. You should know that it tastes better darling…” he said huskily

After stroking it for a while I began to lick the tip. Nate began shivering in pleasure. Then I swallowed his whole length and began sucking him off. As of this moment he was moaning out loud with his head looking up and hands on his waist.

A few minutes later he stopped me from sucking and took off his underwear and shorts completely. He did the same to me. We were both naked now and he looked so hot that I feel like I could cum just at the sight of Nate’s body.

He pushed me down the bed until I was laying down and he said “It’s your turn babe”. He then began to stroke my cock with his left hand. He pushed three fingers to my mouth and said “Suck”. And I did.

I began sucking on his fingers eagerly. I was so focused at sucking that I was surprised when I him beginning to suck on my dick that was atleast 7”. I sucked his fingers faster to match the speed of Nate’s sucking. As he was bobbing his head faster and faster I felt myself close to cumming. He suddenly stopped and pulled his fingers from my mouth. He motioned he to spread my legs and I did.

He began to insert one finger into me and I started to scream a little bit. It did hurt. When Nathan saw that I was silently screaming he got his head close to mine and began making out with me again. At the point the finger was all the way inside me. He began thrusting with it and after a while he added the second. He continued to do that until I suddenly yelled in pleasure. He found my good spot. Knowing this, Nate then pushed the third finger in me and began thrusting into me again. With every thrust hitting that spot.

After a while he pulled out all of his fingers and positioned himself on my hole. “This’ll hurt a bit…” he said while looking seductively at me. He began pushing inside me. I can feel his huge dick ripping my hole open. It was painful but at the same time pleasurable. Few moments later he was completely inside me. He then began pounding in to me furiously with his dick hitting my prostate almost every time. I was a moaning mess under him and he was still looking as good as ever.

He got tired after a good ten minutes of fucking me like that. He began to slow down and leaned towards me to make out again. Suddenly he carried me with his dick not slipping out of me. In fact I felt that it went deeper than before causing me to moan louder while he was kissing me on my neck.

He then turned around so he could sit on the bed. While still kissing my neck, his hands travelled down to my ass. He then whispered to me saying “Ride me…”. So I lifted myself until his tip was only inside me and I impaled myself on his dick. I kept going on like this with his hands spreading my but cheeks so he could enter deeper. I fucked myself faster and then he suddenly thrusted upwards meeting me. It to damn good. We going like this for a while until I can feel myself getting close to release.

“Aahhh I’m gonna cummm!!” I screamed while I continue to ride him.

“Me to” Nathan said in between breathes.

Just when I was about to jerk my self off I felt myself cumming all of the sudden. I came atleast 7 loads. One of them reached Nate’s lips while the others was all over his chest. Seeing me cum might have pushed him over the edge making him thrust into me faster. The pleasure was just to intense. After a while I felt him cum inside me. I felt so full since he shot at least 9 loads of cum into me.

Both tired, he pulled me with him when he laid of the bed. We made out again with my cum still on his lips and his dick still inside me along with his cum.

“I love you Samson” he said while gazing into my eyes

“I love you too Nathan”

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