Cocoon Part III

Series: Cocoon
By cubwriter28
published March 18, 2017
3200 words

Coach and Riley struggle against the goo

Riley slowly turned the corner to walk down the hallway to get over to the hot tub area was long, dark, and definitely creepy with no one in it. He did not want to walk down there but he forced himself to anyway. He had to know what the source of that moaning was and the tiny patch of light down the hallway drew him in with its shine. Riley reached the doorway at the end of the hall and turned. His mouth dropped open as he saw the room covered with the creepy goo, from the ceilings to the mirrors to the benches, the room was covered in the sticky stuff. But most horrifying was in the center by the tub, a giant cocoon attached against the wall. Although his mind wondered what sort of freaky alien thing is this, his feet were planted to the ground. He couldn’t stop looking at how shiny the goo was, his eyes dancing, drawn in to every sparkle. His thoughts were beginning to feel empty. Instead of fear, dread, even confusion, he just felt very calm, very peaceful. It was so peaceful, so soothing to look at the lights. He was jolted back into reality when he saw the cocoon move, he could see hands and feet pressing against the surface. Holy crap, there was a person in there! Riley was terrified, he wanted to scream, do something but he was paralyzed, he could only watch the figure pressing against the cocoon’s rubber exterior. He looked down on the floor and saw a speedo glowing purple. Hmm, that’s weird, Riley thought. He probably shouldn’t touch something so strange but the urge to pick it up overwhelmed him. He gripped the soft fabric of the speedo. It felt so soft, so smooth. Riley’s thoughts began to fog as he rubbed the speedo. He could feel his erection growing in his briefs. He had the biggest urge to put them on…

Riley! Coach Mansell thought. He tried breaking free of the grip the cocoon had on him but he couldn’t. It was only wrapping around him tighter, making it harder to think. He felt the goo press into his skull, his thoughts were changing rapidly. Submit, obey. Submit, Obey. Suddenly his eyes shifted and he began observing Riley’s nice pecs coming through his tank top. The muscle definition in his arms. His beard, thick for a young man. Riley was a stud, bet he’s hung too…the thoughts kept jumping in his head. Coach was becoming aware of other thoughts surfacing in his head. “You will protect him, make him submit to you. You are his master. Make him one with us. It feels good to listen to these instructions.” Coach Mansell’s free will was leaving him as he began giving in to the assault. It did feel good to let the goo do the thinking. Yes, Riley was his to care for. He must protect him, he must show him the values of servitude. Coach’s affirmation caused his dick to throb, he was so close to cumming, he could feel his precum covering the head of his cock. He thought of dominating Riley, bending him over and fucking him on the bench. He thought of holding Riley tight next to him. He could feel the last free thoughts leaving him. He must warn Riley, this wasn’t right. He wanted more than anything to make Riley his. But he wasn’t…he couldn’t…. Mansell could feel the cocoon’s surface starting to tear. It took all of his remaining mental effort to give one last warning before he succumbed to the pleasure. “Riley, run!”

Riley was shaken from his daze. Coach? Was that him? Riley wanted to do what he thought the voice said and run away and get help or run to the coach to help him break out of that cocoon but he couldn’t move. His feet wouldn’t budge and he couldn’t stop looking at the speedo in his hand. Just as he was about to run, he heard the cocoon tear apart, sounding like paper being shredded in half. Out of it, he could see a huge muscled bear of a man who looked like Coach but with a beard and a huge muscles. He watched as coach tore open the cocoon, every part of the Coach looked 4 times bigger than before. Coach was ripped! Coach Mansell walked over to Riley and looked him in the eyes. Riley quivered in fear (or was it anticipation?) of Coach’s next move. It was like coach was transformed into his former football star self, his arms bulging with firm muscles. His gut disappeared to form solid abs. He wasn’t a muscle freak by any means, but he was well proportioned. Riley couldn’t help but notice how big coach’s package was now, bulging out of the speedo. A harness crisscrossed the front of his chest with hints of blue. More than his appearance, Riley was overwhelmed with coach’s musk, clouding the air he breathed as Coach Mansell stood in front of Riley. It was so hard to think, with all the goo in the room, and the musk. Riley’s cock began to tent in his gym shorts as he looked deep into coach’s eyes. It felt so good to get lost in them.

“Here, let me help you put them on.” Coach growled as he walked behind Riley. “First thing we need to do is strip. Strip for me boy!” Was that coach? Riley couldn’t believe how much more aggressive coach was. First he was grabbing him into position and now he was issuing orders. It felt wrong to do what coach said, but the more his mind fogged the more silly it seemed to disobey. After all, it was coach’s orders. Riley began to strip, shucking off his tank top, his shorts, and briefs until he was butt naked in front of coach. “You like being naked in front of me?” Riley’s cock throbbed, growing until it was rock hard. “I’ll take that as a yes then,” he grinned. Outwardly, Riley was calm but inside he was freaking out. “What is wrong with me? I don’t take orders from anyone! And why do I think coach looks so fucking sexy? I’m not gay…right?” Just as he thought that, he let out a soft moan as he felt coach’s hardon brush the back of his ass. “Clear your mind, give in to how good it feels.”

Riley’s thoughts began to loosen up, he pulled up the speedo and suddenly felt it tightening around his waist. It did feel good to just put my thoughts away, felt good to listen to coach. Riley’s purple speedo tightened and increased his pleasure. Riley let out moans as he felt the smoothness of the lycra envelop his groin. He was struggling to hold on to the thoughts that this was wrong, that Coach had been changed and he was being changed too. He looked up to see Coach standing right in front of him. “Coach…this is wrong… we’ve got to…leave.” Riley struggled to get the words out but his fear turned to dread when he saw Coach not responding. Coach’s eyes were boring in to him again. He grabbed the back of Riley’s head and pulled him face to face until their noses were almost touching. “Obey,” coach whispered and opened his mouth, kissing Riley on the lips. Riley was intoxicated by coach’s musk, his dominance, he opened his mouth to accept coach’s tongue and they made out passionately. Riley’s resistance was crumbling and he could only focus on how much pleasure Coach was giving him with his tongue. His bulge pointed out obscenely through his speedo. Unlike coach’s speedo though, his did not cover his butt, leaving it exposed.

Coach broke off the kiss. “Stay right there…” leaving Riley disappointed and confused. He wanted to run, scream, do anything but he was paralyzed because he didn’t want to disobey coach’s orders. Coach went back to the tub and brought some of the goo in both hands. Riley tried to run but he couldn’t get his legs to move. Coach could see how scared he looked, how timid the mighty Riley seemed now. But he knew the goo was going to help change him like it changed himself. “Riley, listen to me! Relax.” Riley’s body suddenly exhaled. “That’s better…” Coach crouched down on the floor and began with Riley’s feet, rubbing the goo into his skin. Riley cringed at first as the goo felt cold on touch. But then it heated up exponentially, like a heating pad. It felt good to let Coach rub his body. “Are you feeling the warmth yet? Doesn’t it feel good to let it take over.” Riley admitted that struggling was painful at this point, that every touch of the smoothness of the goo on his skin felt like a massage. Coach was up to Riley’s thighs now, taking the time to rub it all in. Meanwhile, Riley was finding coach’s touch less weird and more natural. He leaned back in when Coach began on his back. “That’s right Riley, give in to me, let me take control.” The former aggressive jock was putty in Coach’s hands.

Soon, Riley was covered in the goo. Coach yanked down Riley’s speedo for a brief moment so he could tug on Riley’s cock, using the goo as lube. “Coach, get off of…me..” Riley was trying his best to yell but it sounded more like a sigh. Coach stroked Riley’s cock with the goo, giving Riley kisses on his neck. “Ummmmph” Riley moaned. “That’s it boy, give in to the pleasure. Feels so good to let coach stroke your cock.” Riley was far gone now, his resistance fading with every tug. “If you think that’s good, wait until you feel this…” Coach moved his hand down to Riley’s ass and began cupping his ass-cheek in his hand, not breaking the stroking with his other hand. Coach slowly moved his free hand and grabbed some more goo to coat his fingers. “Feels good to let coach take over, doesn’t it boy?”

Coach inserted the first finger into Riley’s hole. Riley bucked, suddenly aware of the intrusion. He squirmed in coach’s grip trying to get away until coach’s finger got deep, finding his pleasure spot. Riley moaned as Coach pushed against his prostate with his finger. It surprised Riley by feeling good actually. With the last of his resistance was fading, he reached out and shoved Coach backwards. Startled, coach stumbled away. Riley started to run but he felt the goo hardening around his feet and ankles, keeping him in place. “No!” Riley shouted. Coach smirked and recovered. “But Riley, remember how good it felt when I touched you? Remember all we’ve done together this year?” Riley had to admit he had been very good to him and he did want to trust Coach, but this was the goo stuff talking, not Coach!

He tried to run but he could already feel the sinking feeling come back to him. He felt a stirring in his groin. It was so hard to move, to think, to feel anything else…Mansell walked up behind Riley and wrapped his arms around him. “Your mine now,” Riley felt the bulge press up against his ass, radiating warmth. It felt so good to lean back into coach’s arms as the goo began to thicken all over Riley’s body. “That’s it my cub, let it sink into you. Let it change you and take you over.” Riley kept sinking, he had to admit, he felt turned on by coach locking him in a tight embrace, whispering commands. He hadn’t seen this side of coach before and he loved that he was submitting to an Alpha. “But I’m straight…” Riley moaned as coach nibbled his ear, the goo almost completely engulfing him. “We’ll see about that very soon.” Riley couldn’t reply, the goo had covered him completely. Coach stepped back to admire his creation. How could he have not noticed how perfect Riley was before? His cute, stocky cub body. His cock that curved upwards and stuck straight out. He was a beautiful being. Coach felt something, a connection in a deep part of him to Riley. It had been there for some time, even longer than before all this change. He stood back and watched Riley change, stroking his cock in anticipation of what was to come.

At first, Riley was gasping, how could he breathe in this stuff. But as he slowed down he realized he could weirdly breathe as normal. He looked down and noticed his biceps growing larger, his cock growing thicker. The whole time it felt like having a full body massage. “Fuuuuuuck…” Riley panted. Unlike Mansell’s change, Riley’s was happening at a fast pace. Riley was feeling energized with every moment. Flashes, images of police officers, generals, and other men of authority stroking their cocks raced through his mind. He could feel the goo enter his ass, circling his hole as he thought about being on his hands and knees in front of these sexy men. “You will serve these men, you will obey their every command. Serve. Submit. Obey coach Mansell.” Riley looked through the haze over at Coach Mansell, a thrill shooting through him as he saw Coach giving him a cocky grin and stroking his cock. He always admired the man but now he was seeing him differently. He was strong, powerful, a man in control, qualities Riley looked up to. The goo sensed an unusual change in Riley, relenting slightly as Riley gave in of his own free will to lusting after the coach. Riley’s head cleared. “What was happening??” Riley began to panic as his feelings rushed back at full force, his lust fading.

He tried to break free from his restraints, but the cocoon wouldn’t budge, hardening the more he struggled. Coach noticed Riley struggling and walked over. With his newfound strength, coach grabbed the cocoon’s exterior around Riley’s face and tore it so that Riley’s head could emerge. “Coach, we need to get out of here…this isn’t right. This…weird goo, it’s doing some…thing.” Riley struggled to get the words out as Mansell reached out to grab his face. It was so cute that Riley was resisting the goo, Mansell thought. It’ll make this so much more fun. “Riley!” Coach snapped him out of his thoughts. Riley looked deep into coach’s emerald green eyes. They were shining so unearthly. Riley stopped struggling as he got lost in those eyes. “Riley, we must serve. Submit. Obey..” “Serve. Submit. Obey.” Riley repeated despite his mind screaming at him not to. He was giving in again but he looked deep into coach’s eyes, his mind growing blank. Suddenly, coach shocked him by aggressively pulling in for a kiss into Riley’s unsuspecting open mouth. Riley relented, giving in to the assault by coach’s tongue. The pleasure surged inside of him as their tongues intertwined.

“Ummmph!!” Riley moaned through his mouth as he felt himself cumming harder than he ever had in his life, the goo pushing hard against his prostate. Coach’s tongue was where it was meant to be Riley felt deep within himself, his legs would have buckled if they weren’t held tight by the cocoon. Riley’s cock burst through the cocoon. Coach smiled as he felt Riley’s hard on smack his thigh. He was so proud. Coach stood back and watched the rest of the transformation rapidly accelerate. Riley grew small silver gauges in both nipples, a collar with a lock formed around Riley’s neck, his ass perking out now a bit more now. Riley was the perfect little cub pup Coach thought.

After cumming, Riley couldn’t speak, couldn’t resist. He felt a surge as his body and mind were changing. He was growing excited at the thought of serving such a man. He looked down and saw his muscle had grown everywhere, he wasn’t a boy anymore, he was a real man now too. He grunted as he locked eyes on coach. Riley knew what he needed to do. He tore through the cocoon and knelt at coach’s feet. Coach smiled as he placed his hands on Riley’s shoulders. “Welcome to your new world my boy, show me how good it feels to serve your master.” “Yes sir!” Riley grinned enthusiastically as he feasted on coach’s cock. The goo had programmed all the important information about servitude into Riley’s brain, including how to service a cock and Riley was intoxicated by coach’s smell and the taste. He pumped it in and out of his mouth with vigor. “That’s it my boy, service daddy’s cock.” Riley felt a thrill shoot through him, he loved coach’s commands. Coach couldn’t believe how enthusiastic Riley was. He smiled with pride at how well Riley was learning and adapting to the change. Riley was doing so good of a job that he was close to cumming.

He pulled Riley up by his armpits, being sure to take a whiff of his armpits full of that manly musk and groaning in delight. He dove in for another sloppy kiss, him and Riley’s tongues battling one another. Coach held his arms but pushed Riley away from him. He looked into Riley’s blue eyes and could see they were both in sync with one another. He wouldn’t have to force Riley to submit anymore, now it would be because he wanted to. He spat into Riley’s mouth, wanting Riley to be consumed by the taste of his master. Riley got a grin on his face and went to work on his daddy’s nipples, making sure to tease his extra sensitive spots. “That’s it, you’re doing so good. Coach is so proud of you.” Riley’s cock twitched at his master’s words, loving how he’d been turned into such a sub.

Instinctively, coach knew it was time. Riley was ready for the final stage that would bond the two of them forever. Coach lifted Riley to the workout bench and laid him down gently, Riley was no small man and coach had picked him up like he was a sack of potatoes. Riley let the coach lay him out on the bench. He could feel something big was coming but he didn’t know what. He lay motionless, hypnotized by the swaying of coach’s cock back and forth as he set up the room for the final step.

Series: Cocoon
Mind Control
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