Paragon City #2; the Big Bad Wolf

By The Yetti -
published March 22, 2017
3999 words

Another Hero falls to the machinations of the Master

Paragon City Chronicles 2; The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf clawed his way up the side of the building. His furry five-fingered paws digging deep into the bricks as he pulled his monstrous body heavenward. He hoisted his giant body up onto the roof of the building, his lithe lupine form making the transition from wall to level roof easy as breathing. Looking down he could see curious faces poking out of windows, desperate for a glance at the great black beast. Even people from the next building over were peeling back their curtains in interest. He didn’t mind though, they were looking at him in wonder not fear and that he could deal with. When his powers first showed themselves, people would scream and run from him but now he could climb up a building and all they would do is stare. It was the League. They made him a hero and that helped people accept him. The Big Bad Wolf was only big and bad to greedy little pigs.

He lifted his muzzle to the air, sniffing. His quarry can’t have gone that far. After all the Trapper couldn’t fly. He’d gotten away from Wolf because of a nasty trick. He had a girl suspended over the edge of a building with some sort of device, a timer attached and ticking away. So Wolf had to speed-climb the building to cut the woman free, losing the Trapper’s trail in his haste. He growled as he searched desperately for one whiff of his scent. But he found nothing. He hung his head in silent acquiescence of defeat and regained his human form.

He wasn’t very tall in his human form. Only about 5’8". But he was stocky and broad. Well earned muscle crosses his chest arms and especially his calves. He had shaggy shoulder length black hair and bright yellow eyes. His broad brute’s nose sat above a smirking mouth surrounded by a shaggy black beard. When he growled his pointed canines were clearly visible. He even had fur though the thick body hair that covered his body was much more normal for human men. He was clad in a skin tight lycra shirt and shorts and nothing else. He could only shift skin tight clothes and the last time he had worn shoes he’d ruined them. He tapped the communicator in his ear and he heard the small chirp that signalled it was transmitting.

“This is Wolf. I lost the Trapper. No scent whatsoever.” He reported dejectedly.

“Roger Wolf. Head on back home.” Tersaias the super genius who coordinated both the operations of the League and the computer system they used, spoke to him through the small piece of plastic.

“Roger” He sighed. As he took his finger off the communicator, a huge impact shook the roof he stood on. He turned sharply, shifting back to his full wolf form in an instant. He shifted back once he saw the bull-horned helmet and mask. “Fancy seeing you here Mino.”

“Just in the area” the Minotaur said brushing cracked parts of the roof off his hoof-like boots. “Heard you lost the Trapper.”

Of all the heroes he worked with, Wolf liked the Minotaur the least. He had been brash, loud, pigheaded and insufferably conceited. Worst of all he was one of the main reasons that Paragon City lacked a decent supply of female superheroes. Women had never done well in the League. It had always been sort of a boys club. Not only that but the Minotaur had hit on every single female super that even tried to join the League so frequently they often left just to avoid him. So female supers tended to join up with the superhero teams in neighboring cities. This was a shame for Wolf especially. He wasn’t able to have a normal life outside of hero work. Even his human form was way too noticeable. And when your one form is a short hairy freaky eyed dude and your other form an eight foot werewolf, dating opportunities were rare. But he figured a fellow super would be able to see past that and accept him for who he really was. But as it stood their were only two women in the League at the moment. Fast Lass who was eighteen airheaded and had made it very clear she found his appearance disturbing; and Quasar who was into women . So while he was used to the Minotaur’s casual arrogance, it still rankled all the more that he had heard about this failure.

“Yeah well you can’t win them all” He growled. The Minotaur, who usually might have laughed or made another bad joke, just nodded impassively turning away and looking out across the sky. All at once he snapped out of it looking Wolf directly in the eyes.

“You should come to this party I’m going to tonight,” He began, taking Wolf completely by surprise. There was something eerie in Minotaur’s eyes that Wolf generally didn’t like. Wolf did his best to avoid his direct gaze. “You look like you could use a good time.”

Wolf thought about it. It was a tempting offer. To be quite honest his general visage meant that he never got invited to many a good time.

“What are you gonna do?” He asked. “Isn’t it a bit of a giveaway if you show up in your civies with me?”

“Not if I go in my uni too.” He said. “I got invited as Minotaur.”

Wolf nodded smiling a little. They both found their way back to HQ gave their patrol reports and took their leave. Wolf followed the Minotaur to a manor on the outskirts of town, it was exquisite. Dozens of scantily clad young women were going in and out of the house with glasses of champagne in their hands. They were laughing and hanging on especially well dressed and older men. There were other men floating about the house too, younger and better looking, they all seemed to be well built and most were exceptionally hairy. Every now and again in the density of the crowd, he saw someone he clearly recognized. One of the city’s councilman were there as was the mayor. Confused and excited, Wolf went inside. Within moments a girl slipped her arm around the Minotaur’s thick neck, he smiled at Wolf.

“Hey man!” The Minotaur called to him. Giving him a small shove in the back which never the less sent him moving several feet forward. “Go find a chick!”

Wolf was worried suddenly. He didn’t expect to be left alone right out of the gate. Wolf wandered through the mansion watching the amorous couples and feeling the all too familiar sensation of being left out. He had spent his adolescence in scenes like this. Wandering from place to place attempting to find someone to talk to or just something to do to make himself look less out of place. The mansion he was in was particularly opulent but the party had left it somewhat in disrepair. He noticed that there were a good deal of important people here. Politicians and millionaires milled about, what seemed to be, all the good looking women in the entire city. He noticed that the women seemed to be leading them off one by one to private rooms. Given that most of these men had wives, all it would take would be one ambitious paparazzi to ruin several lives tonight.

Finally exhausted, Wolf found himself a balcony to roost on and get fresh air into his lungs. He leaned on the marble bannister disheartened. He supposed that even being a superhero was not enough to compensate for the oddity of human nature he had been since puberty. Why had he bothered trusting Minotaur, this was obviously just some ploy to get laid. He would have probably played wingman to the bull if he hadn’t found a chick so easily. He heard the balcony door open and close behind him, and he turned to see the newcomer. It was a woman with long black hair, pulled back into a shining ponytail. She was clad in a skimpy top and wrap skirt that seemed to display all the shape of the upper body while concealing the essentials. One long leg was visible through the wrap skirt. She had a sly face that at present was screwed up in annoyance. She stopped when she saw Wolf standing there watching her. He saw a small flicker of fear in her eyes when they first found his yellow ones.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He said hurriedly trying to keep her from screaming. He held his hands up in a gesture of peace. She eyed him for a minute more. He thought he saw recognition spark behind the eyes.

“I expected to see the Minotaur here, but two heroes seemed a little strange.” She said. Her voice was pleasantly dry with humor and she was smiling now, a small smirk of amusement.

“He invited me, but I don’t think I’m staying much longer.” He replied, nervous under her searching gaze.

“Thats exactly what I was thinking.” She sighed coming over to lean on the railing with him. “I was told this would be an excellent networking opportunity, they didn’t tell me they meant biological networking rather than professional. Why are you trying to fly the coop.”

“People tend to avoid me at these things.”

“Really? Why?” She asked sincerely. He looked at her in disbelief bordering on incredulity.

“Come on. You didn’t notice all this?” He said laughing a bit. He made a gesture at his face indicating his eyes and teeth.

“Oh well, I won’t say I didn’t but it seems a little silly to ignore one of the city’s best heroes cause they look a little weird.” She was far to close now. He could smell her perfume stronger than ever. It was a particularly intoxicating scent. “I’m Eva”

“Wolf,” He said smiling and shaking her hand.

“Can I ask what your real name is?” She said laughing. “Or is that classified.”

“Not in my case.” He said smiling. “My names Tom.”

“Nice to meet you Tom.” She was much much too close now. He was close to her as well. This was insane they had just met but everything from her scent to her body language was giving him the green light. Gently he kissed her. She didn’t scream or back away, she leaned into the kiss. He hadn’t kissed anyone since before he’d changed and the experience was exhilarating. They stood there kissing for almost an hour doing nothing but holding each other. Eventually Eva grabbed his hand and led him back inside, refusing to answer questions.

“They have private rooms for the VIP’s in here.” She said finally smiling wickedly at him. He felt a delighted growl bubble up in his throat. Finally someone who could look past the wolf. Hell she might finally be the chance to get laid he’d been looking for. His cock was hardening already under his spandex. She led him to the upstairs rooms, leading him down a dimly lit hallway. She walked purposely to a door down the hallway and threw it open before rushing inside.

Wolf rushed in after her, panting and barely looking where he was going. It was the smell that finally pulled him up short. The instant he entered the room, the acrid smell of cigarette smoke hit his nostrils like a sledgehammer and he felt confusion flood his body, But he was too far into the room now, all he could do was skid to a halt and examine the room. The room was dimly lit with candle light, flickering on almost every surface. There was a bed in the far corner, it looked tousled and freshly used. But the center of the room was what drew his attention, A makeshift throne was sitting there extravagantly picked out with velvet and carved wood. Two men knelt on the floor in front of the throne, prostrating themselves as if in worship. They were bowing before a tall man in a rich green robe, sitting in the throne. His hair was dark red, which went exceedingly well with the green motif he seemed to have adopted. He was the source of the cigarette smoke Wolf was smelling. A long green cigarette sat between his fingers spewing green smoke unto the ceiling.

“As you instructed, Master.” Eva’s voice spoke behind him, just as she shut the door, locking it with a large key and walked past him to the man in the throne.

“Very good love!” the man purred, his thick Cockney accent was evident even at that small encounter. He waved her off, and stood, stepping over the two men on the floor and walking towards Wolf, who immediately fell into a fighting stance. “Now, Now. No need for all that. I’m just looking for a chat.”

“Talk about what?” The man was closing in, but he didn’t seem to be entering a fighting stance. It didn’t look like the man was looking for a fight.

“I need you for my collection if I’m to own this city”

“Listen if you have a point, get to it.” Wolf growled. “I don’t know what your on about and I have shit to do.”

“Oh well well, If it’s a press on time then, why don’t you just look into my eyes.”

And wolf did. His yellow eyes met the bright green eyes of the man in front of him. He had just enough time to register the spiral pupil before it started to spin. His eyes were glowing a bright fluorescent green. Wolf found the spinning spiral too captivating for words. He felt his whole attention focus on them and the tension left his body. He abandoned his fighting stance so he could concentrate more directly on the beautiful captivating spirals in front of him. His mind, which had been sharp and ready for danger, started to fade into a pleasurable green haze that let him float peaceably in his own head. He just had to keep watching the spirals and he would keep feeling this wonderful.

“You like my spirals, don’t you Pup?”

“Yeah,” He sighed almost without consciousness. His name was Wolf not Pup…shouldn’t he be upset. But he wasn’t. If the man behind the spirals wanted to call him Pup that was okay. Just so long as the spirals kept spinning.

“You should just keep staring into them and listen to my voice. Okay?”

Pup just nodded and smiled utterly empty and utterly captivated by the spirals. For some reason his cock was rock hard and he couldn’t make himself do anything to hide the tent in his spandex. He was happy to keep watching the spirals, they made him feel so good. He was also happy to listen to the man talk as well, he was such a nice man with such a nice voice.

“You just want to keep listening and keep obeying like a good little Pup.” And Pup did. He wanted to obey whatever the man said. He would stand here and listen forever if that was what it took. The spirals were so beautiful.

“Now, what does every good pup need?” The man was asking him. But he couldn’t rightly say. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t form one single thought. “A good pup needs a master, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah…” Pup said, barely mumbling the word. Of course a pup needed a master, he was a good pup and he needed a master. He wondered briefly if the man in front of him would be his master.

“Pups don’t think. Pups just obey.”

“Don’t think….just obey.” Pup whispered back as the command rebounded in his empty skull.

“You want me to take your leash, don’t you?” The man asked. “You want me to be your master?”

“Yeah….” Pup muttered. Then the muttering picked up into a panicked whine, as a sudden powerful urge welled inside him. “Yeah, please take me. Be my master. I’ll be a good pup I promise.”

“On your knees, pup.” Master commanded, pressing on the Pup’s shoulders. Without any resistance Pup’s knees buckled and he sank to his knees. All he felt anymore was sheer adoration for the man above him. He loved his master. He needed to obey his master. Obey and please his master.

“You love your master.” Master was saying as he fiddled with the buckle of his belt. Undoing the clasp. “You need to obey and please your master. Nothing makes you hornier. Nothing makes you happier.”

“Yes master.” Pup said, as his master lowered his zipper and let his cock slip out. The rock hard member bounced in front of his face.

“Please your master Pup.”

Without conscious thought, Pup leaned forward and took his master into his mouth. He had never been with anyone before and it took several minutes before he was confident he was giving his master the most pleasure he could. He was totally devoted to the task and spent all his focus devoted to his master’s pleasure. Anytime his master moaned, gasped with pleasure, or ran his fingers through the pup’s hair; Pup would note it and make sure to repeat the action.

All through his oral devotion he refused to take his eyes off his master’s spiraling pupils. The green haze in his mind held and was becoming more and more solid all the while. However, as the haze got more and more solid, something was also rising inside him. The fury of the wolf pushed against the now docile civility of his own mind. Not that he could consciously notice the sensation, locked into the master’s control so completely. But still his body began to change.

As if driven by instinct, his muscles convulsed, throwing him backward onto the floor away from the master. His body suddenly erupted in black fur, as his muscles bulging outward as his skeleton elongated. Before long, the giant black bipedal wolf was rising from the floor, full of animalistic rage.

He jumped up off the floor and flew at the Master. The obedient pup was lost, gone in the red rage of the Big Bad Wolf. He drew back a large clawed hand ready to strike, galvanized by the smug smile on the Master’s face. But the claw never made contact. A vice like pressure descended on his wrist and wrenched him back, away from the master. Looking over his shoulder, Wolf could see the Minotaur standing with a blank look on his face, holding his arm.

“I thought this might happen.” Said the Master brushing off the front of his suit. “So I took a little precaution. See I snatched your buddy here a couple weeks ago. And he’s been useful as well as an excellent sex slave.”

With another yank, the Minotaur pulled the Wolf into a tight hug, pinning his arms to his sides and lifting his feet off the floor. What was left of the Wolf’s intelligence knew he was in trouble. The Minotaur might very well be the only person in the league who could overcome him in terms of pure strength. There was no way he was getting out of this hold.

“Now to business.” The Master moved close and tried to make eye contact again. “I own the man, I just have to take control of the animal”

Wolf could tell that the Master’s eyes were glowing again and the human in him desperately wanted to look into them, But the animal averted its gaze to the ceiling. It didn’t end up doing much good as a huge hand grabbed his muzzle and forced his head down, It was so surprising that the Wolf was forced to meet the Master’s gaze for just a second, but it was still too much. He tried so hard to shut his eyes again, but they just wouldn’t close. Once again he felt that green haze flood his mind. The spirals taking up all the space thought and then instinct had filled. He felt his fur fade, his body shrink, his muzzle retract. Finally with just a few more minutes of staring, The green haze became a solid wall, forever shutting off the wolf and forever cementing the Pup.

“Who’s my good pup?” The master asked, tousling the pup’s hair.

“I am master.” The pup whispered as the Minotaur dropped him back to his feet.

“Good boy.” He said. He pulled his pup in for a rough kiss, ravaging the pup with his mouth. His hands traveled over his new slave’s body and took in his assets. “Strip for me pup!”

And the pup shrugged himself out of his tight spandex, letting it puddle onto the floor. He was hardly less hair than his wolf form but the discernable human flesh lay underneath, including the Pup’s stark 8” erection, pulsing with pleasure at obeying his master.

“Good boy, bend over the desk here and present for your master.”

“Yes master, the good pup obeys.” Pup climbed up on the Master’s desk bending down so his ass is poised perfect for his master to enter. He couldn’t wait to finally be possessed fully by his master. His master poised himself behind the pup, cock slapping against the eager pups hole.

“You want this don’t you, Pup?”

“Yes master, more than anything in the world?”

That’s all the Master needed to hear. He slid into his new slave’s hole popping his pups cherry with a slow grunt. The Pup nearly screamed with pleasure as his master filled him body and soul. It pushed any residual free will out of his mind, His master fucked his body hard and his mind harder. He couldn’t think. All he could do is marvel in the joy of being fucked by his master and doing anything he could to please him. He couldn’t help but screaming his joy.

“Yes master, fuck me master. Please make me yours master. I’m your loyal pup master I want nothing more than to please you master!”

“You’re going to help me enslave and fuck the rest of your superhero friends, aren’t you?”

“Oh yes master, I’ll do anything for you! Anyone you want I’ll go and get them personally for you.”

The Master flipped his pup onto his back and fucked him deep and hard holding his legs up over his head. The wolf smiled wide and happy with his masters cock slamming into him. He cried out over and over in joy with all of his heart. He would do anything in his power to submit to the will of his master now. Anything his master needed he would do. His master owned him body and soul.

His master slammed into him one final time, cock spasming as it ejaculated over his new Slaves insides. He pulled out of his new slave and zipped up.

“You both are going to go about your business as usual.” The Master said, sitting down in his chair as both the Minotaur and his new pup, stood shoulder to shoulder in front of him. “I have a plan brewing, and soon I’ll have the rest of your friends under my control.”

The master lights up another cigar and takes a long pull as his slaves stood stock still. And he puzzled over his future success.

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